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"Long Green March"

"Only Truth can Save Us"

1. At the moment Green Man is available

2. He is continuously "on the road" bringing the Earth Ceremony  to as many countries as possible

3. Depending on the enthusiasm he will be staying in your city or town as long as he is needed......from several days, weeks to months...

4. Green Man's approach is unique: integrating the "road within" with the "road without"

5.  "Healing the Planet" concerns us all. Therefore, make the "Earth Ceremony" possible i.e. invite Green Man to come to your place

6. In order to make his Mission a success start forming a small group preparing Green Man's visit

7. For details and further steps: Contact Us


"The Earth Ceremony"
initiated by
Green Man

In Seven Steps
Interreligious, holistic, open, green, tolerant,
democratic and not-for-profit


City Walk
The first step is the City Walk:, youth dressed as "Green Men" carrying a big Globe along major sites of your village/town/city..... announcing the Earth Ceremony

. See also: "Fasting-Meditation Peace/City Walks"


The Globe will then be situated at a suitable place. Subsequently, Green Man will elaborate on his "Healing the Planet" Initiative in 7 Steps. It is one of the most inclusive proposals to saving the earth, to begin with a New Spirituality

. See also: "Universal Teaching/Overview"


After that, people of all backgrounds, religions, ages and gender are invited to come and sit in silence before it, contemplating the current crisis we are in, e.g. "praying for the world"......Everybody in his or her own way

. See also: "Prayer, contemplation and mantra"
Mother & Sons


Sanctifying Nature
You are invited to join our Heaven & Earth Exercisis (Tiendi Qigong) aiming at restoring the sacredness of the earth, making circles around the Globe...... experiencing clarity of mind,  inner balance and joy

See also:


"Mother Healing"
Do you suffer from spiritual/emotional/physical pain? If so, we offer you a  free healing session, based on prayer, contemplation, mantra, including a Jade Stone pain treatment, everything "in the Name of our Cosmic Mother"....Subsequently, we will all put our hands on the globe, praying for its recovery

See: "Mother Healing" and "PilgrimCare"


The Pledge
Everybody is invited to touch the Earth, making an inner Pledge, writing this Pledge on a piece of paper, offering it to the Tree of Life......a moving experience, indeed

See:"How to become a Green Man or Wise Woman"


Green Man's talk is addressed to the hopefuls to this world: "How to become a Green Man/Wise Woman?" He invites you to a career based on spiritual/health/community and earth service.....This training can be given linking up with the Earth Ceremony

See: "Transformatorium"

 For Follow-Ups
Health Program
Spiritual (Buddhist) Retreats


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