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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

The ego as the refusal to "die"....

Dear Friends,

All effort finally results in Healing, in Mother Healing.
As I have stated previously, the ego is the major obstacle to Wholeness,
and that nothing in the universe, but Nothingness, is able to curb it.
It is therefore appropriate to give a genealogy from the beginning to
the current day.

It is not a story of just any disorder, on the contrary,
it concerns nothing less than the core of our personalities as it has
evolved from neolithic times, with the raise of male identity.
At that time the Cosmic Womb with Her two Cosmic Forces.
Birth ("Creation") and Death ("Destruction") were (still) perceived as being
the foundation of existence.

Death and Rebirth were (are) responsible for the balance in the universe,
visible in the changing of the seasons, upon which fertility depended.
In order to "secure" it, men (before them the Mother Herself)
ritualized the Cosmic Law by being "Vegetation Gods", "dying every autumn
while being reborn in spring.

Moreover, to emphasize their dependency on the Cosmic Womb
as the Origin of all, an annual "Sacred Marriage" was staged.

Crucial to our topic is to realize, that by embodying the balance in the Cosmos
men - through their cyclic lives - maintained balance in themselves too.
Though annual "dying" the ego was kept within its "natural limits",
it did not transgress the boundaries, set by the Whole.

Until Gilgamesh (2000 BCE) refused to take up his role as the Son/Lover
of Ishtar, the Mother Goddess.

In the course of time men had discovered their role in pro-creation,
together with their "upgrading" as heads of the clan.
In short time they managed to become the rulers, dominating
wealth, women, the "family", the village and larger territories, as well.

A division between the rulers and the ruled was imposed on society.
In order to "legalize" (justify) it, the Original Mother was
replaced by a "Creator God", and with it dualism:
God vs the world; Light vs darkness; men vs women, etc. favoring one
at the expense of the other.

The "Creator-God" is a male invention, its function boosting male identity,
e.g. his claims to rule over others (especially over women).
Through it, the ego had definitely established itself.
Not man in the image of God, but God in the image of men,
the ego being exclusive, sanctioned as "God-given",
the axis God-King-State, the fundamentals of millennia to come.

This is the context of patriarchy as it evolved throughout the ages.
Against this background our spiritual/psychological "outfit" was shaped.
In this regard the appearence of Christianity was crucial.

First a remark. I dare to say, that Christians outside Europe (including the US)
are not very aware of the true character of their faith. Even if they suffered
centuries of colonialism. Europe, on the other hand, suffered 1500 years of forced
christianization, including 500 years terror by the Inquisition, plus the last
500 years with Church dominance over many areas.

We Europeans have an insight in the faith like no other, e.g. the ones who came
to the faith in a much later stage. Sadly, the oppressed in their turn started to
enslave others. From this point of departure I elaborate on the impact
Christianity had on the ego, indeed a VERY decisive one.
Without this insight, it is impossible to know oneself.

Not for nothing Europeans have become secular!
With great compassion for the suffering of Non-Western peoples!

The official aim of Christianity was (is) to destroy all other faiths and to
establish world rule. In order to achieve this, it did not shrink from any method.
First they persecuted all those, who (still) were part of
"Heaven, earth and the community": "heretics" (who searched for God-
Realization), "pagans" (who worshipped nature) and gnostics
(esoteric people).....

All ties with the Cosmic Mother had to be cut, reason why women
became special targets ("witches"). "Cleverly" the Church promoted Mary
as the new "Mother of God" (of course stripping her from all real power).
A bishop: "we are looking for a women, who will obey God".

Crucial to understand is the impact of the role of Jesus as promoted by
the Church. As the "only begotten Son of God", absolute authority was
attributed to him. Not a chain in a long tradition of "dying and
resurrecting Gods" (what really was the case), but a totally
new Divine intervention.

With "death and rebirth" actually being the heritage of the whole of
humanity, the Church claimed "death and resurrection" as
exclusively belonging to Jesus. Few are aware of the real consequences:
stealing Renewal and Regeneration from the people, monopolizing it,
in order to make everybody depending on one "savior"
(and thus the Church) only.

While in Reality "Death and Rebirth" are Cosmic Forces, everyone is
part of it, no-one and nothing excluded. Through them the ego is kept
in balance; without them it has no boundaries. O, irony, BECAUSE
"Jesus died for us", our ego's started blowing themselves up.
The Church had opened the box of Pandora, NOT to their
disadvantage!, because it gave them "food for salvation" ad infinitum. 

It was through the Church that the ego finally could establish itself as the
"foundation" of our Western "civilization". Its original core problem - the
refusal to die - even more acute. The Realms that could have saved him:
the Cosmic Mother, the Divine Spark within, the existential context
of life ("Heaven, earth and the community") were all
systematically destroyed.

Indeed: "being thrown upon itself", an isolated entity, with no refuge
in "something bigger". While in essence being alienated, lonely,
fearful, with deep pain within, insecure, frustrated, depressed,
confused, victim of dominant thoughts, emotions and desires, cause of
mental and physical disorders and illnesses, it did
everything to give itself meaning, status and power.

Ego started to over-compensate its inherent weakness, vulnerability,
angst, self-depreciation, inferiority-complex.....It pretended to "be somebody",
"to make a difference", to be "smart", accumulating
wealth, power, status and influence. Deep down it feels its own
inadequacy, though, therefore, its "self-importance" becomes an
obsession. It starts blowing itself up, knowing no limit.

It then is on the threshold of harming others.
The danger is not its ambitions as such, but the fact that they are
the over-compensation for its inherent meaninglessness.
It is the (unconscious!) role as a victim, that justifies insensitivity towards
other living creatures, the driving force behind capitalism,
the ruthless exploitation of people and nature.

Now the good news. That what has been taken from us throughout the
millennia, the true redeeming Dimensions, have all re-appeared
on our earth: the Cosmic Mother (Absolute Nothingness), the only Realm,
that can destroy the ego, the Divine within, through which we restore
our True Nature, and our existential context of life: "Heaven, earth
and the (new) community".

"Come ye all unto Me, I Am the All-Embracing One". Her maternal Love
is granting you Cosmic Security. In fact, you never have been
out of Her Womb ever!

Two things are decisive: 1. Her Healing Power and 2. The intensity,
sincerity and totality of your unconditioned surrender.
Concerning the first: As the Origin of Death and Rebirth, Her
Regeneration Power is unsurpassible. The second depends entirely
on your own longing, trust and letting go.

So come to Her with your anxieties, sorrows, pain, loneliness,
fear, burn-out, despair, illnesses....
Provided you acknowledge your ego as the core problem, together
with a deep longong to give it up. Once your core problem is solved, the
"secondaries" (pain, illness etc.) will spontaneously follow.

Key mantra: "The Mother Heals"

   Reason for unlimited overflowing joy and gratitude. The Mother
made it possible. I had the incredible privilege to receive Her Revelation
(1977) through "my" Threefold Cosmic Realization".
It happened all of a sudden, without any pre-meditation on my part.
Not me, but She is the last and only Refuge.
My role is that of Her Servant, my Mission guiding you to Her.

The more you have suffered from your ego, the easier it is to
surrender to Her. Her redeeming Power is limitless
. She surpasses "God" (which is Her own Son!
e.g. Light Body!), because of Her Bottomlessness, as the only
Dimension that can destroy (curb) the ego.

Surrendering to Her is synonymous to dropping your ego.
While giving it back, your True Self is born, while the ego returns to
its original role: from master to servant.
Both subsequently "incarnating" in order to become fruitful, becoming
part of the Whole: "Heaven, earth and the (new) community",
once again.

The Mother is inviting you! She is All-Embracing. Contrary to the
patriarchal God She is inclusive, offering Her Healing Power to
all without exception: Christians, Jews, Moslims, Hindu's, Buddhists, Taoists,
Atheists, Agnostics, Indigenous peoples. Because Her
Essence being Nothingness, everybody may worship Her freely,
unhindered by cultural bias.

Some tips:
1. Feel your back in contact with your clothes in all circumstances,
while remaining the observer.
2. Put you emphasis on feeling and watching your breathing-out,
particularly its lowest point, everything without effort.
3.  Regularly whispering a mantra. Examples are: "Taking (breathing-in)
Refuge (breathing-out)", "The Mother (breathing-out) Heals (breathing-
in), "Mother (breathing-out) of God (breathing-in)".
4. Shortly before sleeping (in the dark) imagine the Dark Womb
is Omni-Present. Take Refuge through uttering: "Please, Mother,
take my ego away" (and you "see it disappear" into Her Abyss),
always remaining the watcher.

Enough for today?

(May the Mother prevail)

Copyright Han Marie Stiekema Sermes.
All rights reserved

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