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The Mother and Her heroes
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the Grail Castle

Black Madonna of Marsat

Green Man/Guardian,
watching Her from opposite pillar

Green Man/Devotee

Church of Marsat

Two Green Men guard the entrance of Clermont Cathedral

The first

The second


clermont-4.jpg (10054 bytes)
Clermont's Madonna of "Good Death"
Manifestation of death-aspect of Great Mother

Her joyful follower

Virgin of Orcival

The Virgin at the Centre of the main Altar

Enthroned, like Isis

Crypt under the church, symbolizing the Womb

Shrine in the Crypt: Bird as symbol of Great Mother ("Holy Spirit")

Church of Orcival

Madonna at Saulzet-le-Froid

Closed doors

Black Virgin of Thuret

Her humble servant

How sovereign She looks!

Curious e.g. very rare "abstract" Green Men

Close up

Church of Thuret

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