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January 20, 2000 

Part 1

This morning I thought about the background of individualism and materialism. Most people consider this as the outcome of some sort of "natural law". Others simply think that this is inherent to "progress". F.i. I saw a Western company director on television, saying coolly that "the sales of more cars to Vietnam, will certainly destroy the beautiful centers of the cities there, but this is the price we have to pay for progress". Of course, what he meant was, that everything is subordinate to the new religion of profit making. The question only is, why at the same time, Westeners are irresistably drawn to exactly these unspoilt places, escaping "progress", whenever they can?

If we are indeed the "crown of creation", why is it then, that we increasingly feel unconfortable? If modernity is the "natural outcome of evolution", why TV channels in Europe almost around the clock show programmes about "primitive societies?" Maybe Western society isn't complying with the deepest needs of human beings. I myself experienced repeatedly, how I felt more at home in societies that were considered "backward". Obviously, there wasn't the luxery as we know it. But what about the kindness of the people, the inner balance they display despite their poverty? Aren't we attracted to the sense of togetherness, expressed in their community life, their rituals and festivals?       

Apparently, there are two opposite movements in our society: one toward "progress" and one toward going back to the roots. While the mega-machine of science, technology and capitalism destroys everything that comes in its way, we desperately search for small pockets of paradise left. "Progress" doesn't include society as a whole. On the contrary. While "privatising" is thriving, the "rest" of society increasingly suffers. When is this schizophrenia going to end? Is it really necessary, that we first have to destroy everything in order to save it?

Maybe it would help, if we go back in history a little. Has it always been like this? Can indeed a "natural progress" be traced? Is there an "iron logic" in history, that inescapably leads us in one direction, only?

Part 2

In the history of mankind three dramatic transitions have determined the face of he world. First of all, it is the current global crisis, in which the survival of the planet is at stake. This crisis didn't come out of the blue, but originated in earlier times, though: both at the end of the Middle Ages (and the beginning of the Renaissance) and with the beginning of patriarchy in the late Bronze Age (Pre-history). I will elaborate on them in reverse order.

What happened at that time (16th century) was in its turn the last phase of a process, that started with Christianity as a state religion (5th century AD). From that moment on, this new religion put its full power in trying to wipe out all its competitors. Before, it was Jesus' legitimate successor - Mary Magdalene - who was defeated by hardline patriarchs like Peter and Paul. The Gnostics, those who searched for inner Illumination were suppressed. The third wave was directed against the "pagans". Many of them were still adherents to the old MotherGoddess religion. Their last temples were "closed" in the 6th century AD.

Now, don't think this confrontation was a fair one. It wasn't on equal terms, since the Church had control over worldly power. Then, they had to suffer a painful setback. The Roman Empire collapsed. It was the beginning of the "Dark Ages" with chaos, violence, war and huge migrations. It were Irish monks, who had the dubious honour of saving the Church. It were them who went to the continent to found numerous monasteries. Thousands of books and manuscripts - Christian and Classical - were copied e.g. preserved. Once, state control was restored, the crusade of the Church against its "opponents" again sparked off with great intensity, though.

What was the essence of the oppression? Before Christianity, religious experience and practices consisted of direct contact with "Heaven, earth and the community". The entire existence was considered sacred. The Church, on the other hand, wasn't interested in "inner experience". Blind belief in God, Jesus and the Church was the only thing that counted. So, it tried to destroy all those - "heretics" - who participated in the Divine as an omni-present Power.

Despite e.g. thanks to this oppression, in the early Middle Ages, all kinds of spiritual and mystical movements popped up. Like there were Hadewijch, Ruusbroec, Eckhart, the Brothers and Sisters of the Free Spirit, the poverty groups, the Cathars and many others.

At the same time, the Church started to focus its efforts on all those, who still had an intimate relationship with the earth. These were mostly women. Over the centuries, they had managed to preserve old wisdom e.g. knowledge about the seasons, the cycles, fertility, child birth, healing and herbs. To the Church this was an eye sore. It was an area that was hidden from their control. Moreover, intimate contact with the earth, the body, pleasure, eroticism and sex "reminded" them too much of the ancient Mother Religion. It kept people under the spell of "the flesh". Thus, very soon, nature was considered as the opponent of God, the devil in person...

It all culminated in an orgy of terror, lasting many centuries.

To be continued.

January 21, 2000 

Last but not least, the foundation e.g. the coherence of the community was destroyed. Belief systems, common values, customs, rituals and celebrations were ruthlessly wiped out. Nothing should remain of the old "pagan" practises. The strategy: everything had to be replaced by "Christian values". Contrary to the first centuries, this time, the new religion was forced upon people. Those who resisted the conversion were persecuted mercilessly. For many centuries, the entire society* was in the grip of terror (inquisition, witch hunt), with hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered. 

* Even "outsiders", like Jews (pogroms), Muslims (crusades), philosophers (G.Bruno), scientists (Galilei) and native peoples (South America) had to "face the consequences".

At last, the spirit of the people was broken. Their entire existence irreparably destroyed. Contrary to their former life-affirmative attitude, they had to believe, that their very life was sinful from the very beginning. It was said to be ruled by "darkness" and only belief in Christ could redeem them from their fate. To many, this was simply unacceptable. They had no choice but to fall back on the only area of life, that wasn't affected by the terror: the ego. So, this is how the "Renaissance" started. A holistic world had come to an end, in order to be replaced by a self-centered lifestyle.

People enjoyed their new freedom enthusiastically. Everything - from literature to painting, from science to politics, from philosophy to commerce - started flowering.

However, they didn't realize the price they had paid. It was simply too painful to look back. Instead, people focussed on the future, only. F.i., while in the Middle Ages, to get something back with interest was considered anti-social, centres of early capitalism emerged. Making profit e.g. enriching yourself wasn't reprehensible anymore.

If ego is taken out of context, it "starts a life of its own". If it cannot return to its Origin - the Divine - anymore, then, it has no choice but blowing itself up. If the ties with the roots are cut, it becomes obsessed with the future. The inner balance between action and resting in your Deeper Self fades away. The result is eternal restlessness, a mind that is never at ease with ItSelf. Ever since, it has become the drive behind Western society.

The point is, that this wasn't the outcome of some kind of "natural evolution". On the contrary. Our ego-society is the result of a centuries' long deliberate and ruthless destruction of people's existence. Ever since, our ego-culture has further degenerated*. Whatever later influences, the crucial factor in this process had been Christianity. Hence, the latter being responsible for the individualism and materialism, that we see today.

* See also: "The Shattered West" (German, Dutch)

How cynical. The Church first creating "secularism" in order to subsequently fighting it. Pope Benedict once said: "the European soul is dead", however, without referring to the fact, that it was the Church itself, that killed it. Furthermore, raising its voice against violence and war, while being itself one of the most intolerant institutions, the world has ever seen. The Church as a champion of "respect for nature" and durability, while during 2000 years, it had consistently denounced the earth as being an instrument of the devil*.

* A protestant theologian from the US, touched the right spot. He said: "obviously, nowadays, everybody has to cooperate, in order to turn the crisis we are in, including Christians. However, the latter should always do this with an underlying sense of guilt, humility and remorse". Something I fully agree with.

Many suffer the consequences, even today. Their souls are still tormented. Maybe, to know how it all started, helps to understand your pain a little better. My advice: accept your alienation, the more you feel it, the stronger your longing for Wholeness.     

Subsequently, extending your Wholeness to the Community.  

January 22, 2000 

Step 3 "Healing the Community"

Part 1

Last night I had a very chaotic dream. I relate it to the fact, that I started to do more exercises. In the hermitage I tend to neglect my body a little. So, I decided to do something about it. Suddenly, metabolism got a boost. With the result, that all kinds of stored wasteproducts entered the bloodstream, causing "a wild west" in my brain.

At the end of the tunnel, there is Light. It is the meaning of today's suffering. Especially those, who have the courage to experience it, will come out empowered. They leave their personal sorrows behind, in order to be fully available. Sharing your inner paradise with others will be irresistable to you.You "live your dream, rather than dreaming your life". I consider myself to be a forerunner in this regard. Indeed, there is nothing that identifies myself with petty problems, anymore. I know from experience, that the Mother grants everybody Her Light Body. In fact, it is your True Nature from Eternity.

Life, really, is so generous. Especially to those, who are prepared to make life-itself the priority. To give in to your deepest longings, if possible without compromise, is where it is all about. Life, really, is so inviting. So, don't waste your time!

It is comparable with the search for the Holy Grail. When you experience, that your trials and tribulations only strengthen your resolve, then you are on the right Path. You will certainly arrive. And it will be more than you can imagine. Coming Home is an overwhelming experience. It is the triumph of being the One You Really Are. No words can describe it. One thing is sure: you will never be the old self, anymore. Surely, sooner or later the ego comes back. But it will take up the place it naturally deserves: that of a servant. Not a servant in its own right, but obeying the Purpose, for which it was created.

Friends! A new era is dawning. Maybe you have already felt it. I am so happy to see, that everywhere people are seeking for a new kind of mutual support, sharing and solidarity. Intentional communities are sprouting. They want to do something for a new world. Singles are fed up with their self-centered lifestyle and start living together (German: "Wohngemeinschaften"). So, my intuition was right. I compare these times with the Dark Ages. The time after the collapse of the Roman Empire. A time characterized by disintegration, confusion and chaos. This is for sure going to happen in the near future, as well. The answer is joining forces.

We will need each other! So, I invite everyone, who want to start a new life, together with others. I feel it as the core of my mission to stimulate e.g. support all those of you, who want to start a spiritual community. The starting point is a genuine "calling". Without that it won't work. It will be needed for empowerment, inspiring others and overcoming future obstacles. The world needs a new commitment. If you are such a person, and you like my approach, then cooperation could be an option. It first  depends on you. Once your inner voice is strong enough, you may contact me any time. We then can start a process of consultation, guidance and support to help you realizing your "dream".

Part 2 

From yesterday's story it will be clear, that the fury of the Church was directed at three main categories of people. First there were the ones - Gnostics, Mystics - seeking God-Realization. They were called "heretics"*, committing the highest possible crime: pride and blasphemy. Then there were the ones - mostly women - who lived in direct contact with the earth. They were called "witches". The "rest", as far they still practised "pagan" beliefs - which almost everybody did - was considered suspect. What is crucial to our approach is the fact, that these main groups represent the three pillars of existence e.g. "Heaven, earth and the community".

* Actually, very little was needed to be called a heretic. Everybody who held a view different from the official canon, could be called like that.

The advantage of our analysis is, that we have a precise diagnosis of our suffering. Thanks to it, the therapy will be much more effective. You guess it: it is called "Restoring the unity with Heaven, earth and the (new) community". The first two categories have been elaborated in Blog 1 and 2 respectively. Hence, the community is the central issue here*. I have already talked about "Sovereign Living" and the "MotherCircles" as two possible steps toward community building. In practice, to really establish a viable community is not easy. From religious communities I have learned, that especially individual problems e.g. disbalances are posing the greatest obstacles.

* Thus far,  I  elaborated on establishing a spiritual community. Later, this may be extended to the larger social community. See: "The First Steps".

It proves how important it is, that future members have worked on personal integration, before! Furthermore, the pre-requisites for a thriving community is threefold. First of all, it should be centered around a shared common value. Something that is embraced by every member. The most powerful one is the dedication to one single Deity. Secondly, a daily spiritual schedule should be practised. Every member must consider this schedule as being beneficial to his or her spiritual growth. Depending on the situation, spiritual leadership should be accepted. This can be a democratically elected person. Finally, the group should practice some form of working for the well-being of others (non-members).

It appears, that in order to establish a viable community - I call the communities "Transformatoria" - we have very good cards, indeed. The All-Embracing Great Mother* is the Source of inspiration, support and coherence for the entire community. She is the Unity in diversity. She represents new values - interconnectedness, joy, love, courage, respect, care, wholeness, peace, justice and strength - necessary for the community to flower. Secondly, what else could empower, balance and enlighten you more than "The Universal Way?"** Its seven Steps are the foundation of spiritual life. Integrated in the daily schedule of the community, it will provide an optimal growth of everybody involved. Thirdly, I talked about the necessity of doing "charity work".

* See: Blog 1 and "Turn On"

* See: Blog 2, "The Universal Way Overview" and an extensive elaboration on the "The Universal Way".        

It not only serves the purpose of income and survival, but guarantees the goodwill of the population, as well. This will prove to be very crucial, indeed. I can't think of anything more "suitable", but offering "Mother Healing"* to people. It consists of pain treatments, based on the unique Chinese guasha therapy*. All members of the community, whatever their role in daily life, will receive a training, consisting of Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. The former includes a "Universal Way" intensive, the second a course in Chinese guasha therapy, combined with the basics of Flow System Therapy and the Personal Health Plan**, while the latter consists of the basics of community building.

* See: For Dutch: http://home.wanadoo/guasha

** See:

Moreover, our "Transformatoria" will be part of a worldwide network: the "Universal Mother Council". It serves worldwide exchange, mutual support and inspiration. A very exciting prospect, indeed!

Do you feel inspired? Further info & contact below. 

January 23, 2000 

This morning I felt absolutely joyful. An abundance of energy was overflowing from my Being. I interpret it as Mother's confirmation to the commitment I made yesterday: to put founding communities on top of my agenda. "Energy" as such has no particular meaning, though. Many believe that "everything is energy". That is not so. The Cosmos is Empty. It is the Ultimate Reality. It is giving birth to the Light and the universe. Hence, "energy" is secundary. The highlights of spiritual Realization is to be totally empty of everything. In that case, you become the Valley of Peace, "smiling without reason".

The taboo on Realization is the main cause of the exodus of Christian monasteries. It is not the monasteries as such. On the contrary, in these most critical of times they are more needed than ever. It is the atmosphere of decay, that scare off people. Indeed, no living spirit whatsoever can be felt in those places. It is the direct consequence of the doctrines of the Church. You should "follow" Jesus, except realizing his Divine Essence. However, how can you put all these qualities like "love of one's fellow (wo)man" into practice, if you are not allowed to realize the Source from which those qualities are emerging? Poor Christians, they really fall between two stools.

Put the pope next to a Buddhist monk and you will see the difference. While the pope tries hard to look holy, the monk IS IT*. Buddhism is much more consistent than Christianity in this regard. Both profess the Ultimate to be Omni-Present, penetrating the whole universe without exception. If it is penetrating everything, including you and me, then your and my Essence is Divine. Therefore, in Buddhism, everybody is a (potential) Buddha. Confronting Christianity with its own Truth, it would mean, that "everybody is a (potential) Christ". It complies with our view, that Realization is an ongoing process, including countless men and women of all times.

* Obviously, I do not mean, that every Buddhist monk is a Realized One (haha)!

Halleluia, isn't that GREAT?! Without false humility, we can just be open about the immeasurable Grace of God-Realization. "Yes, at the deepest level of my Being, I Am THAT". The mystery of this your birth is, that it comes out of the bottomless Abyss of the Cosmic Womb. Light is born out of Darkness, as you will remember*. Hence, those gifted with ultimate insight will refer to the Mother as the Birthgiver. Therefore, the Mother, in Her full Glory of Origin, Light Body and Material Body, is the aim of our worship. Surrender to Her, and She will give you everything you need**. Instead of ambition, the underlying emotion is gratitude. It is this kind of Realization we pursue in our Transformatoria.  

* See my "mandala" on the opening page of my website.

** If you need suffering, She will give you that, too. Teresa of Avila was deeply convinced of the necessity of pain as initiation, as the gate to a new level of Consciousness. Therefore, when she was in a crisis, she prayed: "Lord give me more of it".

The Glory of the Mother

If you don't accept pain voluntarily, it will dominate you involuntarily.

In the Name of the Mother, I embrace you all.

January 24, 2000

On the land around our house, trees are being planted. Very young fruit trees, still with a few branches and no leaves. Could that be the "cause" of my dream, last night? I dreamed about a tree starting to grow just in front of our door. It was very, very lush and green. It continued growing, displaying a mix of big tropical leaves, flowers and fruits. At last it was so huge, that it seemed to be the center of the universe. I stood there speechless and with awe.

Both yesterday and today, some friends sent me some questions about "Healing the Community". Here they are:

Q. Han Marie, as you know from your own experience in Holland, the idea of joining a community is just "a bridge too far" to most people. Isn't your vision a little bit unrealistic?

A. I agree, it is not for everyone. To "convince" everybody isn't my aim, though. Let me put it this way. It is most realistic to those, who have a realistic feeling about themselves and reality....

Q. Dear Sermes. Nowadays, almost all initiatives consist of people, who want to pursue their own interests, first. How to overcome this obstacle?

A. First, there is the drive from within. It is called "calling". It is bestowed upon you. If it is strong enough, then you have to follow it. Secondly, there are the outer necessities. More and more people can't stand to stand on their own, anymore. They see, that both individualism and materialism are dead ends, leading to self-destruction.

Q. Hi! I've read your website with great interest. Last week I happened upon your "Reborn Order" story. My question: is this part of the Transformatorium project, as well?

A. No and yes. Initially, I wrote it on request of a friend*. The question was to write a virtual design for a modern "Knight's Templar" Order. Later, I started adjusting it a little to my own vision. So, one day, it might become integrated into the context of the whole. Something like an Order for those (only!), who want to commit themselves for life. At the moment, this is still not an option, though. 

* See: "Reborn Order"

Q. This is the most balanced, exciting and promising initiative I have seen in years. Open, inclusive and interreligious. Exactly what is needed today. I still need some time to finish some things in my life. Very soon I will come back to you with a proposal to start a community here in the US. Thanks and God....the Mother....bless you.

A. In my heart, I already have joined you. We should all go back to the Origin to renew ourselves. Last year, after having read your "Turn On" call, I was instantly "converted". Reluctantly, I started to call myself an Original. Deep within I feel: "that's what I truly am". I celebrate this everyday now. Gratitude, Han. See you one day!

Q. Hello! My question: "what is your role in this regard?"

A. Inspiring, supporting, empowering, guiding, training and supervising. As far as physically possible, I'll come to every new community, initiating it into the basics: Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service.

Q. Could you tell me something about the way Transformatoria are organized?

A. They are largely autonomous, taking care of their own daily affairs, cooperating both with each other and the international coordination. The three pillars: "Worship", the daily schedule based on "The Universal Way" and "Mother Healing" are obligatory to all, the latter being free to choose additional activities, like organic agriculture, a IT company, producing handicrafts, books etc.

Let's all embrace each other!

January 25, 2000

The Transformatoria are serving several goals simultaneously. First of all, it is the spiritual growth e.g. wellbeing of its members. Secondly, it aims at maintaining, developing and promoting A New Spirituality based on the Great Mother. Thirdly, it tries to serve the personal interest of all those, who search for the meaning of life. Apart from the "Mother Healing", the Transformatoria cordially invite seekers to join its daily schedule of meeting, talk, Q&A, meditation/contemplation and worship*. Hence, hospitality to be an important additional activity. Centres, that have the capacity of bedding people, may offer "The Universal Way" retreats**.

* Every Transformatorium makes its own choices/combinations, however, everything based on "The Universal Way"

** The advantage: unlike spiritual centers, who design all kinds of different events all the time, for which new flyers, mailings etc. have to be made, we simply offer our own daily schedule. Thus, people are free to come and go as they like, causing us a minimum of effort. PS. Morever, the retreats will bring additional income, as well.

The advantage may be clear. Both guests and members will empower each other with their spiritual Path. Guests have the opportunity of retiring into silence and reflection, while the members are stimulated to keep up a high quality of daily commitment. Thinking of hospitality reminds me of the sixties. One of the most inspiring things was, that you always could find free stay somewhere. The atmosphere of friendship was very uplifting, indeed. Nowadays, the high costs of staying is an important obstacle for new initiatives to evolve. Hence, to link our activities to a new kind of "homestay" network for spiritual seekers, may well meet important needs. Think of the prospect: wherever you go, you will always find spiritual friends and a hospitable home!

Why not starting it rightnow? My proposal - called TransStay - is the following. In anticipation of the founding of the Transformatoria, everybody who feels committed to our "Healing the Planet" initiative may open up their home for "kindred spirits", offering guests a room to stay. How many nights depends on mutual agreement. Some hosts will feel comfortable with setting a maximum, others may have no limit. Sharing meals is something that have to be agreed upon in advance. The same with additional services, like transportation or sightseeing. In principle, guests pay the host a (minimum) donation. In case the host is destitute, the contribution has to be accordingly*. In practice, TransStay could work with a minimum of effort. Promoting mutual exchange, spiritual inspiration, friendship and peace in this tormented world, wouldn't that be worthwhile? 

* Which could provide the former some additional income. A very good start to do something about justice in the world....   

Two things have to be organized well. First of all, a list with hosts is a sine qua non. So, potential hosts, wherever you are, be it in Germany, Poland, Israel, South Korea, India, Spain, Japan, the US, Italy, Australia, France, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina** or any other country....send me the following data: your name, address, zipcode, county (province/state), country, telephone, fax, e-mail address and website (if any)*. Tell me what you want to offer to your guests. F.i. how many rooms you have for how many persons, the limit of stay, do you offer breakfast, lunch or an evening meal, do people have to call you in advance, if so, how many days/hours, do you offer other facilities, if so, which ones (f.i. transportation) and last but not least, mention your conditions: free stay or a minimum donation of how many dollars/euro's?   

* I will publish an empty list here in the website. Please, download it, fill it in and send it back to us by e-mail or mail.

** In the second three months of 2007, I had 150.000 entries to my "Ultimate Sutra" page. They came from all corners of the world. The countries mentioned above scored highest.

The other side of the coin. To guarantee an optimal situation for both hosts and guests, simultaneously taking care of the safety concerns of the former, I invite potential candidates to fill in a (small) questionnaire, to be downloaded from the internet. After having completed it, please, send it back to us by e-mail or mail. This document will stay with us and will only be used for informing the host. So, the moment you contact a host, telling who you are, together with your subscription number, the host will ask our coordination team for the "green light". Depending on the information you gave us, we will be able to confirm the deal. Although, in practice, this will pose hardly any problem, at all, the hosts have the right to always refuse a guest, without mentioning the reasons*.

* This seems very reasonable to us. It is their home, after all.  

Since I started "Healing the Planet", a couple of years ago, I never have asked for support. MeiMei and I payed everything from our (very) modest income. It took a while before it dawned to us, that our work is filling up an important gap. We are one of the few, who go to the root causes of the global crisis. It therefore deserves to be supported by other people. So, if you are wealthy (enough) and - like us - concerned about the world as it is developing itself rightnow, and happen to seek for a possibility to contribute funds or property, to an initiative that really touches your heart and mind, then, you may think of us. Our priorities are 1. Financial support for development, travelling, stay, coordination, pr and events and 2. Real estate for establishing our Transformatoria. Please, give generously!*

* Despite our need for support, we don't want to become an organization with a bureaucracy and everything related to it. Therefore, we prefer not to receive money directly, but indirectly e.g. supporters who provide in paying our bills, usage of houses etc. If you feel that this is a good idea, please contact us.

Joining forces.

January 26, 2000

Step 4 "Healing the Tradition"

In the Renaissance, the original existence of people was destroyed. It was replaced both by worldly aims, on the one hand, and the gospel world of Christianity, on the other. The latter only being able to maintain its dominant position by fear and force. As soon as the Churches' power faded away, people en masse left the prison they had been in*. How revealing! A Church without power is doomed to disappear. Its virtual tradition dismantled. However, to many, this was the only tradition they knew. It explains the rootlessness of modern times.

* At least in Europe.

The pockets of spirituality, that had managed to survive, lost their meaningful context - sources, disciplines, teachers, lifestyle - as well. Everything went wild. In current times, spirituality has become totally instrumental, serving all kinds of purposes. Individual people use it to "feel better". Everybody is creating "his or her own truth". It has to serve a self-centered lifestyle. Obsessed by stress-reduction, they hope "spirituality" will polish off the sharp edges of the rat race.

Recently, big business also has "discovered" it. F.i., they exploit spirituality with their advertising and sales activities. But that isn't all. All kinds of new-style "teachers" are offering "spiritual" programs, ultimately serving the aim of maximizing profits. Does it sound familiar?: "discovering your deepest Self helps you to become more flexible, creative and effective, while promoting cooperation on the work floor."

The ultimate degeneration, really.     

Friends, the more uprooted you are, the easier you will become victim of the forces of individualism and materialism. Big business is very aware of this. It is part of their strategy. Tradition, on the other hand, is restoring the roots of people. However, we Western people cannot go back to the fake "roots" as we knew them. The only way is to surrender to our True Origin in order to become renewed. Once the New Self is born, equipped with new inspiration, insight and strength, we will be able to "re-construct" the living tradition.

To Restore the Wholeness of Life.

To be continued.

January 27, 2000

What I can recommend to all spiritual teachers is marriage. For there is hardly a better way to be confronted with your weaknesses (haha). Yesterday, MeiMei and I had really an insignificant "fuss about nothing". I immediately felt hurt. (Don't "worry", obviously, on the deepest level you can't be hurt, ever). I even shouted at her. O, I thought, is it still so easy to get out of balance? A little humility surely wouldn't be a bad idea (at all).....

I feel very excited to write about the Tradition. It is the substance of spiritual life, after all. For a long time, we thought we could do without. Until life appeared to consist of working, sleeping, eating (and a little meditation), only. To be part of tradition, on the other hand, gives you a feeling of belonging. Something, an increasing number of peope are desperately seeking. Our Original Tradition* is the oldest in the world, and yet, the most modern one.

* Read the "Origin"

It all started with the Great Mother, as the the Origin of existence. She is the first "House" of the Tradition. It means, that our Tradition is truly authentic, free from any intervention or manipulation. For some this could be already enough. By surrendering to Her, you will be granted every insight you need about Who You Really Are, where you come from and where you are going. In Herstory, the Mother subsequently "went through" a cyclic (spiral) evolution. Originally, She included everything, without exception.

Then, in the Late Stone Age (10.000 BCE), She couldn't held Her superior position, anymore. Her aspects became fragmented and projected into various Goddesses. Their worship lasted many thousands of years (in fact, until this very day). Until the last MotherGoddess - Tiamat - was destroyed by the God Marduk (Book "Enuma Enlil", Babylonia, 1200 BCE). It coincided with the invasions of patriarchal warriors from the North.

The consequence was, that the Goddesses increasingly were "replaced" by male Gods. Culminating in powerful ones, like Jahweh and Zeus. It was the interest of the state that created monotheism. One God, one People, one Leader.....To bring God closer to the people - read, to strengthen the position of the Church - Jesus was declared God. The power went from God Himself to His representative*.

* Did the Church realize that Jahweh, an insignificant tribal storm God, after all, didn't suit their purposes anymore? Was installing Jesus a smooth way to get rid of Him?

In fact, these were all symptoms of decay and degeneration. The dependency of the people, and with it the possibility to control them, increased with every step. At last, the Church showed its true face: "all blessings come from the Church, only". Not surprisingly thus, that the Reformation tried to put an end to this. Equally understandable, that Nietzsche declared God dead. The only prospect left was (is)...Nothingness.

This outcome caused an outburst of joy in me. Because, initially, it was really a big surprise. What it means is, that eventually, everything runs into the Ultimate Abyss of the Universe. Which, obviously, is equal the the Great Mother. Hail to You, Mother! At the depth of our crisis You have deigned to reveal YourSelf to mankind. Nothingness, thus, isn't the "end" - the cause of our deepest fear - but the Cauldron of Regeneration, in which everything old dies in order to become reborn.

The real miracle, though, is that these historical periods comply with the cosmic emanations of the Mother: Her Essence, Light Body and Material Body*.

* Study the Cosmic Womb Mandala. Image: see above.

The Cycle (Spiral) is starting a new round.

To be continued.

January 28, 2000

The day before yesterday, I suffered a setback with entries to my site. Only 300 something. I admit, I felt slightly disappointed. When is my work e.g. the Mother going to have its (Her) breakthrough? Isn't the world in desperate need of it? Followed by: "okay, Mother, I understand Your teaching. You are continuously testing me. Time and again I have to learn not to identify myself with the results of the work. Instead, I have to leave everything to You".*

* Isn't everything coming from Her in the first place?

It was very enjoyable yesterday: my walk in the forest. Bright sunshine, very mild temperature, really a feel of the coming spring. I felt very much spoilt. Not only that. Snowdrops everywhere, hazels that are budding, tits, falcons, a woodpecker.....

I had a dream. I found myself on a very attractive island. There was a luxurious Spa hotel on it. The head of the hotel was a "king". I looked forward to a nice life, so I applied for the job of pastor. They accepted me. Soon it appeared, that my work consisted of helping guests with their suitcases. Something I managed well. Then I had to clean up a corner in very short time. This I hardly could do. Still in the dream I recognized the theme. Always, when I try to design my life according to my own preferences, the Mother is frustrating it...... 

Let me continue the talk now. It is all about the Material Body of the Mother. It is the second "House" of the Tradition, ruled by The Law of the Universe. It consists of "destruction, creation and (relative) permanence". Everything without exception is subjected to it. Look at nature. Isn't everything dying and becoming reborn, all the time? Isn't everything embedded in the (the Mother's) web of life? Isn't the wisdom of eco-systems derived from it? Indeed, in these most critical of times, the fact, that everything is interconnected is one of the most hopeful paradigms, überhaupt.

The Law, obviously, manifests itself in humans, as well. I extensively elaborated on the balance in our cell-growth, already*. But it can be recognized on other levels, too. In order to grow spiritually, we have to let go of the old, all the time: the "Stirb und Werde" of Goethe**. Cling to life (identifications) and you will die; give it up and you will live. The permanence aspect of life, on the other hand, is expressed in the substance, in the relationships we cherish. It is the domaine of women***. Finally, even the rise and fall of civilizations can be linked to it.

* 25% is dying, 25% renewing, while 50% is in a stage of permanence. See above.

** See the second page of my website.

*** See below.

Mother's Law of the Universe could very well serve as a new common denominator to society. Isn't it existential? F.i., everyone is part of the web of life - Heaven, earth and the community - regardless his or her racial, gender, cultural or religious background. Whether you are a Jew, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or a follower of Indigenous belief, everybody shares the same existential foundation.

I developed this idea already some time ago. First of all, in my book "Rooted in Heaven and Earth". It is an historical, cultural and ethnical overview of our roots, an important source book for intercultural understanding. Secondly, in my essay "Existential Consciousness" you will find a passionate plea for a new humane society. Recently, all writings have become integrated in one big book: "Origin".

Macrocosmos is microcosmos.

To be continued.

January 29, 2000

Part 1

Summarizing. Our Tradition consists of various levels or "Houses". They all emerge from the Great Mother (first "House") and Her Law of the Universe (second "House"). Together, they make up "HerStory". From here on, the "Houses" separate along a female line and a male line. The third "House" is called "Wise Women", "MotherRight" or "Matriarchy" and the fourth is called "Green Men" or "HisStory".*

From the second to the third "House" of the Original Tradition is a very logical step. Before I explain why, let me make a short excursion to problems with regard to gender and relationship. In our Western world, there is an increasing confusion about how to live with each other. Old ways - mostly the monogamous marriage - are falling apart, while new forms haven't grown mature, yet*. The problems seem endless, from single mothers to poverty, from absent fathers to youth criminality, from violence in the home to children's abuse, from unemployment to overburdened mothers, from cynical men to "no-kids!"** The whole fabric of social life seems to be hopelessly affected.

* For the logic of my argument, I have to limit myself to the hetero world. It doesn't mean, that my way of thinking is excluding gays and lesbians (at all).

** French female author, campaigning against getting children.

The answer of politics, if any, is symptomatic and fragmented. A little adjustment here, a little soothing there. Everybody is beating about the bush. Or they think, that with "creating jobs" everything can be solved. Very few admit, that the system as a whole got stuck. If all aspects are equally affected, then there must be something that is undermining all parts simultaneously. Ask the people themselves. "What is responsible, you think, for breaking down society?" The judgement is uniform. It is not this or that, they say, but the SYSTEM as a whole* that destroys everything. A very gloomy prospect, indeed.

* The political and economic aspects of the SYSTEM will be elaborated in the corresponding chapters. See below.

Part 2

Before I proceed, I will make an excursion to a totally different society. The purpose is to show, that there are a variety of solutions with regard to "living together". Out of many examples I have chosen the Mosuo, a tribe in the high mountains of Sechuan, China*. This tribe - many researchers say - has a matriarchal social structure. What does that mean? First of all, women are highly respected. They are the head of the family e.g. the clan. They make the important decisions, like division of labor, investments, family affairs and others. To underline this, they are the exclusive owners of property, while administering the finances, as well.

* Through MeiMei I was able to collect quite some information about them.

Property, names and rights are inherited along the female line. To symbolize this, initiation of girls - when they are around thirteen years old - are held. After that, they are considered mature, receiving a seperate room of themselves. Boys also go through initiation. But that doesn't mean a separation from the mother-world. Tthey simply remain part of the maternal clan. No "independence" like we in the West are accustomed to. This means....that a man never gets the opportunity to either accumulate wealth, or money. Social status, on the other hand, goes to the (eldest) brother(s) of the clan mother. He is her "CEO", taking care of good relationships, labour, education of children etc. Men usually don't have a room of themselves. They sleep together in a kind of (small) dormitory.

Initially, you (men!) will be flabberghasted, while reading this. Are those men mad, putting up with it, humiliating themselves? The more so because, if you ask them about their life, they unmistakenly express great satisfaction. So what is their secret? In Mosuo society, everybody agrees, that women are the wisest in managing the daily aspects of life. They are not only clever, saving and just, but also are more committed to real values in life. While men easily waste money in drinking and entertainment f.i., the women invest the same money in education for the children. Women also take less risks than men, hence, it is them who best take care of the stability of the community. With regard to the division of labor: women work hard, doing every kind of work they can do, while men do the work for which greater physical power is needed, while (sometimes) going to the city for work.

What about their mutual relationships, you will ask. Well, both women and men have the freedom to meet and to mate. This is usually called a "visiting marriage". It explains why the woman has a private room! It is the place where she recieves her lover(s). The plural is used, because she is free to finish a relationship anytime she wishes. Now, you will understand, why the men have less comfortable rooms. During the nights, they visit their beloved ones, so, very often, they simply are not there. In the morning, they leave their girlfriends in order to return to the house of their own maternal clan. Children born out of these liaisons, on the other hand, remain part of the household of their wives. Often, the biological father isn't known, to top that, a man is not even allowed to investigate about his possible fatherhood!

A DVD about the life of the Mosuo can be ordered with us.

A culture shock?

To be continued.


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