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Universal Great Mother/Cosmic Womb
The Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green) both being born out of the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

"God is Father, and even more, He is Mother"
Pope John Paul I

"I am seeking the EternalFeminine"
Pope John Paul II

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes continues where the popes have stopped

He is available to your organization to in depth study this subject further 


"Gott ist Vater, aber mehr noch, Er ist Mutter"
Papst Johannes Paulus I

"Ich bin auf der Suche nach dem EwigWeiblichen"
Papst Johannes Paulus II

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes macht weiter wo die Päpste aufgehört haben

Er steht gerne zur Verfügung um gemeinsam das Thema weiterhin zu vertiefen 


"God is Vader, maar meer nog, Hij is Moeder"
Paus Johannes Paul I

"Ik ben op zoek naar het EeuwigVrouwelijke"
Paus Johannes Paul II

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes gaat door waar de pausen opgehouden zijn

Hij staat graag ter beschikking om samen het thema verder te verdiepen 





Christianity is best characterized by a state of permanent war. It started with Peter destroying the feminine inspirational source of Jesus in the person of Mary Magdalene. Shortly after the movement was step by step patriarchized, destroying feminine identity altogether (Tertullian: "women are the gate to hell"). It was (is) part of a cruisade against the ancient Mother Religion in which women had a prominent position. Soon after the hatred was directed against all those who practized God-Realization. They were denounced as "heretics". Fear for the Living God was subsequently "sublimated" into inflexible Church rituals, rules and dogma's. Ever since Western religion is a collective attempt to NOT being confronted with the Divine. Since the innermost Divine Spark was denied and subsequently destroyed, Western culture had been deprived of its Living Centre. It has lost contact with its Source.

(f.i., until this very day the Catholic Church denounces
Protestantism as a "sect")

But this was only the beginning. "Pagan" - hellenistic - religion was the next target. This religious movement advocated personal regeneration through its mysteries. In principle, everybody had the opportunity to go through these "death and rebirth" rituals. Christianity monopolized this. It took away the birth right of every man and woman to renew themselves, claiming that it was only Jesus "who redeemed mankind" by dying and resurrecting, making the whole of mankind depending on one savior in whom they had to believe. Rather than being redeemed, the "death and rebirth" of Christ became a perfect excuse for not transforming yourself, though. Because Jesus died "FOR US", we were able to go on with "business as usual". It laid the foundation of a deep hypocrisy, that would rule the Western world ever since.


Obviously, the "teaching" of the "Original Sin" had to serve the interests of the Church. It found its highlight with "St" Augustin who declared human nature as inherently evil. A personal tragedy, because it was his inability to overcome its own pathology, that caused him to declare such a life-denouncing statement. To him "human nature" was equal to being obsessed by sex, an obsession that dominates Catholic "theology" until this very day. By giving the pope 90 Nubic stallions.....Augustin was able to push his point of view through, making it the official teaching. His opponent - Julian of Eclanum - who stated that human nature was inherently good, was denounced and exiled....Ever since the dominance of the Church is depending on our evil nature. For what would happen, if the Original Sin doesn't exist? Right, no need for God sending his Son to earth; no need for Christ to die on the cross to redeem us from our sins; no Church that can claim monopoly of "saving all souls". No Original Sin no Church, no Christianity.....*

* People who denounce Christian dogma appear to easily embrace the same concepts if advocated by another ("exotic") religion. "Original Sin" comes very close to Buddhist "samsara", in which people are caught in the "cycle of birth and death" e.g. living in "ignorance".....with the subsequent need to become liberated......


At that time in history (4th century), the Church had killed its next victim: its own savior Jesus Christ. It abandoned Jesus teachings in favor of uncompromising power politics. The gentle man - who always had preached love and peace - became portrayed as a ruthless ruler, destroying his enemies. And enemies were everywhere. In fact, everyone who did not comply with the rules of the Church was considered an adversary. The whole world had to be won "for Christ". (Doesn't that sound familiar?). First, nature religions had to be stamped out. Led by Irish monks (who originally had preserved some of the old traditions....) all kinds of missionaries went to the "pagans" in order to free them from their "barbaric beliefs". So trees and heads were cut, wells poisoned, sacred groves destroyed. It was the Church who destroyed the sacredness of the earth, the beginning of ruthless exploitation of nature. Moreover, old Gods were eradicated, ancient rituals forbidden or "transformed" into Christian ones, community customs wiped out, women oppressed, sex denounced, nothing really was spared.       

Pagans, Heretics, Women, Gnostics, Jews, Templars, Troubadours,
Mystics, Cathars, Philosophers, Scientists, Reformers, Farmers,
Monks, Nuns, Other Religions and Cultures, Indigenous
peoples, in short, all "others"

The "hail bringing" Church turned out to be a terror organization, aiming at destroying life itself. Not surprisingly thus, that "suddenly" all kinds of people were standing up, proclaiming their faith in The Original Tradition. It started with so-called pantheists, claiming that God is All-Present, followed by the Beguines, a mystic women movement, emphasizing a sacred life beyond marriage and monastery. Male mystics would follow. The Church reacted with vehemence. It denounced even its most loyal followers, like Hadewych, Margarete Porete, Eckhart and almost also the great Ruusbroec. The tide was unstoppable, though. Poverty movents and so-called dualists (Cathars) followed. Both were crushed. The Church even crushed its own friars, those who stayed loyal with their founder, St.Francis. The Knights Templar became victim of a conspiracy between the pope and the French king and were destroyed. Even the secular love movement of the Troubadours became too "threatening" to the Church, because of their veneration of the feminine....and were forbidden. Last but not least the Christian way of honoring the people who gave them their savior: the Jews. Time and again progroms flared up, killing numerous innocent people. 

Obviously, but not at the expense of the Truth

The "Holy Inquisition" of which the current pope is a direct representative, subsequently extended its terror organization to all aspects of life. We in Europe still suffer from FIVE years of Nazi occupation. Church persecution in fact started already during the life of Jesus with as a "highlight" CENTURIES of Inquisition!* Every expression of life that did not comply with Church doctrine was denounced. People suspicious of committing these "crimes" were arrested, tried in show trials, convicted, tortured and often murdered in a most ruthless way: drowned, burnt at the stake, quartered or hanged. Especially the women had to pay for it. Hundreds of thousands of "witches" died a terrible death. Never had a religion commit such atrocities toward its own women as did Christianity. This fact alone should be enough to immediately break all ties with this "god-given" faith. At the end the spirit of the people was broken. They collectively turned to the one area of life that wasn't terrorized yet: the ego and its worldly desires. Thus the Churches' complaints about this wicked world of secularization is totally hypocritical. It was the Church itself who has driven the people to egoism, worldly desires and "sin". Because Being was destroyed people became addicted to having. It was the beginning of materialism and individualism**. Ergo: Christianity and capitalism are two sides of the same coin. The former destroys the inner world; the latter the outer.......

* It did it with such a painstaking precision that later Heinrich Himmler used it as inspiration for its Gestapo and SS.
** The Church created the "devil" in order to fight it. It needs "him" dearly. Without "devil" no ground for its existence. 


But there is more. From the very beginning the Church erased all links with the traditions from which it copied almost all teachings. It did everything to suggest that Christ was a unique event, the beginning of history itself. Nowadays we know that this is not the case. On the contrary, Christ is the last chain of a long tradition of "dying and resurrecting Gods", e.g. Tammuz, Osiris, Baal, Attis and Dionysos and many more. The emphasis on his physical death - something that worked for 2000 years - turns out to be its weakness. Less and less people believe this. The reason why "it worked" for so long was the Churches' scrupulous intimidation. "Christ died for you on the cross". "So, you have to love him above all". Logically, not loving the "Son of God" who died for you on the cross in order to save you from sin created deep feelings of guilt or worse. Nowadays, the consequences of this "teaching" are becoming increasingly clear. Despite this emotional and physical oppression the people reacted exactly opposite: "If Christ died for us e.g. took our sins away, then why should we bother?" It was an invitation to go on with "business as usual"*. The result is the current global crisis, whereby, as expected, all aspects of life are derailed. Conclusion: the idea that somebody can "die for you" in order to "redeem you from sin" doesn't work.

* It is he cause of deep hypocrisy, typically for Christians and unknown to other religions. Trying to "follow Jesus", while in fact doing the opposite.  


Probably you would say: what has this to do with me? Modern Europe has overcome these archaic beliefs and practices. It is only a minority, that still attends Church services. And even that group becomes smaller all the time. So, why bother? My answer: o, really? Did you get rid of your inner emptiness, your existential fear, your confusion, meaninglessness, your hatred, your addictions and obsessions? After you "rejected all archaic belief" do you know how to regenerate yourself, do you know your (True) Self, do you feel a source of love and peace within you, are you an overflowing fountain of joy, making everybody around you happy? Do you experience inner freedom, balance, peace of mind and wisdom? O, no? Maybe, you did NOT get rid of old conditionings, at all. If so, where did these conditionings come from? Right, since everything is an outcome of the past, your anguish, distress and hopelessness is the result of  2000 years of Christian crusade against life. The practices of the current pope show, that despite all superficial adaptations: "care for creation", "commitment to tolerance and reconciliation", "peace and love", the hard core remains the same. The Church remains a wolf in sheepskin. 


For those who sincerely tried "to follow Jesus" the situation wasn't easy either. On the one hand, the Church did everything to promote a "pious" life, in which people were encouraged to identify with Jesus as a "role model": humble, selfless, loving. At the same time, it emphasized his unique quality as the "Only Begotten Son of God", something that was totally out of reach for "common sinners". Thus, people had to "be like Jesus" but were prevented from realizing his innermost Core, the Source of "humility, selflessness and love". It resulted in the typical "trying but never succeed", "always on the way but never arrive" attitude. Christians until this very day were/are condemned just like Prometheus to have the grapes within reach, but are prevented to grab them. Buddhism is much more honest in this regard. Everybody is a potential Buddha - like every Christian has a Divine Spark within (Meister Eckhart) - therefore following the Buddha includes the promise of Buddhahood. It coincides with a new phase in Christianity. Jesus was the last in a tradition of Gods who physically "died and were reborn". The truth behind is spiritual, though*. "Death and rebirth" appears to be a Cosmic Law, that doesn't comply to one person only, but includes everybody equally. In order to be redeemed we all have to continuously die (ego) in order to become renewed (as a New Self). It is the only way how the current crisis can be overcome: Being triumphing over having.    

* As predicted by Joachim of Fiore, a medieval monk who postulated the age of the Father (Judaism), of the Son (Chistian Church) and of the "Holy Ghost" (the Free Spirit of the age to come)....


Hellenistic religion still offered "death and rebirth" mysteries e.g. regeneration to common people. With Christianity this dramatically changed. The Church monopolized it, claiming that it was only Jesus Christ who could "save you". The regenerative power of an entire culture was taken away. If you cannot "die" (ego) anymore, then all kinds of things start piling up. You loose your inner balance. You loose your inner distance toward everything that comes to your mind. Your thoughts, emotions and desires start dominating you. You become a slave to yourself, an addict. It explains the shift from Being to having, something that is "unique" to Western culture. In our times having has got totally out of control. The impact on the environment is dramatic. "Believing Jesus" won't save you anymore. It never did, really. But nowadays the consequences are infinitely more serious. Unless we ALL go back to the Origin in order to become renewed, human civilization has some chance to overcome its self-created obstacles. Only when we "die to the old" e.g. drop our ego's in favor of Being e.g. inner balance, humankind has a chance to survive. The paradox: only if we "die", nature will live. So, reclaim your right to regenerate. Stop being a follower, rather become a successor to Jesus (nothing wrong with him...). Make a step forward in evolution and start transforming yourself spiritually. Abandon naive beliefs - expecting that a savior will do the work for you - instead, have the courage to start renewing yourself. At last, say goodby to the Church.....


Obviously, this isn't meant to denounce individual Christians, at all. Moreover, in these most critical of times we all have to cooperate to tackle the crisis and to secure the future of our children, and all other creatures. But like a well-known protestant theologian has said: because of the past the Church should not prentend she is the champion of "stewardship of the earth", because for 2000 years! she has done exactly the opposite. A very humbe attitude, a continuous remorse e.g. admission of guilt is the only acceptable attitude. On this basis the Church can participate with all others in a joint effort to prevent the worse. Better of course would be if individual Christians would meet on a new basis, establishing bottom-up organizations. They can draw on four of their own treasures: gnosis, mysticism, marian worship and social action. Gnosis means to put God-experience in the center of your religious zeal. To realize your Divine Essence, as the optimal way "to follow Jesus", that is where it is all about. Only then you re-connect to the Source of Eternal Life. The second category - the mystics - are your great examples. They had this religious fire, without which you will not be renewed. Marian worship reminds you of the Original Cosmic Mother, the Birthgiver of All Life. Surrendering to Her in Her most original manifestation - the Black Madonna's - will grant you continuous joy, beauty, lust for life and gratitude. Finally, Christians have always valued social activity as a means to put their faith into action. Nowadays, the best way to do this is through joining interfaith e.g. interreligious groups and organizations. 



After Christianity & Capitalism

Han Marie Stiekema
Spiritual Teacher, Psychotherapist and Medical Doctor
also called "GREEN MAN" or "LAUGHING


will be talking about his initiative
as the Way towards a Joyful Life!

After that possibility to vote for him: "I would like
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Video Christmas Address 2008

Christmas Poem

Rejoice, for
the unfathomable Depth
Mystery of life
Vessel of Regeneration
Cosmic Womb
is uninterruptedly giving birth to
the Eternal Light

everybody, without exception
is Child of the Universal Mother
joy, gratefulness!

Erfreue Dich, denn
die unergründliche Tiefe
Mysterium des Lebens
Faß der Regeneration
der Kosmische Mutterleib
gebärt ununterbrochen
das Ewige Licht

jeder, ohne Ausnahme
ist Kind der Universellen Mutter
Freude, Dankbarkeit!

Verheug je, want
de onpeilbare Diepte
Mysterie van het leven
Vat van Regeneratie
Kosmische Baarmoeder
geeft ononderbroken geboorte aan
het Eeuwige Licht

iedereen, zonder uitzondering
is Kind van de Universele Moeder
vreugde, dankbaarheid!

Video Easter Address 2009 (In German)

Summary: To die and be reborn is the universal Law of the Cosmos. It is our common heritage. When we allow it to enter our innermost core and experience it, we will be rewarded with ongoing Regeneration. The Church, however, has taken the possibility of personal resurrection from us. She claimed it as her monopoly. The consequence: because Jesus died "FOR US ALL", "we ourselves didn't need to die anymore". However, nobody, not even Jesus can "die FOR US", rather than being redeemed the opposite - as was expected - took place: the Christian world that took it as an opportunity to go on with "business as usual" - egoism, profit and accumulation - with all its consequences....... 

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