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The Original Tradition
Healing the Planet in 7 Steps

Are you A New Man?
                              Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands

In order to Save the Planet
we need a transformation on
all levels of society

                              Han Marie Stiekema

knight of an old story
king of the Golden Grail
it's much too long ago
that you came
with the sun on your face
as the bearer of the Light
let us share your peace

seven roses in your hair
seven stars in your hand
seven golden chandlers
their fire always burning
seven bars in the earth
seven words in your mouth
seven chalices, seven swords
make the circle round again
spur your horse
let the earth hear
that you are coming
Parsifal, prince Parsifal

From "Parsifal"
Elly Nieman & Rikkert Zuiderveld
CD 724349378629

In these Most Hopeful of Times
Healing the Planet
in 7 Steps
At the same time
WorldWide Tour 2007/2008

Patriarchal religion has desecrated existence - denial of the inner divine Light, desacralization of nature, contempt for the body,  suppression of femininity, love and eroticism, besides disintegration of the community - in favour of its ersatz-reality. Because people were cut off from their roots, they had no other choice but to fall back on their ego's. "To have is the inability to Be". Ever since our culture is an ego-culture, all later developments included. Now we face the Ego-Catastrophe. In order to save the world we have to become reborn, while subsequently fitting in in "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" once again.  See also: "The Shattered West".

1. A New Spirituality
The "Eternal-Feminine" as the Foundation of
Spirituality and Religion

Friends! Wherever you are, awaken! Acknowledge the situation you are in. Isn't it one of anguish, fear and insecurity? Don't become desperate, though. You are not alone anymore. Your problems are shared by billions of people. We are all in one boat! Suddenly, the existential situation is the same for everyone. Face it! Only by allowing your pain to enter your innermost core, longing for wholeness may arise. The power of your drive is decisive! It determines your insight, commitment and strength. No compromises. Not being entangled in all kinds of trivial choices - a main cause of you being a lame duck - anymore, is liberation. Go back to the Source and renew yourself, go to the Depth of it. Become A New (Wo)Man. Once firmly established, you may start dedicating your life to the one cause worth living: healing the planet.  

First step: The Integral Way (English)

2. A New Psychology
The dynamic interaction between awareness, the
reflexion and the various sub-personalities

Insight into yourself is crucial. It liberates you from ignorance, self-addiction and indifference. You are not the one psychologists say you are. The real you has a surplus-value. Deep inside you are the Divine Spark. Your stress, depression and burn-out all arise from wrong self-understanding.  Burn-out is the result of ego-inflation. It is the collapse of your addictive lifestyle. Turn On! Re-claim your true identity!

3. A New Health Care
Self Help, Holistic and Technological
Medicine respectively

Your body is a treasure. It is part of the "Body of God". Good health is the source of energy, joy and satisfaction. What we need is re-claiming understanding of our own bodies. Liberating us from the sickness industry. We will help you with that! Our (33 years of) expertise has been focusing on health, rather han disease. With astonishing results! Everyone can achieve his or her optimal vitality level. Everyone has the opportunity to regenerate!   

4. A New Culture
(Wo)man rooted in Heaven, Earth and the
(new) Community

Being rooted in "Heaven, earth and the community" is our existential situation. It is inclusive.Whether you are a Christian, Agnostic, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Taoist, Wicca, a Goddess or Shinto believer or Indigenous person, everyone shares the same basic situation. Moreover, we share it with the grass, the trees, the animals, the rocks, the rivers, the oceans and the atmosphere, as well! We have to become part of the Whole, once again. I call it "Existential Consciousness".      

5. A New Society
Based on Subsidiarity, Mother Right and
Community Democracy

The foundation of society is not the state, but the living body of the community. Hence, political Sovereignty should be in the hands of the people. Society should be organized bottom-up, to begin with individuals, families, groups, streets, neighborhoods, communes, counties and the commonwealth, everything organized in "organic" layers of mutual cooperation. Because women represent the "substance of life" it is only just, that they become the cornerstone of the New Community.  

6. A New Economy
Economy of balance, Voluntary work
and a Basic income

The New Economy should be centered around happiness, rather than having. "To have is the inability to Be". It should serve the people, rather than he other way round. Free yourself of the chains of greed! Isn't the rat race suicidal? Set the example by demonstrating that prosperity for all e.g. a life of enough is far more preferable. Show your Being, friendship, love, care, mutual assistence, joy and creativity to the people around you. It will be infectious! How? Go quickly to one of the boldest plans ever proposed!   

7. A New Earth
Sustainable energy, Nature conservation
and Organic agriculture

The earth is the alpha and the omega. That has become painfully clear nowadays. Again, this has a very positive side, as well. It forces us to focus on the priorities. There is no other way! So extend your inner achievements to your immediate surroundings. Embrace a "feminine world view!" Teach people to respect Mother Earth! She is all-inclusive. Inspired by Her uniqueness, beauty and wonder, let's start putting the Seven Steps into practice, together! Make clear to everyone, that it isn't too late.    

In these Most Hopeful of Times
Healing the Planet
in Seven Steps

So, what can you do? First, everything depends on your longing for wholeness. What is the use of pursuing your "personal goals", when the trees around you are dying? Very soon we will all be confronted with the wasteland. Even an economist has said, that we have to turn on NOW (Stern Report). Your wholeness thus depends on the Wholeness of everything else. There is no difference between inner and outer. Many people want to do something, but don't know how. Too many people are stuck in good-willing, but impotent declarations, ideas, concepts, charters and plans. It is all mind-invented. What you need is inspiration from the Origin, though. What you need is spiritual guidance, that can really empower you. You are lucky. Healing the Planet in 7 Steps isn't just another project. On the contrary, it helps you to re-claim your inner fire - your own authentic insight, love and strength - to the benefit of all living beings: people, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, oceans and the atmosphere. 

This is an overview of the programme done by Green Man on his WoldWide Tour.
It can be considered as a first introduction to his Healing the Planet project.
On request we will come to your town or city. Your
involvement is very much appreciated!
T/F (31)30.6590178 of  0643237488


In dieser überaus hoffnungsvollen Zeit
Den Planeten Heilen
in Sieben Schritten

Die patriarchale Religion hat das Dasein desakralisiert - Vernichtung des inneren göttlichen Lichtes, Entheiligung der Natur, Verachtung für den Körper, Unterdrückung der Weiblichkeit, Liebe und Erotik, neben Desintegration der Gemeinschaft - zugunsten ihrer Ersatzwirklichkeit. Weil die Menschen also von ihren Wurzeln abgeschnitten waren, hatten sie keine andere Wahl denn zurückzufallen auf ihr Ego. "Haben ist das Unvermögen zum Sein". Seitdem ist unsere Kultur eine Ego-Kultur, inklusiv allen späteren Entwicklungen. Wir stehen jetzt vor der Ego-Katastrophe.  Um die Welt zu retten müssen wir aufs Neue geboren werden, um uns wiederum einzufügen in "Himmel, Erde und die (neue) Gemeinschaft". Sieh auch: "Der Zerrüttete Westen".

1. Eine Neue Spiritualität
Das "Ewig-Weibliche" als das Fundament von
Spiritualität und Religion
2. Eine Neue Psychologie
Die dynamische Wechselwirkung zwischen Bewußtsein, der
Reflektion und den verschiedenen Teilpersönlichkeiten

3. Eine Neue Gesundheitsfürsorge
Drei Echelons von Selbsthilfe,
Ganzheits- und technologische Medizin

4. Eine Neue Kultur
Der Mensch verwurzelt in "Himmel", Erde und
der (neuen) Gemeinschaft

5. Eine Neue Gesellschaft
Sich basierend auf Subsidiarität, Mutterrecht und

6. Eine Neue Wirtschaft
Gleichgewichtswirtschaft, ehrenamtliche Arbeit
und ein Basiseinkommen

7. Eine Neue Erde
Nachhaltige Energie, Naturschutz und
biologische Landwirtschaft

Schließ Dich an! Talks/Teachings/Workshops/
Meetings/Interviews auf Anfrage
T/F (31)30.6590178 of  0643237488


In deze Meest Hoopvolle Tijd
De Planeet Genezen
in Zeven Stappen

Patriarchale religie heeft het bestaan ontheiligd - vernietiging van het innerlijke goddelijke Licht, ontheiliging van de natuur, verachting van het lichaam, onderdrukking van vrouwelijkheid, liefde en erotiek, naast desintegratie van de gemeenschap - ten gunste van zijn surrogaat- werkelijkheid. Omdat de mensen dus van hun wortels waren afgesneden, hadden zij geen andere keus dan terug te vallen op hun ego. "Hebben is het onvermogen tot Zijn". Sindsdien is onze cultuur een ego-cultuur, inclusief alle latere ontwikkelingen. Wij staan nu voor de  Ego-Katastrofe. Om de wereld te redden moeten wij opnieuw geboren worden, om ons vervolgens wederom in te voegen in "Hemel, aarde en de (nieuwe) gemeenschap". Zie ook: "Het Ontredderde Westen".

1. Een Nieuwe Spiritualiteit

Het "Eeuwig-Vrouwelijke" als het Fundament
van Spiritualiteit en Religie
2. Een Nieuwe Psychologie
De dynamische interactie tussen bewustzijn, de reflexie
en de verschillende subpersoonlijkheden
3. Een Nieuwe Gezondheidszorg
Drie echelons van Zelfhulp, Holistische
en Technologische Geneeskunde
4. Een Nieuwe Cultuur
De Mens geworteld in "Hemel", Aarde en de
(nieuwe) Gemeenschap

5. Een Nieuwe Samenleving
Gebaseerd op Subsidiariteit, Moederrecht en

6. Een Nieuwe Economie
Evenwichtseconomie, Vrijwilligerswerk
en een Basisinkomen

7. Een Nieuwe Aarde
Duurzame energie, Natuurbehoud en
Biologische land- en tuinbouw

Zie ook: Earth Care
Ons milieubewustzijnsinitiatief uit 1996

Sluit je aan! Talks/Teachings/Workshops/
Meetings/Interviews op aanvraag
T/F (31)30.6590178 of  0643237488


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