"Vision of A New Culture"
Healing yourself, Healing each other, Healing the world



You feel it, because it's in the air. It is as if the body of civilization is slowly eaten by a monster. The tricky thing about it is, that this "monster" is invisible. It smoothly sucks everything in. Nobody seems upset by it. Why should they? The beast - Big Brother - I am talking about is all-inclusive. Through it commercialism, technology, the virtual "reality", electronic control and media propaganda are interwoven into one Mega Bubble. Its self-proclaimed goals are to satisfy everybodies' desires. So, what do you want more? Since this one-dimensional world "has no alternative", we think it is "normal", "god-given" so to speak. And indeed, no Bible can compete with the current Bubble. No God is fulfilling desires so completely. Hence, "the old God is dead, long live the new one". The only little problem left: after some time of smoothly digesting what has been forced upon you, the "food" turns very sour. Your discovery: everything within the Bubble deteriorates, leaving behind a trace of frustration, fatigue, boredom, stress, fear, loneliness, pain, depression, anger....everything eventually resulting in a collective burn-out. Is there really no alternative? Thanks to the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother (1977) there is Light at the end of the tunnel. Despite that people say, "we know what we have (even if it is destroying us)....and don't know the unknown. Before we are considering anything, please tell us, what are the benefits of joining the Mother?"

So, here we go....



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