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Last but not least, we are so grateful to be able to live and work in Ireland, that in the mean time we have obliged ourselves to an empowerment program for Irish people. It consists of a package, consisting of health*, psychotherapy and spirituality. We offer it to groups, centres, organizations and companies throughout the country. Han Marie Stiekema will be assisted by his wife MeiMei (MA regional development/epidemiologist), a talented teacher and therapist of Traditional Chinese Medicine from China.

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1. Lectures/Talks "Optimal Vitality through Flow System Therapy"
The health situation world-wide is rapidly deteriorating. Not only with regard to massive problems like hunger, poor hygiene, women diseases, infant mortality, (tropical) infectious diseases in the so-called „Third World" or „South", but the recent immune- deficiency related (chronic) disorders in the modern world - of which AIDS/SARS are only small parts - as well. It seems that 50 years of post-war health care wasn’t able to master the problems it was facing. Despite all clinical and technological efforts the rate of chronic disease is still on the rise e.g. allergies & chronic fatigue, stress & burn-out, vascular and heart disease, degeneration (a.o. dementia/Alzheimer) and cancer. In the Netherlands it is estimated, that in the year 2010 the statistics of chronic disease has risen up to 40% (compared to 1992). Taking the ageing of the population into account, this is still a worrying figure. Another indicator is the incidence of chronic disease among the very young. While 30 years ago diseases like migraine, asthma, diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure, cancer and many others were extremely rare among them, nowadays they are alarmingly common.

70% of your health lies in your own hands

In the many years of my medical practice, I have found the common denominator of chronic „civilization" related disease. It is called the Flow System. Health depends on the dynamic equilibrium between nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination. Every stage has its own examination, diagnosis and a group of integrated - biological, ecological - therapies. The surprise is, that by only optimizing the above mentioned basic functions - together with eliminating as much as possible all harmful influences from the environment - all kinds of chronic disorders often prove to be partly or even entirely disappearing, while at the same time well-being, optimal vitality, energy and a balanced immune-system are restored. Without focussing on disease whatsoever, flow system therapy offers every individual a simple, effective, cheap and comprehensible system of understanding health, improving basic metabolic functions, improving lifestyle in such a way, that illness can be prevented, „civilization" related (chronic) disorders and the "new risks" can be improved or cured, through natural means without side-effects.*

* Lectures/talks. Entry fee. * See: handbook holistic health "Flow System Therapy". This unique book can be ordered.

2. Lectures/Day Course "Hypertension"
From the very beginning of our work, it became clear, that ("essential") hypertension was among the easiest of disorders. It began with looking at the problem through the eyes of the flow system. Rather than being an "abberation" from a "healthy norm" it more and more became clear, that a sensible adjustment mechanism was behind it. The key is protein-overconsumption with subsequent clogging of pores in the capillaries. The result: nutrients being blocked. They cannot reach the cells anymore. One of the ways the body copes with this, is to put more pressure behind the flow. A simple high blood pressure is a functional adaptation. An attempt of the body to insure the flow of nutrients on their way to the cells. Looking at it this way, dealing with it, obviously, is very different from the "normal" ways. The approach is so successful, that we even did a project in Brazil. Considering the widespread ignorance, we made this Day Course our priority.

See:, see Handbook Holistic Health "Flow System Therapy" chapter "High Blood Pressure". Day Course Hypertension. Entry fee.

3. Lectures/Day Course "Breast Cancer prevention"
We have to admit, that despite decades of research, breast cancer still seems to be unstoppable. HMS says: First we have to be prepared to change our thinking. Secondly, a new pathology model is needed. Thirdly, practical methods have to be developed. In his many years of medical practice HMS has done exactly that. A true breakthrough! Because we have extensively written about it, we refer to our special chapter. PS. On request we could do also Day Courses on topics like psoriasis, rheumatism, migraine or arthrosis. You name it!

See: chapter "Prevention of Breast Cancer". Day course Breast Cancer prevention. Entry fee

4. Lectures/Day Course "Chinese Jadestone therapy" ("Guasha")
MeiMei brought a wonderful therapy from China to Europe: "Guasha". It is so versatile, simple and effective, that inevitably it has become our mission to help as many as possible people. Summarizing, Guasha is stimulating the immune system, detoxifies and de-acidifies, promotes the circulation, regulates functions and organs, removes blockades and pain, improves e.g. cures indirectly countless (chronic) disorders and complaints...everything through ONE simple treatment. It is "replacing" other methods like massage, connective tissue treatment, reflexology, periost massage, acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage and immune therapy.

In the treatment a special oil is put on a particular area of the skin, whereafter the therapist starts "scraping" the area with a "scraper" (an specially designed instrument of jade or horn). Very soon the skin becomes red. The amazing thing is, that on places where disorders are hidden, red spots appear IN the skin (not ON the skin) comparable to hemorrhage. Because the scraping is on the oily skin, the patient will hardly feel pain - neither during nor after the treatment - nor will the skin become damaged, and the red spots will fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.*

Feedback with thousands of patients have revealed, that our Guasha therapy is optimizing health, boosting energy, makes one more fit, relaxed and joyful. It improves the functions of metabolism, regulatory systems and organs. We also have very good results with infertility, overweight and ageing problems. Basic improvements also include sleeping quality, concentration, memory and learning e.g. creative abilities. In China people meet each other every morning in the park, doing Guasha together. Results have shown, that their health greatly improved, preventing e.g. curing many disorders. MeiMei is very enthousiastic about it. She is giving this prevention course in Holland already for many years.     

Especially in the area of pain relief it is unequalled. Through feedback with hundreds of patients it became clear, that Guasha therapy is by far favorite. So, people seeking pain relief - all kinds of pain syndromes: head, neck, shoulders, joints, back, muscles, hips, lumbago, nerve, sciatica, osteoporosis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, PMS, RSI etc. - are especially welcomed to do the course*.

* Day courses Guasha self-help with MeiMei. Fees. See also: or (extensive Dutch website). Part of our fundraising activities. Minimum donation. 

In the Summer of 2004 we did voluntary work (pain treatments) for pilgrims along the Camino de Compostela in Spain. It was an experience we will never forget. First of all the local Red Cross was so enchanted by our efforts, that it gave us a space for free. It was located along the main street pilgrims were passing by. Everyday we had open house. People with pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips or shoulders – and there were quite a lot of them – were welcome to having a treatment. Everybody could walk in and out. It created an atmosphere of ease, informality and a high spirit. Everybody talked, laughed and had a good time, while waiting for treatment. A happy “chaos” indeed. Moreover, our treatment – the unique Stone Age (Chinese jade stone) therapy – caused miracles all the time. Mostly, it took only 10-20 minutes in order for the pain to completely disappear. You should have seen the amazement in the eyes. Sometimes people really started unrestrained laughing or dancing*.

* An inspiring DVD of the Compostela experience has been made. It can be ordered through us.


5. Lectures/Day Course "Emotional self-integration"
Nowadays society increasingly disintegrates. In Western Europe this process is going on for quite some time, already. In Ireland f.i. it started only recently. "Suddenly" the erosion in the Catholic Church became painfully evident. The result is a vacuum, a "black hole" in which traditional values are rapidly broken down. The effects on our youth are particularly painful: inner confusion, identity problems, existential fear, meaninglessness, disorientation and worse. The problems also have their effects on those who try to help. Psychology f.i. seems more and more part of the problem, rather than the solution. One of the main causes is its reductionism, the separation of the "psyche" from its context of both body and spirit. Problems can never be solved on the level on which they originated. Hence, we advocate approaches in which the unity of body, mind and spirit is emphasized.

* Psychological self-help. Theory and practice. See: "Emotional self-integration".   Entry fee.


6. Lecures/Daycourses/Retreats "The Integral Way"
Universal spiritual Path, embracing all traditions. It is the outcome of HMS' ten years of uninterrupted Bliss, fifteen years of the "Dark Night of the Soul" and the subsequent Unitive Life.....Consisting of 7 steps: awakening! (discovering your inner observer), personal integration (spiritual, emotional, physical), being rooted in heaven & earth (heaven & earth exercises/tiendi qigong), breakthrough of the Light (meditation/ma-zen), purification (Chinese guasha), refuge in the Great Mother (worship/contemplation) and compassion/service.*

* See: The Integral Way. Lectures/Workshops/Day Courses/Weekends or Week Retreat. Participation fees.

7. Lectures "Return of the Great Mother"
In these most critical of times The Eternal Feminine has revealed HerSelf to the world. She is the Vacuum or Cosmic Womb: "Not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the universe, the latter continuously returning to the Origin. Her Law of the Universe - death, rebirth and permanence - is the foundation of life on all levels. By surrendering to "Her" you will become reborn as a New Self, while subsequently becoming part of the Whole - Her web of life: Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again. Han Marie talks about the REALITY of the Mother as the Cauldron of Regeneration and how She is saving the world. Followed by a short contemplation, group consultation with Q & A (spiritually, psychologically, physically). Enlightening, confronting, inclusive, lighthearted, inspiring, humerous, supportive....*

* Lectures, talks, teachings. Entry fee.

8. Spiritual Coaching (advice/guidance)
Personal Coaching with an Awakened One is a unique experience. He sees you as you Really Are, guiding you in such a way, that you will find the direct way to your Inner Self. Because he is also physician and psychotherapist, he has a holistic overview, including all relevant levels. Reasons why you may search for his advice: personal guidance on the inner Path, Self-realization, personal integration e.g. wholeness, love, sex and relationship, religious crisis, existential fear, depression, stress and burn-out etc.*   

* By appointment. Part of our fundraising activities. Minimum donation.


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