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Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome

by Han M.Stiekema , (holistic) physician since 1972
(Dutch text from 1999 and more relevant than ever before)

1. The health situation has changed dramatically since World War II. One of the most significant factors is the shift of the individual causes complex to a situation in which we are all exposed to a range of more or less the same illness causing influences. The individualistic-analytical approach is still rampant, reason why medicine has been unable to keep up. Especially in mainstream medicine it is still largely so, that if the patient is eligible for treatment, he or she should first fit in pre-formed diagnostic schedules. In the corridors we hear than jocular remarks like. "The patient is there for the doctor," the "moving up health care" or "terminal care that creates terminal patients" The aforementioned diagnoses are, after all, related to cellular abnormalities, diseases which by definition belong in (last) chronic stages. Usually the patient has then (often) already decades of prodromal stages (early stages) behind him or her self. The treating physician has for signs and symptoms associated with these early stages -.. understanding of these stages in his study he/she never gained - usually no other option than symptom suppressing drugs, measures that worsen the disease rather than remedy.


2. The "rise" of the so-called "new risks" has, however, has waken up the hitherto complacent medical world. Despite all the medical, pharmacological, technological and surgical efforts, diease is rather increasing rather than decreasing, along with an alarming number of "new diseases" and that at a younger age. There are already 30.000 "different diseases" registered. Which increasingly brings about turmoil, confusion, uncertainty and concern in all sectors of society. The conference held in December 1998 in The Hague * about the "new risks", a partnership between business, government and insurance companies, was an initial manifestation of it. Besides the direct benefit of the patient, there are major financial and economic interests at stake. Just take sick leave and soaring disability benefits. From the congress folder: "New risks are linked in particular to the advancing technology: Increasingly risks sneak in our society that we had not foreseen: DES, BSE, disorders associated with the nuclear risk, climate change, diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, RSI, EMF, OPS, effects of pesticide use, (2013: electro-smog, dementia, Altzheimer, cancer). New risks can not perceived by human senses, popping up - because of this - unexpectedly, often lack a scientific basis , have a long incubation period, are large-scale, can affect anyone while seriously threatening society. And new risks are according to their nature and size are difficult to fit in in traditional insurance solutions ".

* The conference, "for unknown reasons" was canceled at the last minute ...


3. Thus, the conference brochure gives a good indication, where the shoe pinches: the traditional approach to health care fails increasingly and widely when it comes to the current health-threatening factors. Factors that not only produce "new risks", but worsen the statistics of existing common diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, diseases of the skeletal, degenerative diseases, mental disorders and cancer, for example *. How this usually works? Take ME or chronic fatigue-syndrome. Firstly, a physical inventory of the symptoms, in this case that chronic fatigue, fever, swollen glands, sore throat, muscle and joint pain, digestive disorders, dizziness, headache, sleep and concentration disorders , memory and vision loss, is made. This combination of symptoms is subsequently defined by giving it a special name: in this case "ME" as a separate entity, an isolated SPECIFIC DISEASE. As usual, the search starts for "specific" causes, "belonging" to this "specific" disease. Which of course requires "intensive research" (...). Given "the complexity of the disorder a very broad field of research is necessary" says a letter to ME patients. Subsequently, one promptly returns to the traditional model, individualizing and analytizing "this particular case". Medical history, laboratory, objectively verifying the findings with regular clinical, bio-chemical, toxicological and even orthomolecular approaches have to be tried. Moreover, there must be further investigation of hormone-like substances in the immune system (cytokines), investigation of unknown viruses, ditto in the field of endocrinology, neuro-physiology, psychology besides environmental factors. In conventional medicine, the letter continues, no effective therapy is (yet) available, as opposed to the alternative circuit, for example, where diets (temporarily) help (....).

* 40% increase in the coming decades ... despite (or because of) our increasing technological progress.


4. What is immediately striking is, that FIRST a GIGANTIC (in time, money and effort) scientific research is "interposed", before the patients can expect any effective therapy. Pleasant for all those scientists, unacceptable for the victims. It is here that a gross fallacy is made. Firstly, diseases are (almost) never mono-causal, but multi-causal. Example THE cause of ME, migraine, heart attack or cancer doesn't exist. They are always several factors COLLECTIVELY, SIMULTANEOUSLY, UNINTERRUPTED and OVER A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME interacting. The second point is that we already know those causal factors, rather than still to be sought for. It has to do with the "great risks for society as a whole" as stated in the above-mentioned conference folder. These are disease causing factors, everyone more or less exposed to. These include: Industrial agriculture and ditto food, junk food and eating habits, drinking too little, lack of exercise, our toxic environment, the amalgam syndrome, iatrogenic factors (and adverse drug reactions), electro-magnetic pollution (EMF), the digital addiction and last but not least the stress, the pressure, the overkill of impressions and "information", hazards of the workplace, the insecurities, the angst, meaninglesness and loneliness, to name but a few.


5. These disease causing factors affect EVERYONE continuously and simultaneously. It is a multifactorial etiology - a "causal swamp" -. from which no one can escape. Everyone is day and night exposed, the etiological complex has an undisputed continuous effect on body and mind. E.g. everyone has an intake of at least tens of thousands different chemical substances each day, (of which not yet 1% has been studied on harmfulness), everyone living in a permanent electro-soup of the most different types of radiation. "Everyone has stress", most have amalgam in the mouth and swallows drugs regularly. That same majority also live unhealthy with poor diet, drinking too little, an excess of stimulants and lack of exercise. This "SumTotal" of etiological factors acting in the human body through accumulation, potentiation, synergy, resonance and facilitation. The degree of effectiveness and thus harm, depends on 1. the vulnerability of the person concerned (unborn, babies, children and the elderly ), 2. the focus of the action (one has more to endure from electro-smog, the other from toxins), 3. the individual biography (the effect is primarily related to someone's past "weak spots", 4. the synergistic effect of the various influences (e.g. the "new risks" are often the result of the COMBINED effect of antibiotics, pesticides and additives in the diet, smoking, the 70.000! different chemicals in our house, electro-smog of wireless networks, the CO and benzene from our car, mercury poisoning from amalgam etc.etc.,TOGETHER, enough reason to distrust all so-called "safe" maximum dosages and toxicity limits of single substances. They are - intentionally or not - eyewash. The figures are indeed devastating: despite all "protective measures" our health deteriorates by the day.


6. In addition to the causing factors, the effects are also known. It follws a fascinating logic. First functions are affected, later followed by cell-damage. To start with. How the above mentioned primary cause-complex works itself out in the body, is called the secondary complex. The combination of these etiological factors reveal themselves as disorders of the "Flow System", the dynamic balance between input, processing and output, respectively of nutrition, water, waste and toxins. This metabolic balance is classified into seven stages: nutrition, digestion, circulation, (cell) assimilation and combustion, detoxification and excretion. It manifests itself as extra-cellular disorders (connective tissue, capillaries, mucous membranes, skin), with or without self-poisoning from their own gut, disruption of the intestinal flora, infection and inflammation, fungi (candida), hypoglycemia, deficiencies (vitamins, minerals and trace elements), acidification, enzyme damage, food intolerance, thickening of the blood (Hct), thickening of the basal membrane of the capillaries with problems of permeablity of nutrients and waste to and from the cells, risk factors in the blood, slagging of the connective tissue, reduced O2-utilization, poisoning by one's own waste and toxins, an overburdened liver and kidneys, local acidose, allergies, decreased melatonin production and overall weakening of the immune system. Due to the aforementioned cause- complex, plus the impact of our internal environment, the cell is exposed to increasing pressure, until the versatile disorders and damages reach a critical limit. Few is already enough - a flu, fatigue, a flight, stress or even drinking a cup of coffee "as the straw that breaks the camel's back" - making that the cell "suddenly" derails (intra-cellular damage). Which manifests itself in disorders of the cell membrane, internal cell-disfunctions, like cellular respiration, the RNA, hormonal disregulations, disturbances of brain function and the EEC, vegetative disorders like a sympaticus fixation (stress). Finally, mental (ADHD) and psychological problems.


7. The visible manifestations of this we, neat as it should,  have put in separate boxes. In fact, they are part of the tertiary complex of the MESS, including not only severe food intolerance, ditto allergy, RSI, PMS, ME, EMF (electro-magnetic fields), fibromyalgia, but also chronic digestive disorders, e.g. intestinal inflammation, with or without causing effects elsewhere in the body ("foci"), depression, sleep disturbances, menopause, premature aging, immune weakness, infertility, viral diseases and intoxications. Instead of "separate disease", in reality they are nothing but aspects of the impact the overarching causing complex has. The resulting "civilization" diseases (quaternary complex) -. for example, migraine, asthma, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, adult-onset diabetes, skin diseases, osteoporosis , low back pain, rheumatism, degenerative diseases, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, many women's diseases, Alzheimer's, cancer and many other diseases - fit into this row, they are the chronic stages of the foregoing with the MESS as COMMON DENOMINATOR. Individual diseases are nothing but the result of the above "SumTotal", in interaction with the specific health situation and the biography of the individual patient: all variations on the same theme. A "safe dose" of only one factor, without including the others and the individual vulnerability, is bunk. The omni-present "SumTotal": the interaction of the various factors during a certain time - plus insight in the various stages of disease-development (pathology) - is the determining factor, decisive for the individual "fate". Research in which the causes are mixed up with the effects - e.g. "myocardial infarction due to vascular occlusion" - is therefore incorrect and misleading. The latter isn't the CAUSE of a heart attack, but is itself a late effect of a preceding cause and effect chain, indeed, a long pathological development. The choice is between causal and symptomatic approach. The causes are known, their interaction is known, the pathological stages in the body are known, so why waiting for the "outcome of (common) scientific research?" Instead of just to follow one line back, the broad spectrum, the whole "field" has to be scrutinized. In all above-mentioned cases prevention and therapy can start immediately.


8. It consists of as much as possible eliminate or reduce the disease causing factors, such as the replacing the amalgam by plastic fillings and cleaning up the house from electro-smog. Early diagnosis and disease history, comprehensive physical examination, humoral pathology, flow system diagnosis together, provide objective medical findings, the validity of which is in no way inferior to that of the existing regular research and diagnostics. The therapy starts with correcting the basic metabolic balance: health food, cleaning up the gut, improving blood circulation, treating deficiencies (supplements), drinking a lot, fitness and sweating, improving oxygen utilization of the cells, neutralizing foci, promoting detoxification, de-acidification and excretion, while strengthening the immune system. The supreme method is called "Chinese Guasha". Where necessary relaxation (yoga, qigong) and simple self-help psychotherapy (mindfulness) could be added. Harmful environmental and work factors should be removed. Introduction of ecological agriculture and production of healthy food, the UMTS (G3/G4) network via a cable instead of the ether, the Swedish standard for computers for example, reducing the hours of "virtual activity" for children. Doing so "diseases" such as RSI, ME, fibromyalgia, PMS, high blood pressure, migraine, tinnitis, ME, etc. etc. appear not to stand alone, but prove to be different aspects of the same syndrome: the "Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome", obviously, with individual accents. It proves that the individualistic-analyzing effect approach is totally inadequate. A completely new (scientific) approach is needed, one that emphasizes the connections and interactions, as there the key lies, instead of in the detail. The goal is "a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy society." The groundbreaking concept of "Flow System Therapy", as developed by me, along with associated methods - optimizing basic metabolic functions - thus "automatically" improve health. Let's join forces with self and mutual help to face the greatest health challenge of all times.

ISBN 90-70525-27-5

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