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From March 11 until December 21
How to prepare yourself for the Event of a lifetime


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Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb

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Celebration of dying to the old

Prepare yourself! Open yourself up. Be in touch with what is going on. See with your heart and feel with your mind, trust the wisdom of your body, so that you don't miss the Invitation to the Party, when it comes

You may have problems or worse. Maybe you feel sad, depressed, are tormented by fears, deprived of the good things of life, disillusioned or simply fed up with it all. Life has very litle left to be amused about

That's right! And you are not to blame! Because we live in a time of decay. What you feel thousands of people feel. We are all in the same boat. Feeling bad means that you feel the pain of the world

Because you don't know the meaning of your suffering, you resist. Because the latter cannot flow freely, your anguish accumulates. It becomes worse. Before you realize it, you will be part of a downward spiral

Realizing the condition you are in is thus the first step. Start watching your thinking, feelings and emotions. You will discover that there is an inner distance between your observing and everything else

Once you do that you are once again the master in your own house. Whatever happens, you - your inner core - will not be affected. Your suffering might be there, but it is not YOU who suffers anymore

It becomes a celebration when you discover that by allowing your suffering to enter your innermost core, your clarity, openness, inclusivity, compassion and strength all benefit. You start to be grateful to your "negativity" 

If you can celebrate your negativity nothing can go wrong anymore. What is good and what is bad? It is the hour of truth. The turning point is a different perception of decay, disintegration and.....death.

"Normally", when approaching your inner emptiness, fear arises. It is the ego-angst for death. At that point you "invent something" to fill in the gap. Anything will do. Americans do it by creating yet another "dream". You unconsciously run after every impulse that pops up in your mind

You call this your "creativity". In fact, inner rubbish creates outer rubbish. Please, stop this. A wise person is letting all irrelevant mind content pass by - destroying it in his/her inner incinerator - while only identifying him/herself with the real things

If you refuse to die, ego is continuously blowing itself up. A blown up ego has to realize itself by changing its environment according to its "own image" and purposes. The result is exploitation. So, there are only two choices: either you die or the world around you has to die

The surprise: you are already dying all the time. Death is permeating life and vice-versa. Take your body for instance. 25% of all cells are continuously dying, 50% is in a more or less stable condition, while 25% are newly born e.g. growing

You won't believe it: the dying cells are secreting a substance that stimulates the birth of young cells. Death as a pre-requisite for rebirth! Our problem isn't death, but our ignorance about its nature and function, is. We have been infected by the fears our culture has infused into us

If the cells don't die thoroughly - f.i. throught an unhealthy lifestyle, suppressing benefical illnesses e.g. not detoxifying your body properly - then cells are prevented from dying off and thus won't secrete that life-giving substance....You have fallen between two stools

Think of the story of the carterpillar not knowing about his/ her next life as a butterfly. So, wake up and step into real life: a life of continuous death and rebirth! It consists of living according to the Cosmic Law of the Mother: to die in order to LIVE. Amargi!*

* Greeting from Sumeria 2500 BCE. It means "Freedom through the Mother"

Celebration of birth of New Self

Celebration of the Wholeness of Life

Celebration of A New Era


Dragon Flower


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