The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother


Prayer, contemplation, mantra

Gebet, Kontemplation, Mantra

Gebed, contemplatie, mantra




I often joke about my "spiritual dementia". And indeed I find it difficult to remember things. The cause is this. Through expanding of Consciousness thoughts have difficulty to make an impression upon you. Compare it with physics. Your inner Space is empty while thoughts are "particles". Emptiness is "negative" while thoughts are "positively" charged. When thoughts enter the Space they "find it difficult to maintain their charge". The more empty the Space the more difficult it becomes. With a Mind that has been opened up for 35 years Emptiness has got such a "power", that thoughts upon entering immediately become shadows. Conclusion: spiritual progress is equal to "forgetfullness". In practice - fortunately - this concerns only superficial and thus irrelevant thinking. Rather than a handicap it's a gift, because of the unnecessary burden that is taken away from you

It is a return to Original Innocence with its Transparency, Inner Peace, Joy  and Connectedness with everything and all. That's why they called Jesus the "lamb". All mechanisms to maintain a position in the world become weaker. It includes functions of the common mind like thinking, calculating, self-interest and social games. In my case I have resisted the further expansion of Consciousness as much as possible, though. Because I felt it as my responsibility to write my experiences and insights down to the benefit of the people. To do that I needed all available faculties of the mind. The whole process took at least 14 years. It has been concluded recently

Now that my writing is mostly behind me, I had time to prepare myself for the last stage in my life. No need to further resist the natural cause of events. The underlying  Emptiness, once again, has announced Itself. Now I can welcome it, like in those first 10 years of uninterrupted Bliss after my Great Realization (1977). More than ever I realize to be an "endangered species", something that is worth to be "protected". Because in these most critical of times the Message of the Cosmic Mother is crucial to (wo)mankind. I would know of nobody else who could do the job.....  Therefore I need a place that enables me to optimally tune in to the Origin in order to transmit Mother's Wisdom, Incentives and Instructions to as many people as possible

My life has been so rich, that for the rest of my life there is only one desire left: to share my treasures with all those who want to receive them. In practice this "paradise bird" - Green Man - is looking for a sanctuary ("Cosmic Mother Healing The Planet Shrine") where he can sing his song. My "dream" is to live a very simple "holy" life in a hermitage, a place where people can find their way back to the Origin: the Cosmic Womb. I will support you through teaching, guidance, healing. Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother. My program is mentioned above. You are welcome!

The Cosmic Womb is All-Embracing. In ancient times people knew about Her Healing Power. It originates from Her Bottomlessness. In IT everything without exception dies while continuously being reborn. Her two major Cosmic Forces - Creation and Destruction - are complementary opposites. Together they maintain a dynamic equilibrium: Mother's Web of Life or the universe. Mother's regenerating Power is limitless. It uninterruptedly renews galaxies, stars, planets, nature. And we happen to be part of it, too! Hence, by taking refuge in the Mother Her inexhaustible "Cauldron of Regeneration" will be available to us   

The "Cosmic Mother Mandala" illustrates the Primordial Healing Power: both the Divine (white/yellow) as well as the universe (green) are being born out of the Womb (black) while returning in the selfsame Eternal Moment

Two factors determine the chance of being healed. One is the authenticity of your surrender. The greater your trust, the more the Divine is "able" to help you. It doesn't matter to What or Whom you enthrust yourself. That's why both shamanic clients, Jesus followers and Goddess devotees claim to be healed. On the other hand, the closer you are to the Source the more powerful its Power. In this case it DOES matter to What or Whom you surrender. Healing and the search for Truth appear to be two sides of the same coin. With the Cosmic Womb - the Origin of All - we are closest to the Primordial Healing Power of the universe



The "Cauldron of Regeneration" has a long history. The latter being as old as (wo)mankind. In those times the inherent unity was still revered. It meant that insight into the Womb with Her Two Cosmic Forces was still intact. Later these aspects were split off.... while subsequently loosing the Original Power. So, the "God of Love", however inspiring and "inclusive", possesses only a fraction of the Healing Power of the Source 

Every culture and religion has memory of the Mother as Ultimate Reality. In China this is embodied by e.g. Xiwangmu (Taoist), Kuan Yin (Buddhism), Wushenglaomu and Matzu (both popular belief). In India, despite patriarchal reversal of the Mother into Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Shiva (Destroyer) the MotherGoddess MatriDevi (Durga) still represents the Mother in Her Full Glory. In the West (Europe) the Black Madonna's are the direct manifestations of Kybele (Magna Mater) and Isis (Mother of the Gods). However, it is Latin America, that the devotion to the Madonna is still very much alive

Kuan Yin

One famous example is the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is successor to Tonantzin, the original MotherGoddess of the Aztecs, Mexico. The Church managed to "transform" the latter into the former, thus winning the souls for Catholicism

Virgin of Guadalupe

In practice we are bringing the Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine to your town or city. It is a very old pre-Christian custom. People carried the MotherGoddess to remote places. It gave everybody the opportunity to become healed. In modern times the "WanderMadonna's" of Switzerland have survived. Every year the villagers organize processions bringing the Madonna to various farms. She will stay there for some days/weeks after which She will move to the next. This example is very inspiring. We use it to bring the Cosmic Mother to "every corner of the earth". So that all people come to know about Her and Her limitless Healing Power. Healing of yourself, the community and eventually of the entire planet.... The program is mentioned above

Black Madonna of Einsiedeln

See: "Black Madonna of Einsiedeln"
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The Shrine

In Latin America the Virgin replaced ancient MotherGoddesses. Her roots thus go very deep. In practice the Catholic Madonna is the surface ("signboard") while the Cosmic Mother dwells in the depth of people's hearts. She therefore still possesses Her Original Power. This Power is often called in as a support against cultural/social/economic oppression. But people also address themselves to Her with personal concerns  
The key Healing Mantra is the inner whispering of "The Mother Heals". She does so on all levels of existence: yourself, the community and the planet. In these most critical of times Her main concern are the "Excesses of Modernity". It is the ego who disturbs the dynamic equilibrium of the universe. Therefore, Her main concern is the Restore Cosmic Balance. In order to optimally cooperate with Her, whisper "The Mother Heals" 24 hours a day, "while walking, driving your car, watching TV, eating and making love", while regularly visualizing the awesome Dimensions of Her Cosmic Womb

Our Shrines are dedicated to Cosmic Mother HEALING THE PLANET

We acknowledge the fact that we are addicted to the ego, the latter destroying the whole earth and that only the Mother can redeem us from it

The moment supreme is just before sleeping. Watch and feel the loving inclusivity of the (her) Darkness around you. First it is you who whispers, after some time it is She Who is whispering into your heart. Eventually the whispering unites you with the Mother. Her Healing Power including your entire Being. Joy, gratitude!

This Primordial Power consists of four Dimensions. First of all there is the Bottomlessness of the Womb. From there all other Power originates. It means that by directing our pleas for healing directly to Her Womb we may expect the greatest resonance. While this always remains the center of devotion we may address ourselves to Her three Cosmic Forces as well. Every Force stands for a different purpose


The WOMB gives birth to the Divine Light ("God", Buddhahood). Therefore, addressing Her directly serves your longing for spiritual Renewal, Realization e.g. Enlightenment. Your mantra may change into "Death" (while breathing out) and "Rebirth" (while breathing in)


This is the Regeneration Power - LightBody - of the Mother, also called the Divine. It is especially for the deprived: for those who suffer from meaninglessness, depression, despair, poverty, hunger, oppression, marginalization, fear, burn-out, immune-deficiency, chronic degenerative diseases.....

Through Her Creation Aspect She also supports all those who actively commit themselves to "Healing the Planet"

"Mother, help me to carry out your mission"

Through Her Web of Life the Mother displays Her Power as Nurturer, Protectress and Healer

Address yourself to this Her Aspect for unity, connectedness, friendship, relationship, love, balance, harmony, security....

Especially also meant for the wellbeing of Mothers and children

Here you may pray for wholeness e.g. the recovery of nature

Our plea:
"Cosmic Mother heal us, our communities and the entire planet"

The Destructive Face of the Mother is an invitation to all who want to drop the ego, accumulation, addiction, greed, power-abuse, injustice, exploitation.... The Mother will also help them, provided they truly want to give up their ego, show remorse and long for a new life

"Mother, please, take my ego from me"

Also for those who suffer from chronic civilization e.g. accumulation related diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, arthrosis, rheuma, (breast) cancer and many others

Mahakala as the Destructive Dimension of
the Cosmic Mother


In these most desperate of times the COSMIC MOTHER - the Ultimate Reality - has revealed Herself to the world. Both the Divine and the universe are continuously born out of Her, while returning in the selfsame Eternal Moment. It is a turning point in spirituality and religion. Through the Eternal Feminine a beginning is being made with a new course in history, based on feminine values. First, the MOTHER will make Herself known among all peoples of the world, after which a transformation - a New World View - will evolve, subsequently leading toward a new society, based on unity in diversity.

It is becoming increasingly clear, that without interference of the Transcendental mankind will not be able to save itself. Hence, taking refuge in the COSMIC MOTHER is of utmost urgency. In a crisis in which everything is rapidly deteriorating, moving toward a zero point - nothingness - She - the Cosmic Vacuum, in Which everything continuously dies and is being reborn - will be the Only One Who will be able to transform (our fear of) nothingness into rebirth. Out of Her All-Embracing Compassion ("Come all ye unto Me") She is calling us to return to the Source, in order to become regenerated.

Community Shrine
(Projection against the background of Swedenborgh Chapel, California)


You may start with a HOME SHRINE. It gives you the opportunity to get familiar with personal worship. Once you "feel the click inside" you may think of inviting other people as well. Together you may start a Mother Circle. These meetings are held regularly, e.g. once a month or week. Details you'll find in the corresponding LINK

The next step could be a COMMUNITY SHRINE. Ideally, the Shrine should be installed in an appropriate space. It consists of the Cosmic Mother Mandala, together with Her first manifestation: the Black Madonna. Depending on the situation a local Madonna may be added to it. Obviously, in the beginning the Mother will be satisfied with very humble surroundings. With enough support She may subsequently be offered a space optimal for worship. Crucial is the accessibility for people of your community. 

A place for taking Refuge, Worship
Contemplation, Mantra and

Optimal Vitality Care (OVC)
* Self study "Flow System Therapy"
* OVC Online Health Check-Up
* Personal Health Plan
* Chinese Guasha Therapy

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