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Urbilder der abendländischen Kultur

Themes 4



Gender studies have hardly improved the mutual relationship of men and women. And it is true that it is difficult because they suffer from the same process of wear-out as all other levels of society suffer from. It looks as if we wouldnt have a source any longer from which to draw new inspiration. So we will have to enter the unknown, a country hardly anyone has seen yet. And this country is called: cosmos. However, this idea is very old: in order to be able to live in balance, macrocosm and microcosm have to reflect each other. Everything is based on the cosmic law. Once we know this we can arrange our lives according to it. Unfortunately, the search for this law has very early on been replaced with the Bible and "Gods commandments". As a consequence, this idea was approved of primarily in the Church i.e. fundamentalist circles. In addition, society was developing into exactly the opposite direction: increasing individualisation, egoism and materialism. Now the advantage is that this idea in its original state has the viridity of a new beginning. The magic formula is: the dynamic equilibrium of dying, rebirth and life ("Law of the Universe"). This Law is governing life on all levels: from nature to spirituality; from the body to civilizations. Only Hinduism preserved this law from ancient times, although not in its original state.

Where is the relation to the gender problem? It is in everything. Lets take a look at nature. It is obvious that this law generates, implements and controls all processes and cycles. A part of these cycles for instance is menstruation. Without the phases of the moon it wouldnt work. It is the monthly biological (and not only that) dying and being reborn of the female body. The inner balance depends on its smooth working: physically, emotionally, spiritually. A key function which is completely ignored by our performance-oriented society. However, balance is not only important for women. On the contrary, because of his hormones man might need it even more. How can he manage that? His body doesnt tell us much. Sometimes they say, through a lot of strain. But this thought is naive. He has to realize it on another level. And this level is called spirituality.....In it he is also able to die and be reborn. What (constantly) has to die is what most is in the way of his balance: his ego. The surprise: this corresponds completely with the first part "dying and being reborn" of the Law of the Universe. The second one is called life. With that, the Web of Life is meant, the web of mutual relationships in the Lap of the Cosmic Mother. For She is the foundation of this Law. The Web of Life is the content, is Her Substance. Women represent this Substance. They work best in relationships: family, beloved ones, friends, colleagues or employees. In short, in (a) community.

With reality as point of departure without any kind of theoretical, esoteric speculation we achieved what many are looking for: the unity of Cosmos and the world. Some think that the Green Man as Son/Lover of the Mother is an infantilization. Nothing is less true. For Son (Daughter) of Cosmos means the Light which is born from the Original Darkness and is constantly returning to Her. As a consequence, Sons/Daughters of the Mother are Divine i.e. embody Great Consciousness or Buddha Nature. Practically it is the Divine Spark which every single one of us has in themselves. Now, we will be focussing on the gender problem. In this concept the emphasis for men is on constantly dying and being reborn (just like Light constantly returns to Darkness) in order to become a servant to the Whole, getting involved or sacrificing himself altruistically and unselfishly, while women represent the Whole....The latter find the meaning of their life in relationships of all kinds. Men have to be able to get completely absorbed in work losing their ego, while the opposite is true with women: they are constantly building up and expanding their Self within the context of a community. Both have reconnected to the Cosmos, both are basing themselves upon their true Being, what they really Are. This exactly corresponds with the existential insights on the Green Man and Wise Woman. Of course, in practice this is different for everybody. Every person has their unique male or female mixture. The same goes for homosexual relationships. But the principle is the same. If you live your life according to this you have the blessings of the Cosmos. What could go wrong then? Further detailed considerations can be found in "Origin", SourceBook of The Original tradition.

In order to prevent misunderstandings: man and woman are absolutely the same in their Essence. They are part of the Divine Substance in the same way. So they are Divine in their Core, exceeding biological and social characteristics of their personality. So you wouldn't need to define man and woman as being equal since in principle they already are. Since they are one from the point of view of their Essence a relationship consists in growing together* towards an increasing harmony or balance with regard to their personality, as well i.e. the superficial layers where the differences are located. Without this foundation of aprioristic unity, however, this will be a gigantic task. For if you only emphasize the differences without being able to integrate them within the scope of a deeper unity, it really isn't easy.This explains why modern partnerships fail.....Love in turn is celebrating the already existing unity.

* Not only man and women are identical in their Essence. The same goes for all other relationships: those with all other fellow human beings, with the same sex, with animals, plants, rivers, mountains, with the entire universe, since everything without exception is permeated with the Divine Dimension......


It isnt easy for the churches today, nobody will deny that. And it continues to go downhill. They're looking for solutions in the area of social involvement so that finally there won't be a difference anymore between a church and a citizens initiative. This is not a disadvantage for the latter, on the contrary, but the Church is supposed to represent something else. A clear analysis is lacking or rather nobody is brave enough to look the true cause of decay in the eye. However, theres a proverb: "That which you denied will be your salvation". In the past, in order to become a uniform Church the most valuable aspects of faith were being oppressed. They tore out their own feathers in order to finally remain like a plucked chicken. In order to know what it is that had been denied or oppressed you only have to take a look at history. It starts with the oppression of the Great Mother Religion and its representatives (among others Mary Magdalene), later on rehabilitated by the dogma of the Virgin Mary and then reversed again during Reformation. The true message of Jesus was transformed into a new religion by Paul. Many original (non-canonical) texts of the Bible were left out; what was left was heavily censored, manipulated and distorted. In the end approximately only 15% of Jesus' words seem to be original (Prof.dr.G.Lüdemann). The quest for Godexperience (Gnosis) was supressed, all books burned (only those of Nag Hammadi were saved).

Ever since Christians do not live in God Himself but have identified* themselves with an (extreme twisted) image of God. Hellenist Mysteries (quest for reincarnation) were wiped out, together with Paganism and its relationship with nature. In the Middle Ages heretics (Cathars, Templars and many others) were terrorized on a large scale by the Inquisition: persecuted, "excommunicated", tortured, burnt at the stake i.e. drowned....women faced the same fate, once again ("witches"). The Churches' "own" (!) mystics (among others Marguerite Porete, Meister Eckhart, Giordano Bruno and many more) were constantly under suspicion, intimidated, censored....last but not least the pogroms against the Jews, in short, everything which didn't correspond with the strict dogmas of the Church was excluded from religious and social life. A true horror story, indeed.....Now there are two options for today's Christians. Firstly, to stubbornly continue like this and finally end up as a strange fundamentalist sect or secondly, to acknowledge one's sins by opening one's door to the lost "sons/daughters" (as described above). The Great Work consists in restoring the continuity and integrity of Western tradition. That which one was afraid of will turn out as a source of renewal. Green Man and Wise Woman represent this transformation. Some churches in Europe have already taken the initiative in this respect. In their brochures the Green Man is mentioned openly and with pride. LINK: Gallery of pictures with examples.

* Everything which can be thought about God isn't God at all. What God Himself is, no one can achieve who hasnt been taken into the Light God Himself is.

Meister Eckhart

LINK: Predigerkirche, Erfurt .


This is unprecedented: a society that has enslaved its own youth. The young people are educated to be economic animals - one-dimensional robots - only in order to make money or foster growth thus accelerating their own downfall. By doing so, the connections with real life are increasingly getting thinner. Instead, a surrogate world of virtuality is imposed upon them to which they are addicted and cannot get away from anymore. On the contrary, they are completely spell-bound, increasing their debts day by day which makes them indebted to the system for life. We have taken our young their lives away. For the young dream of ideals, a better world, love and a new perspective. The grown-up are supposed to create a platform for them in which to take their first steps. Instead they are marginalized, neglected, unemployed, hopeless and have been criminalized. It seems hopeless to resist. Thats why they resort to indifference, addiction, consumerism, culminating in violence and political extremism. We have good news for those who haven't given up hope yet. A way out of the dead end. You should deliberately accept what has been imposed upon you. For fighting such a ruthless system will always redound upon you. Eventually you will end up as cynical - or as a fundamentalist... - as all the others. And this is what youd like to avoid at all cost, isnt it?

So dont waste your energy anymore. Instead, you'll voluntarily accept your fate. I.e. accepting marginalization and unemployment as virtues, gratefully accepting them as presents.....Sounds crazy? It is, in that it exceeds your normal imagination. And this is the secret. For new possibilities will arise once you go beyond the scope which you are trapped in. So which new possibilities are there? The key is to "be thrown back upon yourself". If you take this literally it means coming to yourSelf or rather going down to your Essence. What is your Essence? Right, this is all it is about. It is that which you really Are, the inner dimension which cannot be corrupted, full of wisdom, love and power. Nobody has access to it but you. It is the gateway to undreamt   possibilities. "Well, who is taking the initiative, are there role models, because on my own I wouldnt know where to start, you would say". Certainly, there are some. I will briefly describe the process. So, first you have to let your pain, fear, anger and disappointment be there, i.e. you acknowledge them. Do so consciously or rather as an observer of your own emotions. You will notice that this will activate your desire for becoming whole i.e. yourSelf. Finally you will get silent inside. The second step is to open up to this silence. This won't work without a few instructions which I am happy to give you. Increasing clarity, balance and imperturbability are characteristics of your being on the right Way. Sooner or later the gate to your True Self will open up. Joy will arise.

You are now beyond confusion, fear and pain. In your core you are limitless and timeless. The "triumph of life". You would never have been able to discover this with your small ego. Up to now, unfortunately, our culture has hardly had any examples which could help you to further develop this inner potential. Because only once the inside resonates with the outside you can be fruitful and the wisdom, love and strength you were longing for is developing. The models you are looking for were recently (re)discovered: they are called Green Man and Wise Woman. To discover, internalize (or externalize) and realize them is the next step of your quest? *

* See also 2.4 "Healing Communities"

If meditation is one bridge too far for you, you can do the following. You browse the websites of Green Men and choose one who is attractive to you. Attractive in a way that you feel a soul connection with him or that he could mean something for you and your life. You can look him up on this website whenever you like, you can also tell others that a Green Man is your friend. However, you have to keep to yourself what he looks like or what you discussed with him. Absolute secrecy! From this moment on this Green Man has become your spiritual friend. You share everything with him: your worries, problems, experiences, fears and joy. You are constantly thinking of him, talking to him, dreaming of him and so on. Perhaps a diary would be a good idea. Every day you write down the experiences you made with him. You go on with this as long as the relationship with him is alive. This can be for two weeks, years or decades. If there is nothing you can share anymore you may choose another friend. Everything will start again. This doesnt mean that the same things will happen, certainly not. Every Green Man represents a very special energy ranging from joy, abundance and peace to pain, fear and anger. They will all help you to further get integrated into yourself and to find your inner balance....Give it a try!

The international community deserves a compliment. For despite 2000 (!) years of Christian systematic demonization and destruction of nature Christians are accepted as equal partners in fighting the ecological crisis. Something which cant be taken for granted as Reverend (!) James Nash (USA) makes clear: "Because of the atrocities against nature committed by Christians every single one of them should constantly feel remorse". For everything started with the missionaries who gave  sermons of hatred against nature on a grand scale, who cut down trees, cleared forests, poisoned wells.....desecrating them forever. However, above mentioned acceptance by non-Christians leads to commitments. The positive side: this creates the opportunity of putting words into action. Of course it is about the system - the Church  - and not about benevolent Christian people. During my travels I met wonderful Christians, in Linköping ( Sweden ), Erfurt , Ebrach, Markgröningen, Heilsbronn, Zutphen ( Netherlands ), Perignac (France), Ottery St. Mary ( England ), Estella and Leon ( Spain ) and many other places. I respect and appreciate them. But this doesnt mean I can close my eyes from the historic truth. To know the latter is a sine qua non for understanding todays situation and being able to take better actions. Symbols of this oppression by the church you might have guessed...... are Green Man and Wise Woman? They represent the victims: plants, animals and human beings. This blocked-out side of Christianity has now come to the fore. An invitation or challenge for the Church to show them special respect.
That not only Green Man and Wise Woman have been directly attacked but often indirectly by condemning animals is not only a footnote. If you have visited as many churches as I have a common pattern will catch your eye: an ambiguity towards animals. On the one hand an almost paradisiac glorification of archaic/arcadian image of nature; on the other hand animals as representatives of the demonical. In the front are animals as bloodthirsty monsters devouring sinful man, really cruel images, as well as those of Christian saints who victoriously triumph over the Pagan world by trampling animals under their feet. LINK: a.o. Oppenheim, Chartres , Perignac.
Everything can be traced back to early Christian efforts of Christianizing animals as well. An animal couldn't just be an animal since it is per se bad and tainted so they were re-educated or newly defined by Christianity. The medieval book this is about - The Bestiary - was quite popular back then*.  For instance, a cat represented heresy (in Egypt it was a sacred animal); a fox could always avoid its just punishment for murder; the dragon was the most destructive one of all beasts according to the church (in ancient times it represented the Original Mother); the descending dove became the symbol of the Holy Ghost (this was also taken over from the Original Mother); the dog of course had two meanings, on the one hand the faithful one, on the other the jealous one....rabbits were considered with particular suspicion (oversexualized animals); boars were associated with unlimited lust, desire and aggression as well (they were the favourite animals of the Great Mother, Cybele, thats why....). Poor animals, stigmatized for life? We may easily think today that we are "enlightened", but we still divide the world into good and bad; we owe that which is human and that which is beastly to a thousand-year-old indoctrination.
* See also for instance M. W. Tisdall Gods beasts, 1998, Charlesfort Press
The Convention on Climate Change 2009 in Copenhagen confirmed what many like us have known for a long time: the necessity of changing our lifestyle drastically within a short time. Without chaos, violence and? dictatorship.The core challenge is to turn unlimited growth into balance on all levels of existence. Quality of life rather than quantities. We are all addicted to having and face the necessity of kicking the habit. THE role model is nature with its cycles of birth, growth, stability, decay and death. It has found its parallel in the Law of the Universe, which in turn is embodied by the Green Men and the Wise Women! Thus, we are taking the lead here! In order to do so I have presented a plan with different phases some years ago: LINK: Healing the Planet in Seven Steps. Various parties have asked me to call my life's work World Green Religion. Since, are the Green Man and Wise Woman not precisely made for taking the initiative? In addition, in my work everything would be there in order make it the successor of the existing Western patriarchal system. The Original Mother as the Ultimate, the theology of Immanence (Green Man and Wise Woman), a sacred book (Origin), tearing-down the ego and birth of a New Self, content with itself and united with its surroundings through an integral spiritual practice (The Universal Way); a uniform mythology and history (The Original Tradition); emphasis on founding communities (Healing Communities) with new forms of religious (spiritual) practice of worship and healing......pilgrimages to sacred places (our PilgrimsNetwork).Vegetarianism could play a decisive role as well, since it reduces the energy needed in producing food by a seventh part and furthermore reduces fear and aggression.....and so on and so forth.
Having is the inability of Being
I have to confess that this has never been nor is my intention. Religion is not precisely popular in Europe .This could lead to deep controversies instead of helping making a leap in evolution. If in turn it would turn out that such a World Green Religion could be decisive in finding a solution to the global problem - and of course it has the potential - I wouldn't be against it. For people are only ready to renounce (consumption) if they get something better for a change. Therefore, having (quantity) should be replaced by Being (quality). For this reason spirituality is essential when talking about the solution of the climate problem. Founding a World Green Religion, however, even goes one step further. In addition, it doesnt only depend on me. First, the people should be inspired by it. Then they should discuss whether such a step is wanted. In any case I won't take action in this direction and will wait how the situation will develop. In the meantime I am happy about every constructive idea. You never know what kind of inspiration the Green Man and Wise Woman will be in the future! For the Green Man and Wise Woman represent the breakthrough in which the Divine will solidarize again with nature in a visible way. The world of plants, animals and human beings, are all in the same Divine Space. All together they form the Web of Life, the "Body of God" or in other words: everything lives in the all-embracing security of the Cosmic Mother. So, in this respect there cannot be a backslide. It is the foundation of all future ecological efforts.

The Origin, SourceBook of the Original Tradition is entirely dedicated to the RENEWAL OF CULTURE. You can find uncountable inspirations in it.

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