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The discussion about the origin of the universe e.g. the controversy between Evolution theory and Intelligent Design is an artificial one. It is a clash between world views, rather than an "objective" exchange. Both theories serve underlying interests. It is not about "truth", but about which society will prevail: a materialistic or a theocratic one.

Evolution theory is a cover-up for rude capitalism, the survival of the fittest and a hierarchical power structure. Intelligent Design aims at restoring the domination of God, eventually paving the way for the US (religious) Right to conquer the entire globe. In fact, it is a power struggle between science and (fundamentalist) religion. Who is going to dominate the world is the issue here.   

First requirement is not to get involved in this power game. The ones who do will sooner or later be confronted with the situation, in which you have to unavoidably choose between one or the other. The way out is a genuine quest for Truth. Inevitably, both approaches have to be challenged. To start with science.

The core of science is NOT its methodology. Many major discoveries are NOT the result of scientific research or/and procedures, but of sudden flashes of inspiration. As if the new insight comes "from a different dimension". Some scientists even speak of a moment of "grace", in which they "received" the solution to their problem as being some kind of "revelation".

Insight and thinking are thus two different dimensions. The former as the result of having tapped a source of intelligence bigger than oneself; the latter being a function of one`s own mind. Once the breakthrough is there, follow-ups are made to elaborate on the details. Obviously, the less "creative" a scientist is, the more emphasis on the day to day laborious work, eventually defined as "science".

There is a relationship between intelligence and rational thinking. Thinking appears to to be a derivative of intelligence. Note, that in situations that really matter, we don't need thinking. "Without giving it a thought he jumped into the water and saved the child". One might even say, that in such a case thinking would be an obstacle, rather than a facilitator.

Many say, that in such situations it seemed that "something within took over". Something that "was leading me in doing exactly the right thing". "Great clarity and effectiveness were steering my actions". In sports comparable experiences can be observed. "Suddenly something within took over. It made my running totally effortless. That's how my new record was established".

This understanding of the two dimensions of intelligence has been eroded in time. In the ancient world intelligence was called Logos, and had to be distinguished from ordinary thinking. With the coming of the industrial era, the need for practical thinking increased dramatically, though. The utilitarian attitude gave rise to the intertwining of science, technology and capitalism.

The problem is, that nowadays thinking is called "intelligence", while in fact it is a derivative of it. The servant sits on the throne, instead of the king. Does this support the "Intelligent Design" lobby? The problem is, that the latter has been corrupted right from the start. It is not a genuine quest with an open end, but an attempt to - when the time is ripe - put the biblical God in place.

That's why they keep silent about what "Intelligence" is all about. Therefore, I believe our concern should actually be about the creationism coup that lurks beyond. If "Intelligence" is understood as an impersonal Dimension - e.g. like Buddhists do - many people would be willing to accomodate with it. In fact, the new physics - vacuum physics, zero point energy, the various cosmologies and quantum physics in general - already incorporated notions of an underlying "Intelligence".

It thus depends, how we "define" Intelligence. As stated above, science is not the only faculty, that is able to pronounce upon it. Moments of "Sudden Enlightenment" can give you insights, that even can go deeper than scientific breakthrough. Spirituality thus being the bridge between science and religion. Accounts of mystics of all traditions, therefore, have to be taken seriously. They might have answers to our quest for Truth.

The closer to reality, the more reliable our judgements. Have you ever read some of our most important mystics, those having had "God-experiences?" People like Meister Eckhart, Ruusbroec, Jesus, Teresa of Avila, Rumi, El-Arabi, Sri Ramakrishna, the Buddha, and many others? While reading them, haven't you felt the resonance in your innermost core, a deep recognition about the Truth they are conveying?

The suprising thing is his. The more intimate you are with the Divine (like the mystics), the less you refer to biblical texts. People who really KNOW, don't consider these texts as literally "words of God". These words were written with the purpose of explaining things to simple souls*. You should not take them as absolutes. That's why Eckhart says, that "in order to come closer to God, you have to get rid of him" e.g. the image that is created of Him through Bible and Church.

* This isn't meant disparagingly. On the contrary. Only when our cosmic model attracts the interest of a wide range of people our initiative will be able to contribute to a better world.

Creationism - taking the Bible literally - therefore, is the real problem here. It is an instrument in the hands of some power-hungry ignorants, trying to impose their distorted view on society as a whole. Until now, progressive people didn't have an answer to that. They consider everything "religious" as backward. This is a grave mistake. Countless people are desperately longing for meaning. If we don't give it to them, the fundamentalist Right will do it for us (already doing it).

Giving meaning is certainly not the privilege of fundamentalism, only. On the contrary. Its underlying drive is mostly fear, to start with. Hence, the clinging to "absolute truths". There is nothing wrong with seeking security, though. Genuine security lies in trusting Truth, and the values - insight, openness, freedom, compassion, generosity, connectedness, joy, justice, peace and being part of nature - that originates from it. Obviously, external threats, force, punishments and manipulation are not part of it.   

Therefore, an "Intelligent Design Initiative" new style - without the underlying fundamentalist trap - on the other hand, should be welcomed rather than rejected. It could serve as a platform on which various interpretations of Intelligence could be challenged*. We - progressive people - should start participating in that project, introducing the wisdom of all peoples, cultures, religions and times. I will make a start with introducing the insights that were bestowed upon me.

* Giving it a much deeper and broader perspective, thus taking it out of the hands of fundamentalists.

      "In the beginning" there was (is) Nothingness, also called the Vacuum or the Cosmic Womb, the Bottomless Origin of existence. By "emptying Herself", Her Creation Body - the Divine Light - is (continuously) born. This formless Dimension contains all forms, at least their primordial potency*. The direction of this cosmic force is toward manifestation ("centrifugal"). The greater the distance between the Source and Her manifestations, the more they "are thrown upon themselves".

* Compare the "ideas" of Plato.

This is the stage in which nature seems to function "on its own". It corresponds with those mystical experiences in which - after moments of Cosmic Unity - the Divine "retires". The natural world is apparently "thrown upon itself", developing itself "according to its own laws". This is what Darwin meant, when he called it "evolution". It refers to visible processes, only. What he failed to mention, were the underlying cosmic forces, though.

So evolutionists emphasize the phenomena at the surface of things, while advocates of Intelligent Design focus on the underlying Dimension. These two don't exclude, but rather complement each other. Without the cover-up of Christian fundamentalism, this could become a very fruitful inclusive concept, indeed, satisfying many approaches, cultural traditions and scientific schools. 

  Once the distance between the Source and the visible world becomes too wide, the latter becomes less nurtured and decay sets in ("centripetal"). It marks its "return to the Source". In the Vacuum everything dies in order to become reborn, hence the former also being called the "Cauldron of Regeneration".......

Darwin described the "survival of the fittest". Obviously, this has some truth in it. What he omitted through, was the impact of the underlying Cosmic Forces of "Creation" and "Destruction". These Forces are in a dynamic balance with each other. They determine the eternal cycle of "birth" and "death". This cycle - the "vertical dimension" - is responsible for the mechanisms of evolution. Everything else is secondary.

Obviously, the situation in Europe is very different from that in the US. Here, we don't have the threat of a dominating Christian fundamentalism. However, rational e.g. cynical thought, relativism, individualism and materialism have replaced the sense of sacredness of existence almost completely. A spiritual revival is dearly needed. Hence, a discussion about the true nature of our Origin would be very welcome. 

I could go on explaining many more details. However, this would deprive you of your own intelligence. I therefore prefer to stop, giving you all the space to creatively proceed your quest. One thing will be sure. If you manage to authentically search for the Truth, your reality for sure will be a very fulfilling one, preventing you from falling into the trap of false securities.  


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