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Europe: Disaster or New Beginning?

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Healing yourself, healing your community, healing the planet

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"De Green Man Tuinverbeelding"
(Groene Man Tuinobjecten)




World Heritage status request in consideration

Everything about Green Men

Archetypical Symbol of Renewal and Regeneration
on all levels of existence: cosmos, nature, ourselves,
culture and society

Hopeful to this world, the end to man's identity crisis!

While career women join patriarchy (...) Green Men and Wise Women are taking the lead in creating a New World * By going back to the Origin in order to become renewed * Through death (of the ego) and rebirth (of True Self) * Overcoming existential fear * Integrating his/her shadow parts * Following his/her spiritual quest (e.g. Parzival) * Having his/her roots in the Original Tradition * Thus regaining insight, self-confidence and strength * His/her goal in life: Serving the Whole * Initiating new communities  * Accepting a life-long intensive training * Having a open, cooperative, loving and respectful relationship with nature, other men and women * Lifelong commitment to Healing the Planet.....


Green Men of Britain
Honour to their long Green Man Tradition!

1.1  Green Men of Canterbury 1, 2, 3
1.2  Green Men of Hastings
1.3  Green Men of Chagford
1.4  Green Men of South Tawton
1.5  Green Men of Sampford Courtenay
1.6  Green Men of Spreyton
1.7  Green Men of Exeter 1, 2
1.8  Green Men of Wells 1, 2
1.9  Green Men of Woodbury
2.0  Green Men of East Budleigh
2.1  Green Men of Littleham
2.2  Green Men of Ottery St. Mary
2.3  Green Men of George Nympton
2.4  Green Men of King's Nympton
2.5  Green Men of South Molton
2.6  Green Men of Horwood
2.7  Green Men of Winchester 1, 2
2.8 Green Men of Llangollen
2.9 Green Men of Kilpeck 1, 2, 3
3.0 Green Men of Hereford
3.1 Green Men of Worchester
3.2 Green Men of Tewkesbury Abbey
3.3 Green Men of Gloucester
3.4 Green Men of Sutton Benger

This is still a VERY incomplete list
See: "Green Men of Europe"


Green Men can be approached from without or/and from within (Essence). The former makes them to an (historical) object, the latter to living reality.

According to the latter Green Men represent the cosmic principle of "death and rebirth", guaranteeing uninterrupted "renewal and regeneration".

Wise Women reflect the cosmic principle of the mutual interconnectedness of all living and non-living beings. They represent the wholeness of life.

Welcome to our Intro Talk

of the
© The Original Tradition

Origin in prehistoric times
The Cosmic Mother
(E.g. "Venus" of Willendorf)
MotherGoddesses of the Gods
Inanna, Ishtar, Asherah (Sumeria, Canaan)
Later: the "Dying and Resurrecting" Vegetation Gods as the first Green Men
(Enki, Tammuz, Baal)
("Sons of the Mother")
Isis/Osiris the Green Goddess/God
Kybele ("Magna Mater") and Attis
(Origin: Anatolia)
Spreading to East and West

In the East:
Indus Valley Mother & Her Son proto-Shiva
Indian "Kirtimukha" syncretism
Tibetan Bön culture
Chinese MotherGoddess XiwangMu and
Her (early) Chinese Sons/Emperors

Lao-Tze, prophet Mother Tradition
Chinese Minorities
The Green Goddess (Lara Kidul) of Java
On Borneo: Dayak Green Men

Buddha Maitreya: Servant/Messenger
In the West:
The Celts (Wise Women & Druids)
(Celtic "Cauldron of Death and Rebirth"
+ head symbolism)
Crete/The Greek World

Demeter and Her Daughter/Goddess Kore Dionysos
Hellenistic Mysteries

(Through "death" of ego inner Renewal & Regeneration e.g. birth of True Self)
Roman Green Men
(E.g. Hierapolis, Split, Trier)
"Garden god" Silenus

The Nordic Freya and Baldur


(Mary as "Mother of God" and Jesus
as Her "dying and resurrecting" Son)
Green Men are NOT part of Christianity;
Christianity is part of the

Green Man Tradition
Great Mother of Teotihuacan with Her Son Quetzalcoatl (Mexico)
Middle Ages
(Rebirth of the Green Men &

Wise Women)
Hildegard of Bingen
(Jesus as Green Man)
Black Madonna's as incarnations of the Original Cosmic Mother
Green Men as Her Lovers/Protectors
Parzival, Green Man, Priest/King of the Grail (=Cosmic Womb)
Green Man as "idol" of the Templars
Green Men as Guardians of Gothic Cathedrals ("Notre Dame!")
Al-Khidr, the Green Man of Islam
Green Man popular in the Renaissance

The Baroque as an attempt to call
the Green Men to account

"The Eternal-Feminine"(Faust II)
His Green Man symbolism:
"Stirb und Werde"
Neo-Classic revival of the Green Men
(19th Century)
"Modernity": The Ego-Catastrophe
Revelation of the Cosmic Mother:

Threefold Cosmic Realization
The Original Tradition

(European Green Man & Wise Woman
Pilgrim Network)
Green Man Festival
(Hastings, UK)
The Green Men & Wise Women as hopefuls to the global crisis
Mission: "Healing the Planet"
Spiritual Service, Health Service,
Community Service,
Earth Service


International "Healing the Planet" Initiative
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service, Earth Service
A Three
(Six) Month's Training of Spiritual Leaders - Green Men & Wise Women - for a New World
Together, building a New Civilization is the
greatest challenge, possible


Books, Websites, Initiatives
K. Bashford "The Green Man", 1978 D.S.Brewer
W. Anderson "Green Man", 1990 HarperCollins
C. Hicks "The Green Man", 2000 CompassBooks
F. & G. Doel "The Green Man in Britain", 2001 Tempus
M. MacDermott "Explore Green Man", 2003 Heart of Albion
L.S. Irish "Wood Spirits and Green Men", 2005 Fox Chapel
J. Harte "The Green Man", 2001 Pitkin
P. Broadhurst "The Green Man and the Dragon", 2006 Mythos
P. Hill "In Search of the Green Man", 2004 Capall Bann
M. Harding "A Little Book of The Green Man", 1998 Aurum
J. Matthews "The Quest for the Green Man", 2001 Godsfield
J. Matthews "The Green Man", 2002 Weiser
K.Leech "The Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green", 2008 Hastings Borough Council

"Are you a New Man?"
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

"Only a New Man/Woman can create
a New World"
Green Man

The Green Man

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"Green Man", "Divine Fool",
"Laughing Buddha"

Problems cannot be solved on the level on which they have emerged
Albert Einstein

So certainly, the climate change has to be tackled by ACTION and change of LIFESTYLE

An increasing number of people, though, realize that they should go to the roots of the trouble: the EGO

Shifting from "having" to "BEING" is the crucial contribution spirituality and (a new green) religion can make to overcoming the climate crisis, while facilitating a "new step in evolution"


Der Grüne Mann

De Groene Man

Den Grön Besätta

Den Gronne Mand

Den Gronnen Mannen

An Fear Glas

L'Homme Vert

L'Uomo Verde

El Hombre Verde

O Homem Verde

L'Home Verd

Omul Verde

Zeleni Covjek

Zeleny Muz

Zelene Clovek

Czlowiek Zielony

Zala Virietis

Zaliasis Zmogus

A Zöld Ember

Vihreä Mies

Orang Hijau

Yesil Adam

Mtu Kijani