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also called
Ekayana or Original   Buddhism

"Wer nicht leiden will, muß hassen"

"Who doesn't want to suffer has to hate"

Horst-Eberhard Richter

The wheel with the devouring head

Dazu Temple, late Tang, China. Mother "Demon" giving birth + devouring the Wheel of Life

The Buddha in the centre not as an authority in his own right, but as Servant/Messenger of the Primordial Mother

A unique feature


Stealing Mother's Secret


How could it happen that a religion like Buddhism, that was (is) so close to the Truth has deteriorated over the centuries? The answer is simple, for many too simple to accept. It is because it failed to drop, curb e.g. integrate the ego. After Buddha Sakyamuni formulated his principles: desire as the cause of suffering, the "solution" was sought in "overcoming desire". Unfortunately, this was associated with "escaping from the cycle of birth and death" e.g. escaping from common life in exchange for "immortality". To go beyond by becoming Enlightened became the goal shared by all. Few realized that by this move "worldly desire" was just replaced by "spiritual desire". Ever since this new goal has been (very) openly proclaimed. "I want to become Enlightened" was (is) enough to become a "devout" Buddhist. The point is, that with formulating a new target the underlying problem - the ego - has not changed (at all). One could even say that by beautifying the goal (Enlightenment) the underlying ego-ambition was obscured. No need to get rid of the ego anymore! This is how Hinayana Buddhists could even claim that "liberation of the world" "automatically" follows individual Attainment. Like Adam Smith's position: enrichment of the individual will "spontaneous" be followed by wellbeing of all. Which we all know now is an illusion. Not surprisingly, that a correction from within (Mahayana) tried to restore balance: the introduction of the compassionate Bodhisattva, who refrains from Ultimate Realization as long as people continue to live in samsara. Even in this case - assuming well meant efforts to doing good - the division between those who attained and who did not - remained. Not only is to free yourself from life a wrong target, it also leads to pride yourself on something.

Noble actions cannot undo the underlying misconceptions. The emphasis on self-effort - in Sakyamuni's time undoubtedly a breakthrough in liberation - has only boosted ego-ambition. This has become painfully clear from the moment the "swans came to the lake" e.g. Buddhist teachers started flocking to the West. While in Asia Buddhist organizations managed to somehow dominate society, in the West with its extreme individualistic ego-culture Buddhism became mercilessly exposed. Very soon Enlightenment became something to have e.g. lost its liberating power. Teachers couldn't resist Western temptations: alcohol, sex, money and power. E.g. mindfullness, originally meant as way to overcome the attachment to the ego, became a tool in "feeling better". Nowadays it has entered the mainstream serving to get rid of all kinds of inconveniences. It is based on non-acceptance of life. "Acceptance" - just because one has learned that it "works", not because of its inherent value - is used as a trick to "get healed". The further deterioration of Zen is even more deplorable. In the beginning there still was an "idealistic" approach to it. Then it became popular with Christian groups, using it to strengthen their faith. An attempt was made to also introduce it as a therapy for curing disease. Then, teachers came in the grip of greed. They started offering Zen-courses for money. Eventually, big business "discovered" Zen as a means to improve the "effectiveness" of employees. Zen: "food for profit".    This sad development was only possible, because for centuries Zen had boosted ego-ambition. The underlying desire for getting Enlightened simply changed targets. The only Buddhist sect which (more or less) managed to have some truly holy members (Jap. "myokonin") was Jodoshinshu, not surprisingly, because as an exception it is based on surrender (to Amida Buddha) rather than self-effort.

But it came even worse. Under the soothing mantra's of "world peace", "interreligious tolerance", "justice" and "sustainability" some Buddhst sects are currently attempting to become the dominant spiritual power in the world. It not only ignores the underlying ego-ambitions but is even boosting them. Their Kalachakra Tantra openly speaks of world dominance and crushing other religions. It tries to achieve this through establishing a global "Shambala Kingdom". Spirituality as a way to world power! It implies "spiritual" practices to reach that goal: through worldwide "Kalachakra" initiations. The latter is increasingly critisized because of its feudal-patriarchal exploitative attitude towards femininity and women (minors!). (by the way a general tendency among Asian men seeking "long life" through "absorbing pure juices" of young girls). While the other Buddhist sects, so I like to assume, at least believe in the sincerity of their efforts, and try to "overcome" the ego, "Kalachakra initiations" aim at the opposite. Instead of peeling off your layers they provide you with new!  It can be compared with the chip technique. It goes like this. First they convey you the aim, which officially is very "idealistic". No word about the ego-problem. After having read an overview of the "initiation" which is looking totally "innocent", very much like a collection of rituals (like those of the Catholic Church) you are invited to do all kinds of preparatory exercises. Then they start giving you visualization techniques, not the common ones, but imbued in light (which also have to be visualized....) in order to have it firmly embedded in your consciousness, thus incorporating them into your personal self. What is crucial to understrand here is that these images don't come from your own mind or Depth, but are put into you from without. It is a "special" program designed by the "master" to whom you have to obey unconditionally. It  is aimed at a goal you yourself are not aware of. With other words you are re-programmed, chipped, brainwashed.

Can we still  get out of this and other nightmares? Refusal to give up one's ego seems to be the core of the problem. The wellknown German psychiater Horst-Eberhard Richter once said: "Who doesn't want to suffer has to hate". It is very wise insight. I am afraid this can be applied to not only Kalachakra, but to "spirituality as a whole" nowadays, as well. "The goal of life is happiness" (Dalai Lama). Instead of keeping everything that disturbs this naive goal out, you should start integrating your shadow parts. The result is Wholeness, a "happiness" far exceeding your self-centered desires. To (consciously) accept suffering  helps you breaking down your ego. If denied e.g. rejected or intentionally trying to get it out of your system, the ego will blow itself further up. Refusal to let your ego "die" eventually leads to hatred toward all those who "threaten" your narcissic "happiness". Sooner or later you begin to destroy those others. Evil is a tyrannic, alienated and blown-up ego that tries to submit everybody else. It is proof of the fact that patriarchal religions - however "beautiful" they look from the outside - will never solve the ego-problem. It is the reason why Buddhism has never taken the consequences of its own core "principle": that the Ulitmate is equal to "Emptiness beyond Emptiness". It would mean the end of the ego. Instead it identified with Relative Emptiness or Enlightenment, for that gives you influence, power and status. Against the backgound of the global crisis - in which the ego is about to destroy the foundation of life on earth - this has to stop. It means saying goodby to all ego-centered spiritual and religious practices. In order not to destroy others (the earth) you should be willing to have your own ego destroyed. We are very fortunate in this regard. For in 1977 the Cosmic Mother has revealed Herself to (wo)mankind.

The only Buddha who understands all this is Maitreya.  He is currently among us. Through his inspiration I have designed the Maitreya Mind Initiation. Maitreya is the first Buddha, who doesn't consider himself the last authority. Instead he "was sent" to earth by the Eternal Mother in order to "save Her children". He has acknowledged the ego as the core problem of humanity. Subsequently, through hard lessons from the past he knows that no patriarchal religion can solve it. The latter instead is part of the problem! Maitreya is thus the New Universal Teacher, who has transcended all links with Buddhism. So the first principle of the Maitreya Mind Initiation is that only Absolute Nothingness can destroy the ego. Nothing can resist its (Her) Bottomless Depth. Contrary to Kalachakra Initiations I consider the Divine Feminine as the Ultimate Principle (Cosmic Womb). Abusing it (Her) for one's own Enlightenment (read: ego) ambitions is therefore the greatest sin. The "sequence" of true Spiritual Realization: first let your ego die in Mother's Womb, to subsequently being reborn (e.g. Enlightened). As a Servant to the Mother Maitreya guides you in your transformation: death of the ego and rebirth of your True Self. Returning to the Cosmic Womb is sweet. Now you understand why being "destroyed" is a positive thing. It liberates your from your burden. That's why the Mother is depicted as the Great Black One or MAHAKALA. She is the liberator of (wo)mankind. Not because of any specific actions "on Her part", but because She is embodying Natural Law. By taking Refuge in Her, you submit yourself to the Cosmic Forces of Destruction and Creation. You let them do the work. Your existential fear will fade away by Her loving invitation to become reborn. It is an appeal to the innocent of the earth, all those who still feel the beauty of the Ultimate deep in themselves. Those who have an "instinctual" aversion of manipulation. It is those who long to Return Home, to the Origin, in order to get rid of (e.g. integrate) their ego's. Not in order to attain a supernatural goal but to become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the community - once again. And not for one's own sake, but for the sake of the earth and all its inhabitants. These hopefuls are called "Originals".

"Originals of the World, Unite"

Bhavacakra or "Wheel of Life"

Typical of patriarchal religions is that the Whole is separated into parts and that the parts in their turn are depicted as separate entities, Goddesses or Gods. The consequence is that their original roots are unrecognizable. If they do, then the images are vaguely described. As is the case with the destructive aspect of the Cosmic Mother. It is defined as Kirtimukha, or as Mahakala, as Kala or as something detestable, like the devouring head behind the Buddhist "Wheel of Life". Often it is called "fearsome figure" or "monster", sometimes diagnosed as Yama, the God of Death. Without any enlightened background one would just ignore the image, thinking it is pretty irrelevant. Impermanence, "the figure holding the wheel" (Wiki) is on the other hand a most important image. She is nothing less but the Original Cosmic Mother.

As such there isn't any difference between Her and Mahakala, Kirtimukha or Kala. In the Bhavacakra image She is eating the "cycle of birth and death" or "samsara", emphasizing the impermanence of worldly life. This in contrast to Eternal Life, which is often symbolized by the Buddha pointing at the moon. These Bhavacakra images are mostly painted at the outer walls of monasteries, giving "simple people" the opportunity to understand the situation they are in: that of ignorance and suffering. The root cause as said above is the "cycle of birth and death". The Buddha on the other hand has come to show people the way out. How to escape from the Wheel of Impermanence is THE core teaching of Buddhism. Its aim is to transcend samsara and to reach the Pure Land e.g. attain Enlightenment. The underlying paradigm is, that Buddhahood or Realization is not subjected to the "Law of Samsara". Otherwise this whole idea of "escaping" would not make sense.

Recently this foundation to Buddhist core teaching has come under severe scrutiny, though. It coincides with the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother to Han Marie Stiekema (1977). His Cosmic Realization consisted of three overwhelming "Experiences". First of all a transcendental Lightning destroying his entire Being (Consciousness), a Moment of Absolute Nothingness (Blackness), immediately followed by dissolution into the Eternal Light, the latter lasting the whole day. That same night he found himself in an Ocean of Horror (Angst), stripping him from all faculties with only his clear awareness left. In the morning he finally resurrected. What happened here was the extremely rare Realization of "Emptiness beyond Emptiness" or "Nirvana", whereby Enlightenment is born out of Absolute Nothingness. To put it the other way round: the ego disappears into Enlightenment (Relative Nothingness), the latter in its turn disappearing in Absolute Nothingness. Conclusion Enlightenment (Buddhahood) isn't the Ultimate Reality, Absolute Blackness is.

Since ancient times this Dark Bottomless Abyss of the Universe has been called the "Cosmic Womb". Science calls it the Cosmic Vacuum. Coming to the point: not only the world is subjected to the "cycle of birth and death", but the supranatural also is. Only, we don't see it. Through the Revelation it has become utterly clear that the Eternal Light is uninterruptedly dissolving into the Primordial Blackness of the Womb, while AT THE SAME TIME being born out of it. If something disappears, but at the same time "an equal amount" is being replaced, the the result is that nothing was taken and nothing was added. Ergo: Buddhahood is defined as "unchanging". It provided the foundation for the "samsara" and "nirvana" theory. (Joke: if "samsara is nirvana", as often is claimed, why the need for escaping from samsara?). Of course, once Enlightened it appears that all forms are the CONTENT of infinite Space. An Enlightened One is therefore not samsara, but including it. Which is the foundation of compassion.

Looking at it this way the Bhavacakra gets a totally different meaning. Instead of being a deterrent, frightening people, alienating them from worldly life, the "Wheel" is a symbol of Cosmic Law. The Cycle of Birth and Death indeed governing the whole of existence, nothing excluded. Even Enlightenment is subjected to Her. The "solution" is not escaping, but to follow the invitation of the Law to live in accordance with it. Spiritually it means to continuously letting your ego die into the Dark Lap of the Mother in order to become reborn*. And indeed, there She is. The "ugly face" on top of the Wheel is symbolizing the Cosmic Mother, the One Who is eating our ego's. In Reality She is the "Face of Glory" (Kirtimukha) of the whole Cosmos! How compassionate She is to take back our rubbish. Moreover, the Buddha pointing at the moon isn't the one who wants us to "escape", but reminds us of the True Cosmic Liberator: the MotherGoddess. Isn't the Moon the symbol of the Divine Feminine? The Bhavacakra is thus a wonderful image. We should cherish it as the Mandala of Acceptance. Not escaping from "birth and death" makes us free, but to live in harmony with it**.

*See also: "The Ego Catastrophy", "Great Mother Buddhism" and much more

** Obviously, I am VERY well aware of actual Enlightenment, which to me is a totally unique experience of timeless and limitless Eternity. Comment: see above.   

Why is Mother Kali so radiantly Black?

Why is Mother Kali so radiantly black?
Because She is so all-powerful,
that even mentioning Her name destroys delusion.
Because She is so beautiful,
Lord Shiva, Conquerer of death,
lies blissfully destroyed,
beneath Her red soled feet.

There are subtle tones of blackness,
But the mystery of Her bright complexion
is that it is utterly black,
overwhelmingly black, wonderfully black.
When She awakens in the lotus shrine
within the secret cave of the heart,

Her blackness becomes a mystic illumination
that causes the twelve petal blossom there
to glow more intensely than golden fire.
Her lovely essence is incomparable
the blackness of Kali is blacker than the King of Death.

Whoever gazes upon this radiant Depth falls eternally in love
you will feel no attraction to anything else,
discovering everywhere only Her.

This poet sighs deeply,
“Where is this brilliant lady, this black light beyond luminosity?
Though I have never seen Her, simply hearing her name,
the mind becomes completely absorbed 
in her astonishing Reality.

Om Kali! Om Kali! Om Kali!

Ramprasad Sen
1718-1775 CE
Bengali Poet


Her Blessings    

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