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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

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Mother's Universe

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Cosmic Science

(Mother's Universe)
Cosmo-Spiritual Scientific Approach

Part 2

Dear Friends,

One thing is clear: physics has no authority with regard to the VERY "last things".  Therefore, it should stop referring to only its own hypotheses and chose Reality - spirituality - as a partner. In the course of time too many speculations have passed while finally few have survived scrutiny. Even the General Theory of Relativity appears to have come to its limits. It ends up with space-time. If you want to go beyond it - investigating the Origin of the universe - you have no choice but to go beyond physics! O, "God" many will say, "this is a (clever) trick to fill the gap with religion". I assure you, this is not the case. Actually, there isn't any conflict between science and God, at all. Provided the seekers for the Ultimate Reality are unprejudiced. The question is "which God?". Do you seek Universal, All-Inclusive Being, let's say "the God of Giordano Bruno, Spinoza and Goethe" or are you identifying yourself with religious dogma i.e. the parochial, exclusive "God of the Bible?". So, the conflict is not between science and religion, but an internal religious one: is the "God of the Bible" really God?* Here I can already say, that the personalized "God" of (Christian) religion is a distortion of Reality, therefore he will be the big "looser" in the "race" for Ultimate Truth.Yes, the future, for sure will be a happy marriage between physics and spirituality. This article will continue to find out how they can best benefit each other. To begin with - not suggesting that the universe had a beginning - the "Origin of All" proves to be Absolute Nothingness. In Spiritual Realization this reveals itself as Absolute Blackness. In ancient times this was called the Dark Night, the Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother". Nothing holds out "Her" Bottomlessness, hence, confronted with it, your entire Being is destroyed i.e. for one very short Moment you cease to exist. Only a few humans have experienced this. Because of its all-overthrowing character its numenous Dimension cannot be doubted. Physics supports this spiritual insight! S.Hawking, desperate after having tried all kinds of ways to prove that the universe has a beginning, exclaims: "we should accept origination from Absolute Nothingness". However, what he means is origination of the "Big Bang". In Reality, "something else" comes first, though. The Black Origin i.e. Nothingness' "first emanation" is the Eternal Light**. Its "birth", with less than a split-second in between, strongly suggests that Darkness and Light are two sides of the same coin. However, there is a hierarchy too: Light is definitely born out of Darkness and not vice versa. How this Supernatural Light is born out of the Cosmic Womb - also called Absolute Vacuum, not to be confused with the relative "vacuum" which stands for space-time containing very little energy - remains a mystery. Therefore, MotherGoddess Isis exclaimed: "no-one will ever lift my veil".....

* See: The "God is All-Inclusive" Peace Project (GIAI)

** Not to be mixed up with natural light

Now, many physicists will deplore that. It is their job to go to the bottom revealing everything that is in their power.  I, on the other hand, very much welcome the fact that this certainly will never be within their reach. If the Ultimate remains a Mystery for ever - surviving all attacks from those who try to classify, categorize and instrumentalize it - at least the "Origin of All" will be continuing to guarantee the sacredness of the world. From there we may start to regain some of our original feelings of awe, respect and wonder. Isn't it also because of science that we have lost this? Did "progress" eventually contribute to our happiness? Not really. Thus, yes, achieve the impossible, but know your limits too. In the end, let's celebrate the Mystery!* Let's now turn to the first "emanation" of the Dark Womb: the Eternal Light. The latter is also called Cosmic Intelligence or the Divine. It is manifesting itself as Spiritual Realization, as "Enlightenment". In its most perfect and complete Dimension - "hot and intense" - it is Timeless and Limitless, into which self and the world simultaneously are dissolved. You have become the Ocean. The whole world has become transcended, lifted up to an utterly non-worldly Dimension and more important: You Are It. Its Reality is overwhelming, its intensity exceeding everything previous. I cannot describe it because in that situation "me" had disappeared, moreover, the small self cannot describe the Whole. It even cannot describe Love e.g. (Can you?). Thus, at this very Moment, the Light is describing Itself. Although it happened in 1977 it is still Here-Now. It is proof of its Timelessness and Limitlessness. I again can confirm, that it is radiant, uplifting, totally not of this world, infinite, eternally blissful, intense and ubiquitous, stable, silent and transparent, empty and powerful, everything at "the same time", giving rise to Eternal Peace and Limitless Joy. It is everywhere. This Eternal Space is such a miracle, that I continuously laughed "for nothing". It is the Space containing everything: the grass, the flowers, the trees, the people and the clouds...... "I" contained the grass, the flowers.......They were part of Me. That's why, ever since, "I love the world like myself". In Reality, there is no separation. 

* In order to know the Womb there is only one way: to (spiritually) become confronted by "Her". To those scientists, who wish to go into this Experience The Great Night Initiation is offered.

Nobody denies that
We are part of the Whole
Ultimately, the Whole Itself
Thus, in order to understand the Cosmos
The Road Within is as valid
As the Road Without

That same night, equally unexpected, suddenly, I was embedded in a Ocean of Horror. Like the Light it was Timeless and Limitless. It was everywhere, in and around me! It was a wall of seething whirls i.e. waves, trying to suck me in with an enormous power. In a split second my entire bodymind disappeared into it. Deep cold electrical waves howled through my body, while in a flash I saw worms eating my flesh. The smell of a decaying body was all around me. In a split second my thoughts, feelings, emotions, my body-awareness, my "aura", every faculty of my bodymind had disappeared into the Dark Ocean. This was accompanied by the deepest Angst possible, a truly numinous Dimension. In spirituality known as the Terrible Side of the Divine: the Eternal Non-Being. It was the Angst to completely disappear into the intensity of the Horror. I knew, if that should happen I wouldn't survive it. The only thing left was my awareness, the Spark of Consciousness located somewhere in and around my skull. The struggle consisted in keeping this my inner clarity. Every deviation from the vertical caused acute panic. The only way to survive was to sit on the floor in Zen-position. Later, I realized how much wisdom this contained. Thus, for hours, which for me was an Eternity, I sat unmoving, not even deviating one millimeter from my upright position. By sitting that way my awareness grew bit by bit. It became stronger, more bright and then streched out to my immediate surroundings. Parallel to it the Horror slowly subsided. Eventually, it disappeared altogether. In the mean time, the morning sun had risen, contributing to my intense feeling of relief, gratitude and joy. One thing I knew: this is what religion calls "resurrection" from death. Or as other traditions call it: the return from the Underworld. One thing was certain: this was clearly Supernatural. Some time later I realized that The Light - Being - and The Horror - Non-Being - were equal, yet opposite Dimensions, causing "Birth and Death". Much later I was able to connect them to my first Experience: Absolute Nothingness, the Vacuum or....the Cosmic Womb.

"COSMOLOGICAL TRINITY" means, that 1. the Vacuum is the Bottomless Origin of All, and that two Cosmic Dimensions: 2. "Creation" and 3. "Destruction" originate from "Her". This fully corresponds with "my" Threefold Cosmic Realization. The Vacuum is the Cosmic Womb, Creation is the Divine, God, the Eternal Light and Destruction is my Descent into the Underworld. I dare to say: both Realities are identical. In my Spiritual Realization both were Timeless and Limitless, its Reality "not of this world". It means, that they are Primordial - "singularity" in physics - i.e. they are not part of space-time, but space-time is part of them. And indeed, they are the foundation of a multi-dimensional Cosmic Cycle: from the Vacuum, the Light, virtual Fields to the visible world (Creation), then, through Gravity and dark matter back to the Vacuum (Destruction). everything happening in Timelessness and time, simultaneously, depending on your observer position. Creation is equal to Einstein's "Cosmological Constant ("dark energy")*, while Destruction is equal to Gravity. Think of the virtual particles continuously being destroyed and reborn through the Vacuum, the same with energy in Black Holes. Which Forces are behind this? All other levels of existence obey this rule too. Think of nature on earth: the birth and death of all living creatures. The "natural selection" of Evolution is to be understood not only as "the survival of the fittest", but as the effect of the impact of "Creation and Destruction"***. As a M.D. I observed the same principle in humans. Spectacular example (after prof.dr.W.Zabel): 25% of all bodily cells are dying, 50% are in a stage of dynamic balance, while 25% are in a stage of growth. It is the Cosmic Law of Creation, "Permanence" and Destruction, reflected in our own bodies. Hardly to believe: dying cells are secreting a substance that promotes the growth of young cells! Death as a pre-condition for Life.....By the way, in the Cosmos, Creation being "centrifugal", moving from the "Center" - the Bottomlessness of the Womb - to the "periphery", Destruction being "centripetal", moving from the "periphery" to the "Center". Since these Forces are singularities (transcending space-time), they cannot be measured by physics. At the same time they determine everything! It means, that all efforts to reveal the "last things" have to include these More Than Real, but inaccessible Dimensions. Only spirituality is able to come close i.e. Realize them. It comes down to a totally new approach: taking Creation and Destruction (Expansion and Contraction) as the framework, the sine qua non of EVERY cosmological approach. The former should become the foundation of every hypothesis, calculation, model and experiment. What do these two Forces mean with regard to the origination of the (material) universe? What is their relationship to the "Big Bang", for instance? How is the Supernatural giving birth to the natural? These are not only key problems in physics. In order to explain this, I will use some of my major insights.

*The Force behind the expansion of the universe.
**See "Jay Mata Di!"

CREATION (THE ETERNAL LIGHT) IS BEHIND THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE. In my Spiritual Realization the Womb is uninterruptedly giving birth to the Eternal Light (Mother's Light Body), while the Light is giving birth to the universe (Mother's Material Body)*. It is corresponding with the model of Neo-Platonism, where every existential Plane is "emanating" from the former. Everything originating from the Bottomlessness of the Cosmic Womb! Creation causes the universe to expand, until energy gets exhausted. Under the influence of Gravity (the Destruction Force of the Vacuum!) energy turns into Dark Matter, returning to the very Depth of "Her" Abyss. Here the greatest Mystery happens. In "Her" deepest Bottomlessness matter get so condensed, that Destruction turns into Creation or Birth. The intensity becomes limitless, up to a point where Matter is ignited into Light. This Original Light has several "sub-layers" or "emanations. In the Light all energy is unrecognizably dissolved. In the next emanation energy becomes visible, still against the background of dominant Being. While in the next first energy and then matter come forward. The same process can be observed in the birth of a star. It is an ongoing process. Each Core-Dimension in itself is "static", while the "emanations" - the birth of one layer out of the previous - are dynamic. Eventually, leading to the "separation" of matter out of its Trans-natural Context. The Vacuum giving birth to the Eternal Light; the Eternal Light giving birth to the world.

The first "manifestation" could be what physics has called the "Higgs Field". This Field could be the first step toward materialization. Its characteristics are: consistency, order of energy and matter and the origination of structures. One step further: the energy of the Field and the structures having feedback among each other, through which the latter are born as "separate entities". It is corresponding with the Buddhist concept of "Emptiness is form and form is Emptiness". On the subatomic level first "virtual waves" "appear" - also called Skalar Field - in which "spins" or "whirls" emerge. These "spins" give rise to the formation of the first electro-magnetic fields. Through interference, these fields create resonance, through which photons** (natural light) and quantums are formed. Materialization has taken place. From that moment on, matter is at the mercy of  two competing Cosmic Forces: Creation and Destruction. The former supports life, while the latter "tries" to break it down. Since both Forces constitute a dynamic equilibrium, the fate of matter (life) is insecure. Ideally, the sumtotal of energy is zero (Creation and Destruction cancelling each other out: "Zero Point Energy"), in reality, there are "fluctuations", though. Just like in Quantum Physics one thus can only speak of "probabilities". The dynamics listen to rather narrow constants, making life on earth possible. In spirituality this is called "Mother's Web of Life".

These "fluctuations" are responsible for the origination of stars and galaxies. One of those "fluctuations" could have been "our Big Bang". The "Big Bang" thus being a very common phenomenon. One could also say: it is NOT the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe, but the Vacuum (Cosmic Womb) giving birth to an ongoing e.g. uninterrupted process of "Big and Smaller Bangs". To put it once again to one point. Origin of the universe is the Bottomlesness of the Vacuum ("Womb"). In "Her" two Cosmic Powers originate: the supernatural "Light or Creation Power", the Divine, in physics called the "Cosmological Constant" (A.Einstein) on the one hand, and the equally supernatural Destruction Force, on the other. In the Depth of Bottomlessness energy is concentrated to an unimaginable extent. This has caused the "Big Bang". The Vacuum, together with the Cosmological Constant ("Dark Energy") are responsible for the ongoing expansion of the universe. The result is a universe, that is becoming more empty all the time. Energy gets inflated, losing its binding power. At a certain turning point, energy turns into matter: Dark Matter. The selfsame Vacuum, together with the Destruction Force, is responsible for the (super)-Gravity, pulling the matter (back) to Womb's Bottomlessness. There it is broken down and concentrated to sub(sub)(sub)-atomic quantums. Exceeding a critical limit, a super-concentration, a new Big Bang is happening. Remember: the Cosmic Forces constitute a dynamic equilibrium ("Super-Symmetry"). It means that the universe is fluctuating. Today expansion SEEMS to be dominant. This could (or will) change in some future. Finally, expansion turns into collapse: the Big Crunch. It is proof of the fact, that our universe is ruled by the Vacuum or Cosmic Womb, also called the "Law of (ongoing) Death and Rebirth".

* "Not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to "God" (the Light, the Divine, Consciousness) and the world, the latter continuously returning to their Origin"

** Photons as bearers of natural light that can be seen by the naked eye!

ACCORDING TO THE MODEL OF THE "CYCLIC UNIVERSE", developed by Paul J.Steinhardt and Neil Turok and in accordance with other major scientists, our universe "began" with the Big Bang. After a split second - the real Origin is still a mystery! - a very hot and dense soup ("plasma") marks the first stage. It is the stage in which radiation dominates. Very soon after, this energy soup is giving birth to protons and neutrons consisting of dark matter and visible matter. The latter accompanied by anti-matter balancing i.e. destroying each other. However, in the end matter proved to have a surplus. So, for a time matter dominated the universe. In its turn it eventually gave way to "Dark Energy". "Dark Energy" appears to be dense constant and neutral neither absorbing nor radiating other energy......At this point some imagination is needed! It appears to be anti-gravitational - identical to Einstein's "cosmological constant" - responsible for the expansion of the universe. Now there are two possibilities, called the "inflationary" model and the "cyclical" model. The former assumes an unchanging "Dark Energy", causing limitless expansion, dilution and emptying of the universe, everything ending up in a "vacuum". End of the first story. The second, however, postulates the possibility of "Dark Energy", decaying in such a way, that the "expansion" at some time turns into "contraction". Density of "Dark Matter" is rising rapidly, building up very high-pressure: the "Big Crunch". This incredible concentration is propelled by Gravity, moving toward the Depth of the Vacuum. This combination - unimaginable density (ultimate concentration) on the one hand and the Bottomlessness (ultimate Emptiness) of the Womb - is the Core of transformation of Destruction into Creation. Dark Matter suddenly converted into hot matter and radiation - stored energy being converted into kinetic energy: the "Big Crunch" turning into a "Big Bang". The universe (again) begins to expand. The surprise is, that the universe before and after the "bang" remains the same: flat and smooth. This is due to "Dark Energy" which remained constant both in the expansion and contraction phases. The "cyclic" universe model thus advocates an ongoing renewal of universes. Our "Big Bang" is only one of a chain of other Big Bangs. One day, our universe is giving way to another one. Does that mean that energy is eternal? The "cyclic" model is suggesting this. However, energy belongs to space-time, in that sense it cannot. More questions have to be answered. The point is that until now, the model of "cyclic universes" only relies on assumptions. Is "energy" self-sufficient self-organized and self-steering?" Is it the ultimate "stuff" or is it somehow emerging from something "beyond? What explains "expansion and contraction?" "Can energy re-create energy infinitely?" The existing laws of physics can't answer these questions. If we manage to turn assumptions into facts, then a true revolution is taking place. The answer comes from spirituality. 

In order to understand
The relationship between science and religion
You have to go Beyond!

IN "MY" THREEFOLD COSMIC REALIZATION*, Absolute Nothingness ("The Vacuum, Cosmic Womb") is giving birth to the Eternal Light ("Enlightenment", "The Divine", "Cosmic Intelligence" or "Consciousness"). In its turn the latter is giving birth to the universe ("Creation"), while the universe is continuously returning to its Origin ("Destruction", "the Underworld"). The Bottomlessness of the Womb guaranteeing that neither the Eternal Light nor energy is running out! This Realization is "a 1000 times" more Real than common reality. It is the Intelligence within that recognizes the Intelligence without! There cannot be any doubt about the correctness of its insight. It has been confirmed by numerous "Enlightened Ones" of all times and traditions e.g. Echnaton, Lao Tze, the Buddha, Jesus, Kabir, Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Meister Eckhart, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Conclusion:  there appears to be a direct relationship between Nothingness (Emptiness) and energy or matter. Taoists call this Wu-Wei: doing out of non-doing. Crucial is this: The more empty one is, the more intense the energy that comes out of it (You). This is confirmed by your own breathing. The deeper your breathing OUT, the more powerful your breathing in! The core of Zen-Buddhist Kendo-practice (sword-fighting) consists of becoming empty - without any mind in between - in such a way, that it releases limitless power. This power is "intelligent" i.e. Emptiness is directing it in exactly the right way. The practice of "Cosmic Mother Healing" confirms this....... While watching and eventually becoming! my inner Space, my hand that is touching the client, becomes warm. The emptier I become, the hotter my whole arm and as a consequence the greater the healing power! If, on the other hand, my mind is occupied (even if my thinking is intentional i.e. is focused on healing), then nothing happens. A comparable thing happens during (spiritual) teaching. In Moments of (Great) Emptiness it is not I who is speaking. It is IT in me...... The wisdom spontaneously coming out amazes not only my audience, but also myself. "Unbelievable, did I say that?" Everything said above is proof of the fact that energy - space-time - doesn't stand on itself but emerges out of Nothingness. Spiritual Experience reflects Cosmic Reality. By the way it also confirms that the Ultimate - Absolute Vacuum or Cosmic Womb - is not a (the) "Creator" - instead, it is giving birth without giving birth, without any effort on "Her" part, everything comes out of "Her" Bottomlessness. It underlines that no "Creator God!" exists. Instead, the "Cosmic Trinity" is "selflessly" renewing and regenerating the universe. 

* See: "Threefold Realization"

EVERYTHING CAN BE ILLUSTRATED BY THE PHENOMENON OF THE BLACK HOLES. They originate out of a dead star. First question: why stars die? Answer of physics: "because their energy get exhausted". Why their energy gets exhausted? Here physics show its limitation. No satisfactory answer is given. My explanation is, that "at the bottom" of the universe, there is the Bottomless Vacuum or "Womb". Or better: the whole universe is embedded in Absolute Nothingness. This Nothingness makes itself felt everywhere. Its Cosmic Forces of Creation (Eternal Light) and Destruction (Gravity) are keeping balance, through which we can exist. Some call it the "Web of Life". This balance is a dynamic one, though. It means, it is fluctuating.  Where Destruction has the upper hand star death is accelerated. It is, as if there is a shortcut between Absolute Emptiness and the energies of the material world. So, some regions/stars are more exposed to the sucking power (Gravity) of the Vacuum than others. Matter is getting very dense. Supernova's explode because of their core becoming incredibly dense. These are the spots where Black Holes appear. It explains their incredible Death Force. The (super)-mass becomes so heavy, that Gravity becomes infinite. Energy/matter is sucked in, dragging everything else from nearby into the Hole. That the Vacuum is the ultimate (sucking) power is proven by the fact, that even time-space ceases to exist.  In Absolute Nothingness physics faces its limits ("singularity").

At the same time, however, the Creation Power of the Vacuum makes itself known. Physicists believe, that a Black Hole is indeed the birthplace of new energy. Gas is first sucked in and when the Hole becomes saturated, gas is blown into the universe. These gasses become concentrated, forming new stars. Eventually, a super-massive Black Hole sucks and re-creates entire galaxies. Our Milky Way also moves around such a super-massive Black Hole. Something the Maya's knew for several thousands of years already! They call it the Cosmic Womb or Xibalba.....Again, the birth-giving "centrifugal" power of the Womb steers this all. Thus, a Black Hole reflects the Essence of the Womb e.g. the Cosmic Origin of ongoing Death and Rebirth. It is exactly corresponding with my spiritual Realization. Without Absolute Nothingness as the Bottomless Non-Ground of the Cosmos, Black Holes cannot and will not be understood. Spirituality has to come for rescue, for physics can't and won't ever be able to penetrate Absolute Emptiness. Spirituality can, because our Deepest Core IS Emptiness. Cosmic Realization makes it possible. In its Bottomless Depth one will be destroyed by Absolute Nothingness. Because it is your own Innermost Core, you understand. This knowing is direct, without the need for cognitive strategies.(PS. Anyway, in such a situation the mind has disappeared, so there are no faculties like thinking, interpreting, memorizing etc. left).

Something incredible has to be added to it. Usually, it is assumed that after death, one comes to full understanding of the "Laws of the Cosmos". For everybody will become Enlightened. In the Eternal Dimension ("Heaven") you will be one with the Divine. So far, so good. The Divine in its turn, is uninterruptedly returning to its Origin - the Cosmic Womb, the Vacuum, Absolute Nothingness - though. "You" won't experience this, though, for in Eternity the Divine is disappearing AND reborn IN THE SELFSAME Eternal Moment. If something dies and is reborn AT THE SAME "TIME", when death IS "equal" to rebirth, then the "result" is zero. Therefore, in "Heaven" you will NOT experience what is beyond the Eternal Light. (PS. The Buddha hoped for "realizing" Nirvana after his physical death. He must have been disappointed not to have found it!).The only creatures that can, are people still living on this earth.....For in VERY rare cases, some experience total annihilation BEYOND the Divine Light. Like it happened to me in 1977......*

* See "my" "Threefold Cosmic Realization"

A DYNAMIC "CYCLIC STEADY STATE" OF THE UNIVERSE? An uninterrupted "Birth and Death" in the "Lap" of the Bottomless Cosmic Womb or Absolute Vacuum? Is the "Big Bang" caused by a collision of the Creation and the Destruction Force? My Threefold Realization started with a Supernatural "Lightning", initiating Absolute Nothingness i.e. Blackness. After a "split-second", I had dissolved into the Eternal Light. Was that "my personal" Big Bang? Can it be compared with the colliding "Branes" of the String i.e. Cyclic Theories? (Please, open Google for some background information). Immediately after the Bang these Cosmic Forces ("Branes") regain their original parallel shape and position, starting a new Cycle of Birth and Death. Can that be compared with the Eternal Light, which in my Realization followed the Blackness? Moreover, it has great analogy with the wave-structure theory (E.Schrödinger, M.Wolff). It talks about ingoing (centripetal) and outgoing waves (centrifugal) of "particles", balancing each other. The result is "standing waves". This is very much the character of the "Eternal Light" as I experienced it. In its turn, the "Eternal Destruction" causes the ongoing collapse of the waves. One thing is sure: in the universe, through ongoing materialization a turning point is reached, where Creation (Expansion) loses grip ("inflation") and Destruction (Gravity) takes over. This is true for matter on all levels: from the universe itself to the atomic world. It corresponds with my Experience of the Underworld*. The Destruction Force strips you of all energy. In my case only my clear awareness - Spark of the Light within! - remained. In case of matter, no electro-magnetic charge will be left. Matter becomes Dark Matter! From that moment on it gains more weight, which only accelerates its "returning to the Womb". This "going back Home" is called Gravity...... With regard to the universe itself, it means, that it is continuously expanding and contracting, everything "at the same time".

* See my website: "Threefold Cosmic Realization"

This most fundamental phenomenon can be observed through a Black Hole. As stated above, a Black Hole is the result of the collapse of a Supernova (star). What caused this collapse? Answers usually vary from the age of a star to expansion, with as a consequence a collapse. This may be very true, but what caused the ageing and the expansion? Right: it is the combined "play" behind, that of Creation and Destruction. A process in which Destruction proves to be the winner. The (expanded) star (end stage of Creation!) collapses, matter's density becomes unimaginable, through which more matter from nearby is sucked in. "Fatal attraction". At the same time - because the Creation Force obviously has never subsided, birth of new energy can be observed as well. The Black Hole thus being contraction and expanding in a "nutshell". The "ever expanding universe", as postulated by some physicists, may therefore be the result of a model, in which the effects of the Destruction Force have been left out of the equation. Not taking this into consideration, inevitably leads to erroneos conclusions.  Indeed, if one focuses on Creation-only, then such an assumption is obvious. Since both Creation and Destruction are singularities - outside the Realm of physics - omissions are likely. It is a challenge for both physics AND spirituality to go deeper into the matter. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, while writing this article, I felt ashamed of confronting physics, knowing that in many areas their knowledge exceeds mine many (many!) times over. On the other hand, I am well aware of my own indispensable contribution: physics "belonging" to space-time, I belong to Eternity i.e. the All-Embracing Cosmic Womb. I am sure we'll meet again!

See also: "Universal Teaching!!!"

Outburst of joy!
"I am the Custodian of Cosmos'
after that nothing but great awe and
disconcerting helplessness

SUMMARIZING. THE SUPREME DESIGN IS BUILT ON THREE LAYERS: the Context (Background, Infinite, Essence of the universe), the Tendency (the actual state of the universe, space/time) and human Response. The key question concerning the Context is: "What is outside of the universe?" As I have stated above, this is the Bottomless Cosmic Womb (Vacuum) with "Her" two Cosmic Forces of Creation (Eternal Light, "Dark Energy") and Destruction (Infinite Gravity). This "Trinity" is invisible, yet ruling the whole Cosmos. In the Realm of Eternal Nothingness the laws of physics cease to exist. Einstein's "Special Theory of Relativity" is not applicable here. Every attempt to explain No-Mind with the mind is doomed to fail. So, we have to change our strategy. While cognitive functions prove to be limited, our innermost Core - our Being - is not. The latter is infinite. Meeting the Infinite with our inherent Infinity (ultimately the selfsame Dimension) seem to be more promising. This is how spirituality comes into play. Its way of investigating is to become One with the "object" of research. Once you are One with the Cosmos you know it from within. Crucial is the insight that, while being itself transcendental - e.g. beyond the universe - the "Trinity" is containing all and everything. Both energy and matter are content of its infinite Space. It means that the former is determined by the latter e.g. the actual state of the universe - our second layer - depends directly on the fluctuations of Cosmic Balance. Fluctuations, because the Balance between Creation and Destruction is a dynamic one. Let's remind my approach to time. Time is a manifestation of a limited mind e.g. the three dimensional universe. If I would like to observe a 360 degrees panorama with my "normal" mind, then, I can only do that in pieces, one by one. By doing so, time is introduced. Suppose, on the contrary, that my Mind is so vast, that it can perceive the entire panorama in One Undivided Moment. Indeed, in Full Enlightenment it appears that no time is involved. Conclusion: time is a manifestation of a narrow mind. It is an aspect of our three dimensional universe. From the first Moment your Mind is transcending itself, becoming the fourth dimensional Space, then there is no time anymore. This Fourth Dimension (im my concept also called "Creation")* cannot be explored by three-dimensional approaches. Here, physics faces its limits.

* In the Fifth and Ultimate Dimension - that of Absolute Nothingness - Infinity too has disappeared. The Unity of Absolute Nothingness (Vacuum, Cosmic Womb), Creation and Destruction is called the Cosmic Trinity. Only spirituality has an entrance here.

Physics is understanding; Spirituality is KNOWING

Since the beginning (let's assume there was a Big Bang) the universe is expanding. It is something physics is currently investigating, booking spectacular successes. Research has found out that the universe is expanding with an ever increasing speed. Therefore, some investigators predict the "end of the universe" through a "Big Rip" e.g. the Bubble bursts into pieces, from stars to atoms, in such a way that nothing will be left. These kind of predictions are based on the hypothesis of two invisible forces: Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The first is said to constitute the substance of the universe, while the second is responsible for its expansion. Since everything is ultimately ruled by the "Trinity" (see above) the challenge is to reconcile the findings of spirituality with those of physics. Crucial is to realize that all energy (matter) is "born" out of infinite Space (Vacuum) and dominated by "Her" two Forces. It means, that since the "beginning of time" the Creation Force has the upper hand. The crucial thing is: while physics hasn't produced a theory based on experiment (e.g. the string "theory"), above insights do. The experiment has been done with one's (my) Being. The Reality of my Realization is "a thousand times" more real, than the "real" world. Therefore, it is really time to recognize and acknowledge spirituality as a legitimate way to know the Cosmos.  It goes even one step further: spiritual Realization is a direct contact, nay, unity with Reality without the interference of our cognitive mind: our hypothesis, calculations, experiments. It gives an unbiased insight, especially where physics fails to have entry: the infinities (realms beyond time and space).  With regard to the latter I challenge all existing theories, including the physicists involved. Let's face this most fundamental problem and come to a completely new theory.

To reconnect to physics. Physicists are now saying that the expansion of the universe will be running out of hand. They calculated that the equation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter is 2 to 1. This is a premature interpretation, though. Because the underlying Essence of the universe is not taken into account. The expansion is just an expression of something Beyond. The former is NOT an independent force! Again this is a major point: the relative value of explaining the Cosmos by means of physics only. Energy and matter are manifestations, not the ultimate thing. It is like in medicine: studying the symptoms without insight into the underlying cause(s). So, yes, the universe is expanding. But this is only the actual state at THIS moment in history. Interpreting the symptoms cannot lead to generalizations about the universe as a whole. Because, if it is true (and it is) that the world is ruled by the Cosmic Balance of Creation AND Destruction, then somehow (and someday) expansion must trigger its (compensatory) opposite: Destruction. In fact, this Force is part of the game all the time already. Expansion is only a fluctuation, a temporary thing, any time Destruction could get the upper hand. Destruction is even considered to rule the universe without interruption. Another word for it is Gravity. In its turn, it is closely linked to Dark Matter. Through expansion, energy gets exhausted. It turns into matter. Through Gravity, accumulated matter becomes increasingly dense. Like it happens with an exploding Supernova. Matter concentrates in its core and becomes a Black Hole. The latter sucking light, energy and matter in indiscriminately. With such a force that Gravity becomes infinitely strong. Why? Because of its underlying Ultimate Dimension: the Bottomless Vacuum. So, there is already a continuous return of energy to its Source. It means that the universe expands AND shrinks. It could ultimately shrink to such an extent, that its condensation becomes so acute, that a new Big Bang causes a restart of the universe. I am thus convinced: the theory of infinite expansion has to give way to the principle of Cosmic Balance.

OUR HUMAN RESPONSE. Basically, the answer is clear. By becoming Empty (within), the Cosmic Forces of Creation and Destruction will be optimally working, both personally as well as with regard to society. Understanding the times in which we live, would help. Everybody agrees: this is a time of decay. It is visible on all levels of existence, from the soul and personal relationships to organizations and societies. Responsible for this is our identification with our ego.  Ignorant about the necessity of continuous "death", while not knowing about the regenerative force of Emptiness, the ego has no chance to become balanced. Instead of serving the Whole, it blows itself up, eventually destroying both ourselves and our environment. If this would go on infinitely, then the death sentence for (wo)mankind is secured. The only saving force is....Destruction. An allegory could be this. The Vacuum has only one concern: keeping Cosmic Balance. Accumulation disturbs Emptiness. Like (wo)mankind has done for the last 500 years (greed, profit, growth). Because everything is interconnected, the disbalance on the human level translates itself on other (Cosmic) levels, as well. It gives rise to the activation of its counterpart: Destruction. The latter as a means to RESTORE the equilibrium. In this light, the decay in and around us, gets a totally different meaning. What is degenerating are our ego-accumulations! Instead of resisting "Mother's Effort" we are invited to cooperate with it. Intelligence means, that we actively give up our ego's. "Stirb und Werde" ("to die to become reborn") is a key insight of J.W.Goethe. He considered it crucial for optimal life. In these times, this is not only a personal concern. It is a concern of us all. The future of (wo)mankind is depending on it. "Either we (our ego's) die, or the earth dies", that is the situation nowadays. In order to re-balance we receive unexpected help from the Cosmos itself. Because the Destruction Force is already taking away everything old, sick, ugly, accumulated and evil. We just should not resist it. Two thousand years of religious effort weren't able to overcome the ego. Only Absolute Emptiness can do that. So, we are givng back our ego to the Cosmic Mother. "Please, Mother, take away my ego". This is our ultimate chance.

Appendix 1. Science (Cosmology) proves to be based on a rather random "system" of axioma's, presumptions "ideas", assumptions, concepts, interpretations, speculations and hypotheses. So does theology. Conclusion: neither science, nor theology can bring us closer to "God". Some authors welcome this as a new chance to "become humble" in the Face of the Ultimate. Repeating the old Lutheran mantra of "God cannot be experienced", denying the Divine Spark (Meister Eckhart) within. The only thing left is thus to.......think, think and think (again). It is exactly that vicious circle scientists and theologians are caught in. Why don't they have the courage to acknowledge that fact? Why are Christians always on the road (Dutch "samen op weg"), while never arriving? Well, a certain cultural masochism - a deep down felt insufficiency - will for sure be underlying it. Hasn't the inquisition stamped out all those ("heretics"), who claimed to have had God-experience? If the Ultimate cannot be reached through mind speculation, then, give it up. Theologians should thus acknowledge that "God" cannot be found in books. So, go beyond it! A more tangible fact cannot be excluded either. I suspect, that in this case "humility" may mean exactly the opposite: the refusal of giving up the supremacy of (Western) mind. The latter has to be secured at all costs. There are simply too many practical interests at stake. Generally, going beyond the mind appears to still be the greatest taboo**. Despite the fact, that mystics from all major traditions time and again emphasize that the mind is unable to know the Divine. Their advice: leave the mind behind and jump into the Unknown. If you want to know "God", why don't you just go to those who have realized it, in order to become inspired? Why is mysticism left out of both science and theology? Why do they simply brush aside Jesus ("My mother gave birth to me in order to die, while my True Mother has granted me Life". Gospel of Thomas), Mary Magdalene ("The woman who knew the All"), Dionysios Aeropagita ("The intangible LightDarkness", "seeing through not-seeing", "knowing through not-knowing"), Hugo of St.Victor ("A soul that doesn't know itself, cannot know God"), The Cloud of Unknowing ("In order to know God you have to leave the mind behind"), Meister Eckhart ("God is Nothingness"), Ruusbroec ("Everybody has a natural tendency of going back to the Origin"), Margarete Porete ("The Mirror of Simple Souls"), Beatrijs of Nazareth ("Seven Ways of Divine Love"), Giordano Bruno ("A Cosmic Universe"), John of the Cross ("Darkness gives birth to the Light"), Teresa of Avila ("God is within you") and many others**. Why they don't even take Thomas of Aquino seriously, who, shortly before dying was granted Full Enlightenment (God-experience), exclaiming "compared to this my entire previous work is worthless". He wanted to burn it all. It seems, that even in the 21st century the real God-people are still discriminated, ignored, denied and rejected, especially by scientists and theologians. Nelson Mandela was right: "we are not afraid that we are incompetent, but that we are Bright beyond measure"

* Is it the (existential) fear of Nothingness?

** Why is the wisdom of the East left out? E.g. in Buddhism the Ultimate is called "Emptiness beyond Emptiness". Isn't that significant enough to take it seriously?

You are within the All
The All is within you

Appendix 2. Thinking is a function and not the center of personality. Western culture - out of ignorance or deliberately - has put the ratio on the throne. However, thinking is a derivative, a brain function, a servant of awareness, of the Here-Now, of the Divine Spark within. The latter is our true Center. To the Church this has always been the greatest abomination ("sin"). For obvious reasons, because people with God-experience don't need the Church anymore! Through awareness - also called True Self - you are able to watch your thinking. There appears an inner distance between the two. I am "here" and my thinking is "there", in front of you. Conclusion: "I am not my thinking"*. Obviously, thinking is a very useful tool. It has a central function in all kinds of situations. Something I value very much. But with regard to the last things, it fails. This is proven in situations where it really matters. "Without thinking he/she jumped into the water and saved the child". These no-thought actions prove to be very effective, indeed. Suppose, in such a situation you first start deliberating. The child would have drowned right under your eyes. The miracle: in important situations the Here-Now takes over. Many people have similar experiences. "Without thinking I knew exactly what to do". "While looking at the sunset everything dropped off and for the first time I saw the world in its original glory". "Today our love-play was so perfect, there wasn't any thinking in between". "Suddenly, my jogging was taken over by something within. It just went by itself. No thinking whatsoever". You have just to pay a high toll for the primacy of thinking. The ignorance extends itself to science and theology. Both are used to approach everything through thinking, too. Therefore, they automatically think that it will also work for them while approaching last issues. The disappointment is in accordance. The cause of this grave ignorance? To Christians Christ is "the Word". They interpret it as something Divine ("The Word is God"). In Reality, this is not tenable, though. God is beyond any "word", even "his own". This Word-Cult originated in Babylonia, during the time that Hammurabi issued his law. Through it, men discovered the "power of words". It became the foundation of their rule. Subsequently, every decree was a "word of command". The writers of the Bible very well understood this. They let God create the world through "his Word". It makes "God" very powerful**.Although as I have tried to emphasize, neither the Word, nor God has the last word. To the regret of some (many) I have to say that the Cosmos is a birth, originating from the Bottomlessness of the All-Inclusive Womb (Vacuum). In the "Sacred Book of John" God boasts about himself as being the Father, the only God, the One above all and everything. However, his Mother didn't tolerate his presumptuous behavior and exclaimed "This is a lie, JHWH"***

* In case of extension of awareness thoughts become the content of your inner Space.

** A few years ago the Synod of the Lutheran Church was held in Ulm, Germany, with the slogan "The Word of God is Eternal". This is blasphemy. In Reality, only "God Himself" - as Son of the Cosmic Mother - is.

*** E. Pagels "The Gnostic Gospels", 1979 Random House

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