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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

Han Marie Stiekema SermeS


The one who has been BEYOND the BEYOND


I. Turn On
II. Threefold Cosmic Realization
III. Cosmic META-Religion
IV. Cosmic Science
V. Existential Consciousness
VI. The Original Tradition
VII. Letter to Religious Leaders
VIII. Cosmic Governance
IX. Cosmic Mother Healing
X. Why A Cosmic META-Religion?

(I.II. & VI. Various Excerpts of the Website)
Click: A New World Religion”

Always when civilization is at its lowest ebb,
it is a New Religion that makes a new start

The vitality of the New Faith originates from a
new and deeper understanding of Reality

The Light (God) isnt the Ultimate….

Cosmic Reality, on the other hand, consists of
Absolute Nothingness,
the Eternal Light and the “Underworld”

The surprise: Cosmic Spirituality and Science
are complementing each other

Only Cosmic Reality has the Power
of Renewal

It is the Beginning of A New Era

III. Cosmic META-Religion
The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

My Message to the World:

Dear Friends!
The solution to our global crisis is the recognition of the fact
that we are
Not happy? It is even worse: we are addicted to the things that
are driving us mad. We consider the symptoms of our collective
degeneration as "normal".
So, we don't ask ourselves
Only one example: How can you be happy, knowing that around
you butterflies, birds, plants, trees, rainforests, small and big
animals, fish etc., etc. rapidly disappear?
How can you be happy, knowing very well, that it is us,
who leave this
WASTELAND to our children?
How can you close your eyes to this, and still be “happy?”
Be honest: we are
buried under the daily layer of stress, frustration, insecurity, fear,
depression, illness, conflict, burn-out..... and our response to it:
or/and suffer from a meaningless life
as unemployed without any perspective, not realizing that this
is all a symptom of a lonely, alienated, desperate self,
a self that has lost all contact with Real Life.
We call this self our
Everything the ego does to become more happy fails,
because as an isolated entity,
cut off from the Whole, being "thrown upon itself",
it is itself the cause of all misery.
The harder you try, the greater your despair!
For ego and Wholeness are excluding each other.
It is the concern of all authentic spiritual, religious and ethical effort.
In the mean time ego has grown to monstrous proportions:
There is only one way to restore the Unity with Heaven and Earth:
the ego has to become part of the Whole, once again.
In order to Be, it has to give itself up.

that will totally transform the world.
To the media world-wide

A New UNIVERSAL TEACHER has stand up.
He claims to have experienced
the deepest possible
Absolute Nothingness, Full Enlightenment and his Descent
into the "Underworld". Everything happened in pure innocence,
no ego-ambition involved whatsoever.
Nobody before him was granted such an in Depth insight.
God, the Light, he says, is not the Ultimate, there is "something" beyond.
Both God and the universe are born out of Absolute Nothingness,
while continuously returning to their Origin.
He calls the latter "COSMIC WOMB or "GREAT MOTHER",
the Ultimate Unifying Principle beyond the Whole of Creation.
In ancient times "She" was embodied by the Dark Night, the Mystery
of Life, every day giving birth to the Sun.
The Black Madonna is one of Her manifestations.
Science (physics) calls "Her" the ABSOLUTE VACUUM.
Two major Cosmic Forces are emerging from the Bottomlessness
of the "Womb":
They are opposite, yet complementary. Together they maintain
Cosmic Balance also called “Mothers Web of Life”
making life possible.

True religious life is Living according to the Truth.
One main characteristic of the Truth is that it is simple:
“We are part of the earth
The earth is part of the universe
The universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother”.

These realms are all penetrating each other, thats why the universe,
including the earth, is sacred.
It also means, that the ancient notion is valid beyond measure:
Unless humankind reflects Cosmic Law, there will be no peace,
justice, prosperity for all or harmony with nature.

Furthermore, all levels of existence are ruled by "Birth and Death".
Our existential problem: The ego refusing to fit in ("die") into the Whole.
Instead, it is blowing itself up more and more, eventually destroying
the earth and its inhabitants…..
"To have as the inability to Be".
2000 Years of religious teaching were not able to curb its actions.
Only ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS can destroy it.
The Mother just coming at
the right time.

Dear Friends!
Another definition of the human condition is: we are all part of
In the earliest times "Heaven" was equal to the "Great Mother".
Everything was born out of and returned to Her.
At the same time people felt to be in harmony with the earth.
This was reflected by the structure, rituals and customs of the community.
People and their context were largely one.
In the
"AGRARIAN REVOLUTION" women discovered and developed
ways of cultivating cereals and other crops.
Not surprisingly, women (mothers) still held a central position,
symbolized by  "Lady of the Vegetation", "Lady of the Beasts".
It was a highlight of men, women and nature cooperating on a equal basis.
Ever since this period was kept in memory as the “Golden Age”,
women embodying the Substance of Life, being revered as the Birthgivers,
Source of fertility and prosperity.
Subsequently, the Cosmic Law of
"BIRTH AND DEATH" was embodied
by "Vegetation Gods" (“Green Men”), "dying" every autumn in
order to be reborn in spring, promoting fertility, prosperity and balance.
Men manifesting their true Nature: sacrificing themselves to the
benefit of the Whole…..
Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother!

Later, this ritual was spiritualized by the Hellenistic Mystery Religions,
where the initiates died to their ego's in order
to be reborn as New Self.  
(Not just a change of identification, like in fundamentalism,
but one of Essence).
However, two millennia before, Gilgamesh was the first who refused
to submit himself to the
while starting his quest for immortality.
It was the moment, where, for the first time, man left his context of
"Heaven, earth and the community".
One could fairly say, that this was the birth of the ego.
In the previous centuries, one unforeseen development had taken place:
the accumulation of personal wealth and possessions.
In order to protect it, men grew into new functions, like becoming guards.
It was the beginning of disputes,
VIOLENCE and wars, together with
the need to manufacture and produce weaponry, the forerunners
of life-denying ("hard") technology.
Very soon men promoted themselves as heads of the clan, coinciding
with the discovery of their role in procreation.
Add to it their invention of writing (the “Word!”), very soon applied to making
rules and laws....extending their power to all areas of life,
and behold
PATRIARCHY was born.

From then on the obsession of men became to manipulate,
dominate and control human society:
"One God, one King, one State" (Joshua, 7th century BCE).
Not in the last place to rule over women and their achievements.
The Cosmic Mother as Birthgiver of All was replaced by
"God the Creator”, the world “created” through the "Word".
Her Son/Lover thus "emancipated" himself, rejecting his Origin.
Corresponding with the ego, cutting its links with the Whole.
Technologies were used to dominate nature,
rather than to cooperate with it.

The LAMENTING WOMEN OF JERUSALEM are a moving example
of the felt loss of common people:
- and the people said to Jeremiah:
"We will NOT listen to the message you have spoken to us in the
name of the "Lord"! We will certainly do everything we said we would:
We will burn incense to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN and will pour
out drink offerings to Her just as we and our fathers, our kings
and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of
Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off
and suffered no harm.
But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven
and pouring out drink offerings to Her, we have lacked everything
and have been perishing by sword and famine".
Jeremiah: 44, 15-18

It was CHRISTIANITY, that gave this all its "finishing touch".
It both destroyed people AND their context.
First it started persecuting all those who strived for God-Experience
("Heretics", "Gnostics" and later also Mystics).
People who know God in a direct way are a threat to the Church!
While first having benefitted from women's commitment to the faith,
very soon the former were excluded from Church positions.
Mary Magdalene, the true successor to Jesus was demonized,
everything culminating in the WITCH HUNT, with hundreds of
thousands of victims, many burnt on the stake.
In total women had to suffer more than 2000 years of discrimination.
The rage of the Church towards everything “different” was unstoppable.
Right from the start NATURE was considered the "work of the devil",
missionaries ruthlessly destroying trees, forests, sanctuaries,
poisoning wells, "converting" "pagans" by force.
All ancient traditions, rituals, customs, celebrations, religious objects,
were destroyed or "adjusted" to the new faith.
"Heaven, earth and the community", the existential foundation of
an ENTIRE CIVILIZATION, was replaced by the belief in the
"Glad Tidings", making everybody depending on a "savior".
Outside the Church no redemption!
First destroying everything, in order to subsequently
replace it by "new values" is something
practiced until this very day....

Like no other Europeans know the “true face” of the faith!
After many centuries of terror and oppression (Inquisition), people's
spirits were broken, falling back on the one faculty
left untouched: the ego.
The Church itself thus being responsible for "SECULARIZATION",
(Its attempt to be the champion of spirituality versus a world ruled
by evil is totally hypocritical).
The ego was the beginning of the Renaissance, a glorious time,
for people celebrated their liberation from oppression.
They had to pay a price for it, though.
Instead of living in the context of "Heaven, earth and the community",
the culture became centered around the individual self, though,
the faith consisting of “saving your own soul, only.
It was the birth of unlimited self-centeredness: with greed and
capitalism on the one hand, and State and Church power on the other.
The Protestants didn't bring much change, either.
On the contrary, they favored both the State and Capitalism,
having thus been a main pillar under what is now a world ruled by profit.
Crucial to understand is, that all this was in essence an
overcompensation of the ego that deep down feels incompetent.
For what is ego?
It is the self being cut off from its context:
Deep within it feels vulnerable, isolated, alienated, fearful,gv
"thrown upon itself".

People deprived of their context lead a miserable life, they are not
fed e.g. nurtured by the Whole anymore.
Having lost contact with their DIVINE SPARK within,
ditto with their bodies and nature, living in a culture that is amputated,
suffering from a collective burn-out, people slowly pine away.
To the ego, with its inherent inferiority-complex, this is unbearable.
Its response is overcompensation.
It chooses the flight forward, turning its existential Angst into
"growth", "progress", "expansion" and "exploitation",
(not very different from Hitler's obsession with "Lebensraum").
Ultimately, the ego is afraid of Nothingness.
The irony: dying into Nothingness (spiritually) means being
born as a New Self.
What is causing the deepest fear liberates you....
What helps is to understand its dynamics. For that
we first have to go back to the PSYCHOLOGY of EGO-FORMATION.
Our personality appears to be based on exclusivity....
In order "to be somebody", you reject what you don't want to be.
It is the origination of a split-personality….,
"me" being "positive" and "not-me" being "negative".
Since we don't like to acknowledge our own shadow-part,
everything ugly, bad and evil is projected
into "the other".

All patriarchal religions are based on the same mechanism.
They distinguish between "believers" and "non-believers".
The former will be saved, while the latter end up in hell.
It will be clear, that they aren't champions of tolerance, peace
and reconciliation…..
One minister from the US got it right: "Considering its
numerous crimes against life, CHRISTIANITY should repent,
every time it claims to be steward to God's creation".
Ego's poor sense of self-esteem, its inherent meaninglessness,
its feelings of "humiliation", first leads to denial e.g. suppression.
It would be an urgent ground for going into therapy.
However, to that the ego isn't motivated.
Instead, it projects its insecurities into the opposite.
The initial smallness is overcompensated by blowing itself up!
Its function is to NEVER falling back into its original weakness, ever.
(Dividing the culture in “winners” and “losers”).
Hence, the ongoing diffuse ANGST within.
It explains why the ego is fanatically clinging to its "identity",
Sooner or later leading to EGO-EXPANSION,
destroying everything and all that stands in its way".
As you will see later, in this situation there are only two options left:
“Big Brother” or Rebirth through the Mother….

Few will deny, that the decay has deeply affected all
levels of existence, culminating in the virtual world of our times,
where all contact with Reality is lost.
Never before people felt so insignificant as they do today.
In the areas of religion, politics and economy they feel totally powerless.
Life is dominated by the SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and CAPITALISM
complex (Prof. dr. E.Vermeersch).
Our ego's cling to the artificial identity of iPad, internet and video-games.
It is our modern way of overcompensation, indeed a gigantic ego-bubble.
Through consumerism all infantile desires have to be satisfied,
a collective addiction eroding life at a terrible pace.
The ego is thus a CANCER-GROWTH, destroying our beautiful
planet and her inhabitants.
It will be clear, that humanity has to renew itself from the ground,
to start with each of us. Increasingly helpless, we turn to the Ultimate
for new inspiration. It is an old wisdom:
“Rescue comes from what you have neglected!!!”
It leads to the recognition of the Destructive Aspect of the Cosmos,
indispensable for curbing the ego, while restoring balance
(In India represented by Goddess Kali).
Instead of delegating the CLIMATE CRISIS to technology,
its symptomatic approach leaving the true causes
- greed, profit, growth - untouched, making the situation only worse,
we as (wo)mankind should have the courage to acknowledge,
that WE ourselves are the environmental problem.
The core of the crisis: the ego.

The environmental crisis is essentially a spiritual problem.
Religions have been preaching for more than 2000 years against
"sin" as the source of all evil.....they failed.
Ego has never been more vicious as it is today. At the same time
the Church has always been afraid of those who strived for
Therefore, this was cleverly replaced by the “Word of God”.
However, the “Word” is only a derivative, a surrogate, powerless.
It is a tool in the hands of Church elites.
Through the “Image of God”, the ego will never be curbed.
It always will find ways to identify itself with some lofty "spiritual
concept" or goal, rather than giving itself up.
Today, people even use Enlightenment for their own ego-purposes!
That's why there is only one conclusion left: in order to save the world
is direly needed, one that is based on Absolute Nothingness as
the only Realm that can destroy the ego.
That's why I founded:
underlining the "Maternal Dimension of God" in all religions.
I call it a Tradition, because - as the most ancient
ECO-SPIRITUAL Tradition on earth -
it was there, long before (patriarchal) religions emerged.

As I said above: because the Cosmic Womb (“Emptiness beyond
Emptiness”) is the only one, able to destroy the ego.
The survival of (wo)mankind depends on it!
A global problem needs a global solution….
Thats what the Cosmic Mother is: Universal, All-Embracing,
including God and the universe.
She is Beyond (Absolute Nothingness) the Beyond of time and space ("God"),
that's why Her Religion is called Cosmic META-Religion.
God is Her Light Body (first emanation), while the universe is
Her Material Body (second emanation), everything subjected to Her
Cosmic Law of "Birth and Death".
She reflects Cosmic Reality, the True and Only Unifying Principle.
Because of Absolute Nothingness "She" is incorruptible.
Nobody can use Her for his or her own purposes.
As a True Cosmic Religion, it is based, not on one's own desires,
ambitions or projections, but on AUTHENTIC REVELATION of the
Divine Itself: the Unity of Absolute Nothingness, Eternal Light
(“Creation”) and the “Underworld” (“Destruction”).
In science She is called the Cosmic Vacuum, the latter
giving birth to the universe.
It is the Beginning of a New Era, in which Self,
"God" and our World View are totally transformed.
Replacing the EGO-CATASTROPHE by connectedness, peace,
love, respect, mutual support, justice and harmony with nature,
on all levels of existence, including all creatures on earth,
no-one and nothing excluded.

Christian: "Beyond God there is Nothing".
My answer: "I agree fully".

Thus, the difference between Religion and our
Cosmic META-Religion is crucial
The latter is not based on "God" but on Absolute Nothingness
Furthermore, unlike the common religions Cosmic META-Religion
isn't obsessed with "saving one's soul"
The "soul" is a concept, it isn't a seperate entity
Hence "saving one's soul" is based on self-centered delusion
In Reality our "souls" are connected with "Heaven, earth
and the community"
Hence, Cosmic META-Religion embraces the whole of existence
Rather than "liberating" you, it aims at restoring the unity
of which you are a part
It is redeeming not only you, but also the grass, the trees,
the fish, the oceans, the birds, the sky  
yes, the whole universe

Thus, the first step is to give up your ego.
Pre-condition is your having
SUFFERED from its actions in the past.
The more set-backs, mistakes, failures, humiliations, problems
you have gone through, the stronger your longing for Renewal.
You may start with self-effort.
Through exercise, contemplation, meditation, you can achieve
a first step towards liberation.
However, nowadays, many of us are too busy, “no time”.
While others are too exhausted BURN-OUT. The irony:
you even have no energy to relax!
Moreover, you may become confronted with all kinds of
unprocessed "negativity", coming to your surface.
For ego-control, necessary to "keep it under", is weakened by your
spiritual practice, on the one hand, while your New Self is not yet
stable enough, on the other!
A dangerous situation of lifelong remaining between two stools!
Lucky are those, who give it up in time.
Realizing, that being part of the Whole, the Whole may also heal
them, they choose the PATH OF SURRENDER.
That's why the Cosmic Mother has Revealed Herself.
Being Absolute Nothingness "She" is the only One,
who can “destroy”/curb/transform the ego.

The main purpose of the COSMIC META- RELIGION is to
save the world. That's why it came into existence!
It happened in 1977 through the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother,
To give up your ego, your addictions, including your infantile
mother-complex (….) you have to surrender to the Bottomless
Abyss of the Cosmic Womb.
By taking refuge in the Cosmic Mother, you will subsequently be
reborn as your True Self.
Truly Realized people are therefore Twice-Born ("Dimeter").
All Power (Renewal, Regeneration) arises from the Origin….
In order to become fruitful THE DIVINE WITHIN YOU has to
subsequently incarnate,
your True Self becoming part of the Whole: "Heaven, earth and
the (new) community", once again.
This "EXISTENTIAL CONSCIOUSNESS" is the common denominator
of life, with our Spirit as part of Heaven, our body as part of the earth and
our soul as part of the community, restoring planetary Wholeness.
Sharing its benefits with all and everything, eventually
committing yourself to HEALING THE PLANET
to start with your immediate surroundings, extending your wisdom,
love and strength to the street, the neighborhood, the commune,
the city, ultimately to the entire planet.

Those who commit themselves to the Greater Whole
are called
They are the Hopefuls to this world,
being part of the Great Tradition of e.g. Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Kybele,
Asherah, Astarte, Gaia, Rhea, Demeter, Artemis, Aphrodite, Mary
Magdalene, Xiwangmu, Wusheng Laomu, Kali, Tammuz, Osiris,
Baal, Attis, Adonis, Dionysos, Jesus, Shiva, Lao-Tse, Al-Khidr,
Parzival and Maitreya Buddha.... practicing
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service, Earth Service.
The Teacher is taking the lead here.
Through his Great Experiences he claims to be the
Servant/Messenger ("Sermes") of the Cosmic Mother.
"Being Nothing, he is everything".
Therefore he is playing with several names: Son-Lover, GREEN MAN,
Laughing Buddha or the Friend, renewing both religion and the world,
(Nothingness as the Mother of God and the universe.....)
helping existing religions remember their roots as "Sons of the Mother".
An additional surprise: COSMIC SPIRITUALITY and SCIENCE
(Physics, Cosmology) appear to be two sides of the same coin.
Both have a great future in cooperating with each other.
Moreover, to give up your ego, while becoming part of the Whole,
is the foundation of the NEW (“NATURAL”) ETHICS.
For "Heaven, earth and the (new) community"
is existential, everybody is part of it.

After 33 years of hesitation, realizing his shortcomings
in the past, hence appearing as a common human being,
the Teacher eventually started his mission:
Cosmic Mother
Healing us, Healing society, Healing the earth
Its core principle is to live in harmony with the Cosmos.
This makes all the difference in the world....
Through insight, tuning into it, resonating with it, living according
to it, the Cosmos is pouring its wisdom, trust, joy, strength and
compassion out into you, raising great benefit.
By submitting to the "Law of Birth and Death", ongoing
renewal and regeneration will be your share.
Some practical examples:
valuing the Destructive Force (….) of the Cosmos, breaking down
everything old and sick, is indispensable
for ongoing regeneration....
(Fasting is a supreme example of how nature heals)!
His evolutionary approach to health ("Flow System Therapy")
is a major instrument to cure disease in the post-antibiotic era,
while his NEW HEALTH CARE, based on the three echelons of
Self-Help, Holistic and Technological Medicine,
is the model for the near future.

The universe is based on the Cosmic Mother as the ORIGIN of all.
It is inclusive, this in contrast to patriarchy, which is exclusive.
Therefore, a "feminine" (holistic) world view has to prevail.
Gender roles have to be adapted to it,
not only changing the way we live together, but e.g. emphasizing
mothers in key positions to our new community.
With men and women cooperating to Restore the Wholeness of Life.
Our new socio-economic order should reflect the
consisting of a dynamic balance.
Since Emptiness doesn't tolerate accumulation, breaking down every
excess, our ECONOMY should be structured accordingly.
I call this our Cosmo-Political-Economic Order.
Spirituality determines Politics, Politics determines the Economy
(in this sequence). A powerful foundation for an Economy of Balance:
half a week working as a volunteer for the community.
To make this possible, there should be a BASIC INCOME FOR ALL,
through which basic costs can be paid:
housing, energy, food, health care, education, transportation.
The other half of the week we do as we like, including making money.
The result is “killing three birds with one stone”:
both the individual, the community and nature will be benefitting,
replacing "quantity" by quality: friendship, cooperation, creativity,
leisure, commitment to the Whole.

As said above, since Cosmic Realm penetrates all levels of
existence, human society should reflect it.
Our worn out democracies thus should be transformed according
to Mother's "WEB of LIFE", in which everything is interconnected.
In practice, it means that the Community is
the center of socio-political life.
Just like the quantum world, human communities thus should
be "organically" ("ecologically") structured.
the underlying principle.
In the 17th century it was J.Althusius, who formulated it. Later, it was
very popular in 19th century America. US president Jefferson
very much favored this idea, just like pope Leo XIII, while being
part of the “constitution” of the EU (unfortunately rather “neglected”).
It goes like this:
"What can be done by the individual, is being
done by him or her. What cannot be done is delegated to the family
or the group. They commit themselves to a self-chosen task,
delegating to the street (community) what they cannot do.
The street is doing what it can, the remainder is given to
the neighborhood. The neighborhood is carrying out its self-chosen
task, the rest is given to the commune.
This bottom-up model eventually includes the
county, the state and the federal government".

Dear Friends,
CLIMATE CHANGE will inevitably roll over the earth.
As a consequence disasters of great magnitude will overwhelm us:
floods, droughts, famines, water-shortage, destruction of
biodiversity, acid oceans, epidemics, large-scale migrations, violence,
wars…Our personal situation will be affected too:
Stress, burn-out, unemployment, illness, chaos, crime, fear, panic…..
The only way out of coping with them, is the recognition of the
fact that our ego cannot handle this…..
Problems can never be solved by the level that caused them.
Instead, the ego will be terrified, revealing its inherent powerlessness.
In order to overcome our (self-inflicted) multi-faceted problems,
superhuman effort will be needed.
This can only come from a Superhuman Source!
As we all know, the existing religions caught in their inner decay,
their dogmas, their obsession with themselves….
cannot offer the redemption humanity direly needs.
“ONLY A NEW FAITH CAN SAVE US” (Teilhard de Chardin)
Dag Hammarskjöld (former Secretary General of the United Nations)
has emphasized the same thing.
This Superhuman Source has recently revealed Herself.
As we all know now, this is the Cosmic Mother.

Let's celebrate this historic event, in which the Transcendence,
once again, has interfered in human affairs.
Often, when humanity experiences its gloomiest hours,
salvation isn't far away anymore.
The Mother is the Bottomless
(also called "Holy Grail!").
Her Motherly Love is All-Inclusive and Unconditional.
Her Cosmic Dimension is taking everything sick, old, ugly and evil back,
while giving birth to Her Light Body: the Divine.
Thus: surrender (your ego) to Her and you will be continuously Renewed.
Those who do so are called “Originals”.
With your True Self you subsequently become part of the Whole -
HEAVEN, EARTH and the (new) COMMUNITY - once again.
Only then, harmony and balance will be restored.
In particular: Green Men & Wise Women are taking the lead.
They are the New Hopefuls. Join them!
Without our willingness to give up our ego's nothing will work.
Only New Women and Men can create A New World.
is the platform, upon which the initiatives will be unfolding.
Its core consists of Spiritual Service, Health Service,
Community Service and Earth Service.

Inevitably, the world grows toward greater unity.
Crucial, however, is the question: “what kind of unity?”
Will it be the uniformity enforced by Science, Technology and
Capitalism, or the
UNITY IN DIVERSITY brought about by the people?
Why we suffer so many setbacks nowadays to achieve that goal?
What is the cause of our misery? After having read my
PASSIONATE PLEA, I hope things have become more clear.
A cancer-growth is destroying the Body of Life.
EGO, that which we call our I, is a separate entity that has gone
berserk. All suffering originate from its self-centered activities.
Luckily those who suffer from it, for they start longing for Healing.
This consists of Restoring the WHOLENESS OF LIFE on all levels.
My call on you: give up your ego and become part of "Heaven, earth
and the (new) community", once again.

Our mission is to transform the ego into a servant,
emphasizing ECO-SPIRITUALITY as the Way within and without.
The most striking thing in the world is that people havent
the slightest idea of who they really are….
So, the first step in emancipation is to “KNOW YOURSELF”.
It is a first Awakening of utmost importance.
Our NEW WORLD RELIGION is Cosmic Reality coming true.
Central to the Teaching is “The universe is a Birth, not a creation”,
“Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet”,
including Her True Nature, Her Revelation to the world, Her Cosmic
Forces of Creation and Destruction.
Everything and all is content of Her Cosmic Space,
the world bound together by transcendental MATERNAL LOVE.
Unity celebrating (its) eternal diversity!
The crucial step is TAKING REFUGE in the Mother.
It consists of e.g. Contemplation, Mother Healing, Sanctifying Nature
(“Heaven & Earth Exercises) and the Oracle (Q & A).
The aim is to achieve Wholeness on all levels of existence.
Do you want to commit yourself?
There is the possibility of joining our HEALING COMMUNITIES,
based on worship, a daily “monastic” schedule and
service to the Whole…..

Big Brother or Great Mother,
that is the question, nowadays….
The Green Man & Wise Woman Training,
Healing the Planet in 10 Steps
arise from there.

Her Light Body is Everywhere

The self-proclaimed aim of religion is to bring you to God.
Which God they mean?  A Living Reality or its surrogate?

How many people speak out about their Unity with the Real God?
I dare to say, it is negligible. What you do see is God as a projection
of people's hopes and desires. The presumption is "me here and God
there". "Praying to God", "Knowing God", "Put our hopes on God",
"Searching God", “The God of the Bible”, "His Kingdom Come" etc.
ALL put God somewhere out there.
They all have as an assumption that you have to
to reach out for "Him". Even with God or Buddhahood "within you",
a search is said to be necessary.
The Reality is different though. We (and everything else) live
IN God.
We are all objects in "His" (Its) Divine Space (Mother's Light Body).
Ultimately, I AM the Divine and every "me" has disappeared into IT.
St. Paul came very close to it by saying: "I am in God, and God is in me".
The Churches' major sin is that it suppressed this its own
core doctrine, replacing it by all kinds of (trivial) secondaries.
. The Divine is All-Embracing, it isn't possible
NOT to be
in Its Space! If this is true - that you
LIVE IN GOD uninterruptedly -
what is the point of searching "Him?" The Original Tradition
rectifies this by restoring the Truth, aiming at giving
God-Realization back to all people.
Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother!

I will illustrate this through my walks in the forest.
Often, I get a
VERY clear realization, that I walk in the Space of
the Divine. Everything around (and in) me is totally transparent,
crystal clear, Gods Own Presence.
I realize that everything else around me
the shrubs, the trees, the birds - are also part of
IT. While I am walking,
the Divine Presence remains unchanged.
Moving towards It is non-sense, because
I AM IN IT all the time.
While watching the Space around me, my Mind (observer) becomes
clearer and clearer. Space is watching Space.....
Until an inner "click" happens, where both suddenly are One.
It is the High Art of
When you
REALLY SEE (and FEEL) IT, miracles happen.
Contrary to searching, implying that
IT is NOT here (hence, the
searching), you are constantly enjoying "Its" Presence.
Yes, sayings like "living like a fish in the water", and the Christian
"God is Omni-Present" all suggest the same thing.
The trouble is only, that practical consequences are never drawn.
Existing religion being a collective effort,
NOT to know the Living God….
They all beat about the bush.

PS. Join me in my teaching "Walking in Divine Space".
You can't miss what you already

Thus, dear Friends, do you feel the inspiration of the Cosmos
already descending on you?
If so, spread this Message, give it the attention it deserves.
It will save the World!
(The Mother Heals!)

Interfaith Initiative
"Every true Renewal of Civilization starts with A New Religion".
"The foundation of the New World Religion is Cosmic, Inclusive
and Universal. The Maternal Dimension of God, uniting all religions".

The Breakthrough:
"The Cosmos is a Womb, everything else is derived from Her".
"A New Era in which Science and Cosmic (Eco) Spirituality are
complementing each other".
"Nowadays, many people would like to join a new religion, if only
it was an authentic, attractive and a promising one.....".


Han Marie Stiekema,
Teacher of
called "SermeS", "Green Man" or "Laughing
Buddha". Holistic medical doctor (pioneer) since 1972 from Holland.
In the first years: Prophesy, Vision of the Grail, Zen-Satori.
1977 "Threefold Cosmic Realization" with 10 years of uninterrupted
Bliss. 1987-2000 "Dark Night of the Soul", working (hard) on
Personal integration, of which 12 years living as a hermit, writing
his experiences/insights down, resulting in
20 BOOKS, all
published for free in the internet.
From 2000 on living a life in Unity with the Cosmos:
authentic, Self-sufficient, compassionate, simple and joyful.
Going there where the need is (World Tour 2013/14),
sharing his innumerable treasures: meeting, teaching, healing, training.....
Based on Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
and Earth Service.
Everything in the

Hermitage near Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Global Wake Up Call/World Tour 2015/2016
SermeS is coming to your organization, center or group,
anywhere in the world. As an introduction he offers his
to all of you, where you may ask him your vital - spiritual, religious,
scientific, ethical, psychological and medical - questions.
His answers don't come
from himself but out of the Depth of the Cosmic Mother.
Time after time he surprises people with his completely unique,
universal, authentic and original visions on life.
It is a breakthrough in many areas, offering - in these most critical
of times - (wo)mankind a new perspective.
Let him know you are waiting for him!
To the PRESS he is available for (teaching) interviews, (teaching)
press-conferences and (teaching) radio and TV performances.
Special TEACHINGS are offered to UNIVERSITIES, in particular to the
Faculties of Religious Studies, Theology, Science, Environmental
Studies, etc. Not to forget INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS.
To the Sermes it is a challenge to
discover, where science and the Living Source meet!
Upon request we love to send our free booklet
(Science & Cosmic Spirituality) to you.

First of all his website. It is quite voluminous.
The reason: as the founder of a New Tradition he has done his utmost
to preserve all relevant information for the next generations.
Open the website and click on the index page green bold words
and links for 24 Source Books and countless essays.

Furthermore e.g.:
E.O.James "The Cult of the Mother Goddess", 1959 Thames & Hudson"
G. Bott "Die Erfindung der Götter", 2009 BoD
R. Briffault "The Mothers", 1959 Allen & Unwin
A.Baring & J.Cashford "The Myth of the Goddess"
1993 Penguin Books
Eranos Jahrbuch 1938, Vorträge über Gestalt und Kult der
"Grossen Mutter", Rhein-Verlag, Zürich
M.Sjöö & B.Mor "The Great Cosmic Mother", 1991 HarperCollins
James J.Preston "Mother Worship", 1982 University of
North Carolina Press
E.Neumann "The Great Mother", 1974 Princeton
(Written from a psychological point of view)
E. Begg "The Cult of the Black Virgin", 1985 Arkana
E.Underhill "Mysticism", 2004 Oneworld
W.Anderson "Green Man", 1990 HarperCollins
A.Sponberg & H.Hardacre "Maitreya, the Future Buddha"
1988 Cambridge University Press

2013 © Copyright Han Marie Stiekema SermeS.
All rights reserved..

IV. Cosmic Science
Excerpt of the website.
The Supreme Design (Part 2)
. Text has still to be improved.

"COSMOLOGICAL TRINITY” means, that 1. the Vacuum is the Bottomless Origin of All, and that two Cosmic Dimensions: 2. "Creation" and 3. "Destruction" originate from "Her". This fully corresponds with "my" Threefold Cosmic Realization. The Vacuum is the Cosmic Womb, Creation is the Divine, God, the Eternal Light and Destruction is my Descent into the Underworld. I dare to say: both Realities are identical. In my Spiritual Realization both were Timeless and Limitless, its Reality "not of this world". It means, that they are Primordial - "singularity" in physics - i.e. they are not part of space-time, but space-time is part of them. And indeed, they are the foundation of a multi-dimensional Cosmic Cycle: from the Vacuum, the Light, virtual Fields to the visible world (Creation), then, through Gravity and dark matter back to the Vacuum (Destruction). everything happening in Timelessness and time, simultaneously, depending on your observer position. Creation is equal to Einstein's "Cosmological Constant ("dark energy")*, while Destruction is equal to Gravity. Think of the virtual particles continuously being destroyed and reborn through the Vacuum, the same with energy in Black Holes. Which Forces are behind this? All other levels of existence obey this rule too. Think of nature on earth: the birth and death of all living creatures. The "natural selection" of Evolution is to be understood not only as "the survival of the fittest", but as the effect of the impact of "Creation and Destruction"***. As a M.D. I observed the same principle in humans. Spectacular example (after prof.dr. W.Zabel): 25% of all bodily cells are dying, 50% are in a stage of dynamic balance, while 25% are in a stage of growth. It is the Cosmic Law of Creation, “Permanence” and Destruction, reflected in our own bodies. Hardly to believe: dying cells are secreting a substance that promotes the growth of young cells! Death as a pre-condition for Life…..By the way, in the Cosmos, Creation is "centrifugal", moving from the "Center" - the Bottomlessness of the Womb - to the "periphery", Destruction is "centripetal", moving from the "periphery" to the "Center". Since these Forces are singularities (transcending space-time), they cannot be measured by physics. At the same time they determine everything! It means, that all efforts to reveal the "last things" have to include these More Than Real, but inaccessible Dimensions. Only spirituality is able to come close i.e. Realize them. It comes down to a totally new approach: taking Creation and Destruction (Expansion and Contraction) as the framework, the sine qua non of EVERY cosmological approach. The former should become the foundation of every hypothesis, calculation, model and experiment. What do these two Forces mean with regard to the origination of the (material) universe? What is their relationship to the "Big Bang", for instance? How is the Supernatural giving birth to the natural? These are not only key problems in physics. In order to explain this, I will share some of my major insights.

*The Force behind the expansion of the universe
"Jay Mata Di!"

CREATION (THE ETERNAL LIGHT) IS BEHIND THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE. In my Spiritual Realization the Womb is uninterruptedly giving birth to the Eternal Light (Mother's Light Body), while the Light is giving birth to the universe (Mother's Material Body). It is corresponding with the model of Neo-Platonism, where every existential Plane is "emanating" from the former. Everything originating from the Bottomlessness of the Cosmic Womb!  Creation causes the universe to expand, until energy gets exhausted. Under the influence of Gravity (the Destruction Force of the Vacuum!) energy turns into Dark Matter, returning to the very Depth of "Her" Abyss. Here the greatest Mystery happens. In "Her" deepest Bottomlessness matter get so condensed, that Destruction turns into Creation or Birth. The intensity becomes limitless, up to a point where Matter is ignited into Light. This Original Light has several "sub-layers" or "emanations. In the Light all energy is unrecognizably dissolved. In the next emanation energy becomes visible, still against the background of dominant Being. While in the next first energy and then matter come forward. The same process can be observed in the birth of a star. It is an ongoing process. Each Core-Dimension in itself is "static", while the "emanations" - the birth of one layer out of the previous - are dynamic. Eventually, leading to the "separation" of matter out of its Trans-natural Context. The Vacuum giving birth to the Eternal Light; the Eternal Light giving birth to the world.

The first "manifestation" could be what physics has called the "Higgs Field". This Field could be the first step toward materialization. Its characteristics are: consistency, order of energy and matter and the origination of structures. One step further: the energy of the Field and the structures having feedback among each other, through which the latter are born as "separate entities". It is corresponding with the Buddhist concept of "Emptiness is form and form is Emptiness". On the subatomic level first "virtual waves" "appear" - also called Skalar Field - in which "spins" or "whirls" emerge. These "spins" give rise to the formation of the first electro-magnetic fields. Through interference, these fields create resonance, through which photons** (natural light) and quantum are formed. Materialization has taken place. From that moment on, matter is at the mercy of  two competing Cosmic Forces: Creation and Destruction. The former supports life, while the latter "tries" to break it down. Since both Forces constitute a dynamic equilibrium, the fate of matter (life) is insecure. Ideally, the sum-total of energy is zero (Creation and Destruction cancelling each other out: "Zero Point Energy"), in reality, there are "fluctuations", though. Just like in Quantum Physics one thus can only speak of "probabilities". The dynamics listen to rather narrow constants, making life on earth possible. In spirituality this is called "Mother's Web of Life".

These "fluctuations" are responsible for the origination of stars and galaxies. One of those "fluctuations" could have been "our Big Bang". The "Big Bang" thus being a very common phenomenon. One could also say: it is NOT the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe, but the Vacuum (Cosmic Womb) giving birth to an ongoing e.g. uninterrupted process of "Big and Smaller Bangs". To put it once again to one point. Origin of the universe is the Bottomlesness of the Vacuum ("Womb"). In "Her" two Cosmic Powers originate: the supernatural "Light or Creation Power", the Divine, in physics called the "Cosmological Constant" (A.Einstein) on the one hand, and the equally supernatural Destruction Force, on the other. In the Depth of Bottomlessness energy is concentrated to an unimaginable extent. This has caused the "Big Bang". The Vacuum, together with the Cosmological Constant ("Dark Energy") are responsible for the ongoing expansion of the universe. The result is a universe, that is becoming more empty all the time. Energy gets inflated, losing its binding power. At a certain turning point, energy turns into matter: Dark Matter. The selfsame Vacuum, together with the Destruction Force, is responsible for the (super)-Gravity, pulling the matter (back) to Womb's Bottomlessness. There it is broken down and concentrated to sub(sub)(sub)-atomic quantum. Exceeding a critical limit, a super-concentration, a new Big Bang is happening. Remember: the Cosmic Forces constitute a dynamic equilibrium ("Super-Symmetry"). It means that the universe is fluctuating. Today expansion SEEMS to be dominant. This could (or will) change in some future. Finally, expansion turns into collapse: the Big Crunch. It is proof of the fact, that our universe is ruled by the Vacuum or Cosmic Womb, also called the "Law of (ongoing) Death and Rebirth".

* "Not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to "God" (the Light, the Divine, Consciousness) and the world, the latter continuously returning to their Origin"
** Photons as bearers of natural light that can be seen by the naked eye!

ACCORDING TO THE MODEL OF THE "CYCLIC UNIVERSE", developed by Paul J.Steinhardt and Neil Turok, and in accordance with other major scientists, our universe "began" with the Big Bang. After a split second - the real Origin is still a mystery! - a very hot and dense soup ("plasma") marks the first stage. It is the stage in which radiation dominates. Very soon after, this energy soup is giving birth to protons and neutrons consisting of dark matter and visible matter. The latter accompanied by anti-matter balancing i.e. destroying each other. However, in the end matter proved to have a surplus. So, for a time matter dominated the universe. In its turn it eventually gave way to "Dark Energy". "Dark Energy" appears to be dense constant and neutral neither absorbing nor radiating other energy......At this point some imagination is needed! It appears to be anti-gravitational - identical to Einstein's "cosmological constant" - responsible for the expansion of the universe. Now there are two possibilities, called the "inflationary" model and the "cyclical" model. The former assumes an unchanging "Dark Energy", causing limitless expansion, dilution and emptying of the universe, everything ending up in a "vacuum". End of the first story. The second, however, postulates the possibility of "Dark Energy", decaying in such a way, that the "expansion" at some time turns into "contraction". Density of "Dark Matter" is rising rapidly, building up very high-pressure: the "Big Crunch". This incredible concentration is propelled by Gravity, moving toward the Depth of the Vacuum. This combination - unimaginable density (ultimate concentration) on the one hand and the Bottomlessness (ultimate Emptiness) of the Womb - is the Core of transformation of Destruction into Creation. Dark Matter suddenly converted into hot matter and radiation - stored energy being converted into kinetic energy: the "Big Crunch" turning into a "Big Bang". The universe (again) begins to expand. The surprise is, that the universe before and after the "bang" remains the same: flat and smooth. This is due to "Dark Energy" which remained constant both in the expansion and contraction phases. The "cyclic" universe model thus advocates an ongoing renewal of universes. Our "Big Bang" is only one of a chain of other Big Bangs. One day, our universe is giving way to another one. Does that mean that energy is eternal? The "cyclic" model is suggesting this. However, energy belongs to space-time, in that sense it cannot. More questions have to be answered. The point is that until now, the model of "cyclic universes" only relies on assumptions. Is "energy" self-sufficient self-organized and self-steering?" Is it the ultimate "stuff" or is it somehow emerging from something "beyond? What explains "expansion and contraction?" "Can energy re-create energy infinitely?" The existing laws of physics can't answer these questions. If we manage to turn assumptions into facts, then a true revolution is taking place. The answer comes from spirituality. 

In order to understand
The relationship between science and religion
You have to go Beyond!

IN "MY" THREEFOLD COSMIC REALIZATION*, Absolute Nothingness ("The Vacuum, Cosmic Womb") is giving birth to the Eternal Light ("Enlightenment", "The Divine", "Cosmic Intelligence" or "Consciousness"). In its turn the latter is giving birth to the universe ("Creation"), while the universe is continuously returning to its Origin ("Destruction", "the Underworld"). The Bottomlessness of the Womb guaranteeing that neither the Eternal Light nor energy is running out! This Realization is "a 1000 times" more Real than common reality. It is the Intelligence within that recognizes the Intelligence without! There cannot be any doubt about the correctness of its insight. It has been confirmed by numerous "Enlightened Ones" of all times and traditions e.g. Echnaton, Lao Tze, the Buddha, Jesus, Kabir, Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Meister Eckhart, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Conclusion:  there appears to be a direct relationship between Nothingness (Emptiness) and energy or matter. Taoists call this Wu-Wei: doing out of non-doing. Crucial is this: The more empty one is, the more intense the energy that comes out of it (You). This is confirmed by your own breathing. The deeper your breathing OUT, the more powerful your breathing in! The core of Zen-Buddhist Kendo-practice (sword-fighting) consists of becoming empty - without any mind in between - in such a way, that it releases limitless power. This power is "intelligent" i.e. Emptiness is directing it in exactly the right way. The practice of "Cosmic Mother Healing" confirms this....... While watching and eventually becoming! my inner Space, my hand that is touching the client, becomes warm. The emptier I become, the hotter my whole arm and as a consequence the greater the healing power! If, on the other hand, my mind is occupied (even if my thinking is intentional i.e. is focused on healing), then nothing happens. A comparable thing happens during (spiritual) teaching. In Moments of (Great) Emptiness it is not I who is speaking. It is IT in me...... The wisdom spontaneously coming out amazes not only my audience, but also myself. "Unbelievable, did I say that?" Everything said above is proof of the fact that energy - space-time - doesn't stand on itself but emerges out of Nothingness. Spiritual Experience reflects Cosmic Reality. By the way, it also confirms that the Ultimate - Absolute Vacuum or Cosmic Womb - is not a (the) "Creator" - instead, it is giving birth without giving birth, without any effort on "Her" part everything comes out of "Her" Bottomlessness. It underlines that no "Creator God!" exists. Instead, the "Cosmic Trinity" is "selflessly" renewing and regenerating the universe. 

* See: "Threefold Realization"

EVERYTHING CAN BE ILLUSTRATED BY THE PHENOMENON OF THE BLACK HOLES. They originate out of a dead star. First question: why stars die? Answer of physics: "because their energy get exhausted". Why their energy gets exhausted? Here physics show its limitation. No satisfactory answer is given. My explanation is, that "at the bottom" of the universe, there is the Bottomless Vacuum or "Womb". Or better: the whole universe is embedded in Absolute Nothingness. This Nothingness makes itself felt everywhere. Its Cosmic Forces of Creation (Eternal Light) and Destruction (Gravity) are keeping balance, through which we can exist. Some call it the “Web of Life”. This balance is a dynamic one, though. It means, it is fluctuating.  Where Destruction has the upper hand star death is accelerated. It is, as if there is a shortcut between Absolute Emptiness and the energies of the material world. So, some regions/stars are more exposed to the sucking power (Gravity) of the Vacuum than others. Matter is getting very dense. Supernova's explode because of their core becoming incredibly dense. These are the spots where Black Holes appear. It explains their incredible Death Force. The (super)-mass becomes so heavy, that Gravity becomes infinite. Energy/matter is sucked in, dragging everything else from nearby into the Hole. That the Vacuum is the ultimate (sucking) power is proven by the fact, that even time-space ceases to exist.  In Absolute Nothingness physics faces its limits ("singularity").

At the same time, however, the Creation Power of the Vacuum makes itself known. Physicists believe, that a Black Hole is indeed the birthplace of new energy. Gas is first sucked in and when the Hole becomes saturated, gas is blown into the universe. These gasses become concentrated, forming new stars. Eventually, a super-massive Black Hole sucks and re-creates entire galaxies. Our Milky Way also moves around such a super-massive Black Hole. Something the Maya's knew for several thousands of years already! They call it the Cosmic Womb or Xibalba.....Again, the birth-giving "centrifugal" power of the Womb steers this all. Thus, a Black Hole reflects the Essence of the Womb e.g. the Cosmic Origin of ongoing Death and Rebirth. It is exactly corresponding with my spiritual Realization. Without Absolute Nothingness as the Bottomless Non-Ground of the Cosmos, Black Holes cannot and will not be understood. Spirituality has to come for rescue, for physics can't and won't ever be able to penetrate Absolute Emptiness. Spirituality can, because our Deepest Core IS Emptiness. Cosmic Realization makes it possible. In its Bottomless Depth one will be destroyed by Absolute Nothingness. Because it is your own Innermost Core, you understand. This knowing is direct, without the need for cognitive strategies.(PS. Anyway, in such a situation the mind has disappeared, so there are no faculties like thinking, interpreting, memorizing etc. left).

Something incredible has to be added to it. Usually, it is assumed that after death, one comes to full understanding of the "Laws of the Cosmos". For everybody will become Enlightened. In the Eternal Dimension ("Heaven") you will be one with the Divine. So far, so good. The Divine in its turn, is uninterruptedly returning to its Origin - the Cosmic Womb, the Vacuum, Absolute Nothingness - though. "You" won't experience this, though,, for in Eternity the Divine is disappearing AND reborn IN THE SELFSAME Eternal Moment. If something dies and is reborn AT THE SAME "TIME", when death IS “equal” to rebirth, then the "result" is zero. Therefore, in "Heaven" you will NOT experience what is beyond the Eternal Light. (PS. The Buddha hoped for "realizing" Nirvana after his physical death. He must have been disappointed not to have found it!).The only creatures that can, are people still living on this earth.....For in VERY rare cases, some experience total annihilation BEYOND the Divine Light. Like it happened to me in 1977......*

See "my" "Threefold Cosmic Realization"

A DYNAMIC "CYCLIC STEADY STATE" OF THE UNIVERSE? An uninterrupted "Birth and Death" in the "Lap" of the Bottomless Cosmic Womb or Absolute Vacuum? Is the "Big Bang" caused by a collision of the Creation and the Destruction Force? My Threefold Realization started with a Supernatural "Lightning", initiating Absolute Nothingness i.e. Blackness. After a "split-second" I had dissolved into the Eternal Light. Was that "my personal" Big Bang? Can it be compared with the colliding "Branes" of the String i.e. Cyclic Theories? (Please, open Google for some background information). Immediately after the Bang these Cosmic Forces ("Branes") regain their original parallel shape and position, starting a new Cycle of Birth and Death. Can that be compared with the Eternal Light, which in my Realization followed the Blackness? Moreover, it has great analogy with the wave-structure theory (E.Schrödinger, M.Wolff). It talks about ingoing (centripetal) and outgoing waves (centrifugal) of "particles", balancing each other. The result is "standing waves". This is very much the character of the "Eternal Light" as I experienced it. In its turn, the "Eternal Destruction" causes the ongoing collapse of the waves. One thing is sure: in the universe, through ongoing materialization a turning point is reached, where Creation (Expansion) loses grip ("inflation") and Destruction (Gravity) takes over. This is true for matter on all levels: from the universe itself to the atomic world. It corresponds with my Experience of the Underworld*. The Destruction Force strips you of all energy. In my case only my clear awareness - Spark of the Light within! - remained. In case of matter, no electro-magnetic charge will be left. Matter becomes Dark Matter! From that moment on it gains more weight, which only accelerates its "returning to the Womb". This "going back Home" is called Gravity...... With regard to the universe itself, it means, that it is continuously expanding and contracting, everything "at the same time". * See my website: "Threefold Cosmic Realization"

This most fundamental phenomenon can be observed through a Black Hole. As stated above, a Black Hole is the result of the collapse of a Supernova (star). What caused this collapse? Answers usually vary from the age of a star to expansion, with as a consequence a collapse. This may be very true, but what caused the ageing and the expansion? Right: it is the combined "play" behind, that of Creation and Destruction. A process in which Destruction proves to be the winner. The (expanded) star (end stage of Creation!) collapses, matter's density becomes unimaginable, through which more matter from nearby is sucked in. "Fatal attraction". At the same time - because the Creation Force obviously has never subsided, birth of new energy can be observed as well. The Black Hole thus being contraction and expanding in a "nutshell". The "ever expanding universe", as postulated by some physicists, may therefore be the result of a model, in which the effects of the Destruction Force have been left out of the equation. Not taking this in consideration, inevitably leads to erroneous conclusions. Indeed, if one focuses on Creation-only, then such an assumption is obvious. Since both Creation and Destruction are singularities outside the realm of physics - omissions are likely. It is a challenge for both physics AND spirituality to go deeper into the matter. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, while writing this article, I felt ashamed of confronting physics, knowing that in many areas their knowledge exceeds mine many (many!) times over. On the other hand, I am well aware of my own indispensable contribution: physics "belonging" to space-time, I belong to Eternity i.e. the All-Embracing Cosmic Womb. I am sure we'll meet again!

Outburst of joy!
"I am the Custodian of Cosmos'
after that nothing but great awe and
disconcerting helplessness

OUR HUMAN RESPONSE. Basically, the answer is clear. By becoming Empty (within), the Cosmic Forces of Creation and Destruction will be optimally working, both personally as well as with regard to society. Understanding the times in which we live, would help. Everybody agrees: this is a time of decay. It is visible on all levels of existence, from the soul and personal relationships to organizations and societies. Responsible for this is our identification with our ego.  Ignorant about the necessity of continuous "death", while not knowing about the regenerative force of Emptiness, the ego has no chance to become balanced. Instead of serving the Whole, it blows itself up, eventually destroying both ourselves and our environment. If this would go on infinitely, then the death sentence for (wo)mankind is secured. The only saving force is....Destruction. An allegory could be this. The Vacuum has only one concern: keeping Cosmic Balance. Accumulation disturbs Emptiness. Like (wo)mankind has done for the last 500 years (greed, profit, growth). Because everything is interconnected, the unbalance on the human level translates itself on other (Cosmic) levels, as well. It gives rise to the activation of its counterpart: Destruction. The latter as a means to RESTORE the equilibrium. In this light, the decay in and around us, gets a totally different meaning. What is degenerating are our ego-accumulations! Instead of resisting "Mother's Effort" we are invited to cooperate with it. Intelligence means, that we actively give up our ego's. "Stirb und Werde" (“to die to become reborn) is a key insight of J.W.Goethe. He considered it crucial for optimal life. In these times, this is not only a personal concern. It is a concern of us all. The future of (wo)mankind is depending on it. "Either we (our ego's) die, or the earth dies", that is the situation nowadays. In order to re-balance we receive unexpected help from the Cosmos itself. Because the Destruction Force is already taking away everything old, sick, ugly, accumulated and evil. We just should not resist it. Two thousand years of religious effort weren't able to overcome the ego. Only Absolute Emptiness can do that. So, we are giving back our ego to the Cosmic Mother. "Please, Mother, take away my ego". This is our ultimate chance.

Physics is understanding,
Spirituality is KNOWING

Han Marie Stiekema SermeS
Green Man

V. Existential Consciousness
Everybody is part of
“Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community”

1. As you know, this June, the German Presidency of the EU will hold a follow-up meeting about a new European Constitution. The definition of the "Spiritual and Cultural Dimension of Europe" will again be under scrutiny. We have taken the freedom to proceed on the Debate of the Reflection Group, organized by the Institute for Human Sciences (Vienna) in collaboration with the European Commission and the German Foreign Office of March 3, 2004 in Berlin, now culminating in a new proposal. The following is what we want to say. As long as there was consensus about the separation of church and state - a model that came into being in Europe - it was quiet at the front. In the meantime, two things essentially changed. People in the West are breaking away from "traditional" ties of the religion e.g. Christianity and orientate themselves on a large scale toward new spiritual values AND the influx of large groups of immigrants, usually people with a different belief. Because the latter come from a different tradition, many don't consider the separation between church and state a self-evident thing. E.g. broad circles in Islam plainly advocate a theocratic state. Christian fundamentalists have set their sights on the same thing. The secular state doesn't have an answer to these developments, and therefore feels threatened. E.g. many years ago, the European Court of Human Rights passed a draft in favor of the ban of the Turkish (religious) Welfare Party, because the latter being "against the principle of secularization".

European unity (in diversity) without a common
spiritual foundation is an illusion

2. The paradox is this. The strength of Europe - its secularization - is turning into weakness, when confronted with new movements. Suddenly, there appears to be a gap - the absence of spiritual culture - a gap, that can easily be filled up by others. One-dimensional-materialistic politics have neglected the spiritual substance. Instead of taking the lead, the EU is doing nothing, but imputing on spiritual factions*. Exactly the opposite has to happen. In order to prevent, that intolerant politicized groups are getting the upper hand, Europe should fill in the gap itself, before others are going to do it. In order to guarantee freedom, we have to further continue our own - in particular our spiritual - way. This next step I call Existential Consciousness. It departs from the existential reality: "(Wo)man rooted in Heaven, earth and the community". Precisely, by officially adopting these renewed humanistic values in its program, next to the existing ones like freedom, tolerance and human rights, Europe will be able to guarantee the permanent separation of church (the various religions) and state. Why? Because spirituality and religion are two fundamentally different things. Spirituality is existential, religion, on the other hand, identifies itself with a particular message, savior or dogma. The former is "living (in) Reality", the latter being a derivative, a certain interpretation of Reality. Hence, humanism, through its greatest representatives - Sokrates, Meister Eckhart, Giordano Bruno, Erasmus, Spinoza, Goethe, Schiller.... and.....Beethoven** - never denied the impersonal Principle and the Cosmic Origin of man. On the contrary, precisely because this was so dear to them, they rejected the church position as one of degeneration. Since we aim at a One World Community, all traditions will be equally included. We think it is fair to leave it to all non-Western peoples, to make their own contributions to the Whole, based on their own religious, spiritual and cultural insights. We very much welcome your committed actions!  

* Think of the "sect-laws" of e.g. Belgium, France and Austria. The situation in Eastern-Europe isn't optimal either, not to mention Islamic countries.
** The European Hymn (Ode "An die Freude") is an expression of the same Cosmic Spirit.

3. A culture with „having" as common denominator is doomed to go down. To have is a surrogate for the loss of Being. The "everybody for himself" attitude makes society more and more fragmented. While around us the symptoms of decay become more prominent, in its centre a "new spring" is originating. More and more people long for a meaning, a new basis in their lives, for unity in diversity. They understand, that the world has turned upside down. The effects of the "dictatorship" of science, technology, economy (STE-complex: prof.dr.E.Vermeersch) and media are becoming increasingly evident: a (wo)mankind, addicted, disoriented and forced into line, amidst a dismantled nature. How can we find (back) this unity in diversity, the foundation of a new culture? How can we, in short notice, secure our future and that of our children? In order for this crazy world to turn out all right again, we have to start with restoring authentic spirituality as the foundation of our Western culture. Once established, it will "automatically" extend itself to the corresponding areas of society, not only to that of religion, but to e.g. (much) better care of ecology/the environment and the renewal of the community.*

* See our "Healing the Planet in 10 Steps" Initiative.

The (Northern) European "secular hell" is aptly described by Roger S.Gottlieb1)
"A purely secular society seems to leave people with no real reason but shop, amuse themselves, and seek power and wealth. It can lead to an impersonal and exploitive sexuality, a cheapening of human relationships, a life in which the people learn the price of everything, and the value of nothing. Wonder, awe, reverence, self-awareness, or even the quiet peace of a simple Sabbath become harder and harder to come by. Most important, there is nothing to sustain us as communities, and the lack of community devastates all of our human relationships, leaving us with fractured marriages, pointlessly rebellious teenagers, and business that will purvey physically and culturally poisonous material, without ever thinking that they have a responsibility to anything but the next quarterly report. Too many politicians and professionals have a similar lack of concern for anything but self-advancement".

1) Roger S.Gottlieb "A Greener Faith", 2006 Oxford University Press.

4. Recently, in its draft constitution, the EU has rejected its "Christian foundation". Rightly so. Europe is a multi-ethnic conglomerate with large groups of people that adhere to other beliefs, as well. In the near future, this diversity will only increase. Because of that, the generally laudable pluralism will show its shadow part: a fragmented culture, in which unity is increasingly disappearing. Hence, the feverishly searching for a "common spiritual denominator". Actually, the time that this can be (still) accomplished is NOW. Very soon the demography will have changed in such a way, that a majority, necessary for support, has diminished. Alarmingly, at the same time, fundamentalism is on the increase. Not only Islamist, but also (and foremost) Christian (USA). The point is, that above mentioned common denominator cannot be found with the existing belief systems. It would mean favouring one over the other. It is something, that should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, all concerned should be able to recognize themselves in a "compromise". An almost impossible task, it seems. The solution lies in formulating an existential basis, which is the same for everyone.

2012 Global Initiative: One World Community!

5. We have a hopeful message for you. There is no need to search for this common existential foundation. It is already there. Everyone and all participate in Reality, even if (still) not everybody realizes it. We are all part of three "parallel" realities: our spirit having its home in the Great Spirit (Universal Consciousness, Being, "Heaven"); our body is part of nature (the earth), while our psyche (soul) is part of the community. We don't create life, we are part of it. Hence, life being the celebration of the unity, that is pre-existent. Existential suffering, on the other hand, consists of unconsciously being identified with thoughts, emotions and desires, to such an extent, that you are taken in tow all the time. By being "in thoughts" you are "thrown upon yourself", cut off from reality. Addiction to the virtual world only adds to that. Eventually, it is driving you even more into isolation. Spiritual people emphasize, that in life, there are actually only two options: opening up to the Great Whole or - through identification with your small self - to turn your back toward it. Are you participating in Beings' abundance, or do you condemn yourself to the poverty of having, that is the big question here. That's the reason, why spirituality isn't a search not “on the same way together" (while never arriving....) - but the opening up to the riches of the Ultimate, which are there from eternity, already. All and everyone is part of this "Threefold Origin" - "Heaven", earth and the community - nobody or nothing excluded. Animals, plants, rocks, mountains, rivers and clouds are embedded in it, as well. Everything originates in it, while returning. It is the universal Context of life, the roots of eco-spirituality.

      Existential Consciousness Shared by All:
indispensable for the integration of a multi-ethnical society,
aiming at the foundation of a One World Community

6. „Heaven, earth and the community" is the common denominator, which brings together all of humanity. It encloses everything, it is inclusive, being the universal connecting factor. This in contrast to religion. Religion, as the identification with a particular belief-system - savior, holy book, dogma and church - on the other hand, locks out everything, that doesn't fit into it, it is exclusive. It is cherishing only a part of Reality, excluding the "rest". Its own hypotheses are elevated to "truth", while all other people live "in darkness". These mutual excluding systems have been always THE cause of schism, conflict, suffering and war. These are no "deplorable incidents", though, but are inherent to every belief-system, they are the unavoidable consequences of it. That's why "religion" impossibly can become the binding factor of a multi-ethnical society. No wonder, that everybody is afraid of an Islamic-Christian confrontation. As belief-systems they in principle are excluding each other, regardless the degree of "understanding", "dialogue" or "cooperation".* Belief-systems are - as we have seen - only identifications, derivatives of reality, not Reality itself. "Heaven, earth and the community", on the other hand, is the long-awaited context of life, the "unity in diversity". And the miracle is this: from the very moment, that religions drop their absolute claims, recognize, that they are branches of the same tree of life - "Heaven, earth and the community" suddenly, an opening is found. "Heaven, earth and the community" appear to be the existential roots, in which everything - including religions - thrive**. Thanks to this indispensable threesome unity, they eventually can make true their vow: (wo)mankind consisting of brothers and sisters.

* Obviously, despite all principle irreconcilabilities, the interfaith dialogues have always to be promoted. In particular with "worldly" problems - good mutual relationships, tolerance, peace, justice, the environment, protection of the family etc. - progress can be made.
** Acceptance of the existential foundation doesn't deprive religions of their uniqueness. On the contrary, their belief-systems remain fully intact. E.g. "there is only One God and Mohammed is His prophet".

The Essence of spirituality: to become part of the Whole

7. „Heaven, earth and the community" as the threefold HereNow Reality of all-that-lives, derives its tradition from the first beginnings of mankind. In pre-history, it was experienced as an "oceanic unity", while at the times of the agrarian revolution (10.000 BCE) it was perceived as "cosmic marriage" - hieros gamos. In the Vedic literature one comes across the image of the „parallel reality": nature as „Gods body", which can be also found (in various forms) with Indigenous Peoples, Chinese Universism, Japanese nature religion (Shinto) and as underground movement in European culture, e.g. nature philosophy and alchemy. Everybody, therefore, should be getting on with it. To start with "Heaven". Superficially, it seems, that "Heaven" cannot possibly serve as common concept. At a closer look though, it is just a matter of terminology. Heaven appears to be a concept, that suits various interpretations. Isn't it so, that Christians name it "God", Muslims "Allah", Buddhists Buddha-nature, Agnostics "Cosmic Intelligence", New Age people "True Self" and Atheists "Nothingness?". Even the latter can thus recognize themselves in it. This is not altogether unrealistic, since Buddhism defines Ultimate Reality as "Nothingness". In our effort to define a common denominator, aiming at providing a necessary basis for a One World Community, goodwill has to be created. Religions traditionally fear to lose their unique world view. Our mission is to operate from a common ground, promoting trust and cooperation, realizing that "being rooted in Heaven, earth and the community" not only benefits religions themselves (e.g. considering the massive church abandonment), but also lays the foundation of inter-religious tolerance.     

8. Few will deny, that apart from "Heaven", we are also part of the earth and the community. Everybody thus "being part of Heaven, earth and the community", regardless the various terms used for it. It therefore is the existential foundation, the common denominator of the culture of all times. That's why I called it Existential Consciousness. Against the background of (rapidly) increasing fragmentation, meaninglessness and violence, an inclusive model like ours just comes at the right moment. In a time, in which so much - the survival of (wo)mankind - is at stake, it couldn't turn out better. Existential Consciousness has to take its "rightful place" as the bearer of the culture. Our Threefold Roots are the basis of a new "people's spirituality", promoting wholeness on all levels of society. It connects to the deepest longings of (wo)mankind. It can be easily understood, ways of practicing it easily developed. It can be shared with everyone, restoring solidarity among people. Everyone - regardless descent, religion, race or gender - can recognize him or her self in it. Reality is as it is, after all, a fact that cannot be denied. Everybody is part of "Heaven, earth and the community", if you want it or not. Reality doesn't need belief-systems, hierarchies, dogma's or priests, the only thing to be done is to open yourself up. The paradox is this: once you have discovered unity, diversity spontaneously becomes something, that gives life extra colour, it becomes life's delight. Sharing replaces distrust and animosity. "How wonderful all those different people, animals and plants". Instead of excluding "the other" , the endless variation is being welcomed as the richness of the selfsame Great Life. A permanent source of misunderstanding, discrimination and conflict has thus been taken away. It is like creation itself: Diversity as an ode to Unity.

* See also:  "(Wo)men rooted in Heaven and Earth"

Existential Consciousness as the Unity in Diversity

9. Existential Consciousness is open, inclusive, tolerant, renewing and democratic. By making it the fundamentals of a One World Community, it will become a shining example to All. Its values will be recognized everywhere. People all over the world are in desperate need of true spirituality. The core can be formulated as "to be your Self connected". Being cut off from "Heaven, earth and the community" on the other hand, is the cause of all suffering - alienation and isolation - the situation, in which the bulk of people finds itself in. It is the "negative confirmation" of the authenticity of our principle. People are estranged from ther True Self ("Heaven"), the earth (to start with their own bodies) and the community. It is the cause of culture's degeneration. In order to achieve a (cultural) turning point, the unity with "Heaven, earth and the community" has to be restored. Suffering will be coming to an end. Once reunited, you will find the context, from which life originates. Disorientation, meaninglessness, ignorance and indifference melt as snow in the sun. Freedom appears not to be for the self, but from the self, it is being freed from all self-centeredness. In opening-up for "Heaven, earth and the community", you will be granted "supernatural gifts" like clear awareness, great intuition, vision, creativity, receptivity and compassion. They are your guides in daily life. With their help you will re-organize your life. You will undo of the superfluous - all things that obscure the transparency of Being - restoring the overview. Instead of a constant energy leak, which brings you on the verge of exhaustion, a surplus value will establish itself. The basic condition being a meditative life - to continuously being geared to your body and spirit - together with connectedness to nature and a healthy lifestyle. It not only gives you joy and lust for life, but also health and vitality, sensitivity and compassion. That's why we push forward this our unique concept. It is directed to all people. It should become an indispensable part of the educational system. It is addressed to the United Nations, the European Commission, the national governments, the parliaments, the media, international organizations (UNESCO), interfaith groups and spiritual/religious organizations. We strongly ask European politicians to take their responsibilities and provide the future Constitution with a binding paragraph, in which Existential Consciousness is included as the spiritual foundation of our culture. The aim is nothing less, but a One World Community, sharing common basic values.

10. 1961 was the year that Dag Hammarskjöld died. Through a tragic air crash over Rhodesia. Many claim that the plane had been shot down. Western interests colluded with a man, who had put the Truth in the center of his actions. He was one of the very few who integrated deeply felt spirituality (Meister Eckhart, Jan van Ruusbroec) and international politics. He went even further "Unless there is a spiritual renaissance, the world will know no peace". This statement is very revealing. It brings together inner and outer. We therefore take it as the guideline to our work. Our goal is to carry on Hammarskjöld's LEGACY,  to realize what he tragically wasn't able to continue. With his spiritual mandate we dedicate our lives to spiritual renaissance, everything in the service of peace, justice and harmony with nature. Key to the renaissance is "(Wo)mankind rooted in Heaven, earth and the community". In order to achieve that goal, we seek cooperation with the UN and affiliated organizations.

"Existential Consciousness" is part of our "Healing the Planet" Initiative

VII. Urgent message to Spiritual and Religious Leaders worldwide

Excerpt of the website

As you know, in these most desperate of times, the crash course humanity has inflicted upon itself, is rapidly accelerating. Society you may say, is in decay. The cause as I see it, is alienation from "Heaven, earth and the community". Being cut off from the Source we are "thrown upon ourselves". Because of our inability to Be, we have taken refuge in having. Hence, the forces of the ego - materialism and individualism - have totally overpowered us. Society therefore is in the grip of a collective self-addiction. Because having can never compensate Being, our greed for more is unstoppable. It is resulting in accumulation on the one hand and deprivation on the other. For instance, 5% of the world population (USA) is consuming one third of the total energy, available on earth. The interests of science, technology and capitalism (STC-complex: prof.dr. E.Vermeersch)* have become (too) closely intertwined. It has become a cancer growth, with science inventing, technology applying and capitalism making profit. The sad thing is, that multinational corporations are deliberately and ruthlessly promoting egoism, greed and addiction, thereby destroying the fabric of life: local communities, cultures, economies, traditions, religions and ("above all") nature, exploiting resources, markets and cheap labor to the benefit of the few, creating huge masses of uprooted, hungry, oppressed, desperate, angry, violent, sick and displaced people.

* E.Vermeersch "Through the Eyes of a Panda", 1994 Brugge.

The effects on Mother Nature are devastating. Major threats are loss of biodiversity, pollution, climate change and water shortages. Moreover, environmental scientists warn us for immanent catastrophic events. They talk about a "new extinction wave", putting an end to the world as we know it. Governments - it seems - are not going to help us. They are serving the interests of big business, instead of taking care of the well-being of their people. They increasingly tighten the grip on people through global control, militarism and oppression. "Freedom and democracy" more and more degenerate to hollow rituals. The result is a disintegration on all levels of society. Both individuals, as well as society have become burn-out. Hence, we are now confronted with our own helplessness. The only option left is to return to the Source - to die to the old - in order to become reborn as A New Self. Transformation of Self and Society consists of subsequently fitting in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again. I have been working on this for quite some time now. It ran into the "Healing the Planet" initiative, to begin with A New Spirituality. Many will recognize the elements, that are proposed. That is great. My aim is not to invent the wheel once again, but to bring people together. The sooner this will take place, the better.  

One of the painful facts of modern life is, that we have become objects. To the political system we are just a repository of votes, while to big business we are only "consumers". Through this, our original subjectivity - our inherent Self-sovereignty - has been destroyed. We have been cut off from our Divine Spark within. The same is true with regard to the Community. The latter is the reflection of the God-given "Web of Life". Both state and economy have been degrading it into a reservoir though, which they can draw from randomly. It has contributed a great deal to the de-humanization of (wo)mankind. As said above, "To have as the inability to Be". This includes a special responsibility to all those, who in the name of the Divine are guiding other people. Obviously, this guiding of people has become a total failure. It is the main reason, why materialism could have developed in the first place. Too long we have been thinking, that a compromise would be acceptable, often because of our own material self-interests. In the context of a world, that is rapidly deteriorating, this cannot be carried on anymore. The saying of Jesus: "It will be easier for a camel to go through the needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven" has indeed to be taken literally. We all have to understand, that unbridled greed and solidarity are excluding each other.

It is of utmost importance to realize, what opposes spirituality and religion. The true adversary is not a "competing" religion or sect. What threatens spiritual life is materialism and individualism (Unless you cherish the cynical view, that "at the end of the day", the latter will impoverish life to such an extent, that it will favor religion). Hence, it will be crucial to existing spiritual e.g. religious individuals and groups to define their common denominator. Talking with each other is certainly an important first step. The next has to truly create a base of action, with which everybody can identify. I call this common base "Existential Consciousness"*. It consists of "(Wo)man being rooted in Heaven, earth and the community". Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew, an Agnostic or belonging to an Indigenous Faith or some New Religion, everybody shares the same context of life: our spirit as part of the "Great Spirit" (God, Allah, Cosmos, Consciousness, Intelligence, Nothingness), our body as part of nature and our psyche (soul) as part of the community. It is existential. I therefore want to make an appeal to all spiritual people worldwide to discard differences, accepting this our existential situation as a starting point - Unity in Diversity - in order to cooperate in turning the tide: to transform having into Being.

* See "Existential Consciousness"

A surplus value in this regard is the "Maternal Dimension of God". We all know, that our image of God is hopelessly one-sided. It is one of the major reasons, why people become disinterested in organized religion. Patriarchy, like it functions until this very day, still stresses an intellectual approach toward the Ultimate. Something that will prove to be catastrophic. A way out is to start including the "feminine" aspect of the Divine. This doesn't come as a surprise. Aren't the Madonna, Kuan Yin, MatriDevi, Shekinah (and Allah in his Aspect of the Merciful) far more "popular" with the people compared to Her male counterparts? People are longing for "feminine" values like interconnectedness, peace, tolerance, reconciliation, respect, love, joy of life, justice and harmony with nature. Hence, we are inviting you to support our interreligious and multicultural initiative, consisting of emphasizing the "Maternal Dimension of God" as revered in the various traditions. In order to bring people, groups, centers and organizations together, we initiated the Universal Mother Council. It is an umbrella network. Those who join, share their interest in a "feminine" world view, while keeping their own spiritual/religious identity. We kindly invite you to participate. We don't have too much time anymore!

* See: "Universal Mother Council"

The answer to hatred - for which we ourselves are responsible a great deal - is not increase of State control e.g. violence, but empowerment of the Community. The true cause of chaos lies in the fact, that society has been built on the State on the one hand, and unorganized masses on the other. More State control will not change this. On the contrary, the spiral of violence, both within and without will be unstoppable. Why? Because it is based on a wrong concept of the structure of society. On the other hand, we are part of the universe. Hence, “As Above, so Below”. Everything is “organically” interconnected. Translated to society, it means, that the Community is the Living Body of humanity. It constitutes the foundation of society. Hence, the Community should regain its original rights and responsibilities. It should be based on Self-sovereignty e.g. Community Democracy. It should consist of bottom-up organized multi-layered echelons of Self-ruling bodies, to start with the individual, the family (group), the street, the neighborhood, the commune, the city, the county….up to the State and the Commonwealth, all having a close relationship with each other, based on cooperation, consensus, subsidiarity* and solidarity, itself exercising control over major aspects of social life. By bringing back Self-rule to the Community, modern life will "automatically" being steered in the right direction. It is the only way to achieve multi-ethnic integration, tolerance and respect. Self- and mutual help will flourish, "re-inventing" e.g. ways of basic health care, environmental protection, decentralized economic activity, a new educational system, care for the elderly, law and justice, peace, security and last but not least: meaning of life.

*Subsidiarity is the key concept. It was first developed by J. Althusius (17th century), regained popularity in 19th century America, revived by Catholic social doctrine (1931), became the cornerstone of EU law (1992) (however, unfortunately already largely corrupted), valued by regional initiatives, promoted by the UN Development Program (1999), while increasingly favored by socio-ecological thinkers. It is recognized, that through subsidiarity “systemic” collapse can be avoided; people are able to solve problems on basic levels; through greater coherence people start caring about each other and nature, while political involvement is stimulated. Cooperation and mutual help guaranteeing peace, stability, happiness and prosperity. In short, VERY urgent to become introduced by Communities worldwide. Spiritual and religious organizations are invited to take the lead!

The Ultimate is All-Embracing.
Mothers Blessings,

© Copyright Han Marie Stiekema Sermes.
All rights reserved.

Summarizing, the Mother wants you to know that:

She is Life, Death and Rebirth.
Her color is black, therefore, it is the most sacred color in the universe.
She is the Birthgiver of God and the world.
In order to save the planet She has Revealed Herself to (wo)mankind.
Her Servant/Messengers Mission is to guide you on your way Back to the Origin.
In order for you to recognize Her, She has manifested Herself as the Black Madonna.
Her Vow to you all: give up your ego and you will be Renewed.
She will give birth to the Divine Spark within you.
Come to Her with all your sorrows, problems, conflicts, pain and fear.
She will take all your burden from you!
The Core of Her Teaching:
“Nothing Is”

It means, being Nothing, you are everything.
Everything appears to be the content of (your) infinite Space.
As long you are “something” (somebody) still, this “something” will be
between you and Her, between you and the world.
She guarantees you: once you tune in into Nothingness,
your life will be totally transformed.
Through unity with Her Space, clarity, gentleness, joy, peace, openness,
inclusiveness, compassion and beauty will be your share.
Remember, ego is an isolated entity. Its basic condition is fear.
It is not worthwhile to cling to it any further!
She knows your “tricks”: in order to escape from fear, you cling to all kinds
of objects: materially and religiously.
There is no difference between being identified with your money
or with your concept of God…..
By making God an object, you yourself become an object, as well.
God is dead, you are also dead.
Believers e.g. say: if there would be no God, there would
be Nothing left….Isnt that a joke?
I could go on endlessly.
It is better, that you find Her your way, though.
Only one thing has to be realized….You live
in (are!) Her Space, just like the grass, the flowers and the trees.

Political Cosmology
the foundation of
VIII. Cosmic Governance

Dear Friends,
This is going to be one of the most exciting letters.
In these times of inner and outer confusion the cry for new socio-cultural
models can be heard around the globe.
The criticism on capitalism is growing by the day, realistic alternatives
are nowhere to find, though.
Only fundamentalists of various faiths are beating the drum,
their "political theologies" creating abhorrence among all others.

“Political theology”: the attempt to create a theocratic society
Few realize that our "free and democratic" societies were and still bear
witness of a "political theology".
This has very ancient roots, going back to the times of the Cosmic Mother,
in which earthly life reflected the all-inclusive "Womb".
All people were children of the Mother, no-one excluded. The community as a whole a reflection of Her "Web of Life".
Therefore, originally, the concept of a ruler was absent.

"Vegetation Gods" died and resurrected. In the times of the Mother
there didn't exist authoritarian rule

After men discovered their role in pro-creation, the situation changed.
First they achieved equality, through establishing partnership
with the MotherGoddess.
Step by step he extended his influence and power, finally overthrowing the Omni-Potent Mother by the One and Only (male) Creator-God.
It worked from both sides: politics and theology entered into a pact,
securing male dominance through State and Church.
Contrary to the "democratic" (organic) structure of the Mother-oriented first peoples, society became organized according to top-down rule, based on authoritarian power, coercion, oppression and violence.
The State, the King (the priest, the Pope) representing the One God and vice-versa. The clue is, that ever since this idea has never changed.
Although our society is said to be "secular",
its underlying structure is still that of the patriarchal "political theology".

Neo-liberals and fundamentalists are thus not that different.
Their systems of governance are both top-down, both imposed on the people.
Now the point is, that in the 20th century people have tried to create
"something different", which always ended in disaster.
It seems that one cannot build a new society on just a couple of "ideas".
Society is bigger than our petty thinking-exercises!
Which gives the whole enterprise a (VERY) unexpected turn.

Instead of going on with our daily political fake shadow fights,
we should acknowledge - in principle - that a political system only benefits from being embedded in a Cosmic Structure.
On the condition that it is NOT biased by religious dogma of any kind,
but on deep eco-spiritual-scientific insight in the Cosmos.
We thus don't have to reject "political theology", we only should reform it!
I call it "political Materology" (Mater = Mother), or “Political Cosmology”.

Let's give it a try!

Necessary pre-condition is insight in the dynamic interrelationship
between the various cosmic-existential "layers".
The "Urground of All and everything" is Absolute Emptiness, also called Cosmic Abyss, Womb or Vacuum. "She" is intangible, hence "She" cannot be understood in any way. Only very rarely "She" reveals Herself to humans, the receiver experiencing a Total Cosmic Black-Out.
The "response" is a deep sense of the Mystery of Life.

Worshipping, celebrating the Origin of All is the foundation of Cosmic Religion.
Because of Nothingness as Her Essence, no identification, image, concept, projection or conviction is interfering.
She is giving birth to both the Divine (Eternal Light, "God") and the universe.
To humans it means "Being Nothing, you are everything".
It is the key to the most profound spiritual/religious insight and practice.
Deep down every creature is Divine.

The Mother isn't exclusive (like the patriarchal God),
She is inclusive

Through the Birth Power of the Mother ("wu-wei": action out of non-action),
Her Material Body is evolving out of Her Light Body.
It includes two stages: first the "virtual" forms, corresponding with platonic ideas.
These are the primordial patterns, still being part of the Divine.
Secondly, due to the selfsame centrifugal Power, the Urforms materialize.
This transition is crucial, because it is a discontinuity between
the Eternal and the temporal.

Through expansion of the universe the vitality of energy/matter subdues.
It eventually gets exhausted. Here the Destructive Aspect of the Womb
gets the upper hand. Physics calls this "Gravity".
Through Gravity matter is stripped of its last residues of energy,
starting its way "back Home" to the Vacuum. 
In Her Bottomlessness it is concentrated beyond imagination,
to such an extent, that it ignites, "born again" as Light.

Apart from the Ultimate Mystery of Nothingness, the second Cosmic Law
is thus that of Her two Cosmic Forces of "Creation" (in fact "Birth") and
Destruction. Both "God" and the universe are subjected to it.
Together these opposites are complementary, constituting a dynamic
("fluctuating") balance, providing an overall "Web of Life",
through which a relative "permanence" is maintained.
It makes life as we know it possible.

The third Cosmic Law evolves out of the first two: life appears to be cyclic.
It goes through a cycle of birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth.
This is true both on a cosmic and individual scale.
Both are two sides of the same coin.
Therefore, our axiom: "we are part of the earth; the earth
is part of the universe; the universe is part of the Divine; the Divine
is part of the Cosmic Mother" reflecting Reality.

The smaller dying into the bigger

The consequences for life on earth in general and the structure of
our society in particular, are breath-taking.
If it is true, that we are all part of the Whole, then, our organization
of society should be accordingly. Immediately at the beginning, a big
surprise is waiting for us. Our whole religious/political history is
characterized by the axis God-King-State. How can this be reconciled with
the Ultimate as Absolute Nothingness, though...?

How to derive authority from Nothingness, that is the big question.
Moreover, when confronted with the need to describe what Nothingness is,
it can best be specified as Cosmic Womb or "Mother",
giving birth to both "God" and the universe,
being the Ultimate All-Inclusive Realm, "loving" all creatures equally.
Nothingness, embracing everything, is not exactly ideal
to establish State Rule upon.

Nothingness IS, including everything and all, equally

O, o, this is going to be tough, many will think. The answer: not at all!
It is a triumphant feeling to learn, that the Mother is giving birth to the Divine,
not embodied by a single person ("savior") only, but as the True Self of
every human being, even animals and plants are part of IT.
The universe appears to be Her "Web of Life", in which everything, without exception, is interconnected. The Ultimate manifests itself in All, not in a
single ruler, but in Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community.

The "Mother" forces us to re-think the religious/political point
of departure of our society

Human society reflects Cosmic Law by being rooted in this new "Trinity".
It is the Natural Order that bring harmony and peace to all.
Pre-condition is, that identification with our ego has to be given up.
Here the Mother also provides the solution,
for She invites the ego to "die" into Her Bottomless Abyss.
"In return" She grants every human being inner Renewal, the birth
of their True Selves.

Deep down everybody is Divine

"Being rooted in Heaven" means the appearance of a new kind
of cosmic-inspired teachers, leaders and healers, taking the initiative in guiding "common" people on their Path to Wholeness.
I have called these hopefuls "Green Men" and "Wise Women".
Moreover, they manifest the Divine in Nature, making a first step
to sanctify it, restoring sacredness of the world as a whole.
This is their ultimate goal.

The world, without exception, is content of Divine Space, while it simultaneously seems separate from it. At the transition from "virtual" forms to their
materialization (see above), life "was (is) thrown upon itself".
However, it always has the Divine Realm in the background, to which
it any time can return. Ego considers this separateness
as absolute, it knows no other dimension.
Wise people, on the other hand, know they are not alone in this universe.

To be an isolated entity (ego) is self-delusion

Rooted in the earth, primarily means our realization of being in
One Space with it. Both the grass, the shrubs, the flowers, the trees, the birds,
the hills, the rivers and me are part of the selfsame Whole.
This experience of Wholeness is the pre-condition for further action.
Every attack on the earth is an attack on you.
A simple life, supporting the earth wherever you can, eating organic and
using natural ways of cure are first steps in defending her.

How to give this all a structure is the key question.
My idea is, that it first should be established through small self-help groups.
My "Healing Communities"* are a good example.
They have great resemblance to the early monasteries, when Europe was still submerged in the Dark Ages. Together, the "Being rooted in Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community" can be tried, experienced and developed. It is a big
chance for everybody (youth!), who sincerely long for Renewal.

See: "Healing Communities".

Guided by the teachers the majority of people organize themselves according
to Cosmic Law, in layers of self-sovereign bodies, to
start with themselves. They reflect Mother's "Web of Life" in which
everything is "organically" interconnected.
These are bottom-up organized echelons of self-rule, structured by the
principle of "subsidiarity", the dynamic force behind what is called
"Community Democracy".

Democracy should thus be a reflection of Cosmic Interconnectedness.
Seen this way, it is "sacred", others call it "ecological".
This can only be realized, if the whole of society is participating.
Clearly this is not the case nowadays.
Political parties have "stolen" the sovereignty from the people.
They and the State are top-down organized, serving
power, business, technology and military interests.

Establishing basic democratic structures is a pre-condition for
Restoring Wholeness. To extend democracy to all corners of society is
surprisingly simple. All necessary structures are already there:
the individual, the family (group), the street, the neighborhood, the commune,
the city, the county (region), the state and the
federal government (or EU). Changing these structures from top-bottom into bottom-up is the "only" thing we have to do.

The world is topsy-turvy.
Take care that everything turns out for the best

The principle of "subsidiarity" - one with a long tradition: from Johannes
Althusius (17th century), 19th century America (Thomas Jefferson),
to pope Leo XIII, while "formally" part of the EU, but actually
"forgotten" by all - is the mechanism, with which we build our Cosmic inspired Community Democracy. It consists of above mentioned layers, holistically interconnected with each other. The underlying principle:
What a "lower" layer can do, shall not be done by a "higher".

It goes like this. The individual decides freely how much he/she wants
to contribute to society, the part he/she cannot do, he/she "delegates" to the family (group). The family carries out its self-chosen task. What
it cannot do, it handles over to the street. Without interference of the neighborhood, the street-community carries out its voluntary duties, giving the "rest" to the neighborhood. The neighborhood-community, in its turn, does what it can, transferring the remaining tasks to the commune......

Follow Cosmic Law NOW! 

The big surprise is, that we can start building our Community Democracy
any time: TODAY! Today, we can decide about our contributions to the Whole. Subsequently, we win our family, the street and the neighborhood for
this very inspiring idea. In "no" time, the process
can be put into operation. Of course, it will take a while, before the last
echelons: the city, the county and the state are also incorporated. The principle is the same, though. It will prove to be infectious!

Committing yourself to the common cause, working together with others for it, inspired, encouraged and empowered by the realization,
that what we do is in harmony with the Cosmos....resonating with IT....bringing Heaven to Earth, one could say..... mobilizes the very best of everybody.
It creates a New Community, in which being human expresses its highest potentiality. The "pursuing of happiness" for the first time
finding its true meaning. 

These three are complementary:
Scientific Cosmology, Spiritual Cosmology and Political Cosmology

Everything rests on and is due to our new insight in the relationship between Cosmos and our world. All spheres are interconnected, interpenetrating.
Political Materology/Cosmology” claims, that it isn't possible to separate them.
The world proves to be sacred and has to be re-arranged that way.
How privileged we are to live in a time of this kind
of transformation of both Self and Society. Everything starting by
acknowledging Nothingness as the Origin of All!

Our model necessarily has to be specified a little further, though.
In order to make it operable, the relationships between the echelons
have to be clarified. What are the power-lines?
Well, the families are choosing their representatives for the street-council.
The street-community, in its turn, elects its delegation to
the neighborhood-council, etc. etc.
Every delegate is accountable to his/her own community.

We have spiritual teachers ("vertically" oriented) and community leaders
("horizontally" oriented)

Together these leaders make the laws. The agreements between the various
echelons have to be fully respected e.g. incorporated.
It will be clear, that Self-Sovereignty unburdens the Judiciary and the Executive
a great deal. Laws are covering the issues that are of concern to everybody.
Once made, the laws are binding on all citizens.
The result is a State under the rule of Law, not based on political parties,
but on the people themselves.

Extend democracy, abolish political parties

Freedom proves to be the same as solidarity. Because without cooperation freedom of and for the various echelons is impossible.
Isn't that magic? It overturns the entire ego-centric society into a
living organism of "being yourSelf in connectedness".
One's own happiness is depending on the happiness of all others....
The benefits immediately linked to it are manifold: cooperation, tolerance, peace, understanding, justice, prosperity for all, harmony with nature.

Friendship returns to something concrete. The "social media" will
be exposed for what they are: as a
poor surrogate, a virtual bubble, that (in the end) only deeply frustrates.
How much more enjoyable the real thing is!
The security-issue gets a totally new turn too. Until now the State tries to bring
"order" in a chaos, it itself created. Security, however, in the first place, is a
matter of a close Community.

State control, secret services, police, the military having just
one lofty goal left: shrinking!

The digital control can be dropped a great deal, once our
Community Democracy has established its first lasting structures.
We can take care of our-selves. "Big Brothers" have no business
in our upgraded eco-spiritual humanized society.
This will only be realized when e.g. economics become fully integrated.
For this, we once again turn ourselves to the Cosmos: "As Above, so Below".
Like before, our insight into Cosmic Law is decisive.

The Second Cosmic Law, mentioned already in the beginning,
is that of "Creation" (Birth) and "Destruction" (Death).
Through it "the Mother" looks after the balance in the universe.....
It is, by the way, the most important Driving Force behind evolution, with the
"survival of the fittest" only as a secondary factor. Crucial is, that balance, maintained by Absolute Emptiness, doesn't allow extreme
accumulation (with deprivation on the other side of the equation).

With other words: capitalism as we know it, is a major sin against
Cosmic Law. Now, what we see is, that politicians, scientists and business people are constantly busy with analyzing the situation. It serves the NOT finding of real solutions to our problems. Against the background of the global crisis, with very little time left, we have to start with practice, immediately, though. An "economy of balance", instead of unlimited growth, that is
what the Cosmos is confronting us with.

How to achieve this? Quite simple: we define how we want to live and put
THAT into practice, without being deluded by "first this and then that" manoeuvres. I dare to say, that it was the Cosmos itself that "whispered it
into my ear". True insights are mostly a matter of split-seconds,
in which you suddenly SEE it. (I.Newton, A.Einstein).
What we want to achieve is a model that is simultaneously optimal for
the economy, the community and the environment.

Divine inspiration gives the insight, science is working it out

And which is immediately applicable! It consists of people -
you and me - who decide - from one day to the next - to only work
half a week for themselves, while working the other half as a volunteer for the Community. By doing so, they - in one blow - take the sting 
out of the rat-race. This step has many (other) implications. The growth-
obsession turns into an economy of balance, through which nature will
be saved. Simultaneously, we restore the foundation of society by
healing the Community.

I hear the objections already whizzing around my ears.
"If working only half a week, what about our income, the costs we have to pay?"
Very important question, that's why this is a major concern. Basic existence will be secured, even an amount of luxury is possible, if we consider
our basic needs as a human right.
It is a shame, that affluent societies like ours, cannot even provide
basic living standards for all!

In practice, it means, that in return for our contribution to the Community,
everybody has a right to a basic income*. This income is high enough to pay all basic expenses, needed to exist. These are housing, energy, eating, health care, transportation and education. Obviously, this will not work, if these functions remain a commodity to the profit-making industries. Therefore, they have to be taken out of the private sphere and handled over to the authority
of our Self-Sovereign Community.

* Elderly, the sick and the disabled receive their basic income without returns.

The macro-economic situation has to adjust to it. Instead of (unlimited) growth, society maintains itself through bringing the costs down*.
The emphasis on demand will shift. The economy is there to serve people,
and not the other way round. People, therefore, have to get insight into their
addictions. In exchange for a much happier life, in which values like friendship, community, harmony with Heaven and Earth, creativity, leisure prevail,
part of the having habits has to be dropped.

* We start appreciating quality above quantity.

Therefore, the economy will be transformed according the principles
of subsidiarity, as well. Because, for a whole person, all aspects of life are interrelated. We thus reject the kind of globalization, where peoples and nature are ruthlessly exploited. We distinguish three echelons of economic activity. First we produce and consume locally (the region). Everything that cannot be produced this way, we produce nationally. What cannot be produced nationally, we produce internationally, everything in this sequence.

It is a proven fact, that with the increase in wealth in the last 20-30 years
people have NOT become happier. So, luxuries are not decisive. It also
means, that if you get something better in return, you will not mourn
about the "loss". It is like in love. When falling
in love ("falling!") you don't care so much about material things (at all). This "something better" has never been offered as an option, though. For our
one-dimensional world knows only one thing: more of the same.

More, more and more.....and then, suddenly: the collapse….

Therefore, it is our responsibility to show you the Road within.
Because there the hidden treasures are. It is also the reason why our "Religion"
is but temporary. Once the inner world fully manifests itself in the outer,
emphasis will be laid on the world as a Whole. The aim is a sacred world, in
which the need for a separate Religion has disappeared. A One World
Community and Cosmic Governance are two sides of the same coin.
Eventually, the Web of Life - us - being a direct expression of Cosmic Law.

By the way, the separation of Church and State
(in very few countries a reality, even in Germany people are forced
to pay “church-tax”) has to be fully maintained.
Because society cannot and will not be dominated by just any
ideology or belief-system.
With “Political Cosmology” this is different, for it is based on
spiritual/scientific Reality, at all times verifiable by anyone

It is unbelievable, how long we were able to endure a top-down "political theology", that was (is) built on ignorance, false assumptions, self-delusions and oppression. "God" as object for identification, justification of power, giving both Church and State the opportunity to exploit the people, God "in the image" of our ego's, instead of we being in the image of God, this game is now over.
The underlying pathological ego-complex is still alive, though.
"To have as the inability to Be".

The ego-complex has dominated Western society for more
than four thousand years

The ego finally established itself after Christianity (Inquisition) destroyed the
very substance of existence: "Heaven, Earth and the Community".
This in exchange of the "Good Tidings", the dependency on a savior,
who was supposed to save (wo)mankind from transgressions
it never committed. Without the context of life, ego turned into an isolated
entity, "thrown upon itself", with nothing able to curb it left*.
Ever since, it blew itself up, threatening our very survival.

* See my other letters.  

Through living according to Cosmic Law, there is a chance to turn the tide.
By being part of "Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community",
humanity will re-discover an inner and outer Order, through which life will renew itself. All sub-sectors of society will benefit from it. How, that I have already extensively commented on. It is the core of "Healing the Planet in 10 Steps" initiative. My suggestion: go into the files, study them and come with your own suggestions about how to proceed together.

Be creative, participate

How would health care, the banking system, ethics, care for the earth,
the judiciary, gender-relationships, education, science, our security
system, etc., etc. be transformed, once Cosmic Law has
been established on Earth?

Enough for today?

Teacher Culture Renewal, part of the Great Tradition of
Osiris, the Yellow Emperor, Lao Tze, Maitreya Buddha and Parzival...
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