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1991 Japan, teaching Zen to Japanese....

The Great Turning Point
Sayings II

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It's the source of all true art and science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder,
is as good as dead"


Dear Friends,

Increasingly, people understand that our times are the most critical ones in the history of (wo)mankind
It is an ego-catastrophe, the climax of centuries of the dominance of "having over Being"
Crucial is our insight that problems caused by ego cannot be solved by itself. Hence the core of our crisis is spiritual e.g. only a "higher" dimension is able to do so, a dimension that can curb, "destroy" the ego 

Existence is reduced to one-dimensionality
The ego is addicted to the self, career, status, power and money. Our lives are therefore doomed to superficiality, meaninglessness, loneliness and frustration. The result: stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, burn-out and illness....

An ego that cannot return to the Source (Emptiness) is blowing itself constantly up, eventually destroying the earth
We are at a crossroads: "either the ego or the earth (as we know it) will die"

Today problems have reached such a magnitude, that only the interference of the Cosmos Itself can still save us. Why? Because only into Nothingness (Vacuum, Cosmic Womb) the ego dies. It is the reason why exactly NOW  the Cosmic Mother has revealed Herself

The Great Turning Point happened in 1977, when totally sudden and unexpected, and without any intention on my part,
the Cosmic Mother took me in e.g. disclosed Her Reality to me. Because Isis has said "No one will ever lift my veil", there must have been acute reasons for Her for having done so
For the "Threefold Cosmic Realization"

In the last 33 years I did everything to avoid the consequences of this life overthrowing event. To no avail. At last I had no choice but to surrender to my mission

Rejoice, after 2000 years of ignorance
Solemny and with reverence I announce to you the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother (The Supreme Threefold Realization)!
A New Step in Evolution
Link1, Link2

She made Herself known, not through ideas, concepts, interpretations, intuitions, images, appearances, dreams, voices, visions or even experience, but through Her Selfsame Transcendental Reality

The miracle
A timeless Supranatural Event disclosed its deepest Mystery to me, e.g. brought me back to the Origin of the universe

Consisting of
Absolute Nothingness (Vacuum, "Womb") and Her Cosmic Dimensions of Creation (The Eternal Light) and Destruction (the "Underworld")
Link1, Link2

For 2000 years the Light (Enlightenment) was considered the Ultimate. It is NOT. The "One God" proves to be born out ("Son") of something beyond: the Dark Bottomless Depth of the Cosmic Mother. It is the beginning of a New Era
Link to new article: "Uni-Dualism"

Emptiness and Fullness are two sides of the same coin

It immediately leads to a fundamentally new insight
"God didn't create the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both "God" and the universe, the latter continuously returning to their Origin"
Mother's Revelation to (wo)mankind (1977)

"I am a Nihilist" suddenly gets a whole new meaning: as the one who is initiated in life's deepest Mystery....(isn't that a joke?)

God is Her Light Body (first emanation), while the universe is Her Material Body (second emanation)

The surprise
"My" Cosmic Realization and scientific research of the universe (vacuum physics, astrophysics, cosmology) complement e.g. confirm each other
Letter to Universities

Spirituality and science are "two sides of the same coin"
The Supreme Design
Link1Link2   Link3   Link4

What it means to (wo)mankind
It is the Great Turning Point where the Judeo-Christian era* is being replaced by Eco-Spirituality, the Eternal, Cosmic, "Green" Inclusive Tradition
* With emphasis on "era" as a historical period, obviously with every respect for individual Christian belief

It is the Core of my Cosmic Teaching

of the
The New World Religion?
("The Original Tradition")
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4, Link5, Link6, Link7, Link8

Book(Story) based or Cosmic(Reality) based religion,
that is the question

What are people (soldiers) calling for in their moment of death? Right: for their mother. It proves that our deepest connection is with the Mother

The Cosmic Mother is All-Embracing, including everything and all unconditionally
Maternal love is the most beautiful thing both on earth
as in the Cosmos
See: "Mother Love"

A New World Religion

"The fate of mankind, as well as of religion, depends on the emergence of a new faith in the future"
Teilhard de Chardin

So, what is the "Mother", the new unified world view, based on a Cosmic perspective, all about?
See also: Link

Self, God and World View have changed forever
Insight in the ongoing Regeneration Power of the Cosmos helps us to transform self and society, in order to achieve "a New Heaven and a New Earth"

Highly recommended
The best book, ever written, about the Inner Way is Evelyn Underhill's "Mysticism" (1911)
Despite the fact, that it is written from a Western (Christian, in fact Neo-Platonic) perspective and doesn't include the Cosmic Mother

Important notice
Some could be thinking that the Cosmic Mother is a "feminist project". Nothing is further from the Truth, though.
The Cosmic Mother is the Ultimate Reality and is beyond all worldly projections, identifications, interests, categories, concepts and ideas.
Unfortunately, through the feminists the Cosmic Mother became a projection of their own desires, frustrations (very understandably, by the way, considering the millennia of oppression), ambitions and ideals. In this way, the world got a totally distorted idea about who (what) the Mother REALLY is. Moreover, they claimed the Mother to be an exclusively feminist affair. Which only shows their ignorance in this regard. For the Essence of the Mother is that She is All-Embracing, nobody and nothing excluded.
For commentary, see Link


"When a man after long years of searching chances on a thought which discloses something of the beauty of this mysterious universe, he should not therefore be personally celebrated. He is already sufficiently paid by
his experience of searching and finding"

See also:
Twelve Religions

My core teaching

"I was sitting in a chair when all of a sudden a thought occurred to me: If a person falls freely he will not feel his own weight. I was startled. This simple thought made a deep impression on me. It impelled me toward a theory of gravitation"


Optimal living

The only way to master the increasing complexities of modern life is to be empty

The only way to cope with problems, suffering, anxieties is to be empty

The only way to survive change, crisis, chaos and hardship is to be empty

The only way to realize stability, security and sustainability is to be empty

The only way to overcome the addiction to the self (ego) is to be empty

The only way to restore the wholeness of life, justice, peace and harmony with nature is to be empty

The only way to embrace and love the world without exception is to be empty

The only way to be overflowing with wisdom, joy, compassion and strength is to be empty

Emptiness: the Cauldron of Abundance, Renewal and Regeneration

And the people said to the Green Man: "teach us Emptiness!"

The Dutch language has a unique word for it: "Vol-Ledigheid"

Long for Emptiness!

Two minutes Eternity....
Watch Video


Do you also belong to the masses of performance,
consumption and virtual addicts?
Ask the Green Man for different options!

The Oracle is an answer to our critical times with its fear, insecurity,
confusion, despair.....offering hope, insight, support, strength


Death of the ego and rebirth of your Divine Spark within


Dear Friends,

Acknowledge your frustration, your pain and unhappiness, together with your longing for Wholeness. Be taken by enthusiasm. Let everything go and just go after this one goal

May the fire of enthusiasm open up a New Dimension to your life

Give up your ego and become renewed, regenerated and healed. It all depends on your longing, insight, trust and surrender
It is based on understanding of how "the Cosmos works". Everything - the Divine and the universe - is continuously disappearing into the Bottomless Depth of the Vacuum (Womb), while SIMULTANEOUSLY being reborn

Our Healing depends on conscious cooperation with the Mother!
Through Her Bottomless Emptiness She takes everything old, sick, harmful, evil (e.g. greed) back, while giving birth to the new, healthy, good and beneficial, thus restoring balance
It is the Essence of Her Great Saving Work

What it means to you personally
Take refuge in Her and She will take all your burdens - your stress, pain, sorrows, problems, anger, fear, burn-out, illness - from you
Nothing in Heaven or on earth can outdo Her

Her Power is Very Real. So try it. Before going to sleep you watch the darkness around you in a very relaxed and clear way. Observe it while  whispering "please Mother, take this.......away from me. You then visualize that absorbed by Darkness' Bottomlessness......

"Don't be afraid, we all live in Absolute Security"
If you believe it or not
Link1 "Mother Love", Link2 "Mother Blog"

Sooner or later you come to a point, where you trust the Mother. It is the moment, where you start surrendering your ego to Her. This is the meaning of being saved. You "do" it by consciously whispering "death" (feeling the breathing out) and "rebirth" (feeling the breathing in), every day, every hour, every minute....
"Death of the ego" means inner transformation in which self-centeredness is turned into serving the Whole

Everybody who longs for the Origin in order to become renewed is called an "Original"
Join our Community of Originals!

To be part of the Whole

Restoring Wholeness
Once your True Self has established itself, you become part of the Whole - "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" - once again
Also called: "Existential Consciousness"

Everybody - people, animals, plants, rocks, oceans, rivers, clouds - is part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community"

These are the universal values which connect all peoples on earth, providing the foundation for peace, justice, human dignity and harmony with nature
Key pages: Link1,  Link2

Therefore, "Existential Consciousness" as the common denominator of "One World Community"
Imagine: all people on earth subscribe to this principle - something I think is a very realistic one - if so, then we have found the fundamentals of a meaning and ethics-oriented world order e.g. a turning point has been achieved, upon which all further steps in the direction of a world community can be realised

"Unless there is a spiritual renaissance, the world will know no peace"
Dag HammarskjŲld, Secretary-General of the United Nations   (1953-1961)

We are all invited to follow his call!

To be (part of) the Whole is the goal of life, the Source of ultimate fulfillment, wisdom,  joy, bliss, inner balance, strength, compassion....and commitment

The more life is rooted in Being, the less the addiction to having
"Are you a New Man?"
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

Drawing concentric circles
It is the impetus for the Transformation e.g. Balance on all levels of existence: Green Spirituality, Green Politics, Green Economy
In this sequence
Link (German)

People only give something up, if something better is replacing it. Once having achieved a "good life", you should say "enough is enough"

More, more and more is madness.....:

Through spiritual life - Being - emphasis is laid on the quality of life: meaning, joy, connectedness, friendship

It is like in love. Loving someone deeply, you don't care about accumulating things

Only through Being people will give up having, hence the core of the current crisis is spiritual

I have a Vision! That very soon people of Being will take the lead, creating new structures of mutual support, love and commitment. The last will be the first...

Our Mission:
Cosmic Mother
Healing the Planet

(Healing us, Healing society, Healing the earth) in 10 steps

A New Cosmology
A New Spirituality
A New Ethics
A New Economy
A New Health Care
A New Society
A New Woman/Man

A New Education
A New Earth
A New Vision

Link1, Link2, Link3

Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother


"I believe in Spinoza's God., Who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind"



Back to the roots



"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research"


For those who are totally fed up with their ego while longing for a new life

Green Man Is Back!
Lasting clarity, meaning, joy, peace, healing, compassion can only be found in the Origin....only there

Basic Programme:

Cosmic Mother
"To Begin with yourSelf"

Weekend Programme

Thursday Evening
Introduction "Know yourSelf" with Q&A session

Back to the Origin in order to become renewed. With Contemplation (Praying for the World), Heaven & Earth Exercises and more

For all those suffering from pain: spiritual, emotional, physical

Special sessions for those with "civilization" disorders: high blood pressure, tinnitis, cancer, dementia, EMF-radiation, RSI, fatigue, fibromyalgia, parkinson, headaches, insomnia, ADHD, allergies, rheumatism, immune-deficiencies

Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service, Earth Service

During the week
Personal Spiritual (Cosmic) Consultation
Free Personal Health Plan
Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man
(Guasha Regeneration)

Other Possibilities

He claims to know the Solution
to the World Crisis

Cosmic Mother

She is healing us, She is healing society, She is healing the earth

In these most critical of times
Can we still be saved?
The ego as the cause of all suffering
The Revelation of the Cosmic Mother
What/Who is She?
How is She healing the world?

Giving up your ego
Her hopefuls:
Green Men & Wise Women
Introduction into Eco-Spirituality, Meetings,
Talks, Teachings

Cosmic Mother

1. Introduction
"Know Yourself"
2. Questions & Answers from Her Bottomless Depth
Come with all your problems, worries, fears, stress, burn-out, longings, hopes...
See poster above

Taking Refuge

Eco-Spiritual Experience
Contemplation (Praying for the World), Teaching, Mother Healing, Heaven & Earth Exercises ("Sanctifying nature"/Tiendi Qigong), Q&A and Celebration
Contact us for details
Link1Link2   Link3  Link

Cosmic Mother

Inviting all those suffering from pain
Spiritually, emotionally, physically the world can match Her Healing Power, coming directly from the Cosmic Source
Including Free Personal Health Plan & the unique "Stone Age (Primordial) Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man".
See: "Chinese Guasha Regeneration Therapy"

Cosmic Mother

In 1989 I did some effort to organize "Health Holidays". Shortly after I spent one year in Japan and one year in HongKong. These memories never left me. So, once again, I want to pick up the same idea. Only the topic has slightly changed. Spiritual Healing will be the basics, combined with visits to nature parks and sacred places (temples). Our favorite destination is Asia. Upon request emphasis can be laid on the Wilderness Teaching or/and the Great Night Initiation.
For more information, please contact us.

Cosmic Mother
Joining Healing Communities is a great opportunity for those who strive for spiritual excellence, e.g. giving perspective and meaning of life, while preparing you for leadership for a New World, everything based on three pillars: Surrender to the Cosmic Mother, a daily "monastic" schedule and serving others
Link1, Link2

"Green University"
Once in a while we improvise the "International Center for Spirituality, Health and Ecology", rotating between Europe, the Americas, Asia
Our Goal:
Training of Green Men & Wise Women
Discover your GreenSpirit
Be honest. A worldly career sooner or (not so much) later ends with disillusionment, frustration and burn-out. How painful after so many years of effort!!!Therefore, go for the Truth. It will NEVER disappoint you.

I offer you a "spiritual career" with Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service and Earth Service
As an "Original" you become a guide to others. Subsequently, we help you in developing your skills as leaders, healers and teachers. Become a Hopeful to A New World!

Cosmic Mother
A New Cosmology, A New Spirituality, A New Ethics, A New Economy, A New Health Care, A New Society, A New Woman/Man, A New Education, A New Earth, A New Vision.
Invitation to self E-study. My whole website has been designed for this purpose. Some entries:
Link1, Link2, Link3 (German), Link4

Do you sincerely seek inner (and outer) transformation?
Make an appointment for Personal "Cosmic" Guidance

You may come to him with your most urgent questions
His (unique) answers come from his bottomless Depth:

Original, liberating, enlightening, deep, healing

For info
See "Contact


"Only a life lived for others makes a life worthwhile"


2008 Visiting the Maya's, Mexico

Meeting the Green Man



Don't we experience the rapid disintegration of society?
vents speeding up at incredible pace, the global threat of climate change e.g. natural disasters, the end of the patriarchal era; the "death of the Old God"; the awakening of oppressed peoples and the synchronicity of prophecies e.g. the heightened awareness around the world

The signs of the Great Turning Point are overwhelming
A highly "explosive" mixture is being brewed. It is the Universal Mother - the Supreme Ultimate Reality - who will bring about the Transformation - destruction of the old and birth of the New - the world is direly waiting for

World Crisis * World Religion * One World Community

Universal Teaching
Ego - to have as the inability to Be - is our basic suffering
To become part of the Whole, once again, is the ultimate healing

"We are part of the earth
The earth is part of the universe
The universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother"

Mission of the World Religion is to help you discover/develop your inherent Universal Mind*, to the benefit of all and everything
* Also called Maitreya or Parsival Mind

What can you do yourself?
Go within and discover your True Being. Start resonating with your surroundings in a very subtle way. Until you will be on one wavelength with existence. Let wisdom, joy, love and strength penetrate everything and all

See also:
"Great Mother Buddhism"

The Maitreya (e.g. Parzival) Mind of the awakened Hopefuls creates an irresistable wave of expectation, enthusiasm and empowerment around the globe
Indeed, A New Great Cycle of Renewal, in which (wo)mankind will become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again.

Prepare yourself...




(To the international media)

Click the
to "A New World Religion"

After many years of hesitation a "New Universal Teacher"* (CultureRenewal) has stand up
* Servant to the Universal Mother

"Green Man" or "Laughing Buddha" claims to have found the solution to the World Crisis

The root cause of the World Crisis is spiritual, he says

Through clinging to our ego's the Original Wholeness has been lost

It is worse: ego has blown itself up, to such an extent that it destroys the whole world

"To have as the inability to Be"

The only justification for a religion to exist is whether it curbs the ego, yes or no

As we all know, the historic religions have all dramatically failed in this regard

Nowadays, a global ego thus asks for a global answer: the founding of A Cosmic Religion

The Turning Point is the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother

She is the "Cauldron of Renewal", also called "Holy Grail"

Through Her Cosmic Forces of "Creation" and "Destruction" the decay will be turned into Regeneration on all levels of existence

Green Man is the only one who has experienced the Full (Empty!) Reality of the Mother

See also:
Bede Griffiths on the Mother

His Mission: "Healing the Planet" to begin with yourself

With Eco-Spirituality as a major tool to lay the foundation for "A New Heaven and A New Earth", leading to peace, justice and sustainability for all

Therefore support his initiative

He comes to all interested groups e.g. environmental organizations, regional initiatives, peace groups, women organizations, universities (e.g. ecology & environmental studies, religious studies, physics & cosmology, peace studies, women studies), religious organizations, governments, EU, UN....

Let him come to your city, town, organize a meeting e.g. a talk!

We like to hear from you!


Meetings, Talks, Teachings of the Green Man

Overview of current places, times etc.

Green Man goes where the need is

He could stay with you for days, weeks, months

Grateful for every simple facility

You determine yourself how many steps (of the programme) you want to make

Programmes are for free or/and on donation basis*

Don't miss this great opportunity!

Info & Contact

* Professional and business organizations will be asked a fee

Independent, non-denominational and non-commercial initiative

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