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The Transformation
To Begin with A New Spirituality





When everything is broken down
You're standing before nothingness
Don't be afraid!

Nothingness doesn't mean the end
On the contrary, "She" is the Cauldron
Of Renewal,

Turning having into Being, so
Let your ego die, in order to be reborn
Joy, Gratitude!


"Society is falling apart,
long live the Transformation!"

everything is deteriorating
we have to go back to the Origin
in order to be renewed
once the New Self is born
we need to become part of the Whole
Heaven, earth and the (new) community,
once again

It will only be succesful, if

* Its time has come
* The introduction of an
* A common spiritual Path
* A new universal Teacher, who's Realization opens the gate to a new step in evolution
* Spontaneous sharing, generosity, compassion,
solidarity and commitment

After 2000 years the world needs
a totally new spiritual, religious and ethical impulse
covering all areas of life
we don't have to wait for it
recently this all-inclusive Path - intercultural, interreligious, open, tolerant, democratic - has been revealed
leading to a radical
of Self and Society

The Path within and the Path without
are two sides of the same coin
they are called
* Back to the Origin
* To Become Renewed
* Be Part of the Whole!
* A New Spirituality
* A New Psychology
* A New Health Care
* A New Tradition
* A New Society
* A New Economy
* A New Earth

In practice

Since I was a child I knew that my life would have a special goal and mission. I was also aware of the fact that this would happen only in the last phase. Now the time has come. Until recently I have been waiting for the "right signal". But that it would happen only after about 33 years after my first Great Experience I had never thought (See: Threefold Realization * Autobiography). I worked on integration - within and without - but I always have avoided the idea of a "calling". I didn't want to become a "missionary" e.g. to take on my cross! Because I lived in an inner paradise. Not that it was always easy! (suffering from not daring/able to show my "original face" to people). And to actually descend from my Heaven - down to the people - was indeed my great hesitation. Until recently. A wellknown hopeful - one who always had an answer to global problems -  said on TV: "I am sorry. The world crisis is so gigantic that I have to confess: I don't know any solution to it anymore...."

What a shock! At the same moment it was all clear to me. Until then I had managed to pass the buck to others. Not now anymore. If he doesn't know it anymore - if the excellent ones of the world don't know it anymore - the last resort are those who have always kept contact with the Origin in order to being able to show humanity new ways. And I am one of those, I couldn't deny it. 

It is the hour of Truth. Where the entire society is falling apart, where the churches prove to be "empty vessels" and worse, where in Europe a dangerous spiritual vacuum exists that can be easily filled up by fanatics....yes, now I indeed have the courage to show my "Original Face": who I really am, what makes me tick and what my goals are. For if I cannot but share the Best in me with all those who love to accept it, everything in the interest of the Whole, then I am obliged to explain from where everything is originating

Every True Renewal of Spirituality, Religion AND Culture is caused, not by our own ideas, concepts, suppositions, conclusions e.g. projections, but by direct interference of the Divine Itself. It was the case with Lao Tze, Buddha, Jesus, Eckhart and many others. They didn't not derive their authority from some worldly example, but had a "mandate from Heaven". Unfortunately, very soon this mandate became corrupted, so that these religions rest on false authorities. That's why in the end people have rejected every kind of authority. That's why we are on the verge of anarchy. Where it is all about is, that we rediscover the natural, original, true and just form of authority. And that is hiding in the Essence of everyone of us!

Because in my life I am experiencing this all the time, I have to take the lead here. Therefore, I appeal to the Best in you. In the depth of your Being you are Divine, and who are you that you can continuously hide it.....I will help you to discover, develop it and radiate it to your surroundings. Why should we leave Leadership to "big business", the banks, the state and the military? These institutions don't shy away (in a fully undemocratic way) from pushing the "best" (sic) to the front. And we.....we have fear to be who we really are. For it is the inner power which is weakening us if we don't realize it (after M.Williamson/ Nelson Mandela)

From now on I will thus appeal to the "Leader in you". And confront existing ones to their responsibilities. It includes the whole range of society: from educators to youth; from chrarismatic priests to believers; from university students to professors; from activists to (eco)businesses; from officials to governments; from spiritual searchers to teachers; from regional initiatives to international organizations, from the sick to seniors. The people are always central. For without a New (Wo)Man no New Society and no New Step in evolution. If all values are shattered, it is necessary that we die to the old in order to become renewed. This inner regeneration power is decisive. Only then you can commit yourself to the Whole. Those who have this courage are very much welcome. I will be there for you with all my Being and doing!

How I concieve this? Think of a soccer coach. His concept is to both promoting the uniqueness of every individual player as well as AT THE SAME TIME optimize the cooperation between them. It is exactly what we need in our spiritual, cultural and social world. Excellent individuals indeed everywhere, yet they do not form a team. Under the new circumstances (crisis) they are condemned to fail. What we need are leaders who are willing - apart from their individual importance - to intensively cooperate in order to form an effective community. Guideline: "Unity in diversity". Aim: the Transformation of Self and Society, worked out as "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps". To such a team - I call them Green Men and Wise Women - I would like to be the "trainer"


  First of all "Green Man" will  start his Mission (2010/2011) by bringing "Healing the Planet" to people worldwide: local governments, universities, churches, business clubs....Two factors had to be considered in "spreading the message". First of all, bringing it to various corners of the globe. Considering the urgency of the crisis the world is in, this is an absolute necessity. Your needs determine where I will go. So let me know! Secondly, the events should not be shallow. I want to give you the opportunity of diving deep into the matter. So after 2011 I shall not rush from one place to the other anymore. My honorable "predecessor" J. Krishnamurti gave me a good idea. Three month's stay in four places in the world, each connected to a particular group of people, Europe (English speaking), Europe (German speaking), Australia (English speaking) and the USA or/and Canada (English speaking). In the future, one global "headquarters" maybe founded

Thus, come to celebrate the beginning of A New Era! Contact us for information about my whereabouts. In between the main programs it is also possible to invite me to come to your country, city or town.The prospect to be a Nobody paving the way for others to blossom is fulfilling me with great joy. Welcome!



Ideally, certain key elements constitute my program. Leitmotiv: the "Green Man" bringing the "Healing the Planet" initiative to people worldwide.  It will start with a Wake Up! call, consisting of a small parade through the city with drummers (dressed as Green Men, see "Hastings"), me carrying the globe on my shoulders and if possible completed by a woman embodying a Queen or MotherGoddess. This Wake Up! call will be focussing on the "Earth Ceremony", a permanent event, situated at a suitable place. In order to organize these two activities support from friends will be very much welcome! All other initiatives will "automatically" follow. Like lectures and teachings, the so-called "Mother Healing"* with sessions for those in pain (spiritually, emotionally, physically), a basic course "Great Mother Buddhism", a Group Consultation with Q &A, personal (spiritual) consultations and the Retreats, consisting of 7-10 days intensive "going within", everything based on the "Universal Way". Last but not least, for those who wish to be initiated as a Green Man or Wise Woman a special training will be held. Besides the Universal Way (Spiritual Service) the Basic Guasha Course (Health Service) and a workshop "Community Service" will be offered.

* The emphasis is laying on "Cosmic Mother Healing" and especially "Healing on a Distance". See: "Mother for Mothers"


Earth Ceremony
The Transformatorium

MeiMei has joined!

The Essence of Consciousness is that it is undisturbably Present. Especially in these most turbulant of times this should be every Teacher's key mission. How lucky I am that I can take refuge in the Cosmic Mother all the time! So once I have found the right places to settle down I will demonstrate the rock-like quality of "my" "Original Face". To show that there are still leaders people can rely upon!  In practice every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I will SIT, being available to everyone through Teaching (in the morning), Healing (afternoon) and Consultation (evening). While on Sunday morning there will be the Celebration (based on the Universal Way). During the week there will be an opportunity for those who want to participate in the Retreat (also based on the Universal Way), while the Training is for those who want to commit themselves to "Healing the Planet" i.e. want to become a Green Man or a Wise Woman.

spiritual teaching


With it I will be entering a new (last) phase in my own life. The last 12 years I spent my time to write everything down. It was a life of a hermit. In the new stage of my work I leave this behind me, seeking direct resonance with people. The Teaching will not be centered around facts, details or information, that is provided by the website!, but will flow directly from the Heart. It is really like entering A New Life. The website starts a new life as well. I have given it (back) to the universe. There it will lead a life "of its own". I will not control it anymore, nor will I have ideas, expectations or hopes about its "impact". Thus, dear website, fly on your own wings now, have your own experiences. Good luck! Everybody can use it as background information. That of course is its purpose. May it therefore enrich your life!, benefiting you and your beloved ones*.

* Just like I gave it its freedom (back), don't grab, copy or misuse it for your own self-centered purposes. It is intolerable that "Divine-inspired" texts i.e. insights are being used as a commodity. If you do, "the wrath of the Gods will be descending upon you".**

** Some years ago an American wanted to "take over" my entire teaching.....

Realizing that the world is (still) full of honest, great and wonderful people, I send my Heart greetings to all directions.

Her Blessings,

Nothing IS



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"Every True Renewal of Spirituality is caused,
not by our own ideas, concepts, suppositions, conclusions
e.g. projections, but by direct interference of the
Divine Itself"

Threefold Realization

"The Ultimate isn't God, Light, Being or Buddha. There is Something Beyond,
called the Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb or Great Mother"


Not "God created the world out of nothingness", but Nothingness is giving birth to God and the world, the latter continuously returning to their Origin


Everything comes from God while He is coming from Nothingness

Celsus, 2. CE


The Cosmic Womb governs the Universe through the dynamic equilibrium between "birth and death" i.e. "creation and destruction"


"The Vacuum is the Essence of the Mother, God is Her Light Body (first emanation), while the world is Her Material Body (second emanation)"


"Instead of representing the "Father" patriarchal religions are the alienated Sons of the Cosmic Mother, all denying their True Origin"


"Only by taking "Mother of God" literally the Mystery will reveal itself. While breathing out whisper "Mother", then wait until the breathing in - whisper "of God" -  spontaneously comes up from the depth of Nothingness"

Great Mother Mantra

Rejoice, for I have announced to you
a new step in evolution!