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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

Political Materology/Cosmology
the foundation of
Cosmic Governance

Dear Friends,

This is going to be one of the most exciting letters.
In these times of inner and outer confusion the cry for new socio-cultural
models can be heard around the globe.
The criticism on capitalism is growing by the day, realistic alternatives
are nowhere to find, though.
Only fundamentalists of various faiths are beating the drum,
their "political theologies" creating abhorrence among all others.

Political theology: the attempt to create a theocratic society

Few realize that our "free and democratic" societies were and still bear
witness of a "political theology".
This has very ancient roots, going back to the times of the Cosmic Mother,
in which earthly life reflected the all-inclusive "Womb".
All people were children of the Mother, no-one excluded. The community as a whole a reflection of Her "Web of Life".
Therefore, originally, the concept of a ruler was absent.

"Vegetation Gods" died and resurrected. In the times of the Mother
there didn't exist authoritarian rule

After men discovered their role in pro-creation, the situation changed.
First they achieved equality, through establishing partnership
with the MotherGoddess.
Step by step he extended his influence and power, finally overthrowing the Omni-Potent Mother by the One and Only (male) Creator-God.
It worked from both sides: politics and theology entered into a pact,
securing male dominance through State and Church.

Contrary to the "democratic" (organic) structure of the Mother-oriented first peoples, society became organized according to top-down rule, based on authoritarian power, coercion, oppression and violence.
The State, the King (the priest, the Pope) representing the One God and vice-versa. The clue is, that ever since this idea has never changed.
Although our society is said to be "secular",
its underlying structure is still that of the patriarchal "political theology".

Christianity is a "political religion"

Neo-liberals and fundamentalists are thus not that different.
Their systems of governance are both top-down, both imposed on the people.
Now the point is, that in the 20th century people have tried to create
"something different", which always ended in disaster.
It seems that one cannot build a new society on just a couple of "ideas".
Society is bigger than our petty thinking-exercises!
Which gives the whole enterprise a (VERY) unexpected turn.

Instead of going on with our daily political fake shadow fights,
we should acknowledge - in principle - that a political system only benefits from being embedded in a Cosmic Structure.
On the condition that it is NOT biased by religious dogma of any kind,
but on deep eco-spiritual-scientific insight in the Cosmos.
We thus don't have to reject "political theology", we only should reform it!
I call it "Political Materology" (Mater = Mother) or "Political Cosmology".

Let's give it a try!

Necessary pre-condition is insight in the dynamic interrelationship
between the various cosmic-existential "layers".
The "Urground of All and everything" is Absolute Emptiness, also called Cosmic Abyss, Womb or Vacuum. "She" is intangible, hence "She" cannot be understood in any way. Only very rarely "She" reveals Herself to humans, the receiver experiencing a Total Cosmic Black-Out.
The "response" is a deep sense of the Mystery of Life.

Worshipping, celebrating the Origin of All is the foundation of Cosmic Religion.
Because of Nothingness as Her Essence, no identification, image, concept, projection or conviction is interfering.
She is giving birth to both the Divine (Eternal Light, "God") and the universe.
To humans it means "Being Nothing, you are everything".
It is the key to the most profound spiritual/religious insight and practice.
Deep down every creature is Divine.

The Mother isn't exclusive (like the patriarchal God),
She is inclusive

Through the Birth Power of the Mother ("wu-wei": action out of non-action),
Her Material Body is evolving out of Her Light Body.
It includes two stages: first the "virtual" forms, corresponding with platonic ideas.
These are the primordial patterns, still being part of the Divine.
Secondly, due to the selfsame centrifugal Power, the Urforms materialize.
This transition is crucial, because it is a discontinuity between
the Eternal and the temporal.

Through expansion of the universe the vitality of energy/matter subdues.
It eventually gets exhausted. Here the Destructive Aspect of the Womb
gets the upper hand. Physics calls this "Gravity".
Through Gravity matter is stripped of its last residues of energy,
starting its way "back Home" to the Vacuum. 
In Her Bottomlessness it is concentrated beyond imagination,
to such an extent, that it ignites, "born again" as Light.

Apart from the Ultimate Mystery of Nothingness, the second Cosmic Law
is thus that of Her two Cosmic Forces of "Creation" (in fact "Birth") and
Destruction. Both "God" and the universe are subjected to it.
Together these opposites are complementary, constituting a dynamic
("fluctuating") balance, providing an overall "Web of Life",
through which a relative "permanence" is maintained.
It makes life as we know it possible.

The third Cosmic Law evolves out of the first two: life appears to be cyclic.
It goes through a cycle of birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth.
This is true both on a cosmic and individual scale.
Both are two sides of the same coin.
Therefore, our axiom: "we are part of the earth; the earth
is part of the universe; the universe is part of the Divine; the Divine
is part of the Cosmic Mother" reflecting Reality.

The smaller "dying" into the bigger

The consequences for life on earth in general and the structure of
our society in particular, are breath-taking.
If it is true, that we are all part of the Whole, then, our organization
of society should be accordingly.
Immediately at the beginning, a big surprise is waiting for us.
Our whole religious/political history is characterized by the axis God-King-State.
How can this be reconciled with the Ultimate as Absolute Nothingness, though...?

How to derive authority from Nothingness, that is the big question.
Moreover, when confronted with the need to describe what Nothingness is,
it can best be specified as Cosmic Womb or "Mother",
giving birth to both "God" and the universe,
being the Ultimate All-Inclusive Realm, "loving" all creatures equally.
Nothingness, embracing everything, is not exactly ideal
to establish State Rule upon (it would seem).

Nothingness IS, including everything and all, equally

O, o, this is going to be tough, many will think. The answer: not at all!
It is a triumphant feeling to learn, that the Mother is giving birth to the Divine,
not embodied by a single person ("savior") only, but as the True Self of
every human being, even animals and plants are part of IT.
The universe appears to be Her "Web of Life", in which everything, without exception, is interconnected. The Ultimate manifests itself in All, not in a single ruler, but in "Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community".

The "Mother" forces us to re-think the religious/political point
of departure of our society

Human society reflects Cosmic Law by being rooted in this new "Trinity".
It is the Natural Order that bring harmony and peace to all.
Pre-condition is, that identification with our ego has to be given up.
Here the Mother also provides the solution,
for She invites the ego to "die" into Her Bottomless Abyss.
"In return" She grants every human being inner Renewal, the birth
of their True Selves.

Deep down everybody is Divine

"Being rooted in Heaven" means the appearance of a new kind
of cosmic-inspired teachers, leaders and healers, taking the initiative in guiding "common" people on their Path to Wholeness.
I have called these hopefuls "Green Men" and "Wise Women".
Moreover, they manifest the "Divine in Nature", making a first step
to sanctify it, restoring sacredness of the world as a whole.
This is their ultimate goal.

The world, without exception, is content of Divine Space, while it simultaneously seems separate from it. At the transition from "virtual" forms to their
materialization (see above), life "was (is) thrown upon itself".
However, it always has the Divine Realm in the background, to which
it any time can return. Ego considers this separateness
as absolute, it knows no other dimension.
Wise people, on the other hand, know they are not alone in this universe.

To be an isolated entity (ego) is self-delusion

Rooted in the earth, primarily means our realization of being in
One Space with it. Both the grass, the shrubs, the flowers, the trees, the birds,
the hills, the rivers and me are part of the selfsame Whole.
This experience of Wholeness is the pre-condition for further action.
Every attack on the earth is an attack on you.
A simple life, supporting the earth wherever you can, eating organic and
using natural ways of cure are first steps in defending her.

How to give this all a structure is the key question.
My idea is, that it first should be established through small self-help groups.
My "Healing Communities"* are a good example.
They have great resemblance to the early monasteries, when Europe was still submerged in the Dark Ages. Together, the "Being rooted in Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community" can be tried, experienced and developed. It is a big
chance for everybody (youth!), who sincerely long for Renewal.

See: "Healing Communities".

Guided by the teachers the majority of people organize themselves according to
Cosmic Law, in layers of self-sovereign bodies, to
start with themselves. They reflect Mother's "Web of Life" in which
everything is "organically" interconnected.
These are bottom-up organized echelons of self-rule, structured by the
principle of "subsidiarity", the dynamic force behind what is called
"Community Democracy".

Democracy should thus be a reflection of Cosmic Interconnectedness.
Seen this way, it is "sacred", others call it "ecological".
This can only be realized, if the whole of society is participating.
Clearly this is not the case nowadays.
Political parties have "stolen" the sovereignty from the people.
They and the State are top-down organized, serving
power, business, technology and military interests.

Establishing basic democratic structures is a pre-condition for
Restoring Wholeness. To extend democracy to all corners of society is
surprisingly simple. All necessary structures are already there:
the individual, the family (group), the street, the neighborhood, the commune,
the city, the county (region), the state and the
federal government (or EU). Changing these structures from top-bottom into bottom-up is the "only" thing we have to do.

The world is topsy-turvy.
Take care that everything turns out for the best

The principle of "subsidiarity" - one with a long tradition: from Johannes
Althusius (17th century), 19th century America (Thomas Jefferson),
to pope Leo XIII, while "formally" part of the EU, but actually
"forgotten" by all - is the mechanism, with which we build our Cosmic inspired Community Democracy. It consists of above mentioned layers, holistically interconnected with each other. The underlying principle:
What a "lower" layer can do, shall not be done by a "higher".

It goes like this. The individual decides freely how much he/she wants
to contribute to society, the part he/she cannot do, he/she "delegates" to the family (group). The family carries out its self-chosen task. What
it cannot do, it handles over to the street. Without interference of the neighborhood, the street-community carries out its voluntary duties, giving the "rest" to the neighborhood. The neighborhood-community, in its turn, does what it can, transferring the remaining tasks to the commune......

Follow Cosmic Law NOW! 

The big surprise is, that we can start building our Community Democracy
any time: TODAY! Today, we can decide about our contributions to the Whole. Subsequently, we win our family, the street and the neighborhood for
this very inspiring idea. In "no" time, the process
can be put into operation. Of course, it will take a while, before the last
echelons: the city, the county and the state are also incorporated. The principle is the same, though. It will prove to be infectious!

Committing yourself to the common cause, working together with others for it, inspired, encouraged and empowered by the realization,
that what we do is in harmony with the Cosmos....resonating with IT....bringing Heaven to Earth, one could say..... mobilizes the very best of everybody.
It creates a New Community, in which being human expresses its highest potentiality. The "pursuing of happiness", for the first time,
finding its true meaning. 

These three are complementary:
Scientific Cosmology, Spiritual Cosmology and Political Cosmology

Everything rests on and is due to our new insight in the relationship between Cosmos and our world. All spheres are interconnected, interpenetrating.
"Political Materology/Cosmology" claims, that it isn't possible to separate them.
The world proves to be sacred and has to be re-arranged that way.
How privileged we are to live in a time of this kind
of transformation of both Self and Society. Everything starting by
acknowledging Nothingness as the Origin of All!

Our model necessarily has to be specified a little further, though.
In order to make it operable, the relationships between the echelons
have to be clarified. What are the power-lines?
Well, the families are choosing their representatives for the street-council.
The street-community, in its turn, elects its delegation to
the neighborhood-council, etc. etc.
Every delegate is accountable to his/her own community.

We have spiritual teachers ("vertically" oriented) and community leaders
("horizontally" oriented)

Together these leaders make the laws. The agreements between the various
echelons have to be fully respected e.g. incorporated.
It will be clear, that Self-Sovereignty unburdens the Judiciary and the Executive
a great deal. Laws are covering the issues that are of concern to everybody.
Once made, the laws are binding on all citizens.
The result is a State under the rule of Law, not based on political parties,
but on the people themselves. 

Extend democracy, abolish political parties

Freedom proves to be the same as solidarity. Because without cooperation freedom of and for the various echelons is impossible.
Isn't that magic? It overturns the entire ego-centric society into a
living organism of "being yourSelf in connectedness".
One's own happiness is depending on the happiness of all others....
The benefits immediately linked to it are manifold: cooperation, tolerance, peace, understanding, justice, prosperity for all, harmony with nature.

Friendship returns to something concrete. The "social media" will
be exposed for what they are: as a
poor surrogate, a virtual bubble, that (in the end) only deeply frustrates.
How much more enjoyable the real thing is!
The security-issue gets a totally new turn too. Until now the State tries to bring
"order" in a chaos, that itself created. Security, however, in the first place, is a
matter of a close Community.

State control, secret services, police, the military having just
one lofty goal left: shrinking!

The digital control can be dropped a great deal, once our
Community Democracy has established its first lasting structures.
We can take care of our-selves. "Big Brothers" have no business
in our upgraded eco-spiritual humanized society.
This will only be realized when e.g. economics become fully integrated.
For this, we once again turn ourselves to the Cosmos: "As Above, so Below".
Like before, our insight into Cosmic Law is decisive.

The Second Cosmic Law, mentioned already in the beginning,
is that of "Creation" (Birth) and "Destruction" (Death).
Through it "the Mother" looks after the balance in the universe.....
It is, by the way, the most important Driving Force behind evolution, with the
"survival of the fittest" only as a secondary factor. Crucial is, that balance, maintained by Absolute Emptiness, doesn't allow extreme
accumulation (with deprivation on the other side of the equation).

The Cosmos is on your side!
(although not all have understood it yet...)

With other words: capitalism as we know it, is a major sin against
Cosmic Law. What we see is, that the ruling caste has only one goal: to NOT finding a real solution to our problems. Against the background of the global crisis, with very little time left, we have to start with practice, immediately, though.
An "economy of balance", instead of unlimited growth, that is
what the Cosmos is confronting us with.

How to achieve this? Quite simple: we define how we want to live and put THAT into practice, without being deluded by "first this and then that" manoeuvres.
I dare to say, that it was the Cosmos itself that "whispered it
into my ear". True insights are mostly a matter of split-seconds,
in which you suddenly SEE it. (I.Newton, A.Einstein).
What we want to achieve is a model that is simultaneously optimal for
the economy, the community and the environment.

Divine inspiration gives the insight, science is working it out

And which is immediately applicable! It consists of people - you and me - who decide - from one day to the next - to only work half a week for themselves, while working the other half as a volunteer for the Community. By doing so, they - in one blow - take the sting  out of the rat-race. This step has many (other) implications. The growth-obsession turns into an economy of balance, through which nature will be saved. Simultaneously, we restore the foundation of society by
healing the Community.

I hear the objections already whizzing around my ears.
"If working only half a week, what about our income, the costs we have to pay?"
Very important question, that's why this is a major concern. Basic existence will be secured, even an amount of luxury is possible, if we consider
our basic needs as a human right.
It is a shame, that affluent societies like ours, cannot even provide
basic living standards for all!

Green spirituality, Green politics, Green economy
(in this sequence)

In practice, it means, that in return for our contribution to the Community,
everybody has a right to a basic income*. This income is high enough to pay all basic expenses, needed to exist. These are housing, energy, eating, health care, transportation and education. Obviously, this will not work, if these functions
remain a commodity to the profit-making industries. Therefore, they have to be taken out of the private sphere and handled over to the authority
of our Self-Sovereign Community.

* Elderly, the sick and the disabled receive their basic income without returns.

The other half of the week you spend as you like.
It may vary from making your own money, creativity to leisure.
Nobody thus has to abandon private income.
Even luxeries are within reach of everybody.
Being part of the Whole materialized in a most concrete form!
In which all major aspects of life become integrated
Benefitting all and everything without exception.

The macro-economic situation has to adjust to it. Instead of (unlimited) growth, society maintains itself through bringing the costs down*.
The emphasis on demand will shift. The economy is there to serve people,
and not the other way round. Through our integrated approach people are less and less craving for their former addictions. In exchange for a much happier life, in which values like friendship, community, harmony with Heaven and Earth,
creativity, leisure prevail. 

* We start appreciating quality above quantity.

Moreover, the economy will be transformed according the principles
of subsidiarity, as well. Because, for a whole person, all aspects of life are interrelated. We thus reject the kind of globalization, where peoples and nature are ruthlessly exploited. We distinguish three echelons of economic activity. First we produce and consume locally (the region). Everything that cannot be produced this way, we produce nationally. What cannot be produced nationally, we produce internationally, everything in this sequence.

It is a proven fact, that with the increase in wealth in the last 20-30 years
people have NOT become happier. So, luxuries are not decisive. It
also means, that if you get something better in return, you will not mourn about the "loss". It is like in love. When falling in love ("falling!") you don't care so
much about material things (at all). This "something better" has never
been offered as an option, though. For our one-dimensional world
knows only one thing: more of the same.

More, more and more.....and then, suddenly: the collapse

Therefore, it is our responsibility to show you the Road within.
Because there the hidden treasures are. It is also the reason why our "Religion"
is but temporary. Once the inner world fully manifests itself in the outer,
emphasis will be laid on the world as a Whole. The aim is a sacred world, in
which the need for a separate Religion has disappeared. A One World
Community and Cosmic Governance are two sides of the same coin.
Eventually, the Web of Life - us - being a direct expression of Cosmic Law.

By the way, the separation of Church and State
(in very few countries a reality, even in Germany people are forced
to pay “church-tax”) has to be fully maintained.
Because society cannot and will not be dominated by just any
 ideology or belief-system.
With “Political Cosmology” this is different, for it is based on
 eco-spiritual/scientific Reality, at all times verifiable by anyone

It is unbelievable, how long we were able to endure a top-down "political theology", that was (is) built on ignorance, false assumptions, self-delusions and oppression.
"God" as object for identification, justification of power, giving both Church and State the opportunity to exploit the people, God "in the image" of our
ego's, instead of we being in the image of God, this game is now over.
The underlying pathological ego-complex is still alive, though.
"To have as the inability to Be".

The ego-complex has dominated Western society for more
than four thousand years

The ego finally established itself, after Christianity (Inquisition) destroyed the
very substance of existence: "Heaven, Earth and the Community".
This in exchange of the "Good Tidings", the dependency on a savior,
who was supposed to save (wo)mankind from transgressions
it never committed. Without the context of life, ego turned into an isolated
entity, "thrown upon itself", with nothing able to curb it left*.
Ever since, it blew itself up, threatening our very survival.

* See my other letters.  

Through living according to Cosmic Law, there is a chance to turn the tide.
By being part of "Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community",
humanity will re-discover an inner and outer Order, through which life will renew itself. All sub-sectors of society will benefit from it. How, that I have already extensively commented on. It is the core of "Healing the Planet in 10 Steps" initiative. My suggestion: go into the files, study them and come with your own suggestions about how to proceed together.

Be creative, participate

How would health care, the banking system, ethics, care for the earth,
the judiciairy, gender-relationships, education, science, our security
system, etc., etc. be transformed, once Cosmic Law has been
established on Earth?

Enough for today?

Teacher Culture Renewal, part of the Great Tradition of
Osiris, the Yellow Emperor, Lao Tze, Maitreya Buddha and Parzival...
Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother.

Copyright Han Marie Stiekema Sermes.
All rights reserved

Independent, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-commercial

In order to have a full overview of the work,
we recommend you to first going back to the beginning of
Han Marie Stiekema's website.
Please, click HOME and proceed from there


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