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January 30, 2000 

Sometimes, my dreams are very amusing. Maybe, because I was afraid of giving the impression that matriarchal men are weaklings (which, of course they are not), I had a dream in which I ferociously fought to become number one. It was a cycling tournament. Sometimes with smooth road surface, sometimes rough. Always with the others right behind me. I even didn't shrink from using "violence". At one time I tried to kick my competitors out of the race! In the end I won.....

Yesterday, my good friend Henk passed by. He also suffers from Enlightenment....So, when we are together, we share the "latest" insights. It occurred to me, that one of the reasons I "stubbornly" go on with "saving souls" is simply the (self-created) isolation, I am in. If I only had some more fulfilling contacts, like he has, I might become much more quiet in this regard (haha). Don't believe it. Actually, to retreat into my hermitage serves the purpose of gathering inner strength and courage, needed for coming to the open....

"My" inner Space is including everything, without exception. The entire world is the content of "my" Consciousness. Hence, my "inner neutrality" cannot be indifferent to this world. Because of the inclusivity, a touch of love e.g. compasssion is added to everything I see, feel, taste, smell or hear. Everything is equally part of the selfsame Whole. Hence, everything is equally dear to me. It explains my "restlessness". Actually, it is both. While being totally undisturbed can I allow myself to be happy e.g. content, if the trees around us are killed?  

Back to the main story. The new "Houses" - the third: female and the fourth: male - are both emerging from the "Law of the Universe" (second House), consisting of "death, rebirth and (relative) permanence". What is the relationship between the former and the latter? I am really proud to tell you. Until now, "gender studies" are really a smoke screen. It is promoting confusion, rather than ending it*. Not surprisingly so. As long as individualism remains the dominant paradigm, a new way will never, ever, be found. So what was my discovery? It is this: gender proves to be pre-programmed by the Law of the Universe, in which the feminine principle is reflecting "permanence" (the "web of life"), while the masculine principle complies with "death and rebirth".

* How would they classify me f.i.? My body being masculine, my soul feminine and my spirit Divine?

Women are representing the substance of life*. They bear the children, give birth and are nurturing them. Because of non-verbal contact, women usually have great intuition, feeling and communication skills. It is them who take care of educating the children, which requires a lot of dedication and patience. In the mean time, they have to manage the household in all its aspects. From cooking to shopping, bringing children to the kindergarden, from finances to taking care of the administration, from paying attention to the husband to keeping contact with neighbors and friends. Increasingly, because of the hight costs of living, they have to take a job, as well. Some of them, even, pay attention to community life or charities. In short, women are the foundation of life.

* Again, this is a generalization just to be able to make my point. It will be clear, that every woman and man is a unique blend of feminine and masculine characteristics.

In the mean time, men have become slaves of their own (patriarchal) SYSTEM. The latter is boosting their most primitive instincts, like addiction to power, money, accumulation, ruthless competition, exploitation, violence and war. While women invest in life, men are investing in death. Because their identity depends entirely on their social role, men will go on with the rat race until the bitter end*. They don't give up, unless they fell ill. And, indeed, an increasing number of them have become "loosers" because of stress, depression, exhaustion and burn-out**. Participation of women to the SYSTEM won't change the situation. They are even more vulnerable to exploitation. Moreover, do you really think, that women like Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Margareth Thatcher, Madeleine Allbright or Nancy Pellosi make any difference? Just because they are women?***

* Compare it with the fall of the Third Reich, in which the Germans fought till the last drop of blood.

** The Bible is right:: "the loosers" will be the "winners". While the "winners" will continue until their dying day, the "loosers" are granted a second chance.

*** On the contrary. It is their masculine ambition ("animus") - deep frustration if you like - that is competing with the patriarchal system. It is the reason, that very often, these women are "worse than men". This is true for many other women at the top.

Women emancipation, as the effort to "be equal to men" has failed. It has made women slaves of the SYSTEM. A SYSTEM that distorts their "true nature", e.g. that will never meet their true needs. Through spending and consumption, women even support it a great deal. Life is more than just working for a miserable, shabby income, though. But to return to just being a housewive isn't an option, either*.

* In Germany, the discussion between Alice Schwarzer ("emancipation") and Eva Herman ("tradition") is totally unproductive. Only new ways can bring the solution.

Do you have some creative ideas? If so, let me know. I will publish them here in the Blog.

See you again, tomorrow.

January 31, 2000 

Starting point is justice. It includes the principle, that humans should have sovereignty over the realm they are responsible for. In the case of women, it would mean, that the domaine of house, family, habitat, neighborhood, local work and community all come under their authority. Women have the right to exert power over their own domaine. Considering the critical situation we are in, our first concern should be securing the basics of our existence. It simply cannot be, that "life" is ruled by the laws of "death". Remember our third "House?". It says, that women are reflecting the "web of life" e.g. the community. Not the state, but the community is the living body of society*. Women, instead of wasting their talents in the "big" world, should apply them to the community, in its broadest sense. This is only possible, when they reclaim their sovereignty.

* See also Step 5: "Healing society" e.g. "Community democracy"

A bridge too far? No, actually, we are much more close to the world of the Mosuo, than we think. Let me first summarize the advantages of their society. Stability is guaranteed, because the power is in the hands of those, who are most talented in managing daily life. It has a direct link to prosperity. It is women, who feel most responsible for wellbeing, hence they should manage property and finances*. Feminine qualities like connectedness, care, respect, justice, love, inclusiveness, wholeness and durability are a sine qua non for a coherent, healthy and flowering community**. There is no violence, no oppression of women and no abuse of children. Free women do not have these "classical" characteristics of jalousy, intrigues, "instability", manipulation and undermining. On the other hand, in matriarchal societies the best of women prevails, to the benefit of all.

* It is the reason, why many donors to the Third World give their funds to women, only. It is women, who prove to be most responsible, skillful and successful!

** The emphasis is on "feminine principles". Obviously, every woman is different, representing different values, while many men may possess the same or comparable qualities. For the purpose of discussion, I put the emphasis entirely on women, though. This has good reasons, as well. See my tomorrow's Blog.

Mosuo women and men

What about men? Isn't there very little left for them? First of all, boys are raised under the guidance of the clan mother. There isn't this sudden transition in development like we know it, in which the boy "has to reject his mother, in order to become a man". Matriarchal men thus don't have this inner "love and hate" relationship with women. Which leads to a much more harmonious relationship between the sexes. It explains the lack of violence, as well. Furthermore, because they are raised in the group, their ability to integrate in the community is optimal. In those societies, between men, friendship, tolerance, solidarity and responsibility toward the whole, is legendary. Sharing work and duties is self-evident. This also applies to a shared responsibility for the children....Compare this with the overburdened parents of monogamous marriages!

* They simply don't have this inner conflict.

By the way, societies based on MotherRight or derivatives aren't so rare as you might think. It includes peoples like the Berbers, the Touaregs, many other tribes in Africa, the Menangkabau of Sumatra, regions in Mexico, the Caribbean, almost all indigenous peoples and many more. MeiMei told me, that almost all men in Japan and China give their wages to the wife. The latter decides, how the money will be spend. And, yes, how many Western husbands aren't doing the same? Obviously, there is still a gap between our and matriarchal societies. But is it unbridgeable? Let's look at a recent phenomenon.

Disintegration may lead to a new balance! Here in Holland we call it the "Caribbean model" (because of the Antillians and Surinam people, living here)*. It is related to the widespread phenomenon of single mothers in Western societies. Frustration with relationships and the SYSTEM, has lead to a situation, in which mothers prefer to raise their children, alone. The latter often from one father, sometimes from different men, as well. The beginning of a matriarchal society? Well, that is of course totally premature. There is still a lot of ignorance, out there. At the moment, many mothers still feel victim of the SYSTEM, since they are deprived of any substantial support. Their vulnerability is greatly intensified by the prospect of future social collapse. What could education do in this regard? Could these "loosers" become "winners" in the near future?

* In the Caribbean it is a common phenomenon: a mother with children, often from different fathers. The mothers are taking care of education, while the men come and go. For a long time, Antillians and Surinam people considered this as "deviant" (compared to white standards). It will be a surprise to them to hear, that their model is a very inspiring one!

In Holland, more than one third of the population wants to emigrate*. Is there a better sign of decay possible? Despite our social welfare, people don't feel they have any future perspective by staying here. Usually, these people are the hopefuls of the nation. Now, they want to improve their lives somewhere else. Obviously, this is VERY serious, indeed. If the core of the nation isn't committed anymore to the wellbeing of the country, then prospects are gloomy. Especially, with regard to the most vulnerable. If society collapses - which seems a realistic possibility - with everybody at the mercy of confusion, chaos and violence, with e.g. poverty, no jobs, no unemployment money, no social security and no pensions, who are the ones who will suffer most? Right: women and children.  

* Equally high numbers in Great Britain and Germany f.i. In Japan some five million youth have retired from social life (NEET), while the sumtotal of those who "dropped out" (voluntary or involuntary) is 37,5% of the total population.....Who still dares to speak of our Western nations as "progressive", "thriving" or "leaders to a better future?"

To turn the crisis into an opportunity.

To be continued.

February 1, 2000

Last night I got the following dream. I was in a cafe, talking to a woman. At last I enclosed her in my Heart, kissing her very tenderly on both cheeks. She introduced me to a couple. The woman looked into my eyes and cried out to her husband: look, such bright eyes you have never seen before. Only his left eye twinkles a little. The husband answered: what did he do to improve it? I said, I did some breathing exercises. Totally wrong the man said. You have to leave it entirely to the Cosmos. 

Women's solidarity is crucial*. The new trend of establishing communities ("Wohngemeinschaften") may be a first step in that direction. In order to give them a firm foundation, the example of the Mosuo could contribute a great deal, here. It goes in steps. First of all, mothers should become the core of the community. They simply should join forces, sharing their concerns, talents, energy and possibilities. The eldest (or most talented) one is chosen as the clan mother, the "matriarch".

* In recent years, "sisterhood" has proven to be not so bonding, selfless and solidary as many had hoped for. Maybe this time, the circumstances are going to help a little... 

The second round consists of motivating fathers, partners and boyfriends to become member of the extended family. Decisive is their joint commitment to the group, without discriminating in favor of their own children. Instead, they should learn to enjoy the advantages of joint responsibility, this in contrast to the burden of monogamy. Friendship, sharing and solidarity are crucial, while dedicating themselves to promoting, protecting and developing the wellbeing of the community.*

* Obviously, everybody, not only single mothers, but young and old, married couples, singles, lesbians and gays, with or without children, may start a matriarchal community.

All the money earned by members of the group - men and women - will be flowing into one pot. This pot is managed by the mothers, with the clan mother as the one who is ultimately responsible. The men will receive a monthly "pocket-money". Too extreme? Well, I can image, for I honestly ask myself, if I personally could accept this. However, the fact, that it is men, who are misusing our collective income, decided me to do this radical proposal. Aren't almost all big investments flowing into profit for the rich, exploitation of the poor, oppression, war and destruction of nature? Indeed, current investment policies are a disaster.

I think, we should do our utmost to cut the capital flow to the big investors. Instead, we should give it to the women! At least, this is a good beginning. Aren't we standing with our back against the wall? Hasn't the SYSTEM gambled away its options? I think we have no other choice, but to try something that hasn't been tried before. Call it a modern form of MotherRight. For centuries (millennia), the balance has been too much to one side, only. In order to establish a middle way, the balance has to go to the other "extreme", first. This time in favor of women. I think there is no other way. And our women deserve it.....I have full confidence in the fact, that they will manage it wisely, to the benefit of everybody involved. Men - realizing their role until this very day - should wholeheartedly and humbly accept this.

A women, who has spent her whole life doing research about matriarchy, is Hannelore Vonier. She regularly publishes about the topic. Recently, she created an introductory course, as well. You may find her and her work at:

I am a layperson with regard to money and finances. In the past, this has lead to some painful situations, already. For many years now, I have vowed to live in voluntary simplicity. Fortunately, I am not short of basics, since MeiMei takes care of them. On the other hand, it will be clear, that one of the most promising initiatives, überhaupt - "Healing the Planet" - will remain a lame duck, if not other people - to whom my whole effort is directed - are going to help in some way or another. Vision and material support have to go together in order to be succesful. A most urgent first step includes A WorldWide Campaign to make "Healing the Planet" public. Who is going to help us in achieving this first goal?*

* As mentioned earlier, we don't want to manage the financial part of the project ourselves. So, we are looking for people, who just would like to take care of (a part of) our expenses.  

The "Four Houses" of The Original Tradition
The Great Mother
Her Law of the Universe
Wise Women
Green Men

February 2, 2000

Yesterday, I walked in the forest feeling very light and joyful. The more I let my body weight down into the earth, the more I reach to Heaven. It was like dancing. I felt totally detached and therefore connected to everything around me. (This is a very familiar experience to me). Then, I pass an inner threshold. Suddenly, something within is taking over. I am not walking anymore, but IT is. Being "God's fool", I feel utterly free. From that Moment on, nothing can be predicted anymore. It may vary from outbursts of laughter, embracing a tree, kneeling down kissing the snowdrops to archaic chanting, entertaining people with jokes and embracing my wife after homecoming. Everybody can see my joy, hence, many respond with a smile.   

Experiences like above prove, that your True Nature can be found within. Your identity doesn't depend on your position in society, your status, job, income or succes, at all. In fact, the more you strive, the less chance that you will achieve it. In the end, everything proves to be transient, even hollow. Not so the treasure in your own innermost core, though. It can be realized by letting go of the old, of all clinging. This death (of the ego) and being reborn (of your True Self) isn't an individual achievement, only. It is reflecting the "death and rebirth" aspect of the Law of the Universe, something I have called the "Fourth House". Hence, the more you are in harmony with this Law, the greater the chance, that the Great Joy will be bestowed upon you. It is THE way for men* to kick the habit of self-addiction.**

* Equally so for women, who have identified themselves with the patriarchal mind.

** Nowadays, we are confronted with the opposite, as well. Men (youth!) with weak ego's. These people have "nothing left to die". In these cases, building an inner structure should be a first pre-requisite.

"Death and rebirth" reflect man's ultimate aspirations. Actually, it is the essence of his innermost core. In women, it expresses itself in their monthly cycle, while men experience it as their main spiritual quest in life. His ego-dynamics makes it necessary. Without "dying", men would accumulate too much burden. In fact, that is what most men do. Eventually, these men suffocate in their own piled up inner rubbish. Hence, for him "dying to the old" is a "conditio sine qua non".* In order to live, you have to die.....

* If he cannot find natural ways, he finds his release in war f.i.! See also "Death and Rebirth"

Can this (masculine) archetype be traced in mythology, as well? In archaic times, the Mother delegated the task of reviving the seasons - and with it the success of the harvest - to Her SonLovers. The latter symbolizing Her dynamic aspects. In practice, men - in their role of Vegetation Gods (Dumuzi, Baal, and....Jesus in a way) - voluntary sacrificed their lives to the benefit of the Whole*. So, in autumn, the death of the God was remembered in great mourning processions, while in spring the MotherGoddess or Queen revived him during a big celebration. She and the God mated publicly - sacred marriage/hieros gamos - in order to guarantee fertility e.g. the harvest.

* Later, human sacrifice was replaced by animals. 

The theme of "Vegetation Gods" is very old indeed. It underlines man's willingness to sacrifice himself to the benefit of the whole. In the beginning, this went without any deliberation. The mystery of mothers and childbirth was so deeply engraned, that it didn't occur to them, that they could go against the "natural order of things". This lasted many thousands of years. Then, the wholeness started showing cracks and the fascination decreased. Man became self-aware, realizing his secundary role in society. Especially, in those tribes where men were indeed killed, the resistance increased. Although, initially men accepted being put to death - being fearless because of an inclusive consciousness - slowly, they started resisting this inhumane practice.

It was the birth of fear and ego-consciousness. His response: to escape from the "cycle of birth and death", e.g. the "natural order of the old Mother society!"* The epic of Gilgamesh (3000 BCE) describes this in detail. Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk (Sumeria) at a time, where men were emancipating themselves from the old order. However, the MotherGoddess Inanna/Ishtar still tried to catch him in Her net by proposing him to become Her lover. Gilgamesh refuses. It is proof of his self-understanding as a independent person. When his alter-ego - the God Enkidu - dies, he is overpowered by grief and fear of death. So, he decided to go on the quest for immortality*. This fails, because during sleep a snake...eats the herb that was about to give him eternal youth. Through this chastening influence he realizes, that there is only one thing left worth living for: serving his people.    

* Ever since, it had become THE obsession of all patriarchal religions!  

There are three crucial moments in this epic. First of all, he liberated himself from taking for granted, the fact, that he had to sacrifice himself. He rudely denounced the Goddess. It is a step from consciousness to self-consciousness. Secondly, he failed to reach his goal of immortality. The fact, that a snake had prevented him from it, means, that it was Inanna/Ishtar, who, disguised as a snake, still directed his life. This time not by open confrontation, but by indirect action. It put him with his back against the wall. Through it he had lost all his options to design his life according to his own desires. Hence, he had no other choice, but to voluntarily take up his social responsibilities. The Mother/Goddess still had achieved Her goal: restoring the wholeness of life! Even later kings, like Shulgi, time and again, acknowledged their descent by stating that "they only ruled in the Name of the Mother".

However, the die was cast. Partiarchal peoples from the North invaded Mother-oriented societies. During many centuries of conquest, cruelty and wars, the latter were either exterminated, oppressed or integrated with the invaders. The Babylonian book "Enuma Enlil" descibes the definitive destruction of the MotherGoddess Tiamat by the God Marduk (1000 BCE). From that moment on, kings ruled by their own authority. The miracle is, that in remote places, pockets of matriarchy still managed to survive. The Mosuo are one of these "female kingdoms". Astonishingly, balance, harmony, peace and stability still prevails in those societies*. It means, that they didn't go through a phase of male ego-formation and independence, like Gilgamesj did. Both models are valuable in assessing the chances for a revival of MotherRight in (post)modernity. The former describes the ideal - shows what is possible - while the latter makes us face the (hard) facts. 

* The small seize of the groups, the large distances between settlements and the (relative) absence of individual possessions, all contributed to peaceful societies.

Exciting story? Tomorrow I will proceed.

February 3, 2000  

The old world was inclusive. Everything was interconnected, everything part of the Mother's web of life, without exception. With the coming of patriarchy this all changed, though. Many people have a wierd idea about what patriarchy is. They think it is a weapon of frustrated feminist women, denouncing man's world. In order to understand its true nature, we have to go back to the beginning. Decisive were the invasions of nomadic people from the North into the South. The former conquering all Mother-oriented civilizations.

From that moment on, society was determined by ruler/ruled relationships. Inclusiveness was replaced by dualism. It expressed itself through: the elite vs the underdog, heaven vs the earth, light vs darkness, city vs countryside, men vs women, the pure vs the impure, soul vs body, God vs the world, civilized vs primitives, believers vs non-believers, reason vs irrationality, the rich vs the poor, light-colored vs dark-colored, me vs the other....and finally Übermenschen vs Untermenschen, "winners" vs "loosers" vs nature.....

* The Essence of patriarchy: dualism originating from ruler/ruled relationships ("Herrschaftsverhältnisse"). Its pillars: the state, the Church and in recent times, global capitalism.

Patriarchy, in essence, is the father of deep schizophrenia. It is a system based on a deep contempt for the other and otherness. Accumulation, oppression, exploitation and destruction are its main features. Not surprisingly thus, that it eventually proves to be suicidal.

Men (and women) of the world! In order to save our beautiful planet we have to start naming the evil by its true name. Only then we may get grip on it. Secondly, we have to acknowledge its fiasco. "Yes, we have been part of a suicidal system". A deep regret over our involvement, nay, addiction to this SYSTEM has to penetrate our innermost core. How ignorant, self-satisfied and indifferent we were. Our material gains being even more important than the wellbeing of our own children! Feel the pain in such a way, that new strength is bubbling up from the bottom of your soul.

It now has become clear, that "patriarchy" isn't just a feminist slogan, at all. On the other hand, it touches our very existence. The turning point is, that men should acknowledge, that this (self-created) SYSTEM isn't working in their favor, either. By serving the wrong "bosses", they hoped for a share in wealth, sex and power. Their inborn impulse to serve became corrupted. The result: "winners" loosing their soul; the "loosers" loosing the material basis of life. Eventually, both are finding themselves in the same boat. The destruction will not discriminate between rich and poor, elite and underdog*. It is the ultimate justice.....

* Or between "believers" and "non-believers" like fundamentalists claim. The "Apokalypse" - as they see it - is the ultimate absurdity of dualistic thinking!

Here is the good news: men rediscovering their original archtype e.g. serving the Whole! First, die to the old and you will become renewed. How liberating it is! You will "feel it in your genes". When our true drive: insight, compassion and strength is breaking through, nothing can stop us, anymore. Subsequently, fit in in "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again. A man finding his true mission: dedication and self-sacrifice to the benefit of the Whole, is a blessing for mankind, nay, the entire earth. Once we start respecting ourselves, making amends to all living and non-living beings for the transitions we committed, respect will once again be bestowed upon us*. Women....animals, plants, rivers, rocks and clouds will once again have confidence in us. Take your chance and begin a new life!

* This is not meant as a black and white picture. Women - especially in Western societies - have supported patriarchy a great deal and are therefore an accessory, as well.  

Although much more could be said...Step 4 "Healing the Tradition" has to be rounded off. Otherwise my Blog becomes too long. The "Fourth House" has been extensively elaborated in "Green Men" and "HisStory".  

How beautiful a man can be....

February 4, 2000 

Yesterday, I cooked "hutspot" for MeiMei. It is a Dutch traditional stew, consisting of potatoes, carrots, onions and brown beans. MeiMei liked it! I hadn't eaten it for many decades, either. So, I was tempted to eat it in the evening, as well*. That I came to regret. At least during the first half of the night I was troubled by "earthquakes", irregular cramps of my (left) leg. An awful feeling, indeed. The cause? The full bowel pressing on an underlying nerve. I started the day firmly resolved to never doing such a foolish thing again. 

* Normally, we have our main meal at lunchtime, while in the evening having only a light soup.

Another six days and my Blog will be rounded off. It marks a turning point. For it also means the completion of many years of writing. It complies with my guideline for life - the Vision of the Grail - according to which my life would develop in three stages: "Awakening (St.John's Wort), personal integration (Tree of Life/Menorah) and serving others (Grail Chalice)*. How privileged I am to be guided! It isn't meant for myself alone, though. Everybody may adopt it as the foundation for a new ethics.

* See "Vision of the Grail"

The emphasis of my work will be on "guiding people to find the way back home". It complies with the meaning of our times. A culture that has alienated itself from its own values and norms cannot regenerate itself anymore. It is at the mercy of the law of the jungle. The only way out is to return to the Origin in order to become renewed. This is a important insight, indeed. It explains why time and again, initiatives, however positive, fail to become fruitful. They are choked by the weeds of the old world. Very soon, frustration, fatigue, conflicts and misfortune will set in. Only those who have the courage to go back to zero, will be rewarded accordingly.

I am very happy to be able to announce "Mother Healing". It will be my programme for the coming years. It is meant as a kind of "event", to be held at various places worldwide. The idea is to stay at one place for as long as it is necessary. During that time I, together with others, will live according to a daily "monastic schedule", based on the 7 Steps of The Universal Way. It varies from teaching to contemplation to "sanctifying nature" (heaven & earth exercises). Everybody is cordially invited to join. "In between" all people who suffer from pain syndromes, are welcome. We help them with the unique Chinese guasha (jade stone) therapy, everything "in the Name of the Mother"*.

* See: "Mother Healing", "The Universal Way" and In 2004 we offered "Mother Healng" to pilgrims on the Camino de Compostela, Spain. We made a DVD about it.

Last but not least, I will inspire, support and guide everybody, who plan to found a Spiritual Community ("Transformatorium", see Step 3: "Healing the Community"), based on The Universal Way. Candidates will receive a training, consisting of Spiritual Service (aiming at being able to teach The Universal Way), Health Service (aiming at becoming a Basic Health Practitioner) and Community Service (being able to help people setting up a new social network). 

Tomorrow, I will elaborate on Step 5 of "Healing the Planet": "Healing Society".

February 5, 2000  

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of futility. What is the use of developing a new Vision - in this case "Healing Society" - if it is hardly shared by the people, it is meant for? At least, here in Holland, it seems, that everybody is so involved with daily "survival", that they don't have energy left to commit themselves to anything else. And the few who try - they even call it "spiritual politics" - don't dare to really go to the root of things. So I felt pretty much ridiculous, a fool, really.

Promptly, I got the following dream. I was in love with a beautiful woman. However, in the course of time she increasingly expressed her affection to another man. At last, it hurted me so much, that I finished the relationship.

My inner woman - anima - isn't satisfied with my male part. Secretly, she accuses it of lack of courage, optimism and resolve. So, she preferred a more attractive man. How hard life is! (haha).

Step 5: "Healing Society".

You will understand, that I have no other choice, but to accept my pain and to finish my Blog!  

So, what is the relationship between spirituality and politics? Are there any criteria, from which we can derive a suitable guideline? There is. Starting point, as always, is the "Law of the Universe": the dynamic interaction between destruction, rebirth and (relative) permanence. The latter expressing itself in the "web of life", the interconnectedness of existence. So, what in society is reflecting this "web of life? Right, not the state, but the interwoven relationships of humans, extended by the world of nature: earth, animals, plants, rivers, oceans and atmosphere, is the foundation of life. Something we call the community.

After philosophers like Jean Bodin and Hobbes, Western society had been obsessed by the state as the centre of politics. Few realize, that before the national state, a totally different political system existed. It was the "Holy Roman Empire of German Nations". Far from being perfect - it showed all the shortcomings of human endeavor - it nevertheless had some major advantages. It was a patchwork of (semi) autonomous regions, with far reaching freedoms for its innumerable local communities, tied together by the shared vision of the Empire. As it started to degenerate, one man tried to save its treasures: Johannes Althusius (1557-1638).

He was a Calvinist, teaching at the Herborn Reformed Academy (Germany)*. Closely linked to the House of Nassau - he was the mentor of Jan of Nassau, brother of Willem of Orange - he despised the rising authoritarian nationalist states. Especially, the loss of sovereign local communities was an eyesore to him. So, he started to design a political theory, that included the advantages of both the tradition, as well as "modernity". In his work "Politica" (1603), he unfolded a system, that - after many centuries of state hegemony - proves to be surprisingly relevant today. Its key concept: subsidiarity, meaning, that in society, "every level should have the right and the duty to solve its own problems, without interference by a higher one".

* Later he became "Syndik" or Mayor of Emden.

To Althusius, the community is sovereign. He also uses a theologian concept to lend weight to it: the community as the "body of God".* This his community consists of several interactive bottom-up organic layers, all cooperating with each other. Subsequently, every layer, to start with the lowest, starts to claim its sovereignty. So, what the individual can do, he/she will do. Nobody interferes. What he/she cannot do, he/she delegates to a higher level ("echelon"): the family or the group. The family does what it can do, with nobody interfering. What it cannot do, it delegates to the street (community). The street does what it can do, nobody interferes. What it cannot do, is delegated to the neighborhood. What the neighborhood can do, it does. Nobody interferes. What the neighborhood cannot do is delegated to the commune....

* Recently, this has been picked up by Sallie McFague "The Body of God".    

Do you get the feel? This is ecology, applied to the human community! Obviously, it goes further. After the commune, the region, after the region the county or province. After the county the states and after the states the Commonwealth. Eventually, it may lead to a World Government. The surprise of course is, that this structure is already more or less available. It can be recognized in many attempts toward a federal system*. The difference, however, is, that it applies to larger structures: state and federal governments, only. Besides, as you will realize, current society is organized top-down. The top controls everything. The community, on the other hand, resembles a bag with marbles, it doesn't have a structure of its own. Since authoritarian regimes are afraid of the people, the former was successfully destroyed. 

* The principle of subsidiarity was even incorporated in the Treaty of Maastricht. Instead of leading to more democracy, states misused it to shirk their responsibility, with the EU footing the bill.

To be continued. 

February 6, 2000  

Democracy should be something that is continuously developing itself. If it doesn't, then it stagnates, loosing its vitality. A main factor in this regard is the political parties. They increasingly turn out to be self-serving. First of all, political parties don't represent the people. Haven't parties shrinked to neglectable sizes? This conclusion was made by a group of Dutch professors politicology, many years ago, already. The electorial system only makes it worse. Politicians steal the votes of the people, in order to (mis)use it arbitrarily. Moreover, politicians are mostly exclusively interested in their own personal career e.g. in becoming re-elected They are not in for long term strategies, something that is desperately needed nowadays. Finally, political parties are spoonfed by big business, rather than looking after the interests of the people.

Political parties are thus blocking democracy. They prevent the latter from becoming mature. It can be compared with the exodus from the Church. Why maintaining a corrupt group of "mediators", while we - the people - can manage the things ourselves? Parliament and parties shouldn't be generalised, in this regard. The former is the core of democracy. It should be extended, rather than abolished. Althusius' concept makes it possible. His proposal to bring parliament (councils) to every level of the community, is where we have been looking for, for a long time, already.

Extend parliament; abolish parties.   

Everybody agrees, that the future won't be rosy. It will lead to more confusion, chaos, disaster and violence. The state will use this as an excuse to tighten its grip on the population ("Big Brother"). This might hold for a while. But in the longer term this will be futile, considering the scale of the trouble. The community will then be at the mercy of the law of the jungle. It underscores the urgency of restoring the community as the foundation of society. Only a strong community will be able to face up to the challenge. Only a strong community can prevent disintegration. I call this new form "Community Democracy". It perfectly complies with the ideas of Althusius, simultaneously inviting the EU (and other federal states) to stick to its own principles. Let's start it NOW!

The failure of the current system:
People won't accept responsibilities, if they don't have the corresponding power to carry them out.

"Spiritual politics" are based on the recognition, that the community is sovereign*. Society should become re-organized along the line of subsidiarity: a cooperative of bottom-up organically organized layers. In which the street council consists of representatives of the families; the neighborhood council of representatives of the streets; the commune of representatives of the neigborhoods and further up. Laws made by the upper levels are binding to everyone**. In this concept, there is no space for parties, anymore. Existing ones better disband themselves. Or, they might decide to go on as lobby groups, something they are already, anyway. Once the power is back in the community, all kinds of initiatives will be flowering.  

* Founding a "spiritual" political party, like some try to establish, is based on ignorance. Spirituality and party politics are excluding each other.

** Taking in consideration, that local agreements cannot be harmed.

Once the Community has taken over responsibility, a great deal of the state bureaucracy can be shut down. Many functions are going to be taken over by the people themselves.* Realize, what this means to the costs! But there is much more, of course. A close Community is able to much better taking care of safety and security. Something that no police force can match. Self-interest, mutual assistence e.g. cooperation will guarantee, that services will be carried out much better, compared to the privatised profit-oriented ones. Think of a registry office, sanitation services, environmental care, local (holistic) health centers, social welfare, services for the elderly, a youth center, small businesses, a kindergarden etc., etc., all staffed by community volunteers*.

Do you already feel like it?

* See below "Healing the Economy"  

I have written on "Community Democracy" before, varying from my book "The Self-Sovereign Society", "Community Democracy acc. to Johannes Althusius", to "Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century" and more. I am very indebted to Kees Boeke in this regard. He wrote a pamphlet about the issue, called "Sociocracy", already in 1945.

February 7, 2000  

The insights I got this morning before waking up were shocking. The atmosphere in the room was extra-ordinary. A transparent Presence within and without. Then, suddenly, a very clear Moment. The Realization that Buddha ended his life with longing for "Nirvana" - the Annihilation of his entire Being -   and Jesus, who died and (spiritual) resurrected. It was like a lightning. Where they ended their Mission, I began! It indeed began with exactly that: my spiritual death and rebirth. I realized what it meant. I am their successor...... Immediately my within trembled. This was truly too big for me. For many decades I've done everything to avoid a mission. If I had I would have started my "career" already a long time ago. Now, in 2000, more than two decades after my Great Experriences I still did not come to the open. A burning question: Is the new insight an encouragement or a deterrence? I lay my fate in the hands of the Mother...... 

Before closing, I would like to allow those who have written me ask their questions. I very much welcome reactions, whether it be supporting or critical. Main point is that we start sharing views about the essence of life. I consider my mission to be a success, if the issues elaborated here in my website, find their way to you. I am very grateful to the internet in this regard. How could I otherwise spread my message?

Q. Why going back to being a medical doctor, while the whole world is in desperate need for the change you are proposing?

A. First of all, I won't be a doctor in the common sense. "Mother Healing" means to heal "in the Name of the Mother". Moreover, knowing myself, making compassion the basics of my life prevents me from "getting too big ideas". Thirdly, I strongly feel, that I have to set the example in going back to zero, first. Without being in continuous contact with your True Nature, everything else is futile. It is something everybody should be aiming at. So, yes, I try to find a way to commit myself to the great cause on the one hand, but without loosing my foundation, on the other.

Q. If I want to start a Transformatorium, do you really come to my place? I live in a remote town in Mexico, not exactly close to where you live. And I can't guarantee you, that there will be sufficient participants, either!

A. I vowed to come to all those, who sincerely commit themselves to A New World. So, yes, of course I will come to you. Ask the Lady of Guadalupe for Her blessing and your initiative will start thriving.

Q. I am a fan of Erasmus. Like you, he didn't receive much resonance to his work from the Dutch, either. Why don't you come to the US? There is so much going on here!

A. In 2006, I spent three months in Santa Monica, California. Moreover, I have given spiritual talks in Hollywood, as well. My experiences have been very positive, indeed. So, I very much like to come for a few weeks f.i.. However, for the sake of convenience, our base will remain here in Holland.     

Q. You are one of the few teachers, who extends his commitment to society. Shouldn't you therefore aim at a position, in which you will be able to actively bring about the transformations, that you say, are so dearly needed?

A. Tell me how, and I will do it!

Q. In Germany, the country I live in, youth criminality is a big issue. Politicians mainly talk about punishments and prisons. Your proposals would touch the core of the problem, though. My question: how could society bring about the necessary changes, in order to give our youth perspective in life, once again? I would like to start something.

A. Thanks for your commitment. It is very encouraging, indeed! Start on a small scale. Share your insights and compassion with others. Leave everything else to the "Cosmos".

Q. Obviously, there are countries in the world, that belong to the hopefuls, while others aren't. Which ones will take the lead, you think, in the coming years, to overcome the global crisis?

A. Are you seeking for a safe haven (haha)? No, seriously, I think it will be those countries, who happen to be confronted with (big) disaster, first. Maybe it is Spain, confronted with desertification. Maybe it is India, where the agro-industry is exploiting local farmers. Maybe it the US, after the collapse of their "democracy". Maybe it is the Germans, because concern is part of their "collective soul". Or is it YOU, simply because YOU become committed?.......

Q. I like your idea about TransStay. I think the need for contact e.g. exchanging spiritual insights and experiences, is tremendous. Next summer I have to move. After that, I very much like to become a host (I live in Germany).


Q. I strongly feel, that the era of individualism is over. Looking at all those, who are pursueing their "personal enlightenment", I am totally disillusioned. Without exception, the only thing they are interested in, is themselves. Therefore, I am totally impressed by your commitment to the community. Especially, matriarchy is an eye-opener to me.

A. Work on "sisterhood". Solidarity among women is the pre-requisite for A New Community!

Q. I am from Israel. Last year I stumbled over your website. Ever since, I got familiar with some of your ideas. In particular, the Feminine as a binding factor had a great appeal to me. How could She bring about peace and reconciliation in my country?

A. Obviously, this is a most important issue. I can understand, that for you (and many others) peace is a "matter of life and death". However, even in your case, there is no other way, but to go back to the Source, first. Where else, your insights, love and strength, would come from? Once renewed, you may start an interreligious project, focussing on the "Maternal Dimension of God", as professed in Judaism and Islam.*

* E.g. the Shekinah and Allah in His Aspect of the Merciful. By emphasizing inclusiveness, you may find a common basis.

Q. I just quitted a spiritual master, who is emphasizing vegetarianism in such a way, that it has become a dogma. You, on the other hand, have a very balanced view on it. I have to eat meat, because of a health problem. Expressing my gratitude to the animals before the meal, has given me so much consolation. It has opened my heart to all living beings, something, all those years of vegetarianism were never able to bring about.   

A. Instead of an outsider, you have become an insider! True?

Q. Let's celebrate the Great Mother in ALL circumstances and the earth will be saved.

A. ......................................................

Q. I am a representative of a Mother Temple in the South of India. Your idea of a World MatriCommunity has found response in my neighbourhood. How could we become more involved, in the sense of networking with others? Especially, contacts with people from other religions would interest us a great deal.

A. Once a beginning is made, data about participants will automatically be distributed. Then you may choose those people, with whom you want to communicate, yourself. Moreover, you will receive a regular overview of the activities of everybody involved. I wish you lots of success!

Q. Most spiritual teachers exclude the world as it is. It seems, that only by doing so, they manage to maintain their inner balance. You, on the other hand, call everything by its name and still remain joyful. I take my hat off to that!

A. I take my hat off to the Mother!

So, these were the questions. I really enjoyed being in contact with you. Thanking all of you for your commitment,

Yours sincerely,

Up to Step 6: "Healing the Economy"

February 8, 2000

Step 6: "Healing the Economy"

Yesterday, I walked in the forest. Large areas full of snowdrops, all around. I had the experience of being part of omni-present snowdrop energy. Magic!

You probably think, that the "economy" would be the least interesting topic to me. Wrong. Actually, I have been very much looking forward to it. It is not because I understand a lot of it. What I do understand, though, is, that without radical changes in the "socio-economic sector", the planet is not going to be saved. My own efforts, aiming at MotherRight and Community Democracy f.i., would be all futile. Aren't all initiatives, until now, aiming at A New World - artists, hippies, students, leftists, trade unions, women, third world, spirituality, new age - absorbed by the SYSTEM?

So, I did my utmost to at least coming to some key conclusions. First of all, let's be clear about the fact, that all talk about e.g. water shortage, pollution, climate change, loss of bio-diversity, hunger, injustice, war etc. is really beating about the bush. They are all symptoms, rather than causes. Instead of being "separate" problems, they all can be easily reduced to one big underlying trouble.

That root cause is the ongoing spiral of overproduction and overconsumption. It follows its own destructive logic, independent from socio-cultural-religious-ethical considerations. Prof.dr.E.Vermeersch once called this the STC-complex, in which science inventing, technology applying and capitalism making profit. It can be compared with a cancer-growth, undermining the body of the host. Its only aim is profit-making. In order to achieve this, they let nothing stand in their way. It is a vicious circle of profit, investment, overproduction, finding cheap labor and new markets (expansion), sales, overconsumption, profit, once again, and paying their shareholders.

As a consequence, water and energy shortages emerge, the environment is being polluted, bio-diversity is lost, the atmosphere is saturated with C02, poor people are exploited, hunger and migration increases, and wars are waged. Everything in the name of "progress".

While they talk about a shining technological future, the lives of ordinary people are destroyed. The combination of stress, depression, alienation, illness, violence, loneliness, meaninglessness and confusion is the price we pay for our collective self-addiction. Recently, the West started to feel the negative impact of ruthless profit-making, as well. F.i. the Germans, as they were confronted by the grasshopper policies of multinational corporations. Unemployment, poverty (including that of children), youth criminality, decay of neighborhoods, an insecure future, etc. etc. are the adverse effects.  

Obviously, we are all part of the SYSTEM. Therefore, as long as we stay addicted to products we don't need, the SYSTEM will go on until the bitter end. So the key question is "how long will they be able to palm all kinds of unnecessary needs on us, things which don't make us any happier, at all?" Or putting it differently. What do we prefer: peace, durability, a humane society, friendship, respect, cooperation....or to suffocate in our own accumulations?

To be continued.      

February 9, 2000

For 700 years, Western society had been under the spell of greed, profit, expansion and exploitation*. Now it is them, who start suffering from it, as well. It stems to great optimism. Not that I expect, that whole nations suddenly abandon capitalism. Great transformations always start with a few people, sometimes even because of one person (Buddha, Jesus), only. I pray to the Mother, that more and more (spiritual) people may stand up. First of all, it is the "death and rebirth" aspect of the Law of the Universe, that dictate us how to live. It says, that if you want to have a sustainable future, you have to strive for balance. Accumulation, on the other hand, is a great "sin" against the Mother. It transgresses Her cosmic balance. So, if you are really spiritual, accepting the Law of the Universe as a guideline, then you start taking the lead with rejecting materialism.

* Ironically, the Knights Templar (14th century), this "very spiritual organization", gave a big push to accumulating wealth....

This is confirmed by every days' life experience. Being and having prove to be opposites. The more you "are" , the less your need for material things. Compare it with love. If you really love each other, you can live "from the wind". The same is true with regard to spiritual fulfillment, friendship, creative talents, meaningful work, living in nature or being a respected member of the community. Once fulfilled with Being, having looses its attraction. It then shows its true face: a surrogate to real life. Fortunately, nowadays, more and more people are discovering this simple truth. Moreover, under the threat of global disaster, sooner or later, larger scale changes will certainly occur, as well.

Spirituality (religion) and capitalism are excluding each other  

One never knows, when and how the breakthrough may happen. One enlightened leader is enough to get the ball roling. What if such a leader would say to his (Western) nation: "Enough is enough. Do we really need the choice between hundreds of different types of cars, toothpastes, espresso machines or vacuums? I am going to make you an offer. What if we reverse our economy to the level of 1970? Were the 70ties such bad times? No, they weren't. Are we happier now? No, we aren't. This surge of material goods is not good for us. We stop the growth in favor of an economy of balance*. In exchange we start focussing on the quality of life, cooperation, peace, health, happiness, modest prosperity, justice and durability for all, without exception. My people, what would be your answer?"

* Some time ago a very courageous/leading article was published in one of the major Dutch newspapers. It suggested exactly the same thing: stopping growth, while clearing the way for an economy of balance.

We don't work for a living; we work to keep the SYSTEM going

Suppose, I would be the advisor to such a leader. He wants to materialize his plan. My proposal would be twofold. First of all, the production has to be re-organized according to the principles of self- reliance, sustainability and subsidiarity. It means, that everything you can produce yourself, you are. Things that you cannot produce yourself, you import from neighboring countries (Europe f.i.). Things that cannot be imported from neighboring countries, you import from oversees. A castle in the air? Remember, the SYSTEM - any system - is not an everlasting one. How would you organize the economy after the "big bang?"

We have to consider the priorities of a post-capitalist society. It can be summarized by three major concerns: an economy of balance, restoring the integrity e.g. the sovereignty of the community, while optimizing our relationship with nature. Doesn't our survival depend on it? A plan should thus include all of them, equally. Here comes the climax. We collectively decide, that everybody voluntarily start working for the community, in its broadest sense, half a day, every day. In exchange, all citizins receive a basic income, large enough to pay basic costs, like housing, eating, energy, transportation, basic education and health care. The other half of the day is free, e.g. you can spend it the way you like, from leisure to money making. All other structures, institutions and provisions of society will subsequently be re-organized accordingly.

Too crazy or not crazy enough? Work it out for yourself! Share it with others!

See also: "A New Economy" and "Politics of Happiness"

February 10, 2000

Step 7: "Healing the Earth"

Part 1

I bow down to the mystery of existence
Taking refuge in the All-Embracing Womb
Without the Mother I would have gone astray

My rebirth was a wondrous event
Nothing, truly nothing I owed to myself in this regard
I didn't know where IT was coming from

Slowly rebuilding the house of my life
Always reluctant, finding no relief from being Nothing
Dancing on the waves of joy

Staying in my Heaven of Perfection
Why going out to those, who will not understand
It worked for too long a period of time

Exploring the directives given to me
One step after the other, then retiring, no sense at all
At last, finding the courage to be my Self

I know about the Source hidden in the wasteland
Inviting all those who are thirsty and confused
To be saved is not taken lightly

So, let's come together in Her Space
Meeting, taking refuge, asking for healing, beauty
Love, faith, enlightenment and friendship

O, yes, let's heed Her call without delay
Of co-creating A New Heaven and A New Earth
Doing everything in Her Name

She is giving us the gift of trust
Always backing us, like every good mother
Through Her our Wholeness is infectious

Being a prisoner of Eternity
Effortlessness is the gate to all achievements
Gratefulness the foundation of life

How can you feel so secure
In these times of unprecedented trouble
Are you not afraid, people are asking me

No, time and again, I just do what I have to do
Guided by the unfathomable Great Mother
May you also get wings and fly

Part 2

In these most critical of times our greatest fear is to head for nothingness
That's why we are burying our heads in the sand
Escaping in work, making money, trivialities, distractions and entertainment
However, the more we deny, the more painful we will be confronted with our fate

I have very good news for you
Nothingness appears not to be that fearful end, at all
On the contrary, it is a Cosmic Womb, embracing the whole of existence
In "Her" everything old, sick and ugly dies, giving birth to the new and the young

Existence is so kind to us, even in times like ours
Did you ever realize, that a Heavenly Mother is taking care of us?
She is the Cauldron of Regeneration, the Source of ever-lasting life
Surrender to Her and you will be saved

She has granted me Her secret, showing me the Way
Having sent me to the earth with a liberating message to all living beings
May you awake from the sleep of ignorance, self-indulgence and confusion
Finding your way back Home, without delay

Awakening is the most important step in emancipation
The inner leap from the one you thought you were to your Real Self
Discovering your inner Space, containing thoughts, emotions and desires
You are free!, granting them their freedom, as well

While returning to the realm of the living
You shine, while everything is shining with you
You vow to dedicate your life to the wellbeing of all, without reservation
To start with yourself. Joy, joy, gratitude

The Universal Way includes 7 steps:
Awakening, personal integration, being rooted in Heaven & Earth,
Breakthrough of the Light, purification, taking refuge in the Great Mother and
Service/compassion. It is available to every sincere seeker.

Every step is one toward greater insight, love and strength
It is a never ending affair, a spiral that takes you to ever growing Wholeness
Leading to inclusivity, loving "everybody and everything like yourself"
Will you become one of the world's hopefuls?

In that case, become part of the Mother's web of life
The unity of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again
Isn't to be fruitful the ultimate goal of life for everyone?
Are you ready for "Healing the Planet?"

Come follow me, together we embark on this incredible journey
Let's share it with everyone in need, regardless race, religion or culture
Aren't we all in the same boat? Yes, we are.
So, rejoice we have no choice

Feverishly, we teach the 7 stages
"Healing Yourself", "Healing Each Other", "Healing the Community", "Healing
the Tradition", "Healing Society", "Healing the Economy" and "Healing the Earth"
To everybody who wants to hear it.

Part 3

"Thought play"

If it would appear that the Mother has no need to be fruitful (through me)
I immediately stop sharing IT
Because I always do the will of the Cosmos

In that case it is Her unfathomable secret
Neither having needs nor a purpose, only arbitrarily delighting a passer-by
I feel to just have come into the prices

At a certain moment I will just start doing what pleases me
But what is left in that regard?
The only sense for me is to talk about the Great Mother

Only by sharing the Ultimate I feel most happy and fulfilled
Thus, the Mother manifests Herself through what I like to do most
To Be Who I Am

She wants me to have a "good time", joy generating new joy
So, She still does express Herself through me!
The circle has closed again

So, yes, this Blog is an important guideline
However, ultimately, come to the Mother as a child, totally carefree
And She will be taking care of you

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