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It will be clear that the liability for doing a fast during your pilgrimage is
enterely yours




On your pilgrimage you will greatly benefit from fasting, purification e.g. inner body cleansing. The impact of a Fasting Pilgrimage is far-reaching: both on individual wellness (clarity of mind, inner balance, optimal health) as well as beyond (harmony with nature, relationships, society), yet its provisions are minimal. Hardly any practice is so simple, while achieving so much. Although organizing will appear not to be difficult, some advice should be given here.


You may decide yourself of how many days you would like to walk. Three days should be considered a minimum for the fasting to be effective, five days would be better, a week or two almost ideal. Those who follow the Camino de Santiago may fast for 10 days, provided they will fast on fruits (or rice/vegetables). Notice that fasting is much more effective while walking, hence the duration can be shorter than normal. Walks can be held in every season, however most people prefer the warmer ones.

We walk in nature for nature


Depending on the situation, the whether etc. people should take with them: 1. Proper shoes 2. Raincoat 3. A pair of trousers 4. Hat 5. Sunblock 6. Sunglasses 7. Swimming suit and a towel 8. At least three liters of water 9. Fruits, fruit juice and/or some honey 10. Magnesium citrate powder or tablets against possible muscle cramps 11. Enough training in advance 12. Good spiritual/emotional/mental preparation.


In principle only healthy people may participate. Those with (minor) disorders have to submit a paper of consent of their physician. There is no limit regarding age. I have been walking with seventy year old people, which was wonderful. However, everybody should be reasonably trained. One of the (real) problems of some walks was, that some people remained too far behind. It is one of the reasons why there should be at least two or three team leaders participating. All participants sign a liability waiver. The local group is responsible for the proper course of events. Usually nothing worrisome happens (at all!). There will be at least one "first aid" worker walking with the group. He or she preferably is a licensed practitioner/naturopath, nurse or M.D. He/she will have with him/her a first aid bag e.g. containing enough bandages, plasters, especially those for blisters, leucoplast, fatty cotton, disinfectant, a small splint, tick tweezers (depending on the area), a pair of tweezers, scissors, safety pins, anti-allergic, bloodpressure set, nitrogen tablets, magnesium citrate, painkillers and rescue drops (against low bloodpressure).


A good preparation is essential, both mental and physical. The type of fasting we propose is fruit-fasting. It is the easy way. Fruit-fasting provides you with enough (natural) sugar, that you will have enough energy for walking. You take three or so transition days in which you gradually bring the amount of food back. Having your main meal at lunchtime is wise, since eating in the evening is a burden for your digestive system. The fourth day is your first walking day. Those who would like to cleanse their bowels (recommendable) do this before the first transition day. This could be one evening on which you take a laxative or a (water) enema, possibly continued during your transition days)(See also: step 1.)

During the walks you live on fruits only. Every time you are are hungry you may take a piece of fruit (which you have taken with you yourself). Always one kind of fruit at a time. Chew well! It is wise not to eat fruit after 2 or 4 PM anymore, since many people have the risk of fermentation. After that time only water and herbal teas. Those who suffer from fermentation already (bloated belly, gas, candida, hypoglycemia) better fast on something else, e.g. curd or rice. During the fast lots of liquids have to be taken, usually between two and three liters a day (in hot climates even more). Needless to say, that smoking, alcohol, coffee, black tea and taking drugs is strictly forbidden. Those who take medication or the pill should consult their physician.

In fasting waste products and toxins are being removed from the body. This often happens in waves. These so-called flare-up symptoms - nausea, headache, palpitations, a soar throat, a flue, fever, aching joints - are a sign that your detox e.g. immune system functions well. Usually drinking a couple of glasses of water - causing rapid excretions of the toxins from the body - will be sufficient. If not, a water enema could help considerably. Studying some fasting literature in advance may be a good idea. If not available you always could order our handbook "Flow System Therapy" in which all the details are described. See: step 2.

After the walks again some transition days are needed to return to normal.  The fasting is an ideal introduction to changing your lifestyle for the better. You have to gradually built up your diet, starting with fruits in the morning, rice and vegetables at lunchtime, while still eating very little in the evening. Only some vegetable soup with a cracker will do. The amounts are decisive! After three to five days normality is restored. Those who would like to extend their diet plus an intensive health program please see: step 1.

See also "Spiritual Fasting" (In Dutch)

Walking for feeling good, empowered, for inner balance, walking to be more aware, joyful and healthy...

Walking in silent communion, resonating, meeting, sharing, celebrating with your heart.
Walking for Unity in Diversity...

Walking with feeling awareness, "being yourSelf connected", every step is the first, full of awe
and wonder, sanctifying nature...

Walking well aware of the Peace within, the obstructions for peace in this world and are meditating on
how to overcome them...

Walking to restore the Wholeness of Life: the unity with Heaven, the earth and the community...

Walking as a community of the faithful, devoting your lives to the Ultimate as you experience it, in deep
awareness, connectedness and Trust...

is an initiative of Han Marie Stiekema. In his
"previous life" he used to be a medical doctor, specialized in fasting since 1972. He
treated countless patients, guided people in the so-called fasting-meditation
groups, initiated fasting-meditation peace walks in 1981,
while recently having resumed them.

"To Restore the Unity with your Self, your body and nature, your
psyche and fellow human beings, while surrendering
to the Ultimate"

For extensive information about detoxification, purification and fasting,
open: click "Flow System Therapy" and
the chapters about "Detoxification" and "Elimination".


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1997-2004 © Copyright Han Marie Stiekema. All rights reserved.
Everyone may use this website as a source of inspiration. However, since it
is freely given, no-one can claim, copy or derive any text, rights,
position or status from this website.