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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

Standard of The Original Tradition

The Cosmic Mother has come
to Heal the Planet

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The Original Tradition

Part 2

Dear Friends,

In the days after "my" discoveries there was One Space including within and without, a fusion of inner Emptiness and being uplifted by high energy. Within that context small miracles happened all the time. * E.g. I asked the Cosmic Womb to liberate me from a very stubborn itching on my head. This had been there for the last six months, resisting all treatments. It disappeared within a split second. * Second example. I told MeiMei my wife, that according to me she "should get" her period. Not possible she said: it will come in about a week. Within an hour she had it! * I often walk in the dunes. One of my favorite targets is a valley. I called it "Serengeti". However, in all those years with no (big) animals, whatsoever. So, on my way to it I had a playful phantasy of big animals roaming the place. Upon arrival..... many "wild" cattle were grazing in the valley. * Just before sleeping I got an intuition of the sky with its stars. Immediately, the sky appeared in front of my inner eye. Very dark containing very alive stars. I couldn't distinguish it from the real sky. * During coaching thinking and deliberations had totally dropped off. It wasn't me, but IT that gave advice. My clients were very moved, because what I said exactly reflected their innermost Core. * Time and again, afer becoming aware of a need, the need was immediately met.....

Nothingness is the Mother of God
and the universe

In fact, there was nothing unusual about these phenomena as such. In the past these intuitions, clairvoyance, premonitions, "materialisations" happened regularly, without me paying attention to them. This time it was the "coordinated action" that surprised me. It was due to that One Space I was in. Everything, ultimately, happens in One Space. If you Are It, then, "everything is available to you". It was the confirmation of what I know for a long time, already. First of all, we are all part of the Cosmos. Secondly, the latter isn't an outside object (only), to be studied by physics. Thirdly, we thus (can) have an initimate relationship with it. Fourthly, the Cosmos is Eternal - everything is part of the big Here-Now - hence, its various Dimensions - the Womb with "Her" Cosmic Forces of Birth (the Light) and Death (Gravity) - act on us i.e. affect us simultaneously! The character of the Moment is determined by the unique constellation of all influences together. We are ruled by the latter's dynamic equilibrium. Very tiny "fluctuations" determine our fate. Our fate is corresponding with the fate of the universe..... Therefore, the insights physics (cosmology) has given us are indispensable. While in the past the "Cosmos" was only a vague concept, a random object for all kinds of projections, now - thanks to science - we know that it is our "parallel" Reality. We are "created in its image", as above, so below, not at the mercy of an usurped image of "God", but as part of Reality, of an "intelligent"* universe. In which science and religion are interwoven to such an extent, that eventually they support the selfsame Reality. It is the beginning of a New Era.

* Obviously, "intelligent", not the way Christian fundamentalist use this term.

Our greatest fear is that of Nothingness
It's gnawing at your life substance
A slow death, really

Nothingness proves to be a "loving Mother" though
Surrendering to Her your fear melts away
She is granting you Life

Both science and religion share the search for the Ultimate. For the first time in history they agree on the fact that this can be called Absolute Nothingness, the Big Vacuum or Cosmic Womb. Science studies it, religion worships it. Ultimately "She" is a Mystery, a fact increasingly acknowledged by science. From "Her Lap" the Eternal Light is born. Something that existing religions (still) call "God". However, a big shift has taken place: "God", not as the Ultimate Reality, but as "Son" of the Mother. It confirms universal wisdom, namely that "Light is born out of Darkness". The consequences are far reaching. It turns our whole world view upside down. It is nothing less but the birth of a new spirituality/religion: the Cosmo-Spiritual-Scientific Religion, something that I have called "The Original Tradition". The "Mother is the "Origin of All", "Absolute Nothingness", giving birth to both God and the universe,  hence, this religion is Universal. The existing religions being Her Sons! In the past these Sons dissociated themselves from their Origin. It is the cause of their ultimate decay. The Sons all wanted to be unique, i.e. are proud to be the "only begotten ones". So, there is a "God of the Bible", a "God of the Koran" and a "God of the Talmud". For 2000 years already they quarrel about primacy. A never ending story! Despite all dialogue! The only thing that can bring them together is recognition of their common descent: the Cosmic Mother. Note: in ancient times the Great Mother was called "Mother of the Gods"......

The Mother
Unity in Diversity

From the previous it will be clear that there are several ways "to come to the Mother". Maybe you are impressed by the sheer logic of Cosmic Insight. Maybe the search for Truth is the driving force behind. Maybe you are longing to become part of the Whole (once again). Maybe the meaning of life is what motivates you. Maybe deep inside Renewal is what you "attracts to the higher" (J.W.Goethe) ..... Whatever it might be, there is a very simple approach that unites all those who want to surrender to Ultimate Reality. First there is the meditative/contemplative way. It consists of tuning in to the ongoing birth of the universe - of which you are a part - from the Womb. You once again become part of the Cosmic Emanations, realizing that through re-establishing conscious contact with them your Renewal i.e. Regeneration will be optimal. In practice, you first re-connect to the earth. Which means you feel your body in contact with its immediate surroundings: feeling your feet while walking, while simultaneously watching them. The second step is based on the insight that spiritual rebirth comes from your back side. In Dutch there is a saying: "Er achter komen" (literally: "to go behind" or "to find out"). That's why the halo's of saints are at the back of their heads. That's why Buddha's are portrayed the same way. The secret behind: as the Cosmic Mandala shows, first the Divine (white, yellow) and then the universe (green) - including yourself - are born out of the Womb (black). This is an ongoing process! Experience it yourself. The meditation consists of uninterruptedly feeling your back - in all daily situations - imagining that it is bathing in Light. By feeling your back, imagining the Light touching you there, while eventually seeing everything in context of Ultimate Darkness, you re-enact "Cosmic Drama". By continuously being reborn from the Womb this way, it is the latter that lets you walk, sit, eat, love, hate and enjoy......

Being Nothing you are everything

Some authors have raised the question whether the Cosmos has a purpose. "Purpose" usually enjoys great attention from religious (Christian) people. It seems for them living without a purpose is unbearable. Firstly, purpose is identifying yourself with something, usually with something in the future. It is projection of the mind. The suspicion is that the less one lives (or want to live) in the Here-Now, the stronger the need for a purpose. Not surprisingly, that it coincides with the Christian "Thy Kingdom Come". Their credo: the world as it is is a "vale of tears" and we are all hoping for heaven. The problem: identifying with a purpose you miss the Here-Now. A focussed mind cannot include the Whole. Ironically, the Here-Now is another word for the Divine. The latter is Eternally Present. Thus, leading a "purpose-driven" life may work out for worldly aims, however, it doesn't lead you to God. What you want to focus on exists in and around you. Through focussing on a certain objective,  everything else is left out. Therefore, "purpose" is something that isolates you from the greater Whole. Moreover, as soon as the purpose is achieved - to become famous e.g. - interest in it immediately drops. "Being famous" suddenly appears to be very boring. Emptiness lies in wait. To face it creates existential fear. So, in order to prevent that a new purpose is being designed. Like the Divine Emptiness is another important gate to the Whole. This time you escape from the Mother! So, "purpose-driven" people - those who are searching for "God" - just beat about the bush. Their are caught in a mind-game, indeed, a vicious circle. They consistently miss what they search. This is their story, going on ad infinitum. On the death bed one regrets that "one hasn't realized all the purposes" he or she wanted to achieve. Indeed, the Cosmos contains infinite purposes. One would want to realize them all in one split-second! As I said above, the Divine is Omni-Present, it is the Here-Now. "Cosmic Purpose" is the sumtotal of all possible purposes.....Together they constitute a meaningful Whole, the former aiming at..... maintaining itself according to its (underlying) Law. With other words "Cosmic Purpose" is the Cosmos taking care of the universe, ultimately of Itself. The universe is already part of that Whole, people on the other hand have alienated themselves from it. It is the reason why they go astray. It is the "justification" for spirituality and religion.

Religion is to Live in Harmony with the Cosmos
or rather Be It

"Once you take care of the Whole, the Whole is taking care of you". This is one of my dearest insights. In my life, this has been confirmed hundreds of times over. Actually, it is an ongoing awareness. "Cosmic Purpose" means to live in harmony with Cosmic Law. It contains the following steps. First you should know what this Law is all about. What governs the universe, that is the big question. To answer this, you only have to look inside and around you. Life is cyclic, it starts with birth, grows into maturity and then decays i.e. dies, giving way to new life. What governs our planet, could that be a refection of the Cosmos? Or vice versa, is it logic that the Law that (apparently) gives uns life would be alien to itself? No, the reality is, that our earth is part of an infinite Whole, therefore the rules ruling us are universal. Maybe with local "fluctuations" here and there. But on the average "Death, Birth and Life" constitutes what we call Cosmic Law. The starting point is that humans have identified themselves with their ego's. And thus "are thrown upon themselves", deprived of contact with the Whole. The latter's support, nourishment and regeneration have been cut off. It is the true cause of our (rapid) decay. Moreover, not being able to (regularly) going back to the Source, the ego cannot "die", thus blowing itself up more and more. Nowadays, the ego has become a global bubble, about to implode. Cosmic Balance doesn't tolerate accumulations, it will eventually destroy them. You thus better die (voluntary) before you die (involuntary). In order to restore this our unity we have to first go back to the Origin, exposing ourselves to "Her" forces of destruction (of the ego) and rebirth (of our True Self). Once the latter has been established, it should become part of the Whole, once again. It means, with your spirit as part of "Heaven", your body as part of the earth, and your "soul" as part of the (new) community. Why do we need ethics, morality, justice, peace, love etc.? Because, we all live a life apart from the Whole. If ethics - the outcome of being interconnected - are a spontaneous consequence of being part of the Whole, no "ethics" are needed. It is the foundation upon everything else rests..... Without foundation no "further step in evolution".

"Come ye all unto Me
I Am the All-Embracing One"

In fact, it is all about "living according to the Law of the Cosmos". The first and most crucial step consists of continuous "death (of the old) and rebirth (of the new) by surrendering to the Cosmic Mother. To take care of this part of the process is your own responsibility. However, what helps is the insight that for doing so, you only have to tune in to the pre-existing Cosmic Forces. Actually, the "Mother" continuously "invites" you to "come Home". "Her Love" consists of the fact that "She" destroys your ego-centeredness: everything old, sick, evil and ugly, while giving birth to your True Self, and everything related to it: the new, healthy, good and beautiful. While surrendering to Her Forces you subsequently let them decide to which end the balance will deflect. This is the foundation of Cosmic Trust. It consists of the realization that once having enthrusted yourself to "Her", "She" will do the rest. Sometimes the Destruction Force breaks down pieces of your old self - provoking a period of "negativity" in your life -  sometimes the Birth Force grants you clarity, insight or Enlightenment. Mother's Storehouse is inexhaustible! Sometimes you feel you have to become "Mother's little helper", though. Here mantra's come in. The two major ones (among many others) support you in different stages of the process. The first stage is the breaking down of (the identification with) the ego. It sounds "death and rebirth". During every breathing out you whisper "death", letting the breath disappear into the nothingness of your pelvis, while, after holding the breath for a second, letting it come up by itself, whispering "rebirth". The more you let go, the more powerful your new energy. The second is set in when you want to support e.g. empower your rebirth. It is a re-enactment of the birth of the Divine. To support this process the concept of "Mother of God" should be taken literally. It is Reality, after all. So, again, with the help of your breathing you whisper "Mother" (breathing out) "of God" (breathing in). It is nothing less but the birth of the Divine Spark within you. By doing this you not only seek for Truth, You Are IT.

The Cosmic Womb is All-Embracing
We all live in Absolute Security

The third pillar rests on the insight that thinking, emotions, desires are all part of Mother's Emptiness. Compare it with Space and its content. The brain has a double function in this regard: it contains a receptive part, picking up information from its surroundings and an active part, steering activities. Both are part of the same Undivided Space, though. Both are subjected to the same Cosmic Forces of "Birth and Death". This insight is crucial. Problems emerge if we "forget" to give them back to the Cosmos. Clinging is the problem! Now, with minor inflictions "letting go" is easy. In those cases meditation can help. It consists of "stepping back within" in order to create an inner distance between yourSelf - your watching - and your problem. You are "here" and your problem is "there". Ergo: "I am not my problerm". Ergo: "I allow my problem to be there". Indeed, most problems will sooner or later disappear from your inner screen. If not, one more step can help "I love my problem". By doing so, you are just like a meat-eating plant, digesting the problem. Once the problem is allowed to once again become part of the Whole, its "negativity" disappears. In contrast to the East - where showing your personal problems used to be a taboo - the West has always favored it. To be "yourself" is more important than "social harmony". In trying to handle the former we often encounter difficulties that cannot be solved easily. Deep pain, anger, fear, insufficiencies, abuse, abandonment and other trauma's from early childhood accompany us throughout our life time. Therapy may help, but not always does. In such situations it is good to know that there is a Mother, who's passion it is to take these things from you. In Her Abyss everything ugly is destroyed. Because everything is in One Space, your problems are Her problems. So, give them back to Her. The best time to do this is shortly before sleeping. How? It is simple. While enthrusting yourself to the Bottomless Darkness around you, repeat with your whole Being: "Please, Mother take this pain,......,......,....... from me". 

Christians ask
Can you be personal with
Absolute Nothingness?
Both your Divine Spark within
(First emanation)
As well as your bodymind
(Second emanation)
Are continuously being born out of Her
She is your Cosmic Mother
You are Her child

To be in continuous contact with the Cosmos is called "Cosmic Resonance". It means several things. First of all, through this contact, your alienation from the Origin is lifted. You are not a seperate "entity" anymore. Your small self - now even better disposing of the faculties of the mind - has shifted from ego-centeredness to serving the Whole. Only by serving the Whole life is regaining meaning! Secondly, what you think, feel and want is increasingly influenced and determined by the Cosmos. Old things are cleaned up, while giving way to continuous Regeneration. There appears to be a constant feedback between you and the Cosmos. It means that whatever happens to you, you recognize the "hand of the Cosmos" in it. You leave it to the latter to draw conclusions. An inner attitude of "not-knowing" takes possession of you. Your cup is empty for the Cosmos to pour its abundant treasures into it. It means also that the older your age the younger you become. Inner clarity, love and passion re-infuse you with shining light. For many it means, that sooner or later their True Self is realized. At this point the spiritual Path is at a crossroad. You may either chose to become part of the Whole - serving "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" - once again or follow your calling further to lead a full spiritual life, striving for Enlightenment or "Cosmic Realization". The latter including all Dimensions: "Birth and Death". These choices determine the organisation of The Original Tradition, consisting of "Originals" (all those who are dedicated to the Cosmic Mother), "Green Men and Wise Women" (Leaders of the community) and Teachers (members of the Reborn Order), those who share their Cosmic Wisdom with all and everybody.

The Mission of
The Original Tradition
Healing the Planet

The future will certainly belong to One Universal Cosmic Religion. The world desperately needs a new symbol of spiritual and religious Unity. A Tradition that corresponds with the need of the people: open, compassionate, inclusive, challenging, connecting. A Tradition that is the foundation upon which the healing process of the earth can be successfully pursued. Creating enthusiasm and commitment in all layers of society. Including women and men, seniors and youth, black and white, believers and atheists, rich and poor...... With emphasis on the rights of the latter. Friendship, peace, justice and harmony with nature are its major objectives. That's why the New Era belongs to the Cosmic Mother! Nothing reconciles better than "Maternal Care". The miracle: the "Mother" isn't a ploy, but is an true reflection of underlying Cosmic Reality. In the mean time the axiom of existing religions: "there is One God" will not be injured. "He" is "Her" Son, after all. The Mother is not competing with them, at all. She is only adding a surplus value. By the way, in the West the "archetype" of the Cosmic Mother i.e. Her Daughter is the Black Madonna*. Her Blackness is unique, e.g. directly linked to the Bottomlessnes of the Womb. Both the Daughter and the Son are Emanations of the Mother. Although born out of Her, "She" (Darkness) and "He" ("the Light") are two sides of the same coin. It depends on your perspective. Either dynamic ("birth"), or static. Both phenomena are reflected in the Cosmic Mother Mandala. Mystics like John of the Cross have described Darkness that is Light. All religions still have memories of Her. To dig these up - uncovering the "Maternal Dimension of God" - could help them in gaining more spiritual balance. With regard to the scientific community - especially cosmologists and theoretical physicists - I hope for a mutual respectful relationship. I am aware of still having a lot to learn. However, the direction is right and the time is ripe. Everywhere the "Eternal Feminine" is on the advance. Those who have eyes - one scientific, one spiritual one - see it! (Those who see it through non-seeing, see it even better).

* The latter being Goddesses and Wise Women. Extensive attention is paid to them at various other places in my website: "Black Madonna of Einsiedeln", "Wise Women", "Herstory", "The Original Tradition", "The Mosuo model", "Lady and the (Her) Beasts", "Mary's Triumph", "Mary Magdalene" and many others

May the Grace of the Mother be upon you!

See also: "Mother & Sons" , the virtual "Mother Church", written long ago, to inspire Christians to transform their Church, still containing many useful elements, "Great Mother Buddhism"

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