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International Camino de la Esperanza
Yucatan, Mexico
"Healing the Planet" Pilgrimage


After a very informative and friendly talk at the Mexican Embassy, I came to understand that 1. walking in the Yucatan in the hot season (March-November) is impossible. 2. Moreover, misunderstandings could be raised about the purpose of the Camino. Obviously, in no way whatsoever we want to interfere with local people's interests or violate their sensitivities. The opposite is true. The reason for designing the Camino is to contribute to the wellbeing of everybody involved. We created the idea, while leaving the practicalities to the local population. We won't interfere with anything. On the contrary, by bringing foreigners to Mexico we contribute to the prosperity of the country. These two circumstances, however, made us decide to doing first thorough research, both locally and with regard to the attitude of the Mexican government. In order to have peace of mind we want to be sure, that we are welcome. So, our idea is still in its first stage. People who already want to walk the trail are obviously free to do so. The text in the middle describes the project AS IF it were already implemented. Which - as you know now - isn't (yet) the case. In spring 2009 we have to be able to tell you more about our progress.



Green Man in Mexico 1
Green Man in Mexico 2
Green Man in Mexico 3
Green Man in Mexico 4
Green Man in Mexico 5
Green Man in Mexico 6

Meteor impact in Yucatan, about 64 million years ago, the cause for the dinosaurs to become extinct

In the summer of 2004 we organized PilgrimCare along the Camino de Compostela, Spain. It consisted of treating - for free - pain symptoms  pilgrims received from walking down the Pyrenean mountains. We did it through Chinese Jade Stone Therapy, one of the most effective treatments available. It was a great event. To such an extent, that we kept dreaming of doing it again. We never expected to initiate a Camino ourselves, though. Nor that it would be in an absolute wonderful country: Yucatan, Mexico.

The seaside Temple of Tulum,
begin station of the Camino


Valladolid street

Chichen Itza Temple at the Summer Solstice

The modern world has manoeuvered itself to a point of inner and outer confusion. It has entered a dead end with no escape whatsoever. Maya Cosmology on the other hand, surprisingly, includes major spiritual concepts, that happen to be highly relevant to the world of today. Like the Cosmic Mother as the Origin of all, death and rebirth as the dominating forces of life; the concept of cyclic time; the Gods/Priests/Kings as "Green Men", born out the Mother's Womb; the alignment of Cosmic and Earthly processes, its closeness to nature and much more....

Ballcourt Chichen Itza



Maya village


Maya handicrafts

 We have chosen "Death and Rebirth" - RENEWAL - as the most appropriate motto for this our initiative. First of all, Yucatan was the scene of the heaviest meteor impact in history, truly the end of an epoch and the start of a new. Aren't we in a similar situation, rightnow? We also have to abandon many of our engrained conditionings ("death") in order to save the planet. It is only possible through the birth of a New Self ("rebirth"), one that is willing to become part of the Whole, once again. "Death and Rebirth" is the central theme of Maya Cosmology. It is our guide on the Path of Regeneration. On the Camino many links refer to it. Symbolism vary from the Cosmic Womb steles, ballcourts, temple ornaments to Maya (healing) ceremonies, caves, cenotes etc. etc.  


Maya handicrafts


Death-Rebirth mask (copy from the original from Tikal)



Merida on Sunday


In Spanish there are two words for "way": Ruta and Camino. The first stands for a physical distance. Ruta Maya means a concrete route between monuments, villages and people. Camino, on the other hand, combines a walking trail with the inner quest. It means that while walking you resonate with both the inner and the outer world. Camino de la Esperanza is the first MesoAmerican international spiritual event that directly links to world concerns. Its three pillars are Spirituality, Health and the Ecology. It is referring to the deep inner crisis people are in nowadays ("who am I?", "What is the meaning of life?"), the ever-worsening health-situation (large scale increase of chronic disease) and the deteriorating environment (climate crisis, pollution and their consequences)


Maya religious ceremony



As said above, the Camino focusses on Spirituality, Health and Ecology. Aren't people with depression, anxiety, stress and burn-out* running into the millions nowadays? Rather than going to a (expensive) clinic, walking the Camino will beat everything. The same is true for all kinds of chronic disorders**. The aim is to experience inner growth and healing, inspired by Maya teaching, put into practice through walking on a pre-fixed route along Maya monuments, nature reserves, cities, museums, villages, cenotes, caves, and more ruins. Every participant receives a guidebook with the details. In order to be optimally receptive the former are offered - before they start walking - a spiritual retreat, in which - through the Universal Way - they train themselves in awareness, personal integration (spiritually, psychologically, medically), heaven & earth exercises and  more. Part of them are designed to put into practice during the walking the Camino. Additionally, health consultations are given***. PS. The training is optional. Those who want to walk the trail without are - obviously - completely free to do so!

* See "Stress, burn-out & regeneration"
** www.vitalworld.org
*** See sideline for the latest information



Map of Camino de

Tulum, Coba, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Izamal, Merida, the Puuc Region (a.o. Uxmal, Labna, Kabah, Sayil) and the Loltun cave


Frangipani-sacred flower


Pilgrims will be walking between 15-20 km a day. The route itself includes about 350 km in total. That means, that most participants will achieve this in about 24 days. Add the extra visits to the cities, the archeological sites and relaxation days to it and a fully accomplished Camino will take about 30 days. It is comparable to the schedule of the Camino de Compostela, Spain

Uxmal Chak


Uxmal map


Uxmal Pyramid of Old Woman


During the route pilgrims decide themselves how many kilometres they want to cover every day. The Camino organisation will do everything to provide the participants with appropriate addresses of accomodation of all kinds, without preference on the side of the organization. It will give the pilgrim the opportunity to experience all the wonders of Maya/Mexican hospitality. The catering will be accordingly, giving the pilgrim optimal enjoyment of the local cuisine. The ones who (also) walk for health reasons may prefer a vegetarian (or vegan) regime. Local restaurants will be instructed to offer an attractive menu. With regard to personal safety various factors are decisive. First of all, Yucatan is one of the safest areas in Mexico. Moreover, it will help when the Camino gains the reputation of a "sacred" route, protected by the local population, while the real security issues, obviously, will be taken care of by the Mexican police     

Uxmal nunnery

Labna Arch

Loltun Caves


Last but not least has to be emphasized that the Camino organization cherishes non-commercial principles. On the other hand, local vendors, shops, restaurants, B&B, hotels of all categories (a.o. haciendas) will all benefit from the pilgrims. The organization welcomes this. Especially, the poor and not very rich businesses should receive substantial benefits. It is certainly complying with the attitude and wishes of the participants. The other way round the Camino organization hopes for an ongoing goodwill and sympathy from local people, especially from those who benefit most. As a sign of gratitude we will aim at doing (free) health programmes for the local population, varying from a healthy lifestyle project to treating pain through our unique Chinese Jade Stone Therapy

Loltun Caves, the Maya Underworld


Excursion: Calakmul

Ticul, end station of the Camino

Summarizing: recently we have succesfully linked three initiatives to be established in the wonderful Yucatan county of Mexico: The Maya Calendar 2012 Proclamation, The Big Event and the Camino de la Esperanza.* These international events all fertilize each other. F.i. pilgrims before 2012 will walk in great expectation about World Transformation. After 2012 they might ponder about the ways this Transformation has to be acheived. In both case people will benefit from our Big Event, the latter giving them a great chance to work on their spiritual growth, their personal integration and their compassion with all and everything. Those who - after the Camino - want to continue their commitment will be offered the opportunity to train themselves in Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. In order to achieve this we will extend our Big Event into the International "Transformatorium" Training Center   

* See: Index sideline

MayaCalendar 2012 Proclamation
Our Big Event

Camino de la Esperanza
International Training Center "Tansformatorium"

Prevention, healthy lifestyle and pain treatments program for local people

* Read: John Major Jenkins "Maya Cosmogenesis 2012", 1998, Bear & Company

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