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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

Does something like that exists?

Dear Friends,

In perods of decay, where everything becomes increasingly relative,
people are searching for new values and norms.
For political issues* this seems to work,
why shouldn't the Cosmos be a guide to new gender
relationships, as well?

* See "Cosmic Governance"

Through reading my letters I hope you picked up one central theme:
life based on the ego WON'T work.
I don't know if this makes things easier, because all you see
nowadays is ego, so it requires quite an investigative attitude.
One advantage: relationships break down like ice-bergs, bringing them back to their most simple building blocks: the single "culture".

From zero-point it seems more easy to experiment.
At the same time there IS some pattern left, though: mothers and children.
Without it no renewal is possible, it is archetypical,
therefore having a link to the Cosmos?

The irony is, that "motherhood" has never experienced a setback as
it does now, mostly among women!
It is women who have to make up for their millennia-old oppression.
They choose to upgrade their "animus", their masculine
(ego) part within.

They are ego and career-oriented, sadly (very) disinterested in
the wellbeing of the Whole.
How fast things can change, it is now men wo are the hopefuls.
They have "seen it all", went through all sufferings of ego-centered ambitions, longing for the real things in life.

Therefore, it seems favorable to bring these two groups together:
mothers and their partners, lovers and friends.
You don't have to look for it, because this pattern can be
found everywhere, already.
They are mostly not aware of the gender-socio-political implications,
which are much more promising than they think.

In the Cosmos the Mother occupies the central position.
She gives birth to Her Celestial Daughters (Goddesses) and Sons (Gods).
A good point of departure has thus been made.
Originally, Mother and Daughters determine the "family" structure.
The Gods ("Vegetation Gods") are the lovers, who come and go.
Doesn't that sound familiar, already?

The problem is not the new kind of relationships, that are growing,
but the fact that a meaningful structure is lacking.
In the (near) future, society will certainly further degenerate.
No government (and certainly no church) will be able to stop this.
The answer has to come from a strong Community.

Cosmic Patterns can very well be used as an inspiring Source.
It says that mothers (together with their children) are the core of society.
Separated from each other, they won't survive, though.
So, mothers have to solidarize, establishing new style clans.
They then invite their partners and friends for "a serious talk".

    In the talks they aim at mobilizing feelings of responsibility,
motivating the men (single women too) to join the clan.
The latter acknowledging the maternal nucleus of the new Communities,
recognizing their own (original) mission* as servants to the Whole.

* Like the Vegetation Gods did, and after them many other heroes.

It is only fair that mothers, after having suffered from male
(ego) oppression for so long, become the leaders of the clan.
They will be the guardians/managers of the finances and wealth of the clan,
while passing this on to their daughter(s). No major decision can
be made without their consent.

It corresponds with the supreme position of the Mother in the Cosmos.
The coming and going of the men fits in this model too.
They are the "moon" circling around the earth.
Operating in a group of friends, problems are solved in a most optimal way.
Monogamic relationships, obviously, can exist, but don't dominate.
Children are raised in the maternal group.

It has to be emphasized, that the role of mothers and women
should not be limited to just the clan. Ideal were, nay, it is a necessity,
that the various clans cooperate. Here the link with what I called
"Cosmic Governance"* becomes clear. Both the "Community Democracy"
as well as the "Economy of Balance" are opportunity for women
to also taking the lead.

* See: Letter "Cosmic Governance"

In the clan men are freed of the "burden" of monogamous parenthood.
On the other hand, they share the work with the women in an equal way.
The surprise: quite some peoples around the world have similar ways.
Especially those, who have not entirely lost contact with ancient
Mother societies, like the Mosuo in Southern China.

Without the need of copying them, many of their inspiring customs
could be tried.*
Good luck and let me know about your experiences!

* See "The Mosuo Model" (German and English).

It is all part of my
Cosmic Mother

Independent, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-commercial

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All rights reserved

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